ESSENTIAL MAKE-UP: the products to have in her beauty kit

Whether you are sophisticated, minimalist, natural, or original…. follow this single commandment, ” your basic will follow you everywhere! “

Because yes, there is a list of essential to your kit of beauty, and for that it looks more like a kit well-stocked as this one in a vanity-empty and without soul. The Beautyst helps you to draw up the list of the allies of beauty that should accompany you everywhere, in all circumstances, in order to be at the top of the beginning to the end of the day. Back to basics!

The essential for a complexion 0 flaw

Alas, we can’t keep our tan all year round, and, once the winter come, it is vital to find a parade infallible at this mine a little pâlotte.

Fortunately, many of the tools that will help us in the quest for the perfect complexion in order to give the illusion of being fresh and rested even after a night of four hours.

To succeed in your complexion it is necessary to first define the result you want to achieve.

A coverage light and bright: The tinted cream

The perfect combination of moisture-rich day cream and the pigments of the foundation. The tinted cream enhances the natural color of your skin and gum lightly your small redness and micro defects in transparency. For all those who are looking for a coverage is very light, do not support by the “mask” of foundation and want to still wear a light complexion and unified.

Recommended for normal to dry skin, just apply it evenly with your fingers as a simple moisturizing cream after cleaning your face. It exists for the skins light or dark.

The bb creme: moisturize / unify / illuminate

The BB creams (blemish balm) have revolutionized the beauty world in recent years. In effect, they bring together the advantages of many products in our everyday life in a single tube!! This miracle cream promises hydration, velvety complexion, irregularities and imperfections camouflaged, and premium UV protection! Perfect for your days in the sun!

It is suitable for all skin types and provides coverage flexible depending on its use, a good compromise between the tinted cream and the foundation.

The foundation

If you want a better coverage, and that the tinted cream or BB cream are not enough to conceal your small faults so opt for the foundation.

The wide range of products available on the market allows you to choose the texture that best suits your skin (stick, liquid foundation, compact, fluid,…) and the color is the most suitable to your skin tone.

Dry skin will be fond of the textures fluid to the virtues moisturizers, while oily skin will be directed rather towards foundation compact matifying. Problem skin, they, will be able to find real sauveuses in the textures of the cream fondant to work with the brush!

It is then a matter of finding the perfect color for your skin tone. The purpose of the foundation is that it is the closest possible to the natural color of your skin to unify your complexion and correct skin flaws. To do this, do a test on the angle of your jaw (often less prone to small pimples and redness) to the natural light, and not under the spotlight of the shop if not pay attention to the bad surprises ! Please do not hesitate to try several colours to find the one that fits perfectly to your skin tone and don’t forget to change color with the seasons (and yes your skin bronze the summer, so the color of your foundation should change, too).

You can apply your foundation simply to the hand for a nude or with a brush, a brush for better coverage.

Be sure to choose “non-comedogenic” so it doesn’t prevent your skin from breathing and, most importantly, do not overlap the layers of funds to the excess in order to avoid an effect of “plaster” that would lock your features. It is better to work the product with a brush on the areas to be concealed, rather than to abuse it on the entire face.

A matte skin up to the evening

After you apply your foundation/ tinted cream/ BB cream, it is necessary to attach the pigments to a held long-term at all events. In order to prevent ball breakage ” and to put down the brilliancy of the T-zone, you must pass through the box powder.

Choose the mattifying to keep your complexion all day fishing and prefer the mineral powders in the coverage is light and flexible, which often have a beneficial effect for the skin thanks to its protective properties, which create an environment not conducive to bacteria, and microbes, and therefore reduces the risk of allergic reactions and visibly improves the appearance of the skin.She will tell you thank you!

Apply with a big brush for a coverage transparent finish or with a kabuki brush for a more sophisticated.

Good mine rigor

Now you have a complexion perfectly unified ! Now it is time to give a little more life to your face and draw pictures of the reliefs : the blusher is your ally complexion fresh and bright.

It exists in different shades, you can choose the one that suits you best, taking into consideration also your skin tone. The powdery pink will go very well on a blonde, while a coral-orange color will provide a nice halo to the complexion of brunettes!

To avoid any accident of blush make sure that you choose according to your skin tone and your skin type here!

The powder blush will be more suited to oily skin than dry skins on which he could make appear of the marks of dehydration. Often enriched in moisturizing active ingredients, the blush cream is more suitable for dry skin, don’t forget to always work the material with your fingers to get a flattering result. The liquid blush to him, suitable to all skin types but be careful : it is addressed particularly to the expert hands because its application requires a certain skill!

Little tip : smile and apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending from the bottom up and the top down for a perfect result.

The powder blush

Pretty pigmented, it is the easiest to apply for beginners and the followers of the powdery finish will be fans ! The colours existing are very numerous and each will find his account, in addition, the brands often offer boxes with a brush built-in : a practical sliding into her makeup kit!

The blush, cream and liquid

They give a finish very glowy and natural – the signature lighthouse of blushs RMS BEAUTY enjoyed the summer, but be careful, once deposited on your cheeks do not wait before the work because, once dry, it is more difficult to qualify.

Have fun-you also to mix up the colours and provide with your lips, palettes, offer to match the colors in a playful way!

The duo is indispensable for a look of hollywood actress: mascara and kohl

The unbeatable mascara

A great classic in all kits of beauty, which is respect. No eye makeup without a good mascara, choose black of preference, it goes with all skin tones and suits all hair colors. It is also an easy product that you can find at all prices.

Curling, volumizing, or lengthening, there is something for every taste, simple but effective you will be in a brush of the eyelash of a deer.

For sports and visitors sophisticated who want to be at the top in all circumstances, prefer the Doll Eye Mascara Waterproof NYX, it gainera your lashes, even under water!

Kohl: an ally versatile

In order to accentuate the look and highlight the color of your iris, the kohl is your best friend.

It will give you a look that’s both natural and sophisticated, highlighting your eyes.

Choose the bold because it is easier to apply and to blur the finger, you imagine a smoky – eye hand made!

You can also draw a fine line flush to the eyelashes higher, it will replace perfectly your eye-liner,the essential multi-function in the sum!

The balm lip moisturizing tinted: your partner for lips chewable

Easier to apply than a lipstick and more discreet, the stick colored suits all outfits and all occasions.

In addition to adding a finish is lightly colored and sometimes mother-of-pearl to your lips, this balm will hydrate as well as a stick lip classic, the perfect combo!

Find also version glossy.

Resistance to all tests

And finally, to ensure that your make-up every day an outfit to the test of your days, remember toset everything with a spray fixative that will allow a perfect fit of all the shadows, and even at the beach!

And the small addition to always having to wear hand : q-tips, wipes, matifying, small mirror…

And you what are your essential make-up? Share them with the whole community by posting your most beautiful photos, videos, or articles on The Beautyst!

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