Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes


Smokey ice is a popular makeup technique suitable for creating an image for green-eyed women. Our article will help you learn the basic nuances of applying decorative cosmetics, collected in one place, independently perform makeup using different techniques, based on detailed instructions with photos.

What is Green Smokey Ice?

Shades of emerald are in demand for smoky eyes, as a rich palette can bring out the natural beauty of eye color. And variations of makeup application techniques allow you to experiment with creating a spectacular look for different seasons, occasions and wardrobe. In literal translation, the name meika means “smoky eyes”. From the moment of its appearance to the present, it is considered the most effective technique that can emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, especially the green color. Smokey ice in emerald tones makes the look seductive and languid. A similar effect is achieved by shading the shadows and using rich bright shades, eyeliner and arrows. Make-up can be done independently using several popular techniques for working with decorative cosmetics:

  • Day / casual – a nude palette is used with green (brown, peach, caramel shades). Shadows are applied in one layer with careful shading, which will give the effect of transparency. Eyeliner and a pencil are not required in this technique. For summer, the inclusion of bright colors (yellow, pink, orange) is allowed.
  • Evening – created using dark tones, arrows drawn with black eyeliner act as an additional accent.
  • Light – a classic daily option, for which gentle tones are recommended without the use of eyeliner. Mascara should be brown or gray, based on the color type.

Basic makeup rules for green eyes

Smokey ice in the right performance will only emphasize the individuality and attractiveness of the girl, therefore, creating an image with an emphasis on the eyes, it is recommended to adopt a number of proven tips from makeup experts. Top 5 universal rules:

  • use the base (base) under the shadows – so that the makeup remains fresh throughout the day;
  • correctly combine colors – shades of lavender with any vegetable tone will create an incredibly attractive and harmonious contrast, warm shades of gold or bronze will also be a priority;
  • use blush – a peach or pink blush will complement the image (you can apply a little makeup along the ciliary contour and blend well);
  • complement summer makeup with bright arrows – for example, in red;
  • use a pencil to emphasize the contour – the shade will be more saturated with a black pencil, for a casual shirt, use warm brown tones.

Smokey eye color palette for green eyes

The selection of colors depends on a number of fundamental factors that will help make the image beautiful and harmonious. Experts recommend starting from the choice of hair color and shade of the iris. These nuances will help make beautiful smokey ice for green eyes.

By hair color

The make-up color palette has long gone beyond the use of only black, gray or brown shades. Makeup artists advise, first of all, to take into account the harmony of the combination with the hair, regardless of their length. Key recommendations:

  • Blondes. Girls with blond hair, as a rule, are attributed to the winter color type due to the delicate skin tone (ivory, porcelain), so they should give preference to classic black or gray with careful shading, and also use light colors so as not to weigh down the look.
  • Brunettes. They can safely purchase eyeshadow palettes with rich shades that will help achieve the desired “smoky look” effect, light colors will not cope with this task.
  • Redheads. Copper shades of hair favorably complement green eyes, in terms of choosing shadows, makeup artists enjoy complete freedom (black, green, purple, etc.).

By shade of green eyes

The same shades of green eyes do not exist, so the choice of the palette of shadows will be individual. But there are still a number of universal recommendations for creating smokey ice for green eyes of the most common shades. Following them, you can maximize the expressiveness of the look. Based on shade:

  • gray-green – the color of the shadows should be darker than the color of the iris, so that the look is more attractive (wet asphalt, dark green, cold shades of brown);
  • brown-green – cold and warm tones of the iris can be favorably shaded with colors of similar shades to create everyday makeup (brown, marsh, gold), dark chocolate, bright matte shades of purple and emerald, burgundy are recommended for evening looks.

To give a radiant look, add shades of gold and brown to the desired range.

What will be needed?

Shadows are far from the only type of decorative cosmetics that is used in smokey ice techniques. For independent work you will need:

  • soft pencil (kayal);
  • base (base);
  • ink (black, brown, green, blue or gray);
  • brush for blending.

Manufacturers of decorative cosmetics today offer ready-made kits for smokey ice.

Instructions for applying basic smokey ice for green-eyed

When working with cosmetics at home, you should stick to the classic scheme, which is universal for any technique for creating a “smoky look”.

Skin preparation

The first step will be to create a good base for applying decorative cosmetics in several layers. Smokey ice is used not only for evening looks, it is important that the make-up remains fresh throughout the day. Therefore, the base under the shadows is applied in any case. Scheme of work:

  1. Spread the product on the fingertips.
  2. Blend all over the mobile upper eyelid.
  3. Apply to the lower eyelid and blend.

The base should not lie in front of the eyes in a dense layer. Otherwise, shadows and eyeliner will gather in folds, quickly roll down and crumble.

Applying shadows in the crease and on the moving part of the eyelids

A strict sequence of actions is important not only when applying shadows of different shades. Follow a simple algorithm for working with decorative cosmetics when choosing any smokey ice technique. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. With a flat brush, apply the darkest shadow of the selected shades to the entire moving eyelid, distributing them evenly everywhere (with patting movements).
  2. Paint over the lower eyelid with the same color.
  3. Highlight the bend under the outer part of the eyebrow with shadows of the desired color (white, silver, beige).
  4. Cover your lashes with mascara.

Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes

Tinting of the mucosa and interciliary space

In the smokey ice technique, small details are important. This applies to working with the mucous membrane on the lower eyelid and painting over the area near the eyelashes. The mucosa can be brightened or darkened. To do this, use a light or black, green pencil (liquid eyeliner).

The space between the eyelashes is stained in order to avoid unnecessary gaps and gaps.

Action algorithm:

  1. Use a pencil to paint over the space between the eyelashes of the upper eyelid.
  2. Using liquid eyeliner, paint over the area on the lower eyelid.

Applying mascara to eyelashes

Mascara should not be dry. For everyday makeup, a few brush strokes will suffice. For evening make-up, a more intense staining from the roots of the eyelashes is recommended to give the look an extra haze.
Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes

Eyebrow coloring

For painting, you can use a pencil. The tone is selected based on the color of the hair. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Comb the hairs up with a special brush.
  2. Make the bottom border with a pencil.
  3. Draw the top border.
  4. Lightly fill in the gaps between the hairs.
  5. Blend out the pencil lines.
  6. Lighten the area under the eyebrow with a beige or white pencil.

The correct scheme for creating a bend is shown in the photo.
Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes
Eyebrow architecture - execution technology, principles of color selection and staining |  THE LASHES

Options for applying smokey ice for green eyes

Today, makeup artists use various techniques for creating expressive makeup. The methods are universal, so they are suitable for green-eyed women with any eye shape and hair color. It is worth giving preference to one or another technique, depending on the case for which smokey ice is required, and the taste of the owner of emerald eyes.


Smokey ice can be harmoniously entered into a casual look, using decorative cosmetics in calm and natural shades. Step by step diagram:

  1. Apply foundation or day cream to your face.
  2. Using a brown pencil, outline the eyes along the contour, including the outer corner.
  3. Blend the pencil under the lower eyelid, apply brown eye shadow.
  4. Paint over the outer corner of the upper eyelid with a dark shade of brown shadows, going beyond the crease.
  5. Tone the outer corner of the upper eyelid with a pencil, blend the colors.
  6. Apply the lightest beige shadows on the outer corner (you can use mother-of-pearl).Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes


Green-eyed girls can safely use burgundy shades for the original smoky make-up. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Apply light shadows (white or beige mother-of-pearl) on the eyelids.
  2. Paint over the middle of the upper eyelid with a burgundy shade.
  3. Apply brown and black to the outer part, carefully blend the borders.
  4. Circle the interciliary space and mucous membrane with a black pencil.
  5. Eyelashes make up with a dense layer of black mascara.Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes


In the evening make-up, you can add mother-of-pearl. Sparkling sparkles under artificial lighting will make the look more spectacular. Instead of sparkles, a mother-of-pearl base is suitable. Step by step diagram:

  1. Apply light pearlescent shadows on the lower and upper eyelids.
  2. Line the lower eyelid with a pencil.
  3. Draw a contour with black eyeliner.
  4. Blend cosmetics on the lower eyelid.
  5. Apply dark shadow to the lower eyelid and the outer part of the upper eyelid.
  6. Blend the shadows to create a smooth transition.
  7. Cover your lashes with black mascara.Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes


To create a pearly green smoky ice, you can use shadows or a soft pencil. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Apply foundation to upper and lower eyelids.
  2. Draw the contour of the lower eyelid with dark shadows.
  3. Shade the outer corner.
  4. On the moving part of the upper eyelid, apply mother-of-pearl shadows, carefully blend the borders.
  5. Outline the outline with a black or dark green pencil.
  6. Apply black mascara to your eyelashes.Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes

In shades of brown

Green eyes can be favorably shaded with the help of warm tones of brown and black eyeliner, which forms beautiful arrows. Execution scheme:

  1. On prepared skin, apply brick shadows, protruding beyond the boundaries of the upper eyelid.
  2. Paint over the upper eyelid with golden shadows.
  3. Darken the lower eyelid with dark brown shadows.
  4. Circle the eyes along the contour, forming an arrow on the upper eyelid.
  5. Line your lashes with black lengthening mascara.Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes


Smokey ice looks spectacular and unusual using rich blue, sparkles, black, and light shades. Execution algorithm:

  1. On the base, apply blue shadows in a dense layer.
  2. Shade the outer corners of the eyes with a light pencil.
  3. Paint the lower eyelid with dark gray shadows or a pencil, blend.
  4. Outline the eyes with a pencil.
  5. On the upper eyelid, make a clear arrow with an upward bend.
  6. Apply sparkles to the main blue color.
  7. Eyelashes make up with black mascara.Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes

black green

Light or dark green eyes can be favorably shaded with green smokey ice with black arrows. Swamp color will create an expressive smoky effect. Instruction:

  1. Paint over the eyelids with a dense layer of shadows.
  2. Shade the upper part above the eyebrow with brick-colored shadows.
  3. Line the lower lash line with black eyeliner.
  4. Make expressive arrows on the upper eyelid.
  5. Eyelashes make up with a thick layer of black mascara.Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes


Pink and purple shades are recommended for combination with the green color of the iris of any shade. Smokey ice in such a tone will make the look expressive and languid. Warm tones are considered universal, so makeup is suitable for any occasion.
Makeup scheme:

  1. Apply pink eyeshadow to the base with an emphasis on the outer corner of the upper eyelid.
  2. Use brown eyeshadow to shade the area above the upper eyelid.
  3. Paint the lower eyelid pink, blend the shadows.
  4. With black eyeliner, form a thick arrow on the upper eyelid.
  5. Eyelashes make up with black mascara.
  6. Shade the outer corners with white.Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes


The plum shade is suitable for green-eyed women when creating a summer make-up. Purple smoky ice is recommended to be combined with wardrobe elements in a similar color scheme.
The scheme of work with cosmetics:

  1. Apply purple shadow on the upper and lower eyelids, extending beyond the edge of the outer corner of the eye.
  2. The next layer, apply shadows of a dark shade of plum or gray.
  3. Blend all layers for a smooth transition effect.
  4. Apply black mascara to your eyelashes.Features and options for smokey ice for green eyes

Makeup Tips

A popular makeup technique used by makeup artists around the world. Beauticians and stylists use a number of recommendations to create an attractive image. Basic rules for creating smokey ice:

  • the look will be more open if the eyelashes are more strongly stained closer to the outer edge;
  • shading the borders between layers and shades is mandatory;
  • colors should not be too dark or light, it is important to achieve a smoky effect;
  • eyebrow lines should be clearly defined;
  • in smokey ice for green big eyes there are no restrictions, but if you have eyes with an impending eyelid, do not abuse dark colors.

Smokey ice for green eyes is always an up-to-date make-up option, with which you can experiment and create memorable images. Many options and the ability to combine with any colors and shades will always be in the spotlight.

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