Very sorry, but not all women are interested in how to work with mascara, thinking that nothing special in the technique of its application and there it is, in General, everyday. So they continue to apply the mascara on the lashes as necessary, or as learned sometime, even knowing that if they did it a bit different, their makeup, will benefit from this, but the eyes will look completely different. How to dye eyelashes mascara? Not even trying to think about it, women complain that the mascara they bought are defective or that its quality is greatly exaggerated. Buy another, and the result is exactly the same. But the ink is not to blame, and just need to change your own approach to its application and, therefore, to learn how using ink to dye eyelashes. How to apply mascara on the lashes? 1. If you want to achieve maximum lash volume or lengthening, there is little to purchase ink appropriate destination. And even a very good firm does not guarantee that you will properly be able to dye eyelashes. So, if you want to add lashes volume, you have to move the brush not directly, as is done normally, and zigzags. So on eyelashes is the number of carcasses, and, consequently, their volume increases. However, this method of dyeing lashes is only suitable for medium length lashes. But if you have long lashes, then applying mascara this way, you will only glue them, they will collapse and it will look very messy. So girls with long eyelashes should be painted only horizontal applying mascara and then comb the eyelashes with the brush until it dried up. 2. Everyday makeup should look natural. The more natural the better. However, this does not mean that you should not wear mascara – just need to know how to do it right. Pick up the mascara brush, hold it to the cilia in a horizontal position and leave stationary. Should move only your eyelashes and blink hard in the brush for a few seconds. Look in the mirror and see how lush and fluffy it turned out your lashes after staining with India ink. They look absolutely natural, like mascara, they were not even touched. If you wear mascara this way, you will be able to avoid gluing, clumps and your eyelashes will never resemble spider legs. 3. If you are happy owner of long and thick eyelashes, in addition to joy, and they bring a lot of difficulty when you need to paint the outer corners of the lashes. Usually, eyelashes clumped here and spoil not only mood, but also the whole look in General. To cope with this problem, it would be right to dye eyelashes in the open, buoyant, and only at the end you can further straighten them with the tip of a brush. Now you know how to dye eyelashes mascara for everyday makeup. How to dye eyelashes for evening makeup? Dyeing eyelashes, especially for evening makeup so that the ink they lay down two layers. The main mistake made almost all women, is that they wait until the first coat is dry ink and then impose the second. And it is fundamentally wrong, because the dried layer of mascara starts to crack and flake and the lashes look like they broke off. Therefore, the second layer of mascara to paint on the lashes directly on top of the first. Well, if the ink refers to quick-drying, it is possible to apply only one layer. And don’t forget that after you have applied mascara to the lashes, they must be combed with a special brush. Stylists that give advice on how to using mascara to paint eyelashes, it is recommended for best separation is to use a plastic raschesochka. But if you want them fluffed, you can smooth them old the cleaned and washed the brush out from under the carcass. Perhaps, it is difficult to find a woman that is not painted to eyelashes almost daily. And with such a rich practice, very few women actually think about how all the same correctly you need to paint eyelashes. Meanwhile, this case, as in every other, too, has its subtleties and nuances, knowledge of which allows you to make your eyelashes really long, but also to give them a luxurious and well-groomed appearance. Of course, every woman knows that makeup is sometimes formal, and sometimes casual. And, of course, painting long eyelashes also need according to what kind of makeup you are going to do. Long eyelashes, which has the effect of overhead is not too look appropriate day during working hours, of course, if you weren’t a model and didn’t come to the shoot. In General, the ink also needs to be able to use it, as would most nor eased its creators this task. And our conversation about how to paint long eyelashes, we will begin with methods of applying mascara. How to paint long eyelashes? 1. If you are going to work in the office and want your makeup look as natural as possible, you can use the following method of makeup long eyelashes. No need to drive a brush on the lashes, doing everything exactly the opposite: put the brush to your lashes and begin to drive on her eyelashes – frequently and rapidly blinking. The ink lays down smooth and thin layer, which makes the lashes long and lush but without unnecessary frills, allowing them to look absolutely natural. This method to paint long eyelashes, a perfect for applying everyday makeup. 2. Somehow, women often use mascara, spending on them the tip of the brush. It is fundamentally wrong. The tip of the brush is designed to paint the lower lashes and outer corners of the eyes. If you apply this way the mascara on all the lashes, they look unnatural, stick together and stick out in different directions. In General, it’s not too beautiful. It’s better to paint the lashes, moving the whole surface of the brush, zig-zagging from one corner to another. 3. First of all, you need to apply mascara on the bottom row of cilia. Although the vast majority of women somehow do the opposite: begin to paint eyelashes with the top row. Only after you put makeup on the lower lashes, you can go to the upper eyelid. The corners of the eyes should be painted last. Typical mistakes when painting long eyelashes 1. Excessively large amount of mascara on the long eyelashes looks ugly and sloppy. In order to remove from the brush of excess mascara on the tube there is a special limiter. Get a brush, turning her. 2. There is another quite common mistake that many women, when beginning to color the eyelashes. Causing the first layer of mascara, they’re waiting until it dries out a bit and only after that put the following. So to do that in any case should not be. Dyeing eyelashes a second coat of mascara should immediately by applying the first, otherwise the dried ink may just start to crumble. 3. If you use a fast drying ink, and it should be applied only in one layer. Otherwise, it will simply crumble. 4. As soon as you apply for long lashes, a second coat of mascara, again, not waiting until it dries, comb them using a special brush. What kind of brushes to paint long eyelashes? Well, at the end I want to say a little about how to learn how to paint eyelashes using different types of brushes. Brush, plastic, more like a fine comb stain is not very thick and long lashes. With their help, it is very convenient to create evening makeup. But a brush with plastic bristles in several rows, for long lashes generally not recommended, as they are spoiling them. For long and thick lashes are the best suited brushes, made of silicone. When using them get really excellent result.

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