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Chinese women are known to the world for their “doll” makeup. The reason for the creation of Chinese makeup was the fashion for European beauty – using decorative cosmetics, the skin color and facial features of Asian women become similar to European ones.

Characteristic features and features of traditional Chinese makeup

Skin color is given great attention. It should become not just light, but almost porcelain. It is considered a sign of aristocracy and the basis of beauty.

Chinese makeup

The shape of the eyebrows is given to the ideal. The excess width is removed with tweezers. Sparse eyebrows are drawn with a pencil or shadows. They create a wider base, from which an eyebrow is drawn in a smooth arc or even line to a narrow tip.

In the process of creating such a make-up, you must:

  • skin color is visibly brightened;
  • bring the round and flat shape of the face closer to the triangular;
  • visually narrow the flattened back of the nose and reduce the nose as a whole;
  • give the shape of the lips a touching childishness with the shape of a heart or a bow;
  • “hide” the massive lower jaw to make the contours gentle;
  • widen the section of the eyes, round, make them less deep.

The effect of big eyes is created by applying shadows, eyeliner, drawing arrows.

Chinese make-up style discards too bright colors. The exception is the lips, which for everyday make-up are painted in translucent tones, and for evening make-up – saturated bright: red and cherry.

When is Chinese makeup appropriate?

The aesthetics of Chinese makeup allows you to choose a make-up for any situation. If you use light colors and moderate arrows, then the resulting gentle image will not contradict either a date with your lover or strict office dress codes.

Photos before and after

Photos before and after 1
Photos before and after 2
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Photos before and after 4

Step-by-step instructions for applying Chinese makeup

Following the correct sequence of actions will help to do delicate professional work.

Skin lightening and facial contouring

  1. Take a foundation slightly lighter than your skin tone, apply a thin layer to even out the complexion. Apply concealer to dark areas under the eyes and areas of inflammation on the face to make imperfections invisible.
  2. Outline the chin and cheekbones. Use a dark brown corrector for this. Concealers are cream and dry. Apply cream, blend, powder. Apply dry concealer and blend after powdering your face.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

For eyebrow makeup, choose a pencil slightly darker than the hair color. Outline the arched shape with light short touches of the pencil, achieving complete symmetry. To draw the eyebrows in a straight line, use the Z technique: 

  1. Draw a straight line from the base to the tail of the eyebrow along the top border.
  2. Continue the line diagonally downwards, drawing the middle line of the letter Z. 
  3. Draw the bottom line so that it connects with the top line at the end point of the eyebrow.
  4. At the bridge of the nose, draw a short vertical line that defines the thickness of the eyebrow at the base and connects the top and bottom lines. 
  5. Fill in the resulting outline.

Eyelashes in Asian girls are often straight. Before applying mascara, curl them with a curler to make them more visible. Use mascara with lengthening fibers. Apply it in several layers. For an evening look, take false eyelashes.

Nose modeling

To visually make the shape of the nose thinner, apply a light tone on the back of the nose, and a dark brown corrector on the sides and wings of the nose. Blend well.

You can apply the latest achievement in the field of visage – a special wax. First, it must be melted, and then applied to the nose and molded into the desired shape.

The wax form will easily withstand the stress of a not too hot day.

Wax mold

More about working with special wax:

Elongation of the incision of the eyes and lenses

Emphasis on the eyes is the most important element of Chinese makeup. It is necessary to achieve the effect of large, wide-open, slightly slanting eyes. This is done as follows:

  1. Apply an eyeshadow base to your eyelids.
  2. Pick up a shade of light brown shadow on a fluffy natural brush and blend along the mobile eyelid and orbital line. Gently pull the color towards the temple. Do not leave a sharp border in the transition of the color of the shadows to the color of the skin.
  3. Apply a white or milky shade of shadows to the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Apply a matte reddish brown eyeshadow to the outer corners of the eyes and blend towards the temple. 
  5. Fill in the moving eyelid with golden shadows.
  6. Line your lash line with black pencil or eyeliner. Draw a contour line of the upper eyelid 1-2 mm above the lash line. Get the outline of the arrow. Fill it in with color. Slightly extend the arrow beyond the border of the eye.
  7. Paint over the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a milky pencil. Apply a black arrow to the outer third of the lower eyelid and slightly move it beyond the border of the eye.
  8. Use removable lenses with a wide iris, then the eyes will appear even larger.

Fancy lips

In daily Chinese make-up, lips are either not painted at all, or they use glosses of light, calm tones. To get a fashionable lip shape with a bow, you need to do the following:

  1. Cover your lips with foundation.
  2. Paint the center of the lips with a bright color.
  3. Use your fingertips to blend the color to the edges of the upper and lower lips.
  4. If desired, apply a soft gloss on top.

Video instruction for creating lips with a bow:

Chinese makeup options

Makeup in the style of the Middle Kingdom is suitable not only for Asian girls, but also for European beauties. Knowing the principles of applying Chinese makeup, you can create an appropriate look for both a holiday and everyday life.

For a party

The party look shines with a bold brightness of colors. Step by step evening makeup is performed as follows:

  1. Apply an eyeshadow base on the upper eyelid, and then the base color of the eyeshadow. Fill them all the space from the ciliary edge to the eyebrows.
  2. On the middle of the upper eyelid, apply the second color from the selected palette. Pick a palette to match your outfit.
  3. Apply the third, brightest color to the outer corner of the eyes.
  4. Carefully blend all applied colors so that there are no clear boundaries between them.
  5. Draw an arrow from the outer corner to the inner corner with a black, brown or blue pencil.
  6. Apply liquid eyeliner along the lash line on the upper eyelid. Paint over the distance between the eyelashes. Continue the line behind the outer corner of the eye over the pencil. The arrow on the upper eyelid should be much thicker than on the lower.
  7. Line your lower eyelid.
  8. Paint over the mucous membrane on the lower eyelid. From the inner corner of the eye to the middle with a black pencil, from the middle to the outer corner – with white.
  9. Apply mascara to your eyelashes in several layers. Or use false eyelashes.
  10. Wear bright red lipstick. Outline the lips with a pencil.

On every day

Everyday Chinese-style makeup involves an even complexion, muted lipstick colors, and an emphasis on the eyes. With a lack of time, they are limited to light arrows on the upper eyelids and light gloss on the lips.

Makeup for every day

For a Russian girl

There is no need to use means to increase the size of the eyes. Use only skin toning techniques and focus on the eyes. The color of arrows and ink can be black, brown, blue. Choose the color of the shadows according to the color of the iris of the eyes:

eye color  Shadow color 
Blue eyes  peach, shades of brown
Green eyes  peach, brick, purple
Brown eyes  green, purple 
Grey-blue eyes when using gray shadows, the eyes appear blue, when using blue shadows – gray
Hazel green eyes when using brown shadows, the eyes appear green, when using green shadows – brown
Black eyes light shades of any color, shiny 

Pay attention to the shape of the eyebrows. They should be clearly shaped and evenly dyed.

For a Russian girl

For a Chinese girl

In everyday make-up, Chinese girls even out the tone of the face and bring the upper eyelid down with arrows. In evening make-up, thick arrows are applied to the upper and lower eyelids, false eyelashes are used.

Additional accessories and finishing touches

Additional touches to help complete the look:

  • round lenses with a wide iris, lifting the eyelids with a special glue that temporarily creates an artificial crease;
  • Chinese girls remove their hair, thus revealing their faces, decorate their hair with a headband or small bows;
  • To complete the creation of a traditional Chinese image, a red pattern drawn on the forehead with a well-sharpened lip pencil will help.

Video instruction for creating Chinese makeup

We offer you to watch a few video tutorials on creating Chinese makeup that will help you master this style of make-up.

Chinese makeup makes even the most ordinary face attractive. It is worth mastering this makeup technique so that your new image will please you and pleasantly surprise others.

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