SPECIAL: The most important make-up tips & tricks of the professionals

SPECIAL: The most important make-up tips & tricks of the professionals

Every woman comes into contact with it at some point: Make-up. Be it daily or only for special occasions – we love the beautiful bottles, jars, brushes, and sponges. The Shopping of cosmetic products is a Feast for the senses – they look pretty, smell good and feel velvety to the touch. But do we use the many different products correctly? Not at all easy to choose which colors fit the type, which consistency is ideal for the skin. A few tips and tricks of the professionals will reveal in the following article…

Tips and Tricks for Foundation

  • Make-up (or Foundation) with your fingers, apply long, covers better, and the complexion remains matt. Make-up is more delicate and natural when applied with a damp sponge.
  • Always apply the Make-up from the top to the bottom, i.e. start at the forehead, then spread out with large movements sideways and end at the chin.
  • To mask redness and pigment spots, it is best to use a opaque Make-up or a Compact Make-up in solid, creamy consistency.
  • A green concealer under Make-up applied neutralizes redness and pimples.
  • Large pores can be dubbed better if you knock in the Make-up, instead of painting it up.
  • The skin tone is brown, you rarely find the appropriate Make-up tone. Alternatively, you can also use a tinted day cream.
  • Remove excess makeup with a cosmetic cloth.

What to avoid

  • Use the Foundation rather sparingly, too much of it looks unnatural. However, it should not be used too little, otherwise the skin may appear uneven and staining.
  • If you use a liquid makeup, you should use 10-15 Min. wait before applying the Foundation-it would otherwise look thin and not cover well.
  • For the sporty tan instead of dark Make-up use a self-tanner, that acts more natural and avoid hard color transitions.

Tips and Tricks for brighteners / concealers

  • Under the term Brightener in different product hide names and forms of application, e.g. as a pen, in tin or out of the Tube. The most common is the so-called Coverstick or Cover Cream, but also Under-Eye covers and Anti-Cernes stand for the same product.
  • The brightener should always be one to two shades brighter than the Make-up, but have the same root tone.
  • Always apply the brightener after the Make – up so that it is not blurred.
  • For increased durability, dab the brightener with a brush or with your fingers and balance transitions.
  • Green Brightener covers “Red”, i.e., redness, pimples, and fresh scars, by it neutralizes the colour.
  • Yellow Brightener covers “Blue”, so, eye shadow and older scars better.
  • If you apply the brightener thin on the eyelid, you can use it as a eyelid primer.

What to avoid

  • Avoid Matte brighteners, they seem rather unnatural
  • Never powder the skin and then brighten up, otherwise the brightener can be poorly processed.

Tips and Tricks about powder

  • The powder should always have the same color as the Foundation (which is matched to the skin tone). If the powder layer has become too thick, you can dilute it with a brush or a damp sponge.
  • It is best to use a moisturizer to make the skin look more natural.
  • One should not forget to wash away from time to time sponges and other equipment.
  • Always move the powder brush from the top to the bottom so that the facial hairs do not stand up, otherwise it could look slightly greyish.

This should be avoided

  • Since the skin is driest on the eye and wrinkles quickly, you should never apply the compact powder directly to the eye
  • Terracotta powder or tanning powder should only be used with a beautiful, smooth complexion, as it usually contains shiny pigments that accentuate and reinforce wrinkles.

Tips and Tricks about Rouge

  • In order not to “stick” powder rouge with the Foundation, powder must be applied before. This also makes corrections easier.
  • For light skin, slightly pigmented Rouge recommended tones, for darker and tanned skin, however, also strongly pigmented blush.
  • The most natural thing is to check the blush again.
  • The blush can be placed with a small brush most accurately.
  • For full faces, a matte blush is recommended, so that the face does not appear even more round. The colour of the Rouges should be adapted to that of the lipstick.

This should be avoided

  • Always use a brush. The skin fat could make the Make-up stain and you have to start over.
  • Too strong tones are not attached to the Rouge. Choose more muted, classic, flattering tones.
  • Tinted day cream is used, fits the cream blush better than powder blush. Then do not apply a powder that smears.

Tips and Tricks for eyebrow Styling

  • If you have bright eyebrows, you can dye them at the hairdresser and save the Daily Painting With The Brow Pencil.
  • Too wide brew simply pluck with tweezers or make by the beautician and get advice.
  • Eyebrow pencils always keep it well sharpened. There are special sharpeners. School sharpeners are unsuitable because of the flat sharpening angle, thus breaking off the sensitive cosmetic pens. Also applies to Lipliner. Brow powder with a brush.

This should be avoided

  • The length of the downward part of the Brow should never be longer than the upward part, otherwise the eyes look crying.
  • In return, the eyebrows should not go too far down the nose, it looks either grumpy or makes the eyes smaller.

Tips and Tricks for lips Makeup

  • The colors of the lipstick and Lipliner should be matched to each other.
  • First contour the lips with Lipliner and then apply lipstick.
  • A always pointed Lipliner helps to precise lines.
  • To get a natural lip tone, the lips simply dab with a cosmetic cloth and apply some powder.
  • If the Contour Pencil is difficult to draw due to dry lips, simply apply the lip color first and then bring it into shape with the Lipliner.
  • If you want to use a darker Lipliner than lipstick, the Lipliner should be applied under the color of the lipstick.

This should be avoided

  • With the Lipliner you can make the mouth slightly larger, but do not overdo it, only repair small subtleties, otherwise it quickly acts unnatural.
  • Before applying a second layer of lipstick, you should blot the mouth with a tissue. This increases the shelf life and prevents “leakage” into the lip wrinkles.
  • Dark Lipliner in a clear contour to light lipstick. This “fashion”makes the mouth look older.

Tips and Tricks for eye Makeup

  • It is best to apply the eye shadow with your Finger, because you usually have a better feeling for the right amount and the print keeps the color longer.
  • Cream shadow should be covered with powder after application so that it lasts longer and looks more discreet.
  • If you want to use multiple colors, you should always apply the darker colors first, so that the transitions become more fluid.
  • If you apply Kajal and add powder eyelid shadow over it, it will definitely hold all day.
  • With white Kajal, small eyes can come out big, they seem more awake, more interested.

This should be avoided

  • Never mix two or more eye shadows, the color effect is usually dirty-gray. Mascara always comes to the end, so that no Eyeshadow dust can lay on the washed eyelashes.
  • If you have sensitive eyes or wearing contact lenses, it is best to use creamy eyeshadow to avoid eye shadow dust.
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