Interesting Asian Makeup Options

Смоки айс для азиатских глазEyebrows

Asian makeup is a rather unusual and original solution. Such a make-up attracts attention, looks spectacular and allows girls to change beyond recognition. Therefore, it is important to understand what features the direction is characterized by, how to determine the type of suitable cosmetics and apply makeup in this style.

The main features of Asian makeup

The main feature of the Asian appearance are the eyes. In Asians, they are narrow, with an impending eyelid and without a crease. Eyelashes are rare and short, which makes it more difficult for Kazakhs, Tatars and Uzbeks to make their eyes look heavy. Most girls have rather expressive cheekbones and plump, but small lips, which gives them a special charm.

This makeup has its own characteristics:

  • its basis is perfectly even skin and an expressive look, therefore, to create such a make-up, it is necessary to bring the skin into perfect condition (without fulfilling this condition, a beautiful make-up cannot be achieved);
  • the main trick is contouring, so first a foundation is applied to the face, and then its features are re-drawn with special contouring tools, for which dark lines are applied to those areas of the face that need to be corrected and carefully shaded;
  • sometimes a highlighter is added to create an additional effect;
  • in addition to contouring, Asian women use special transparent tapes to tighten the skin of their cheeks. This narrows the shape of the face, giving it a V-shape.

Types of Asian makeup

Asian makeup is of various types, each has its own characteristics and differences. It is permissible to use other techniques during application in them. But keep in mind that these varieties are characterized by an appointment – for the evening, afternoon, holiday, etc.

Day makeup

Most often, daytime make-up is natural. Its basis is an even tone, a slight blush, neatly colored eyelashes and a little gloss on the lips. This type of Asian makeup gives the face a childish expression that looks very neat and cute.

The natural look perfectly refreshes the face and suits absolutely everyone.

Day makeup

evening make-up

Dark colors predominate in Asian evening makeup. Sometimes this can be quite dangerous, because such a tone is much easier to spoil than a natural one. If you are careful, you can achieve an amazing result that will attract the attention of others.

evening make-up

Festive makeup

Due to the fact that Asian girls have a rather dark eye color, they will contrast perfectly with bright lips and a large number of color options for shadows. Yellow, pink, blue and peach colors are perfect for this makeup. Glitter complements any formal make-up.

Festive makeup

Makeup with arrows

Girls of Asian appearance quite often resort to arrows in makeup. They are very different: from small, almost imperceptible to expressive graphic.

But do not forget that the eyelids of such people are lowered and only waterproof types of eyeliners and eyeliners should be used. Girls with a European appearance are allowed to draw arrows of any shape.

Makeup with arrows

What cosmetics do you need?

You need to choose cosmetics based on the type of facial skin. Modern cosmetic products are developed taking into account the additional effect and are intended not only for decorative make-up, but also for skin care and protection from ultraviolet radiation and other negative environmental factors.

This is a long-lasting makeup that does not roll or smudge throughout the day.

What will be needed:

  • Tone tool. When creating Asian-style makeup, you should take the foundation in neutral classic beige colors as the basis. The texture of the foundation should be creamy, light and uniform. The tone should merge with the color of the skin on the neck.
  • Mascara for eyebrows and eyelashes. For coloring eyebrows and eyelashes, you need to use cosmetics only in dark shades. Mascara is recommended to choose with the effect of lengthening.
  • Shadows. They should be matte and their tone is close to the color of the skin. As an addition, you can apply a little gold or silver pigment.
  • Eyeliner. It should be liquid and black in color. The shade of the eyeliner can be black or brown. Some girls use a white pencil in makeup to highlight the lower eyelid.
  • Lipstick or lip gloss. Should be natural colors, almost imperceptible. For daytime makeup, these are pale pink colors, and for evening makeup, bright scarlet. Often in Asian makeup, a gradient is used on the lips.

When buying cosmetics, pay attention to the expiration date. You can not paint with products with an expired shelf life, so as not to harm the health of the skin.

How to apply correctly – step by step instructions

In any makeup there are instructions that you should follow in order to achieve the desired result. This did not bypass the Asian makeup:

  • Prepare the skin of the face – for this, thoroughly cleanse and moisturize it.
wash up
  • Choose a foundation that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply it first to the sponge, then carefully blend and use the concealer to highlight the wings of the nose and lower eyelids. Use a foundation of two shades, mix them to create a shade closer to skin color.
  • Set with loose powder. Apply some pink blush.
Loose powder
  • Work out the oval of the face. Using a bronzer, gently darken the areas under the cheekbones, the wings of the nose and the lower line of the chin.
Darken areas on the face
  • On the eyelids, add some shades of pink or orange. On the upper eyelid, using a special black liner, draw a thin line in the direction along the ciliary edge and bring it to the outer corner of the eye.
  • For a more open look, curl your lashes and coat them intensely in two coats from the roots with lengthening mascara.
  • To shape the eyebrows, take a special pencil of rich black color.
Shaping eyebrows

Features to pay attention to:

  • How to change the shape of the nose. This technique is mostly aimed at increasing the incision of the eyes. To do this, apply a little bronzer on the wings of the nose and concealer in the middle. Blend everything thoroughly.
  • Applying lipstick. To highlight lips, use a bright scarlet tint or coral gloss. Apply the product to the middle of the lips and blend, making a gradient.

Interesting options

In addition to the usual everyday and festive types of makeup, there are a number of brighter and bolder solutions. Options can be different – it all depends on the imagination of the makeup artist and the girl herself.

Makeup with green shadows

Asian makeup with green shadows looks beautiful. In this case, use a light beige foundation.

How to do:

  1. Apply a small amount of light pink blush to your cheeks.
  2. After that, with liquid black eyeliner, draw arrows of medium thickness.
  3. On the upper and lower eyelids, first apply golden shadows, and on top – green. They can be either matte or shimmery. Then gently blend it all out.
  4. Draw your eyebrows with a black pencil, it is better to make them with a slight bend.
  5. Lips make up soft pink or beige lipstick. If you want to emphasize them a little, then draw along their contour with a pencil of the same color, but with a darker shade.
Makeup with green shadows

Smokey eyes for Asian eyes

Smokey ice is a great way to make your eyes more expressive and inviting. The technique is used for cosplay, evening and romantic images.

The main rules of smokey ice makeup:

  • when starting makeup, pay attention to the skin (if it is naturally problematic, then you need to bring it closer to the ideal with improvised means – choose a reflective base and a fairly dense foundation to hide all the flaws);
  • apply a dark corrector just above the cheekbones to make pronounced, but not too bright cheekbones, use peach blush;
  • correct the nose – outline it on both sides with a dry dark corrector. And to give the face a perfect oval contour, apply the corrector along the hairline and blend (darken the chin a little);
  • draw eyebrows with a dark pencil, slightly bringing the tip up.

The effect of smokey ice is achieved thanks to a smooth gradient transition of the shadows: from the darkest (at the lash line) to the lightest (at the eyebrows). All transitions are carefully shaded so that no sharp borders are visible.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Take a black pencil and draw an outline. It should be thick enough and carried straight along the lash line. Blend the resulting oily outline with a synthetic round brush from bottom to top.
  2. Prepare the shadows. Use black shades first. Blend them from bottom to top. Then take a lighter color – gray. But blend it in the opposite direction – from top to bottom.
  3. Now you need a wider brush with natural bristles. Type it in a brown-gray color, walk it along the upper edge, carefully blending the shadows.
  4. Take an even lighter color – beige. All smokey ice is based on careful shading from the darkest to the lightest. Bring the lower eyelid, walk with a soft pencil along the mucous membrane. Gently push your eyelid back with your finger.
  5. Outline the lash line and just below. And also blend with a synthetic brush.
  6. Apply pigment to the center of the upper movable eyelid. For more expressiveness, add black gel eyeliner to the upper eyelid.

Gentle lips are suitable for such eye makeup. To make them visually more voluminous, apply a highlighter to the contour of the upper lip, draw a curve with a natural color pencil. Cover your lips with a gentle gloss.

False lashes look great with smokey ice, but first apply your own mascara and let it dry.

Smokey eyes for Asian eyes

Secrets from makeup artists

Professional makeup artists have a number of tricks in their arsenal, thanks to which you can make any makeup special. Experts emphasize the uniqueness of the natural shape of Asian eyes, while making them noble and expressive.

For maximum results, you need to pay attention to some nuances:

  • you can’t interrupt the emphasis on the eyes with bright lipstick or too dark a shade of eyebrows (incorrect placement of accents will visually reduce the eyes and make them invisible);
  • to increase the size of the eyes, instead of white shadows, you can use a pencil, so the line will be thinner;
  • the overhanging eyelid can be corrected with the help of the eyebrow line: the tip is plucked and with the help of an eyebrow pencil it is brought up slightly, the upper hairs are drawn more clearly;
  • the texture of the eye shadows should be matte; it is undesirable to use glossy and pearlescent shadows;
  • for everyday makeup, it is best to use a jet black pencil instead of eyeliner;
  • you can lift the eyelid with the help of an imaginary fold drawn with shadows or a pencil with shading;
  • incorrect eyeliner of the lower eyelid can spoil the expressiveness of the eyes: this will visually reduce the shape and make the eyes even narrower;
  • even on the inner edge of the lower eyelid, white eyeliner is sometimes made, which makes the eye whites appear larger (recently this option has gone out of fashion, since cosmetics get into the eyes, and this is harmful to vision);
  • long and fluffy eyelashes rejuvenate the face and give the look a special expressiveness, and at the same time visually enlarge the eyes.

There is another little trick in the arsenal of makeup artists – you can change the shape of the eyes using the arrows. In this case, it is important not how to draw them, but how to draw the line correctly:

  • if you do not touch the inner corner of the eye, but start the arrow from the middle, this will visually expand the section of the eyes;
  • if you add a short line of dark color to the half-arrow, the eyes will appear wider;
  • if the result is enhanced with a cat-eye effect, the shape will increase, but the width of the eyes will immediately disappear.

Photos before and after

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Almost every girl or woman does her makeup. Cosmetics allow you to create new interesting images and feel more confident. Asian makeup is one of the varieties of makeup and has become more and more popular lately.

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