Features and techniques of make-up for round eyes

Выпуклые глазаEyes

Round eyes have many advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes they require correction with makeup. Thanks to the usual shadows, mascara and eyeliner, your eyes will become even brighter. The main thing is to choose the appropriate makeup and not make a mistake with the color palette.

Basic makeup rules for round eyes

For round eyes, the outer and inner corners are at the same level. The distance between the corners is approximately equal to the distance between the lower and upper eyelids.

Makeup for round eyes has its own characteristics. Based on modern ideals, make them look like almond-shaped eyes.

Big eyes

Try to stretch your eyes. Select the contour, starting from the inner corner of the eye. Apply light shadow on the eyelid. A little darker under the brow. Expand the line to the outer edge, apply dark shadows to the outer corner of the eye.

Apply shadows all over the eyelid, blend to the temple. Dark colors make the eyes look smaller. Use a contour pencil to draw a thin line and move it up.

Makeup for big eyes

Small eyes

If you need makeup for small round eyes, remember a few tricks:

  1. Eyeliner and a pencil of light shades help to stretch the shape. The tone should be lighter than the complexion. Lead both above and below. Draw a reddish-brown line next to the light one.
  2. Lighten the inner corner of the eyelid with shadows. Cover the distance from the central part to the corner of the eyelid from the outside with a dark tone. If the iris is dark, choose a light palette, and if the iris is light, choose a brighter one.
  3. To enlarge the eye, apply light tones of shadows under the eyebrow line.
small round eyes

bulging eyes

If you have bulging eyes, remember the basic rules:

  • It is impossible to draw a clear outline. It is better not to use a pencil or liquid shadows. Draw a line with light strokes and blend. The look becomes deeper, and the contour of the eyes is smooth. Then draw out the eyes using the arrows.
  • Combine colors correctly. Color the moving eyelid with a light shade, and apply a dark color to the crease of the eyelid. If you bring the dark color beyond the edge of the moving eyelid almost to the eyebrows, the eye becomes visually less convex.
  • Apply mascara in one layer, and the outer corner in several layers. Thus, the shape of the eye is drawn out. Girls with bulging eyes do not go with glitter and “wet” shadows. Use matte.
  • Try to avoid smoky makeup. Shading dark shadows over the entire surface of the moving eyelid is not recommended.
  • Don’t forget your eyebrows. Well-groomed natural eyebrows of natural color are in fashion.
bulging eyes

What make-up is suitable depending on the color of the eyes?

Whatever make-up you choose, it should be combined with the color of the eyes. In any case, before applying makeup, first even out the skin tone with foundation or powder, and lighten the skin around the eyes with concealer.


Brown eyes are suitable for brown warm shades. Makeup sequence:

  1. On the upper eyelid, apply solid shades – beige, pale pink and peach shades.
  2. Then draw arrows.
  3. Next, apply a bright color scheme.
  4. Finished with brown mascara and neutral lipstick.
Brown eyes


Green eyes are bright and saturated. This color is suitable for bright shadows and violent colors. Gold, turquoise and lavender shades are perfect. The main thing is not to make the eyes heavy with black eyeliner, but on the contrary, emphasize the greenness of the retina.

Green eyes


For natural makeup, choose gray, peach tones. Makeup step by step instructions:

  1. Apply concealer. Then a peach eyeshadow base. Blend.
  2. Apply a gray tone.
  3. Then graphite-colored arrows with a pencil. It can be shaded.
  4. Add blush and lipstick.
  5. Line the inside of the lower eyelid with a pencil.
  6. Apply mascara.
Grey eyes


Blue eyes are suitable for shades of cold colors. Makeup artists recommend using purple, pink, bronze, gold and copper shades. They favorably emphasize the color of the eyes. It is best to use matte shadows. Shade them carefully.

It is important that all transitions are well shaded. On large blue eyes, clear lines are superfluous.

Blue eyes
Makeup for blue eyes
Makeup for blue eyes


Black eyes are rare. When doing makeup, focus on the type of face and skin color. Makeup technique:

  1. Mascara must be black only.
  2. Shadows are suitable for any shade. Use multiple colors at the same time.
  3. Eyeliner can be not only black, but also dark brown or dark gray. During the day, apply a thin line, in the evening you can experiment.
  4. Combine lipstick with an eyeshadow palette.
  5. Foundation is matched to your skin tone. Blush use matte, warm tones.
Makeup for dark eyes

Interesting options for round eyes

There are many makeup techniques that are suitable for round eyes. Choose them depending on the event you are going to. Let’s consider the main ones.

smokey ice

Smokey eyes for large eyes are best avoided. If the eyes are small, follow the instructions:

  1. First apply concealer and translucent powder.
  2. Draw a line along the lashes and blend.
  3. Apply black shadows on the upper eyelid, a little higher – a shade of light color, even higher – even lighter.
  4. Blend.
  5. Apply light shades to the lower eyelid.
Smokey for round eyes

circular stroke

A thin line around the entire eyelid gives the eyes the effect of a cat’s eyes. How to do it:

  • Apply the base, then light shadows on the entire eyelid.
light shadows
  • Paint over the mucous membrane of the eye between the eyelashes and the inner corner with a black kayal.
  • With a black soft pencil, draw the “tail” of the arrow, extend the line of the lower eyelid.
Draw a ponytail
  • Connect the end of the “tail” with a pencil to the line of the arrow of the upper eyelid.
connect arrows
  • Paint your lashes well with black mascara.
Make up with mascara
  • You can blend the eyeliner with light shadows and a brush. So the makeup becomes not so bright.

Makeup with arrows

The arrows give expressiveness to the look, highlight the line of the eye. There are several options for drawing arrows:

  • base arrow. It is applied along the lash line, giving them density. Draw between the eyelashes with a black pencil, and above with eyeliner. Draw a line at the corner of the eye.
Basic Arrows
  • Arrow with two tails.  Gives density to hairs and creates a look with a cunning.
Arrow with two tails
  • Classic arrow.  For a classic arrow, draw the tip and draw a line along the eyelashes, increasing the thickness closer to the outer edge of the eye.
classic arrow
  • “Half” arrow.  If the eyes are close together, the half arrow visually increases the distance between them. On the upper eyelid to the bridge of the nose, apply light shadows with glitter or use a highlighter, and start drawing an arrow from the middle of the eyelid at the border of eyelash growth.
"Half" arrow
  • Wide arrow.  Creates a “cat’s eye” effect. The wider the arrow, the longer the lashes should be. You can even increase them.
wide arrow
  • Arabic arrow.  To create an Arabic arrow, be sure to paint over the entire contour along the lash line, leaving not a single light area.
Arabic arrow

You can draw arrows with a liquid eyeliner, a pencil, shadows or a special eyeliner marker.

Make-up in Japanese style

This is a new trend. Large round eyes in Japanese makeup should be narrowed, giving an almond shape. To perform the technique, follow the instructions:

  1. First, apply the base on the upper and lower eyelids.
  2. Then white shadows, also on the upper and lower eyelids.
  3. With a white pencil, outline the lower eyelid to achieve the effect of tear-stained eyes. You can also apply red shadows from below.
  4. Create a shadow with a light brown pencil. First apply black eyeliner, and then make a thin line along it with a gray-brown pencil. This makes the arrows look more natural.
  5. Draw arrows with black eyeliner and draw a line outside the eye and up.
  6. For the effect of wide eyes, use false eyelashes. Paint over the upper eyelid well, and glue the eyelashes on the lower eyelid.

The skin of the face must be perfect. Apply primer, then foundation. To make the skin matte, add powder to the foundation. Powder and cream should be 2-3 shades lighter than the skin.

Draw blush from the nose to the outer corner of the eye. Make your lips small, in the shape of a bow. The contour of the lips should not be clear.

Delicate makeup

Evening Options

Evening makeup for round eyes should be darker and more saturated. Lines are clearer and more expressive. The colors are bright and saturated, should be combined with the outfit and accessories.

The use of eye shadows of a catchy color is welcome – dark gray, bronze, rich peach, dark swamp. Variant of evening make-up for round eyes:

  1. Apply corrector.
  2. Then on top of a suitable foundation and powder.
  3. On the eyelid – light shadows, on top of them on the crease of the eyelid – darker shadows. Lightly blend the borders.
  4. Draw an arrow with liquid eyeliner.
  5. Make fluffy eyelashes.
  6. Apply lipstick.
evening make-up

You can also do lavender-cornflower blue makeup:

  1. Apply concealer, foundation and powder.
  2. Then lavender shadows on the entire moving eyelid.
  3. Work the outer corner with blue shadows, blend.
  4. Line your eyes with blue pencil.
  5. Use ink.
  6. Shape your eyebrows.
Lavender makeup

Wedding make-up

For round eyes, makeup can be anything, the main thing is not to forget that it should be in bright colors, the lines should be smooth. An interesting option:

  1. Apply light beige eye shadow to the inner eyelid. On the upper eyelid on the outside – shadows of a darker shade. Blend towards the temple.
  2. Circle the eyelids with a contour pencil, starting from the inner corner. Continue the line beyond the border of the eye and draw an arrow.
  3. Apply mascara to the upper eyelashes, at the outer edge with a thicker layer.
Wedding make-up

How to make big and round eyes?

If you have small eyes, you can easily enlarge them with cosmetics:

  1. Be sure to use concealer to hide imperfections.
  2. Use shadows that match your eye color.
  3. Paint over the inner corner, the moving eyelid and under the eyebrow with a light tone. Darken the crease of the eyelid. The outer corner is the darkest color.
  4. To make the eyes round, draw a thin arrow and do not go beyond the borders of the eye.
  5. Do not apply a thick layer of mascara. This manipulation makes the eyelashes heavier and lowers, thereby making the eyes smaller.
Make big round eyes

What should be avoided by owners of round eyes?

There are several mistakes that owners of round eyes make:

  • Wrong hairstyle. It may be a tight, combed back tail. Because of it, round eyes visually increase. More suitable bob with bangs or straight flowing hair, short haircuts with parting on one side, straight parting.
  • Do not use blue or dark gray shadows. They create the effect of bags under the eyes.
  • Don’t use yellow or sandy gradients. These colors give the eyes an unhealthy look.
  • Do not apply acidic or overly bright colors.
  • There should be a combination of 2-3 shades, smoothly turning into one another.

Helpful Tips

Applying makeup is always fun. And the right makeup helps to feel more confident. There are a few tips that will help you avoid mistakes and make the highest quality make-up.

eyelash extensions

Round eyes look best when longer lashes are applied from the center to the outer corners. Creates a natural effect of a cat’s eye. Recommended techniques:

  • “natural”;
  • “fox”;
  • “squirrel”.

If you wear glasses

If you wear glasses, you need to know how to further emphasize the dignity of your eyes:

  • So that, for example, smokey ice does not merge with the frame, apply light, neutral tones to the moving eyelid and blend.
  • Pair nude makeup with bright lipstick.
  • The color of the eyeliner and frames should be different.
  • When coloring eyelashes, pay attention to the roots.
  • Be sure to use concealer, all the imperfections are visible in the glasses.
  • If the frame is thick, the arrows should be thick, if thin, the arrows should be thin.
  • Do not use lengthening mascara, it is better for volume.

How to make the look more expressive?

Here are some tips on how to highlight your eyes:

  1. To make the eyes more expressive, in the inner corner of the eye, put a dot with a white pencil and lightly blend. You can also draw a line with a white pencil on the inner line of the eye above the lower eyelashes.
  2. Highlight eyebrows – with a pencil, wax or shadows.
  3. Use highlighter at the corners of the eyes and along the contour of the eyebrows.
  4. Draw beautiful arrows on the eyes.
  5. Smokey ice always makes the eyes expressive.
  6. Lengthen and curl your lashes.
  7. Use light lipstick.
Make eyes expressive

How to emphasize the shape of the eyes?

Apply silver eyeshadow with a metallic sheen to the entire mobile eyelid and draw a thin line with black eyeliner along the growth of the eyelashes. Paint with black ink. This color scheme will emphasize your eyes and make your look more expressive.

How to give round eyes an almond shape?

How to make round eyes more elongated:

  1. With eyeliner, draw an arrow from the middle of the eye. A long arrow makes the eyes more almond-shaped.
  2. Paint over the mucous membrane with a light pencil. This elongates the shape of the eye.
  3. Highlight the lower lash line.
  4. Apply mascara to your eyelashes.
almond shape

How to make eyes visually narrow?

Correcting the shape of the eyes with makeup is not difficult. The main thing is to follow these rules:

  1. Apply corrector.
  2. Use a kayal, line your eyes inside, and then the shape will turn out to be visually narrow.
  3. Apply light shadow all over the eyelid. Then dark shadows on the outer corner. Apply from the corner up. Draw out the eye with the help of shadows.
  4. The arrow should go up smoothly.
  5. Color rich upper lashes.
Make narrow eyes

How to bring round eyes?

Draw arrows starting from the middle of the eye. At the inner edge, the arrow should be thin and clear. The outer edge should be a continuation of the lower edge of the eye.

Round eyeliner

Round eyes are large or small, have other features. With the right makeup, you will make them perfect and, if desired, adjust the shape. Eye color also plays an important role. Keep this in mind when choosing a palette.

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