What is banana makeup, and how to do it yourself?


Makeup “banana” refers to the classic pencil technique, which gives a slight haze around the eye. There are no difficulties in performing, each girl can apply it on her own. The main thing is to master all the subtleties and nuances of make-up.

The essence and features of the “banana”

“Banana” is intended to correct the shape of the eyes, regardless of the type of location – close fit, deep, slit-like, narrow, etc. Makeup is actively used, even if the eyelids are hanging.

Makeup "banana"

The technique has such an unusual name due to the fact that the final result of drawing the eyes is similar to a banana fruit. Other features:

  • Be sure to combine light and dark shades;
  • shading is performed;
  • make-up looks bright and as expressive as possible, especially in the evening version;
  • when using nude colors, it turns out restrained;
  • the distance between the eyes increases or, conversely, decreases;
  • it is permissible to use matte and mother-of-pearl shadows, sequins, rhinestones, therefore it is often used for applying a wedding make-up.

Who is banana suitable for?

The purpose of banana makeup is to visually enlarge the eyes. It is best used by women with a narrow and small incision, although makeup artists claim that it easily adapts to absolutely all types of eyes, facial contours, skin color and age. Visage is successfully used both in the daytime and in the evening.

Pros and cons of technology

The main advantage is ease of application and giving expressiveness to the look. Makeup is actively used by celebrities, as makeup is well transmitted through cameras and spotlights. Other advantages:

  • versatility – suitable for any type of face and skin tone;
  • used both at a young and more mature age;
  • absolutely any palette is taken as a basis;
  • make-up is “worn” in everyday life and at solemn events;
  • it is easy to hide the imperfections of the eyes and emphasize their expressiveness;
  • the ability to correct the effect of impending eyelids;
  • correction of the distance between the eyes.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • not very suitable for women with round eyes and the same oval face;
  • You need to learn how to properly combine light and dark shades.

What colors to choose?

For the perfect banana makeup, learn how to combine shades based on the color type. It is based on a combination of light and dark colors, thanks to which you can achieve maximum contrast, which makes the eyes expressive. In this case, you can not connect more than 3 shades at the same time.

The main rule is that dark and light tones should be of the same type, that is, if beige is used, brown is suitable for it, if white, then black.

light shades

Apply these pigments using the “banana” technique exclusively on the under-eye area of ​​​​the eyelids. Be sure to blend all over the eyelid, which is motionless. Focus on the inner corner of the eyes, the central part of the upper eyelid.

Before applying light shadows, use the powdering technique, which makes the makeup look more natural.

dark colors

Similar paints are taken as a basis. With the darkest shades, paint over the lower eyelids and the outer corner of the eye, stretching the pigment with a brush. In this case, the movement should be slightly above the natural folds of the eyelids. The darkest point is located in the outer corner.

For makeup, medium-dark tones are also used – they are applied to the entire moving eyelid. As in the previous case, shading is performed.

Tone Selection – Criteria

Features of applying makeup for girls with different eye colors:

  • brown-eyed women use only shades of soft tones (beige, pink, purple, blue, brown, gray-pastel);
  • for gray-eyed beauties, gray and gray-green, olive, brick, beige are suitable;
  • green-eyed is better to choose blue-gray, coral, dark brown, blue and lilac.
Choosing a shade of shadows
Shades of shadows for different eyes

Selection of shades in banana makeup by color type:

  • spring type of girls – green-brown, peach, cream and always dark brown for shading;
  • summer – purple, gray, beige and taupe;
  • autumn – more juiciness and brightness (with a burgundy and red-brown palette);
  • winter – a cold and bright pigment looks perfect, it is imperative to use a gray, whitish and silvery shade with black shading.

Preparatory activities

Preparation for the “banana” technique involves the preparation of tools and the basis of makeup itself – the application of tonal and other products on the face. Only after that you can proceed to the next step – applying makeup in the style of an exotic fruit.

Necessary cosmetics and tools

“Banana” is called by many the European make-up, so funds are required to create a solid foundation. What do you need:

  • foundation – makes the skin clean and neat;
  • base under the shadows – so that they hold better;
  • powder – evens out the tone of the face;
  • hard pencil – used as the main eyeliner;
  • soft pencil – designed for shading;
  • eyebrow pencil for shaping;
  • eyeliner – for drawing arrows;
  • mascara – adds volume and length;
  • shadows of the desired shades – light, medium and dark.

In addition to cosmetics, you will need the following tools:

  • mirror;
  • applicators;
  • brushes.

Skin preparation

The skin of the face is prepared in stages:

  1. Cleanse the skin of oily sheen and impurities with a tonic, gel, milk or special foam.
  2. If the skin has defects and problem areas, apply concealer or corrector. They cover acne, acne, dark circles, age spots, scars.
  3. Fix the camouflage effect with foundation and base. If the skin is oily, use a foundation with a mattifying effect, if dry or normal – with moisturizing or nourishing.
  4. On the upper and lower eyelids, apply a powder foundation under the shadows.
  5. Spread the powder on top of the foundation.
Prepare the skin

Application technique

The makeup is based on the drawing of the eyes, as the make-up is aimed at emphasizing their expressiveness. But do not forget about the eyebrows, lipstick color, as the completeness of the image depends on this.


The most important step in creating a banana. The classic technique includes the following steps:

  • Make a background with a pencil. To do this, stand up straight, keep your head perfectly level and look in the mirror to visually determine the main feature. Draw the lower eyelid with a dark pencil so that the indentation from the outer corner of the eye and along the ciliary row is in the range of 3 to 4 mm.
Substrate pencil
  • At the outer corner, draw a line upwards to the area where the top crease ends. Thanks to this, the elements of the picture above and below will be the same. Color this part completely and draw a line to the iris of the eyes.
draw outline
  • Blend with a brush. To do this correctly, from the bottom of the eye go towards the ear, from the top – to the end of the eyebrow, from the side – horizontally.
Shading with a brush
  • Do the same shading on the upper eyelid. You will get a rounded shape.
round shape
  • To give softness, carry out the shading procedure 1-2 more times.
Soft shading
  • Use a large brush to cover up all the feathered edges with flesh-colored shadows.
Flesh-colored shadows
  • Using an eyeshadow brush, apply light beige eyeshadow to the shaded areas, drawing a line to the inner corner of the eye. The haze should extend beyond the lines of the pencil by a maximum of 4 mm. Smoky shading is carried out in the same direction as the pencil.
Light beige shadows
  • Now do the same, but with different shades – light and dark brown.
Dark and light brown shadows
  • Take a black eyeliner, draw a very thin arrow with it, starting from the inner corner of the eye and ending with the area where the growth of eyelashes ends. Blend lightly.
  • Draw a brush with black shadows along the line of the arrow from the outer corner to the iris.
black shadows
  • Also paint over the eyelid from below. Make sure both lines connect.
Paint the bottom of the eyelid
  • Color your eyelashes.
Apply mascara to eyelashes


Too thin eyebrows are categorically not suitable for banana makeup – they should have more natural outlines, but not be too wide either. To create an image, be sure to draw them with a pencil, the color of which matches the shade of natural hairs.

Make up eyebrows


Line your lips with lipstick. For daytime make-up, it is permissible to use calm shades that are in harmony with shades of shadows. For the evening, you can use the classic version – red lipstick.

When applying a “banana”, make-up artists often distribute gloss along the central part of the lips.

Make up lips

banana options

There are many variations in drawing the technique, which depends on the use of specific shades. Experts distinguish 4 main types, which are considered basic:

  • Day or everyday. Use pink, beige and light golden colors as shadows, and make the drawing gray or brown. You can add a bright accent.
Day makeup
  • Evening.  In the evening, brighter shades are allowed. Feel free to use any colors except pastels. For drawing – black, blue. Feature – play with mascara (it can be not only black, but also green, blue.
evening make-up
  • Colorblock.  This is an original direction that excludes shading – all lines and borders are clear.
Color block makeup
  • Wedding or holiday.  The basis is the use of shadows with bright mother-of-pearl, rhinestones, sparkles, etc.
Wedding make-up

What mistakes are made most often?

Problems usually arise in girls who, due to their age, do not know how to apply makeup. Although the “banana” is considered a simple way of make-up, it also has its own pitfalls and subtleties. What are the most common mistakes people make:

  • the wrong combination of shades, which leads to disharmony – the use of pink shades along with yellow, gray, etc. looks terrible;
  • an overabundance of foundation, especially for daytime makeup – “banana” looks gentle, and too thick a layer of cream on the skin gives a certain roughness;
  • excessively clear eyebrow lines – this is excluded in this technique;
  • the use of too many shimmering shadows – the zest of exotic makeup is lost;
  • poor shading (the only exception is the color block) – because of this, it is not possible to achieve the desired result;
  • simultaneous selection of lips and eyes – it is better to focus on the shadows;
  • overdoing with drawing – all tones should be in moderation;
  • using only shadows – the lines are too blurry, so you need a pencil shading.

Helpful Tips

To get the “banana” right, follow the application technique and practice a little. The advice of makeup artists who share the intricacies and tricks of make-up will not be superfluous.

“Banana” for the impending century

This is a problem for many women, especially after 40 years. It is not difficult to fix it with the help of the “banana” technique:

  1. Draw a line with a pencil a little higher than the line of the moving eyelid. Do not bring it to the outermost corner of the eye. The best option is to match the line formed by the brow bone.
  2. From above, with a brush, give the shadows the darkest shade. Do a shading.
  3. In the inner corner of the eyes, make the lightest tone. Under the eyebrows too.
  4. In the middle part of the upper eyelid, apply a medium-dark color.
  5. Draw the outer corner with a pencil and then with shadows of a dark shade.

The peculiarity of makeup with impending eyelids is that the lower eyelids are not drawn in any way.

Makeup for the impending century

How to correct the shape of the eyes?

Correction is necessary if a woman has problems with fitting her eyes. If they are too close together, do the following:

  1. Separate the moving eyelid with a pencil. The correctness of this action is that when the eye is opened, the line is visible.
  2. Blend this line. Keep the direction towards the eyebrows. Now apply dark shadows.
  3. On the underside of this line at the outer corner, apply a pigment of an intermediate shade.
  4. Focus on slightly lengthening the outer corners.
  5. Apply light colors according to the standard scheme.
Eye makeup correction

With far-set eyes, act identically, with the difference that shadows of the lightest color are applied along the central part of the moving eyelid. Focus on the fact that the drawn line is shaded not towards the eyebrows, but down.

Emphasis on the eyes

Banana makeup is considered universal among experienced makeup artists, as it is ideal for all occasions. But the main thing is that you can do it yourself, it takes a minimum of time to learn. In the make-up, almost all shades of the palette are used, so you can choose the color that matches the eyes or the dress.

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