How to apply Arabic makeup?

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Any woman at least once in her life dreamed of becoming an oriental beauty. Arabic makeup will make you feel mysterious and attractive, you just have to understand the rules of application.

Common features of Arabic makeup

Arabic makeup is designed to emphasize the beauty of eyebrows and eyes. Bright and saturated, it focuses attention on the face, because all other parts of the body oriental women are forced to hide.

Arabic makeup

Eastern make-up is different:

  • creating expressive almond-shaped eyes by applying eyeliner to the upper and lower eyelids;
  • outlining a clear contour of black curved eyebrows;
  • natural and neutral lip color;
  • perfect face tone
  • covering the eyelids with juicy and bright colors of harmonious shades;
  • densely dyed, lush and voluminous eyelashes;
  • using sequins and rhinestones.
Arabic makeup

Cosmetics Tips

Make-up in oriental style is bright, shining. To create a make-up, the cosmetic bag is replenished with the following means:

  • a palette of shadows of saturated colors, matte and pearly, in accordance with the color of the eyes;
  • antimony, gel liner, eyeliner or eyeliner;
  • lipstick of natural delicate shades or lip gloss;
  • dense foundation to even out complexion;
  • volume mascara and wax.

Oriental eye makeup

The technique of performing an Arabic make-up requires some skill and adherence to a certain sequence of actions. The main stages of applying cosmetics:

  1. Even out your complexion with a thick layer of base product a tone darker than yours.
  2. Prep your upper eyelid by applying a fixing base or powdering to keep makeup from rolling.
  3. Use a bronze-colored blush to create a tanned effect, accentuate the cheekbones, chin and nose line.
  4. Apply pearlescent shadows under the eyebrows.
  5. Powder your lashes and fill them with volumizing mascara, curling the ends up. Wait for complete drying and repeat the procedure.
  6. Use black color for a bright graphic drawing of eyebrows with a pronounced kink.

For green eyes

Green-eyed housewives will suit shades of purple, peach, golden brown, copper shades.

Let’s take a look at the purple tint makeup option:

  • Apply dark blue or dark gray shades to the outer edge of the upper eyelid with a wide and flat brush, and pearl, light gray or light blue to the inner edge.
Apply shadow
  • Blend the transition of colors with a fluffy brush using circular movements, erasing the border with light touches.
  • Cover the crease above the upper eyelid with rich purple shadows, spread the shade with soft movements to the outer corner of the eye.
draw crease
  • Take a short-haired brush and black shadows and draw with them the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid and the eyelash growth zone under it.
Draw the lower eyelid
  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye with intense white shadows.
Inner corner of the eye
  • Draw long black arrows on the upper eyelid that extend beyond the eyes, sharpen the tip and evaluate the finished result.

For blue eyes

A palette of cold shades of blue, silver, blue, gray is the choice of owners of blue eyes.

As an example, let’s analyze the black make-up:

  • Draw the outline of the future arrow on the prepared upper eyelid.
Arrow outline
  • Paint over the space inside with a black pencil, bring the tip of the arrow almost to the eyebrow.
Paint over black
  • Apply a second layer of color with shadows to achieve brightness and a matte finish.
Second layer
  • Draw a black line of the lower eyelid along the eyelash growth zone and the mucous part and blend.
Bring the lower eyelid
  • Take a matte white shadow or pencil and apply to the inner corner of the eye.
White matte shadows
  • Add black color to the lower eyelid, drawing it more clearly.
Add black
  • Incredibly expressive makeup is ready.
Ready makeup

For brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls will suit shades of gold, blue, deep blue, the whole brown palette.

As an example, we “draw” bronze-gold eyes:

  • Draw an arc in the crease of the upper eyelid with a dark brown soft pencil or thin brush and eye shadow of the same color.
  • Blend the line towards the eyebrow.
  • Add color brilliance.
Add brightness
  • Mark the area under the eyebrow using shimmery shadows.
Space under the eyebrow
  • Cover the entire upper eyelid with liquid bronze eye shadow and add gold glitter.
Apply glitter
  • Draw thin arrows from above along the lash line with liquid eyeliner, and highlight the lower eyelid with a pencil, starting from the middle.
draw an arrow
  • Rate the sparkling makeup, add a rhinestone.
Add rhinestone

How to draw Arabic arrows?

Arrows are an integral part of oriental makeup. They are different, just like their owners. To give the eyes an almond shape and expressiveness, eyeliner is applied according to certain rules:

  • draw not only the upper, but also the lower eyelid;
  • stain the mucous and interciliary space;
  • extend the line beyond the edge of the eyes, easily bending upwards, sharpening the tip;
  • blend the eyeliner without losing shape.

We will understand the features of the technique of applying Arabic arrows and the secrets of achieving the ideal:

  • Take a comfortable posture that does not restrict movement. The hand will not tremble, and the lines will turn out smoother and more accurate.
Take a comfortable position
  • Work with a black pencil between the eyelashes and the mucous part of the eyelid.
draw the mucosa
  • Draw an arrow on the upper eyelid along the edge of the eyelashes. Use a smudging pencil and liquid eyeliner to define the lines.
  • Correct errors, if any, during application, using a concealer. Apply a drop of the product to the uneven part and cover with shadows.
cover with shadows
  • Draw a black line under the lower lashes and blur the edges with a brush. Connect the upper and lower lines with a sharp end in the inner corner of the eye, and draw on the outside, as in the photo. Arab arrows are ready.
Draw a black line

Arabic Makeup Styles

Eastern make-up is varied. The choice of style is influenced not only by personal preference, but also by the event on the occasion of which it is applied.

Focus on lips

Oriental makeup allows you to highlight more than one accent, making the face as expressive as possible. This bold make-up pairs black eyeliner and red lipstick.

For lips, choose the most juicy and bright shades: scarlet, raspberry, burgundy, wine, cherry and cranberry. A prerequisite for application is the use of a pencil to outline the contour of the lips, because the oriental make-up does not accept negligence.

Focus on lips

For hijab

Wearing a hijab encourages women to draw attention to the beauty of the face. Muslim women enjoy all the benefits of oriental makeup:

  • use a bright and varied palette of shadows;
  • create the effect of the perfect skin tone;
  • draw long black arrows;
  • thickly stain eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • choose lipstick in bright colors.

For belly dance

Make-up for the image of an oriental woman dancing a passionate belly dance is given special attention. Apply cosmetics according to the following recommendations:

  • choose a makeup palette in accordance with the color of the suit;
  • use sequins and rhinestones;
  • apply the classic Asian makeup technique;
  • decorate the arrows with several colors at the same time: one shade or a matching range;
  • draw not only the upper and lower eyelids, but also the entire distance to the eyebrows;
  • use tinted cosmetics in color with the skin, apply makeup to the open areas of the suit;
  • use a high-quality matting base that allows the skin to breathe;
  • use powder to avoid shine of the face during the dance;
  • draw eyebrows using black color, give them a pronounced and graceful bend;
  • choose neutral lipstick colors for lips;
  • Add extra volume to your lips with a pencil liner and clear gloss.

Oriental eyebrow shaping

Arabic eyebrows are always pronounced on the face. They characterize their mistresses as impudent and ardent and are made in an aggressive technique:

  • the design uses the most saturated black color;
  • rigid forms;
  • maximum approach to the bridge of the nose;
  • increase in length along the outer edge of the face;
  • sharp outline, graphic and kink.

There are two main types of eyebrow design of oriental beauties:

  • Straight, clear, graphic with a high arch.
straight eyebrows
  • The same, but with an Arabic wave.
arab wave

Applying Arabic makeup is a delicate and painstaking task. Constant practice and the availability of high-quality cosmetics will help turn any woman into an oriental beauty.

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