Day Makeup Basics for Grey-Blue Eyes

Дневной макияж Eyes

Gray-blue eyes are not only beautiful, but also versatile. This color scheme allows you to experiment and use a variety of combinations of shades in makeup. We learn about the basic rules for choosing a palette, and how hair color affects it.

Basic rules in makeup for gray-blue eyes

In makeup for gray-blue eyes, the main goal is to focus on a beautiful color that combines favorably with dark eyeliner. To make the makeup as effective as possible, the owners of light eyes must follow a number of simple rules.

Day makeup

How to apply makeup correctly:

  • The best combination for gray-blue eyes is black mascara and eyeliner. Such a combination is especially effective when blueness prevails in the iris. Gray mascara is acceptable, but not as popular with blue-eyed girls.
  • A suitable makeup palette is warm bronze tones, golden and copper hues, peach and soft coral. Such paints are especially effective on tanned skin.
  • To give an aristocratic look , use a cold blue-blue range. But try not to merge the eyes and shadows into one spot.
  • For fair skin , powdery, lilac, golden-terracotta shades, as well as mocha color are suitable.
  • When creating an elegant make-up , pay attention to light coffee, terracotta and pink shades with a slight sheen.
  • To give the look an inner glow , use eyeliner in cobalt, emerald turquoise, coffee or silver.
  • Avoid muted tones , they can give the appearance of fatigue, fading.
  • In summer, do not apply a base coat on your eyelids – then the colors will not blur under the hot sun.

Thanks to correctly applied makeup, it is possible to highlight and emphasize the sky blueness in the gray-blue range of the eyes. Skillfully combining dark tones with a light palette, you can give expressiveness to the eyes, and carefully shading the shadows – to achieve the utmost accuracy of makeup.

Color palette for gray-blue eyes depending on hair color

To achieve maximum harmony when creating makeup, choosing its palette, take into account hair color.

Makeup for blue eyes

Choosing a makeup palette for gray-blue eyes:

  • Brunettes. Shades of brown and golden hues with light mother-of-pearl will do. Dark-haired girls with gray-blue eyes are not recommended to use gray mascara.
    During the day, marsh shadows are welcome, in the evening – black eyeliner. As an experiment, peach and yellow shades are allowed.
  • Blondes. Blonde girls with gray-blue eyes especially suit lavender shades. Saturation is enhanced when creating evening and festive makeup – instead of lavender shadows, plum ones are taken.
    It is not recommended to use shades of red and pink shades. With inept application, the eyeballs will appear reddish, this will give the image fatigue.
  • Fair-haired. Their owners should avoid shades from the pink palette. The makeup layer must be extremely thin, otherwise it will look vulgar.
  • Brown hair. They are suitable for chocolate, brown and amber shades. To prevent the look from becoming dull and lifeless, brown-haired women should not use pale shadows and brown mascara. Eyeliner – black or blue. Shades of turquoise and emerald hues will help enhance the blueness.
  • Redheads. Olive, sand, marsh, chocolate, nut, creamy and other natural tones. Mascara and eyeliner are better to choose calm brown shades. Banned are orange and dark purple shadows.

Red-haired girls with gray-blue eyes are advised to abandon the bronzer – it creates a rusty effect, especially if there are freckles on the face.

Makeup technique for gray-blue eyes

There are several ways to apply a daytime make-up for gray-blue eyes. The choice of method is determined by the color scheme, the number of shades used and the image created.

There are three methods of daytime makeup:

  • Standard. Provides a combination of 3-4 colors. A pronounced darkening is superimposed on the outer edges of the eyelids.
  • Smokey ice. Allows all sorts of color combinations. There are no clearly defined boundaries. The effect of “powdering” is used.
  • Natural. Shades of natural shades are applied. The eyeliner is thin or shaded.

Daytime makeup step by step

Before applying makeup, it is necessary to prepare the face according to all the rules. First, the skin is cleansed with a scrub or milk, and then a tonal foundation and a little loose powder are applied. To fix the result, you can use thermal water.

Step-by-step instructions for creating daytime makeup:

  • Apply your favorite foundation to your face and spread it evenly over the skin in a thin layer. It is necessary that the tone is perfectly even. Work with fingers, wet sponge or synthetic bristle brush.
  • If there are small defects on the skin (acne, vascular network, redness, etc.), mask them with a corrector. Treat the areas under the eyes with a concealer.
  • Cover the eyelids with a primer – this will make the makeup more resistant. If there is no primer, replace it with concealer or foundation – a similar base is also suitable for increasing the durability of the make-up.
  • Go over the upper eyelids with a brown pencil. Apply shimmery gold or nude eyeshadow to the eyelids and creases. Line the lash line with the same pencil.
  • Apply light shadows to the inner corners of the eyes. Choose the option with a shimmer, then the look will become radiant.
  • Color your eyelashes with dark mascara.
  • Go over your eyebrows with a pencil. Color them in the direction of hair growth. Try to avoid sharply drawn borders.
  • Apply blush to your cheeks. Choose fresh shades, peach is best.
  • To emphasize the upper part of the cheekbones, draw it with a highlighter. Use liquid or dry composition. Blend it thoroughly. The cheekbones should delicately shine, then the image will be gentle and harmonious.
  • Outline the lips with a peach-colored pencil. Paint all the lips with the same color, and cover them with glossy lipstick of the same tone on top.

Types of daytime makeup for gray-blue eyes

Gray-blue eyes are found in blondes, brunettes, brown-haired women, redheads and fair-haired. In order for daytime makeup to be as natural and harmonious as possible, the colors for it are selected taking into account the color of the hair, as it affects the visual perception of skin tone.

In the daytime makeup of gray-blue eyes, regardless of hair color, wide black eyeliner is excluded. It is used mainly for evening make-up.

For gray-blue-eyed girls, regardless of hair color, a narrow gray, blue or brown eyeliner is recommended for daytime makeup.

Makeup for blondes

There are two types of blonde – warm and cold. It can be either natural color or artificial. Combining warm skin and hair tones with a cool eyeshadow palette creates interesting combinations that enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Blonde makeup

Features of makeup for blondes with gray-blue eyes:

  • for a businesslike and somewhat detached look, choose ash and silver shades;
  • for feminine and romantic looks, use golden and peach shades;
  • blue, blue, gray, golden-copper, purple, light purple shades of shadows are most suitable for blondes, also feel free to use the color of the sea wave;
  • the best mascara for fair-haired girls is brown, blue, purple, light gray;
  • in images with dark ash colors, black ink is allowed;
  • the optimal color of the eyeliner is gray-brown, gray, blue, steel.

Video instruction of daytime makeup for blondes with gray-blue eyes:

Makeup for brunettes and brown-haired women

Dark hair and gray-blue eyes are one of the rarest combinations.

Makeup features for brunettes and brown-haired women with gray-blue eyes:

  • it is allowed to use the entire range of shadows recommended for gray-blue eyes, the optimal shadows are coffee-brown or pink shades;
  • the best eyeliner options are gray, brown and dark blue;
  • use any mascara except green.
Makeup for brunettes

Video instruction of light makeup for brown-haired women and brunettes with gray-blue eyes:

Makeup for fair-haired

In fair-haired people, the color of the iris can vary from dark to light gray-blue shades. It can also show green notes, nutty, and sometimes brown. Thanks to this, the owners of light brown hair can use any palette options.

Brown hair

Features of daytime makeup for fair-haired with gray-blue eyes:

  • only blond and dark blond hair in combination with gray-blue eyes allow you to apply green shadows;
  • with this combination, the usual use of black eyeliner and beautiful pointing arrows look very impressive;
  • if you need to brighten up your makeup, choose a shimmer eyeshadow and apply it with a damp cloth.

Video instruction for creating daytime makeup for girls with blond hair and blue-gray eyes:

Makeup for red hair

Red-haired girls by nature have a bright, unforgettable appearance, especially in combination with gray-blue eyes. They radiate a sea of ​​positivity and self-confidence. But this hair color is very demanding on makeup. Too brightly made up face will make the girl vulgar and defiant.

Red hair

Features of daytime makeup for red-haired girls with gray-blue eyes:

  • when applying cosmetics, follow the rule: less is better;
  • in redheads, all the bumps and redness are immediately evident, so careful daily care is needed, and before applying makeup, mask all imperfections well with a neutral shade base;
  • peach color is more suitable for owners of warm skin tone, and porcelain color is more suitable for “cold” beauties;
  • do not choose a foundation with a pronounced pink tint, otherwise the face may look flushed.

Video instruction for creating daytime makeup for red-haired girls with gray-blue eyes:

Anti-aging makeup

The main task of anti-aging makeup is rejuvenation. It is used by women over forty years of age. If everything is done correctly, the look will acquire freshness and expressiveness.

Features of an anti-aging make-up for gray-blue eyes:

  • dark and mother-of-pearl shadows are contraindicated – they emphasize fine wrinkles near the eyes, only shades from the natural palette are used;
  • if you really want to apply purple, green or blue shadows, this can be done, but in a minimal amount;
  • the main secret of makeup 40+ is the technique for impending eyelids – it is used to maximize the opening of the eyes and raise the eyebrows;
  • it is forbidden to paint over the lower lash line and draw arrows on the lower eyelids.

Video instruction for creating anti-aging makeup:

There is a rule in anti-aging makeup – there should not be clear lines, all colors are shaded as much as possible – this approach allows you to make it brighter, which means adding youth and freshness.

smokey ice

This technique makes the eyes “smoky” and is very popular with girls. Smokey ice looks especially beautiful in combination with gray-blue eyes.


Smokey eye makeup features and tips for gray-blue eyes:

  • eyelids are recommended to be lined with a chocolate-colored pencil, eyeliner is done from below and from above;
  • cover the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe upper eyelid with matte shadows and carefully shade, moving from the outer corners to the inner ones;
  • if bright shadows are used, apply a primer on the eyelid – so that they are saturated and do not shine through;
  • draw eyebrows with a pencil, the color of which repeats the shade of the hairs as much as possible;
  • to enlarge the eyes, apply white eyeliner to the lower lash line;
  • eyelashes are recommended to be lightly powdered and painted with dark brown mascara;
  • since the emphasis is on the eyes, choose lipstick for smokey ice from natural shades, the best option is a transparent gloss.

Smokey eye makeup video:

Makeup with arrows

Universal daytime make-up that is suitable for any situation – a light gray scale with arrows made in the “embossed” technique, step by step:

The first step is preparing the base. Choose a light shade from the palette and apply it with a wide brush on the eyelids – moving and motionless. Blend gently for a soft transition to a natural skin tone.

Step two – applying a dark accent. Take a medium-sized brush and add some brown or fawn shadows on the eyelids. Apply the coloring composition to the outer corners of the eye and along the crease between the eyelids. Carefully blend the shadows.

Step three. With black or dark brown eyeliner, draw classic-shaped arrows. Draw a line from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer. Increase the width of the arrows gradually. At the end, make an elongated tail, effectively bending it up.


To make the look more expressive and emphasize the natural shade of the eyes, add a little copper or bronze paint to the edges of the lower arrows.

Step four. Color your eyelashes with black mascara. Use brown only when creating makeup in nude shades. Tint only the upper lashes.

Choose lipstick according to the situation. If you are going on a date, make up your lips brightly, for a work environment, use calm skin tones.

Video instruction for creating makeup with arrows:

Mistakes in daytime makeup for gray-blue eyes

Despite the versatility of gray-blue eye makeup, it is easy to spoil it with inept actions. To avoid mistakes, find out in advance about what actions can hopelessly ruin your makeup.

How to avoid mistakes when making gray-blue eyes:

  • observe moderation when choosing a color palette – do not use both too bright and excessively faded tones;
  • choose shadows, considering not only the color of the eyes, but also the hair;
  • do not abuse ocher shades;
  • be extremely careful when using rich pink and orange;
  • do not give up a pencil in favor of an eyeliner;
  • always carefully shade the shadows;
  • do not use shades of a warm and cold palette at the same time;
  • use a high-quality makeup base;
  • choose lipstick in accordance with the make-up, do not grab the first tube that comes across.

Do not forget that good makeup is possible only with a carefully prepared base. Make your choice based on your skin tone.

Owners of gray-blue eyes rarely experience difficulties in creating daytime makeup. Their natural beauty is ideally combined with the principle of maximum naturalness, implemented in such a make-up. The main condition for success is moderation, a competent choice of palette and consideration of hair color.

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