Makeup with double arrows on the eyes: instructions and photos


Thanks to double arrows on the eyes, makeup artists make the look open and expressive. You can draw the outline yourself, but the main thing is to learn how to create beautiful makeup. For this, there are basic rules, which will be discussed further.

Eye makeup with double arrows

Double-sided makeup was used in the 50s of the last century by famous personalities – Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor. Audrey Hepburn, etc.

The arrows located on the lower and upper eyelids are of the following types:

  • Classic (wide and narrow arrows).  The upper contour is drawn from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, the lower line is drawn from the middle of the eyelid to the edge from the outside. Feature – an open look is created, the eyes are visually enlarged.
  • Ancient Egyptian. They were common in the time of Cleopatra: a thick arrow is applied to the upper eyelid along the entire length, which extends beyond the eyelids from 2 sides, a contour is drawn below the line of the eye from below.
ancient egyptian arrows
  • East.  The line above and below is stained thickly, which focuses on the eyes.
  • pin up.  This style was popular in the 40s of the 20th century, reminiscent of the classics, but with the difference that the upper arrow does not reach the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Disco 90.  A distinctive feature is multi-colored arrows with black eyeliners, brightness and shine, the lower contour can be of any width (shadows of a bold structure are applied on top of the contour).
  • Winged Arrows.  The eyes are brought along the entire perimeter, but the upper and lower lines do not intersect.
Winged Arrows
  • Dramatic variety.  These are thick lines running along the upper and lower eyelids, the main difference is the absence of raised ends.
dramatic arrow

Selection of arrows according to the shape of the eyes

Not all models of double arrows are ideally combined with a particular eye shape. Therefore, when choosing the type of contours, pay attention to who and which arrows with double lines are suitable:

  • small eyes – do not completely draw the lower eyelid, otherwise the eyes seem smaller, do not use black eyeliner, light colors are more suitable;
  • round eyes – draw wide lines (pick up paint with a glossy sheen);
  • narrow-set eyes – start the contours from the middle of the eyes (it is forbidden to touch the inner corners);
  • wide-set eyes – draw a thin line.

For a double eyelid, it is difficult to pick up arrows, since the lines are not visible. To make them visible, first draw a line of eyelashes with a soft pencil and fill in the space between the eyelashes. The outline should be thin.

How to choose the right shade for the color of the eyes?

Double arrows can be not only black, but also colored, sometimes they combine several shades. However, not every color suits the tone of the eyes:

  • blue eyes – blue, silver, yellow, pink, orange;
  • green eyes – bronze, plum and purple hue;
  • brown eyes – all varieties of green and lilac tones;
  • gray eyes – all colors are suitable.

Double arrow drawing cosmetics

It is recommended to use the following types of cosmetics to create double contours:

  • Pencils. Hard pencils are used for the upper eyelid, soft – for the lower (if shading is supposed). These can be contour and waterproof models, as well as shadow pencils.
  • Creamy or liquid eyeliner. Applied with a brush. Feature – smudges should not be allowed, you need to wait until the eyeliner is completely dry with closed eyelids. There are variations using felt applicators instead of a brush.
  • Liners. They are easy to use, as they resemble felt-tip pens, but one careless touch and you will have to redo your makeup. Therefore, when drawing a line, use a stencil.

If you need to create feathered arrows, take regular shadows and a beveled brush. With blurry borders, you won’t have to clearly draw lines.

Double arrow design: photo

double arrow
Makeup with double arrows on the eyes: instructions and photos

How to make double arrows on the eyes?

Two contours are displayed in different ways, depending on the type of makeup, but the application technique is always the same. Step-by-step instructions for classic makeup with double arrows:

  • Apply a base to even out skin tone and give it a smooth finish. It can be BB or foundation, matte shades of a neutral shade. Wait for complete absorption.
Eye preparation
  • With a brush or pencil, draw the main line along the upper eyelid, starting from the inner corner or middle of the eye. Initially, make the line thin, gradually increasing the width towards the central and outer part of the eyelid.
  • Do not bring the line a little to the outer corner. Now take the stroke to the upper temporal side, slightly lifting the end and making it pointed.
draw arrow
  • Paint the lower eyelid from the outer corner to the inner. Bring the line to the middle or corner of the eye, depending on personal preference.
How to draw an arrow

In the following video you can see the variations of drawing arrows with different cosmetics:

Rules for applying glitter on the arrows:

  • draw lines with a liquid or gel base;
  • apply glitter;
  • let dry;
  • in the central part of the eyelid, the amount of sequins should be maximum.

How glitter is applied to arrows at home is shown in detail in the following video:

To eliminate the risk of shedding small elements of sparkles, carefully powder the area under the eyes with HD-powder. If the shiny particles fall off, they will be easy to remove.

Options for obtaining two-color double arrows:

  • Draw a wide black line, colored on top.
blue arrow
  • Create a colored wide line, on top of which apply black or another shade.
  • Use an ombre style. To do this, prepare cosmetics of the same color, but shades of different intensity. Apply in order of tone, from lightest to darkest or vice versa.
Arrow Ombre

Unlike black double arrows, colored ones are easier to apply, since there is no need to create clarity, which is important for beginners.

double arrow tattoo

In order not to draw double arrows every day, get a tattoo, but always with professionals. The procedure is based on the introduction of a pigment substance into the upper layer of the skin. The drawing is kept on the eyelids from 1 to 3 years, depending on the paint used and the depth of insertion.

Benefits of Double Arrow Tattoo:

  • there is no need to spend time and effort on makeup every day;
  • saving money on decorative cosmetics;
  • natural appearance;
  • elimination of minor skin imperfections (wrinkles, etc.);
  • visually increases the volume of eyelashes (subject to the creation and inter-eyelash tattooing);
  • no age restrictions;
  • the opportunity to visit the beach without makeup;
  • no worries about erasing hands, especially under extreme conditions.

What are the disadvantages of permanent makeup:

  • pain during the procedure (light, as painkillers are used);
  • the presence of contraindications – pregnancy, lactation, diabetes mellitus, eye disease, poor blood clotting, epilepsy.

Tips from professional makeup artists

To make high-quality makeup with double arrows at home, use the recommendations of professionals:

  • do not make a completely closed contour of lines around the eyelids, as this visually reduces the eyes;
  • to begin with, take hard pencils and only after mastering the technique of applying contours, use liquid eyeliner and other means;
  • for a natural effect, use a gray and brown shade;
  • to increase the size of the eyes, apply light liners to the lower eyelids;
  • to achieve a straight line, first make a few dots with a pencil in the places where the arrows are drawn or stick special devices on top (you can take adhesive tape, stencil, cardboard);
  • raise the ends of the arrows, otherwise the facial expression will seem sad;
  • draw lines only with your eyes open;
  • do not turn your head while applying makeup in front of the mirror – both eyes should be on the same parallel (so the arrows will turn out the same);
  • use translucent powder as a base;
  • pay special attention to the ciliary contour – it is most striking;
  • lean on your elbows when drawing lines so that your arms remain stationary.

Every girl can learn to draw double arrows in front of her eyes. Therefore, try, experiment and learn how to make high-quality makeup. The main thing is to strictly follow the rules and proportions of shades.

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