How to paint eyelashes mascara?

Women are often the accused and blamed the bad the ugly mascara painted eyelashes. However it happens, sometimes, for other reasons, namely because of incorrectly chosen technique of applying mascara. It is not always a cosmetic for your type of cilia.

Methods of dyeing of eyelashes

Every woman gets ink in his own way: someone spends brush on lashes, someone brings it to your eye and blinking. Each method has its own characteristics and nuances.

The tip of the brush

Many girls prefer to hold the brush horizontally, and some even know how to paint with the tip of the brush. But this method is ineffective, because the lashes seem to be completely unnatural and resemble thick sticks. This effect is achieved due to the fact that during the application of lashes not to comb, and mascara as it envelops a few cilia at the same time.

Method blinking

To get a more fluffy eyelashes, I suggest to try method blinking on the brush. In this case an important role plays the speed. The faster you blink, the thinner and lighter the layer of mascara, which helps to maximize naturalness. This method is suitable owners of beautiful lashes by nature or those who prefer makeup natural.


To apply mascara with zig-ZAGS at the same time, one very thin and short eyelashes. This method increases the volume due to the greater number of funds and layers.

Tips and advice make-up artists

Reading fashion articles and magazines, you will find many tips on how to paint eyelashes to achieve a stunning result. The great value has structure, General condition and length of the eyelashes…

But there are a couple of tips from makeup artiststhat fit all the girls without exception.

To carefully paint over the lashes at the corners of the eyes, widely open eyes and to start painting with a brush at the bottom first, then top lashes. Then between them is the area of the brush.

A woman chooses how many layers of mascara she needs. It is important to remember that each successive layer is applied on the uncured previous, this will eliminate the shedding of the carcass. Best option — is to dry the bottom, painted the top and Vice versa.

If the mascara dries very quickly, I advise you to apply it in a single layer. This fast drying medium usually consists of oily substances and large amounts of moisture. But if there’s another wax, you can afford two or more layers. Wax long freezes, and it allows you to adjust makeup.

After applying mascara, it is recommended to comb the lashes with a special comb or brush. To do better, until the ink finally dries. Brush bristle give fluffy and plastic, excellent share.

Brushes and brushes

Another detail for beautiful eye makeup — choosing brushes for painting eyelashes. They come in different types, shapes and structures. Basically stand out of plastic, rubber and silicone. The latter is well separated and suited to women with thick and long natural eyelashes.

Plastic brush with sparse bristles can separate lashes on the so-called “Islands”. A brush of this kind is intended for owners of sparse eyelashes, but not to thin and soft. It is great for applying evening makeup. If you have short lashes, I advise you to choose a thick brush.

But the most convenient and accessible are brushes made of rubber, which in turn have many varieties and forms.

Little tricks

To on the eyelids has not appeared traces of mascara, before you paint the lashes, you need to use a base under the shadows. It perfectly removes fat of the eyelid and in contact with them, the ink does not spread.

Girls with very oily eyelids not recommended to use waterproof mascara, as upon contact with the skin of fat-soluble basis can easily spread. In this case, makeup artists advise to paint the usual water-soluble medium.

If you don’t have a burning desire every day to stand before a mirror and led on the lashes with a brush you can just paint them or to increase.

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions
13th of January

Long and lush eyelashes – the dream of every girl. But what to do if, by nature, your eyelashes are short and not thick enough? Modern technologies possessed by the beauty industry are able to correct this annoying imperfection. Now any owner of thin and rare cilia can make their eyes look expressive and fascinating thanks to the technology of capacity.

Eyelash extension is a procedure for attaching artificial eyelashes to the base of your own using resin-based glue. But before you decide on a similar correction of your appearance, you must have a clear idea of ​​the pros and cons of this type of building.

Positive motives
First we turn to the pluses. Of course, the most important advantage of building will be your charming look from under thick eyelashes. Eyes will become brighter and more expressive. In addition, with the help of artificial eyelashes, you can even correct the incision of the eyes. For example, narrow eyes will appear more open, and bulging, on the contrary, narrower due to correctly selected length of hairs. After the extension procedure, you will no longer need to use mascara every morning, even without it your eyelashes will look just charming. This will save you time, not only in the morning, but in the evening when removing makeup.

If you have extended eyelashes, you no longer need to be afraid of mascara smudges when swimming in the pool or the sea, when visiting the beach or sauna. Using eyelash curlers will also not be necessary, as with a build-up, artificial eyelashes can give an elegant bend. The materials used in eyelash extensions are multi-level processing, so they are safe and hypoallergenic to the eyes. Glues and resins dry in a few seconds, do not evaporate and do not cause irritation.

Another advantage of eyelash extension is a large selection of materials. A wide range of eyelashes will allow you to pick them up for a particular celebration, wedding, party or just for everyday wear. In the salon you will be offered colored eyelashes, silver-lined or gilded eyelashes, extensions with the effect of “wet” eyelashes, etc. Cilia with rhinestones or feathers look particularly impressive. They can easily create a creative and vivid image that will set you apart from the crowd. Correction of the extended cilia require only once a month.

Negative factors
But besides the numerous advantages of eyelash extensions, there are also disadvantages of this procedure. First, low-quality extension can damage the internal structure of the eyelashes. Therefore, you need to trust eyelash extensions only professionals.

Secondly, it is necessary to handle artificial cilia extremely carefully. You can not rub your eyes, especially you need to be careful when washing. You also need to sleep carefully, as you can damage your eyelashes on a pillow. It is not recommended to lie face down on a pillow at all, as this may damage the eyelashes, or even lead to the fact that the artificial material disappears. When caring for the skin of the eyes, as well as when removing makeup, it is absolutely impossible to use oily creams or oils, as they can destroy the resin glue that holds your eyelashes.

Thirdly, some people still have an allergic reaction to glue for eyelashes in the form of redness and eye irritation. It is also not necessary to build eyelashes for people who are often prone to diseases such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis, tearing and inflammation of the eye mucosa. For those who wear contact lenses, there are some difficulties. So people will have to make cilia correction more often than once a month. The fact is that the eyelash extensions fall out with constant removal and putting on contact lenses. For people with thin and fragile eyelashes, the procedure of building artificial eyelashes is also not recommended, since in the future the process of restoring your own eyelashes may take a lot of time and effort.

Thus, as with any procedure for the correction of appearance, eyelash extension has its pros and cons. Each girl makes a decision about eyelash extension independently, based on the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of this method of increasing the length and density of eyelashes. It is worth remembering that if you still decided to increase the cilia, then you should definitely contact the beauty salon, and not do it at home on your own. You should entrust such a procedure only to the master with good experience. Make sure that in the process of building it uses only quality materials. Then you will avoid unpleasant effects in the form of eye irritation and will enjoy your chic eyelashes for a long time.

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