Secrets of beautiful makeup


Proper makeup makes a woman more beautiful. Make-up is able to mask facial defects, hide traces of fatigue and age, and give a certain style. Consider how to learn how to choose the right make-up and what tools you need to create different images on your face.

Choosing the style and shades of makeup

Makeup style depends not only on the type of appearance, age, but also on the time of day and the event for which it is done. 

Makeup styles:

  • natural;
  • day or office;
  • permanent;
  • evening;
  • festive (for New Year, wedding, Halloween, theme party, etc.). 

Choosing shades of lipstick, blush and shadows:

  • decide on the shape of your face, skin type, eye size, cheekbones;
  • decide on the goal (wedding or regular going to the cinema);
  • consider your skin tone (warm or cool), the shape of your lips and eyes, hair color, and other important factors.
Color types

For women of the Summer color type, it is better to use pastel colors (gray-blue, blue, gray-green or green, or even hazel, light brown), smoky eye makeup.

Autumn color types also use soft shades for makeup: golden, beige, coffee with milk, red-brown, purple. Lipstick autumn girls choose a natural color.

The color type “Winter” is colder. White, black and other contrasting shades, bright red lipsticks are perfect.

The spring color type is famous for its transparency, peach, coral, apricot tones.

It is desirable for creative people to study images from world cinema (vamp, drama girl, style of Merlin Munro, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and others). This will spur your imagination, develop your taste and help in creating the desired image.

Rules for beautiful makeup 

To achieve the perfect make-up, you need to regularly take care of yourself and use professional makeup artists (eyebrow wax, a large palette of shadows, concealers, etc.).

Makeup trends 2020:

  • natural natural eyebrows;
  • blue or blue shadows;
  • skin radiance;
  • shaded, cat and other types of arrows;
  • blush of natural shades;
  • fluffy tufted lashes.

Makeup trends:

  • Eyebrow tattoo;
  • use of bronzers;
  • false eyelashes.

A rested look is the main goal of a makeup artist in 2020. It should give the impression that the woman has just arrived from vacation and practically does not use cosmetics. For festive makeup, sparkles and bright shades of shadows are used, as well as micro-drawings right on the eyelid.

All kinds of smoky makeup, black eyeliner and arrows of various shapes are in fashion. Lips in 2020 are clearly outlined and covered with bright gloss or lipstick. 

Eye makeup for beginners: practical tips

To create beautiful eye makeup, you need to use concealer and cover up bruises and paint bags under the eyes. You need to mask the hanging eyelid.

Applying concealer

Tips from professional makeup artists:

  • to begin with, outline with a black pencil the zones that need to be masked (traces of age, fatigue);
  • use concealer to mask clearly in designated areas;
  • to work out the zones with powder, take a wet sponge;
  • do not apply a large amount of concealer to the area directly under the eyelashes (only the remains rise up);
  • Don’t forget to apply a shimmery highlighter under the peak of the brow and on the top of the cheekbone.

Blue-violet circles are masked with peach color correctors, and then a brightening concealer is used (not only on bruises, but on the entire face).

Bags under the eyes are masked with a matte concealer without reflective particles. A brush can spread the product in a denser layer, but the sponge absorbs excess and provides a thinner coating.

The overhanging eyelid is corrected by the shape of the eyebrows (straight version, not rounded). Due to the overhang of the eyelid, the makeup may not be visible, so we use a couple of shades of matte shadows (for example, a light brown type) and put a color spot in the outer corner of the moving eyelid. 

To keep your concealer or foundation from slipping throughout the day, use a light-weight moisturizer the day before.

The final step is powdering. Powder should be applied with patting movements. Shake off excess from the brush regularly.

Necessary tools and materials

To apply makeup, use a whole arsenal of tools and cosmetics.

For work you will need:

  • foam, latex or polyurethane sponges;
  • different types of cosmetic brushes (for tone, powder, applying shadows, lipstick, blush);
  • powder puffs;
  • brush for combing eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • eyelash curlers;
  • tweezers;
  • silicone pencil, gel or eyebrow wax.


  • shadows;
  • pomade;
  • ink (including different colors);
  • eyeliner or pencil (also in different shades);
  • blush;
  • bronzer;
  • highlighter;
  • moisturizing cream;
  • tonic, serum;
  • cleanser;
  • disposable patches;
  • makeup fixing spray (primer).

This is not a complete list of tools for creating beautiful makeup. Experienced makeup artists can have tons of cosmetics and huge palettes of eyeshadows and lipsticks in their bag. At the same time, each of them has their favorite tools: proven brushes, sponges, protective punches and much more.

Apply makeup

Everyday makeup for beginners: modest but beautiful

Daily or daytime makeup should not be too bright, because most often it is used for work, business meetings, gatherings with friends in cafes or restaurants.

Day makeup basics

Day makeup is usually done before going out. Skin tone is very important here, which is provided with a brush or sponge with foundation or concealer.

Basic rules for daily make-up:

  • natural skin tone with a minimum of blush;
  • matte shades of lipstick and shadows, or a light shine;
  • radiant skin tone.


  • use heat-resistant mascara and good makeup fixatives, as there may not be enough time at work to touch it up;
  • drive in the sculptor with a brush – this visually tightens the face and makes it younger;
  • apply a highlighter on the cheekbones – this draws attention to this area and gives the face a fresh glow;
  • do not apply foundation on the nose to create the illusion of a minimum of cosmetics on the face.

For daytime make-up, a primer is always used, which removes the shine of the skin and evens out its relief; also, for daytime make-up, it is quite possible to get by with mono-shadows.

Cleansing and moisturizing

The skin must be prepared for applying makeup. Otherwise, the cosmetics may begin to roll or lie unevenly. Pay attention not only to the skin of the face, but also to the lips.

To prepare for the make-up:

  • Cleanse the skin before applying makeup with special cleansing creams, milk, lotion or micellar water.
Clear skin
  • To moisturize the skin, make masks or use moisturizing creams, booster serums.

Remember that due to improper cleansing, the skin can quickly become dehydrated. Therefore, it is better not to save on make-up remover products and buy only high-quality cosmetics.

The micelles found in micellar water attract dirt and oils. They cleanse the skin without damaging its barrier. 

Makeup base

To make makeup last longer and look good, a base is always applied: matte primers on the T-zone and liquid highlighter on the rest of the face (sometimes combined with a moisturizer).

To apply foundation:

  • Apply a primer to all places where there are bumps, shine, enlarged pores.
Primer application
  • To mask redness and other imperfections, use green or other colored concealers.
Color concealers
  • Apply foundation by patting along the lines and at the same time blending the edges with a brush or sponge.
Applying foundation

Concealer and Foundation

Concealer (liquid foundation) is a tool that is used to cover bruises, wrinkles and other skin defects (mainly under the eyes).

For coloring:

  • Apply concealer with soft, rubbing motions in a triangular pattern.
Triangle Concealer
  • Fix the effect with powder, check that the borders with the tone are not visible.

Concealer should not be confused with a dry corrector and a regular foundation, which are applied to problem areas (for example, acne) or to the entire face.

Before buying a concealer, you need to study the area under the eyes. If the problem is in dark circles, then a concealer cream in skin color or literally a tone lighter will do. In the presence of bags under the eyes, a product with a matte texture is suitable. 

Always use moisturizer before using concealer. 


For eyebrows, well-sharpened pencils and shadows are used.

To work on eyebrows:

  • Remove excess hairs and comb the eyebrows with a special brush.
Comb your eyebrows
  • Draw with a pencil and shadows the tip, the inner part, and then the entire eyebrow (the hairs are drawn along the line of their growth).
Eyebrow makeup
  • After adjusting and adding color, comb the eyebrows again with a brush to gently blend the applied product.

If the eyebrows are not very thick, then dark shadows are used, which are applied just to the places where there are not enough hairs. 

Eye makeup

Eye shaping is the hardest part of being a makeup artist. With the help of good makeup, they can be visually enlarged or reduced, which affects the whole image as a whole.

For eye makeup:

  • Apply moisturizer to the upper eyelid area, forehead and under the eyes.
Apply moisturizer
  • With a white pencil, put a dot in the inner corner of the eye and blend.
white pencil
  • Apply your chosen eyeshadow all over the inner lid. Next, from the middle to the outer edge of the upper eyelid, apply shadows of a slightly different shade (use a pencil or eyeliner if necessary).
Apply shadow
  • Cover your lashes with mascara.
Make up eyelashes

Over light shadows, darker ones are usually applied (for example, dark green, olive and other colors). Another type of shadow is placed on the crease of the upper eyelid to mask the border. Eyes are emphasized with a black pencil, but you should not abuse it for daytime makeup.

To give additional volume to eyelashes, serum or a special pencil is often used. 

Lip makeup

The thinner the lips, the more transparent their color should be. But for juicy lips, even the most daring lipstick colors are suitable.

For lip makeup:

  • Moisturize your lips well with a special product (balm, hygienic lipstick, etc.).
Moisturize lips
  • Circle the lips with a pencil half a tone brighter than the natural color and lightly blend the contour.
Line your lips with a pencil
  • Apply lipstick, highlighting the “tick” above the upper lip with a highlighter (for extra volume).
Highlighter on upper lip

Fixing makeup

To fix the makeup, not only powder is used, but also professional sprays. They are mainly used if there is a lot of cosmetics on the face, including dry types, which can crumble.

To fix the make-up: 

  • Spray with polymers on the skin after finishing makeup application.

When choosing a spray, pay attention to the fact that it has a matte or radiant effect. If the composition also contains absorbent substances, this will also prolong the durability of makeup.

Feeling of tightness of the skin after applying the spray should not be.

Care sprays (with moisturizers and other beneficial substances) do not always securely fix makeup. They are only suitable for dry skin. With oily skin, such fixatives are not needed, and it is better to use products with an absorbent effect.

Other options for beautiful makeup 

A variety of techniques are used to create different makeup options.


For evening make-up you will need bright shadows and lipstick, good mascara and eyeliner. You can safely take the brightest shades, including shadows with sparkles.

For creating:

  1. Apply foundation to your face.
  2. Draw the lower eyelid with a pencil (you can add arrows).
  3. Apply shimmery shadows on the upper and lower eyelids and blend the borders.
  4. Apply lipstick in juicy shades.

Video instruction for creating evening makeup:


Bright makeup is suitable for a party, birthday or other event. For example, if you decide to spend an evening in the style of the 70s with friends, very unusual makeup colors, up to bright blue and carrot shades, will do.

To create an image:

  • Apply the tone on the face in the traditional way.
Apply tone
  • Choose an image, for example, bright blue arrows, and apply them along the edge of the eyelid.
blue arrows
  • Paint your lips with bright lipstick.


Natural makeup or Nude is the hit of this season. To achieve the perfect effect, you have to try hard. Most of all, this type of makeup is suitable for young girls.

For creating:

  1. Thoroughly moisturize the skin with cream, or better – make a mask.
  2. Apply a natural tone to the face using concealer and highlighter.
  3. Apply the base, and then light or light pearlescent shadows on the eyelid (gently blending).
  4. Apply light lipstick or gloss and light blush to your cheeks.

Video instruction for creating nude makeup:

With arrows and without arrows

Creating beautiful arrows is a whole art. They need to be drawn very clearly, otherwise the shape and size of the eyes will change, and the whole image will look more strange than beautiful. Neat arrows are suitable not only for evening makeup, but also for daytime.

To draw arrows:

  • Choose one of the arrow options for the eyes.
Types of arrows
  • Apply the foundation on the eyelid and, following the instructions in the picture, try to draw a straight arrow.
Draw an arrow
  • Adjust the eyebrows and apply eye shadow to complete the look.
Arrows on the eyes

Eyes can be made beautiful without arrows. To do this, it is enough to use shadows of different colors, a pencil and eyeliner.

For makeup without arrows:

  • Apply foundation to lids and conceal imperfections with concealer.
  • Apply eye shadow in one or more shades, and then cover the eyelashes with mascara.

Eye make-up

With the help of makeup, you can enlarge the eyes and expand the distance between them.

For visual enlargement:

  • Use both light and dark shades at the same time.
  • Focus on the middle part of the upper eyelid and use eyeliner or arrows to expand the boundaries of the eye.
Eye make-up
  • Blend all transitions and apply a light tone along the inner corner of the eye.
  • Paint your lashes well with mascara, as this also helps to visually enlarge the eye.
Make up eyelashes

Brown and gold soft eye makeup

Makeup of warm golden brown shades is perfect for green-eyed and brown-eyed women of the Autumn color type. The emphasis in this case is on the eyes, not on the lips. Makeup in gold tones is also suitable for an evening out.

To apply makeup:

  • Choose golden and brown shadows in the palette.
  • Prepare the eyelid for applying makeup (cleanse and moisturize the skin, apply foundation with a brush or sponge).
  • Apply golden shadow on the lower eyelid and brown on the upper one.
Apply golden shadow
  • Blend the shadows so that a clear transition is not visible.
  • Color your eyelashes and shape your eyebrows.
golden shadows

Under golden shadows, transparent red lipstick is selected, the liner is used only up to the crease line on the upper eyelid.

Soft smoky eye makeup (Smoky-eyes)

Smoky eyes or smoky eye makeup is one of the most beautiful types of makeup for an evening out. The effect is achieved by good shading of light shades to darker ones. 

To create an image:

  1. Prepare your face and eyelids for applying makeup.
  2. Tint your brows if needed and line up with concealer.
  3. Paint over the area between the eyelashes with a gel and brown pencil.
  4. Shade the eyelid with dark gray or dark brown shadows.
  5. Apply the darkest eye shadow on the lower eyelid and blend, also use a black soft pencil or eyeliner to define the eyes.

Video instruction for creating makeup in the style of Smoky-eyes:

For a smoky mikap, three shades of shadows of the same gamut are used (silver-gray, golden brown, etc.). The secret of makeup artists is that light shades fall on the inner corner of the eyelid. Dark shadows are best used for evening make-up, and light shades are more appropriate for daytime.

Smoky eyes makeup masks small wrinkles around the eyes, increases their size and lifts the corners, thereby lifting the upper eyelid. 

Beautiful makeup: make-up for Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that is mostly attended in fancy dress. Makeup requires a lot of creativity. If you dressed up in a witch costume, then the make-up should be appropriate.

Makeup options for Halloween:

  • first option: add a “zest” to the traditional makeup: sparkles or unusual bright colors, black or blood red lipstick;
  • second option: choose a scary image (skeleton, vampire or witch) and try to repeat it.

Video instruction for creating witch makeup:

Video instruction for creating an image of a skeleton for Halloween:

Beautiful makeup for the New Year

New Year’s makeup differs from everyday makeup in brighter colors and creativity.

To create a make-up:

  • Cleanse and moisturize your skin.
  • Apply makeup base.
Apply Foundation
  • Draw an outline of the arrow along the line of the lower eyelid.
  • Choose a glitter eye shadow and apply it above the arrow.
Shiny shadows and arrows
  • Add fake eyelashes and touch up the contour.
Artificial eyelashes

Drawings on the eyes

A new fashion trend – author’s drawings on the upper eyelid. It is desirable that the pictures are applied by a professional master, otherwise the idea may be a failure. Such makeup will be appropriate at parties, masquerades or Halloween. The drawing is applied with different pencils and shadows.

Video example of creating such beauty:

Photo examples of beautiful makeup

Beautiful prom makeup
evening make-up
glossy makeup
Pin-up makeup

10 Common Mistakes

Makeup mistakes can make a woman look out of place or simply older than her age. Incidents also happen when, for example, too light concealer under the eyes makes a panda out of a girl. Even the stars of show business are not immune from such mistakes.

Typical make-up mistakes:

  • Incorrectly chosen tone (too dark or vice versa light). As a result, the skin looks unnatural, the face turns into a mask, which is also very different in color from the neck and body.
  • Incorrectly selected foundation texture. Heavy matte textures are not the best choice in everyday life.
  • Lack of thorough shading. The tone that lies on the skin in chunks and sloppy strokes will not decorate anyone.
  • Busting with glitter and mother-of-pearl. The effect of wet makeup is a popular and beautiful technique, but do not forget that every face is different. And what suits one is contraindicated for another.
  • Bust with contouring. The main mistake is to use unsuitable products for contouring. For example, powders of red shades, bronzers or blush. As a result, the face looks unnatural.
  • Another “too” – color correctors . Green really masks redness, and salmon hides blue under the eyes. But you can get carried away and get an abundance of multi-colored spots on your face.
  • Unnatural eyebrows. Now they prefer natural shapes and shades. Unnatural, well-defined eyebrows look like they were cut out of paper and glued to the face.
  • Too dark contour from the pencil on the lips. Pencils should be used with care and not try to draw your lips wider than they actually are. It looks ridiculous (the exception is makeup for photo shoots).
  • Wrong lipstick. Choose lipstick according to your type and the occasion for which you apply makeup.
  • Applying makeup on dry, not moisturized skin. Even the most correctly selected tone in terms of color, texture and composition cannot be applied well to unprepared skin.

To avoid mistakes in makeup, you need to strictly follow the rules and try not to overuse cosmetics. The skin is carefully prepared for the application of make-up, and lipstick or gloss should not spread. Try to change your mascara regularly so that it does not crumble and does not clump.

Making beautiful makeup is easy. The main thing is to clearly define the style, your color type and the shape of the face and eyes. Do not forget about fashion trends, in particular the nude style and the arrows of different colors, which are very fashionable in the current 2020.

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