The Best Makeup Ideas for Blondes with Gray Eyes


Proper makeup is the key to feminine charm. But often girls do not know how to make a make-up that really suits them. It is necessary to use makeup in accordance with the natural appearance. And in this article we will analyze the subtleties of make-up for gray-eyed blondes.

Basic makeup rules

First of all, keep in mind that makeup for a fair-haired girl with gray eyes cannot be too bright and must match the external features and time of day.

The rules are as follows:

  • it is better to choose shadows and eyeliner in warm shades instead of cold ones;
  • forget about charcoal mascara and the same eyeliner, it is recommended to use brown, blue or gray colors;
  • choose shiny, not matte shadows;
  • the most suitable shades: nude, caramel, coffee, apricot, chocolate, gray, heavenly;
  • to highlight the eyes, you can use gold, copper, metallic tones;
  • With the help of light blue eye shadow, you can add a bluish tint to your eyes;
  • the best colors to give expressiveness to the eyes: bronze, coral, copper, peach.

Color type and choice of shades

The most suitable for blond hair and gray eyes are delicate colors and nude makeup, which helps to lighten the look. The use of bright blue and black colors in makeup is highly undesirable, otherwise the image of an Indian may turn out, and not a cute angel.

Do not be afraid that light soft colors will turn you into a gray mouse. On the contrary, they will give additional charm, give shine to the eyes, emphasize an outstanding natural appearance.

Features of makeup by skin color:

  • Girls with dark skin. Cool tones are more suitable, which contrast with the skin and allow you to focus on the eyes.
  • Light-skinned blondes. Avoid heavy and flashy shades.

There is a huge variety of shades of blond, and this sometimes makes it very difficult to select makeup colors. However, professionals distinguish several main types of color of light curls:

  • Traditional blond. A pinkish foundation and powder, shades of heavenly and marine shades, blue mascara are suitable. These are colors that emphasize the eyes and harmonize perfectly with the hair.
Brown hair
  • Ash blonde. The main task of makeup here is to emphasize, highlight the eyes. It is important to use gold and bronze powders, mascara and shades of brown shades in makeup. Warm noble colors “warm up” the appearance of the girl and emphasize the shine of the hair.
Ash blonde
  • Dark blond. The recommendations are the same as for the traditional light brown, except that you can afford shades a little brighter and bolder.
Dark blond
  • Classic blond (in some versions – wheaten). You can safely use a powder foundation, and silver or dark blue can emphasize the depth of the eyes. In addition, sand, beige, flesh, gold are suitable.
    Makeup in this style embodies warmth and naturalness.

Choose gentle makeup if you have very light-colored curls. Before choosing an image, be sure to determine the color type of the skin.

Selection of cosmetics

In order for the makeup to remain persistent, and not “float” at the most inopportune moment, choose high-quality cosmetics from well-known manufacturers, and apply them in a certain order.

The choice of cosmetics is an important part of any successful makeup, which is not worth skimping on.


Start with a transparent makeup base – primer. It is he who coordinates the tones and makes the coating invisible. When choosing this tool, pay attention to its texture. It shouldn’t be too:

  • liquid;
  • sticky;
  • bold.

Blondes can use a primer with reflective particles. This remedy will make your face glow.

Do not forget that it is better not to save on facial products. Try to use only time-tested cosmetic brands.

Foundation and highlighter

Apply foundation and highlighter over primer. These products help hide acne and prepare the face for further makeup. The main condition for their choice for blondes with gray eyes is that they must have a natural color. The nuances of determining the tone, taking into account the shade of the hair, are written above.


To prevent creating the effect of an “overloaded” face, it is best to use translucent powder when applying cosmetics. Particularly suitable are mineral powders with special reflective particles.


Don’t choose shadows in the same color spectrum as your clothes. Choose shades that complement the image – it all depends on the time of day.

Other important points:

  • If you have gray-blue eyes and fair skin. The purple shade looks great, especially if you have a dark blonde shade. But do not apply it to the entire eyelid, but only to the crease to visually enlarge the eyes.
  • The nuances of day and night make-up. During the day, the tones should be more neutral and soft, and at night they should be brighter, suitable for parties or any other special occasions.
  • Use beige and pale pink with caution. They can make your eye color dull.
  • Pay attention to light shadows of cold shades. Blue, white, pink, purple and blue emphasize the mysteriousness of the appearance of a gray-eyed blonde.

The bronze shade goes well with gray eyes. With it, you can, for example, create a beautiful “haze”. To do this, first draw a line along the mucous membrane with a black pencil, and then apply shadows on the moving eyelid, in the crease and near the outer corner of the eye.

Eyeliner and mascara

Choose shades of shadows based on your hair color: if they are light, use sand tones to draw arrows, if darker, stop choosing brown.

As for the mascara, for the evening make-up, you can use the classic black version with a separation effect. Blue and green mascara are also great (but not “nuclear”). For daytime makeup, it is better to use brown.

Eyebrow products

When using a brown eyebrow pencil, focus on hair color when choosing: dark blond will perfectly complement dark brown eyebrows, for very light girls it is recommended to use light brown products.

Lipsticks and glosses

With gray eyes (pure shade, gray-blue, gray-green or gray-brown), you can combine almost any shade of lipstick. But consider the type of makeup: nude lipstick is suitable for everyday use, light pink or coral for weekend options.

You can also use glitter:

  • transparent;
  • light shades.


When choosing a blush, be guided by the tone of the skin and hair. For light blondes with white skin, all shades of ocher are suitable. For girls with dark blond and dark skin, it is better to use a peach version, and sometimes you can pay attention to a cold lilac shade.

The best make-up techniques for blondes with gray eyes

The following are step-by-step makeup examples for fair-haired girls with gray eyes for different occasions. We have collected the best make-up ideas for every day, evening, for special occasions, etc.

Everyday make-up

The ability to do everyday or nude makeup is much more important than evening makeup, because it is an everyday look that plays an important role in the memory of most people. To look your best, follow these steps:

  1. Treat problem areas with concealer, and then apply foundation.
  2. Gently apply Liquid Highlighter to the cheekbones and bridge of the nose to brighten and define the face.
  3. Apply a natural blush in one layer. Move from the apples of your cheeks to the corners of your lips. Blend.
  4. Comb your brows and use a brow pencil to line them evenly.
  5. Use only two colors of eye shadow: highlight the inner corner of the eye with a light shade, paint over the outer edge with a darker one.
  6. Apply two coats of brown mascara to the top lashes, skipping the bottom row. It is better not to use eyeliner for the daytime version.
  7. Apply a clear or pale pink gloss to your lips.

Video instruction for creating everyday makeup:

evening make-up

Evening makeup is primarily distinguished from daytime makeup by bolder tones and techniques. An example of a make-up for the evening:

  1. Moisturize your skin with a serum or toner.
  2. Apply foundation. In autumn and winter, it is better to choose a moisturizing and nourishing foundation – at this time of the year, the skin tends to dehydrate.
  3. Apply the concealer to the inner corners of the eyes, then gently blend with your fingertips towards the center under the eyes. Avoid getting the product in the outer corner of the eye.
    In the presence of redness, blend the residue over the moving part of the eyelid. This will achieve an even tone throughout the face.
  4. Gently brush your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth. Fill in the gaps with a pencil and carefully paint over the texture along the entire length of the eyebrows. Style your hair with brow gel.
  5. Apply a waterproof pencil to the lash line and mucous membranes, and then gently blend with a brush in the direction of the crease of the eyelid and temples.
  6. Apply mascara to your eyelashes. Don’t forget to paint not only the upper ones, but also the lower ones, paying special attention to the roots so that the eyes do not visually appear more rounded.
  7. Apply blush and highlighter.
  8. Fill your eyelids with shadows. Spread the taupe of the product directly over the pencil and blend it with a double-ended brush. Then slightly dilute the shade in the crease area with pink.
  9. Mark the lash line with eyeliner. Make the lines clear, translucent and apply them with the applicator (this will create additional volume). Using a palette of black eye shadows, gently blend the eyeliner along the lash line.
  10. Apply a nude cream lipstick to your lips (the color should be neutral for balance). In the center of the lips, add a drop of transparent gloss to enhance the volume and add sensuality.
evening make-up

This makeup is great for a variety of events, including New Year and corporate parties.

smokey ice

You can make a non-banal smoky ice using mascara or red shades. Follow our instructions to create it:

  1. Use concealer to even out the skin of the eyelids.
  2. Apply dark brown eyeshadow to the outer corners. Blend like a “smoke”.
  3. Apply red or orange eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye, then use a brush to blend into the center of the eyelid.
  4. Apply neutral or golden shadows to the middle of the eyelid. With a black pencil or eyeliner, draw a line of eyelashes at the roots.

Video instruction for creating a spectacular smokey ice:

Arrow variant

Introducing a variant of mono-makeup with arrows and an emphasis on lips for gray-eyed blondes. How to:

  1. First prepare your skin. Use moisturizers and makeup primers. Then apply foundation and concealer under the eyes. The second remedy is also used to hide redness, pimples and blemishes.
  2. Choose lipstick and eyeshadow in almost the same color to accentuate the eyes and lips. Blush can be chosen from the same range.
  3. To smooth the transition between shadows in contrasting colors, use them in combination with another shade close to the skin tone.
  4. Draw an arrow while looking straight ahead in the mirror. The lines must be symmetrical. Start with the ponytails, then check the symmetry and connect them along the lash line. If necessary, complete the night makeup with false eyelashes for a greater effect.

Makeup is clearly shown in the following video:

cat eye

This type of makeup is often confused with smoky eyes. In fact, the results may be similar, but they are completely different techniques.

The main difference is that for smoky eyes, shadows and pencils are carefully shaded, and for “cat’s eyes” the lines are either quite clear or only slightly shaded. How to make a make-up:

  • Prepare your eyelids for eyeshadow application with a beige makeup base. Apply it with your fingers on the mobile eyelid, blend to the eyebrows and add a little to the lower eyelid.
  • Using a natural fluffy brush, apply matte nude eyeshadow to the top of the foundation. This extra step before using the eyeliner will prolong your makeup and prevent it from etching on your eyelids.
The Best Makeup Ideas for Blondes with Gray Eyes
  • Start drawing arrows. From the outer corner of the eye, draw a narrow ponytail towards the temple, and then look straight ahead in the mirror to check its symmetry.
  • If the lines are different, do not rush to clean them up and start drawing again. Use a thin, artificial, angled brush (usually used for eyebrows or wing lines).
    Apply a beige concealer or body corrector to it and wipe off the excess to make the arrows symmetrical.
    Draw a line on the upper eyelid along the eyelashes from one corner of the eye to the other. If necessary, gently pull the eye toward the temple with your fingers to smooth the surface of the eyelids and make the task easier.
draw a line
  • Highlight the entire lower eyelid with eyeliner and draw it along the lash line. Do not hold the eyeliner perpendicular to the eyelid. In this case, the tips and lines will be uneven.
    Instead, try bringing the brush all the way to your skin to increase contact with your eyelids. This makes it much easier to get straight lines.
  • Draw the inner corners of the arrows. Make sure they are as sharp as the outer tail. To make the eye makeup look complete, accentuate the slimy eyes above and below it. If you find “gaps” between the eyelashes, also fill them in with a pencil.
  • Apply thick black mascara to the eyelashes or glue on false eyelashes.
Dye eyelashes
  • Don’t add bright accents to your lips, just use a lip balm or clear gloss to hydrate them, or go for a stylish kiss effect look. To do this, first use concealer to even out the tone of the lips, then apply a dark color in the center and gradually blend the edges to create a soft gradient effect.
  • Use lipstick-colored blush to highlight your cheekbones.

Owners of blue and gray eyes look great with makeup in black and white, where several shades in between are allowed.

Wedding make-up

The main rule of wedding makeup for a blonde bride is not to put too much makeup on her face. Blond hair combined with gray eyes creates a sophisticated look that is easy to ruin with too much makeup.

How to make beautiful makeup for a wedding:

  1. Prepare your face, cleanse it and apply moisturizer. Use primer and foundation. If there are redness or other issues that foundation can’t deal with, use concealer to cover them up. Apply base under eye shadow.
  2. Form the cheekbones or apples of the cheeks (depending on what you want to emphasize). Apply highlighter to the roughness of the face, bridge of the nose, lips and cheekbones.
  3. Fill in your brows with mascara or wax.
  4. Apply eye shadow. You can use any texture you like. The area under the eyebrows can be done with the usual dry means, and the accents in the corners of the eyes can be done with liquid shadows. You can also use the arrows to complete the shadows.
  5. Color your eyelashes with mascara. Or, if you plan to use overheads, be sure to pre-tighten yours with special tongs.
  6. To ensure that the lipstick lays flat on the lips, apply an exfoliating scrub before applying makeup, and use a lip liner to create a perfect contour. Then cover them with lipstick or gloss.

Video instruction for creating wedding makeup:

Makeup with features

Let’s discuss some nuances for blondes with gray eyes with certain features of appearance. Each case has its own nuances.

For platinum blondes

Platinum blondes and cool blonde girls should favor cool colors when choosing makeup. Green, dark gray and silver are fantastic choices for the eyes. Stay away from bronze and copper.

Almost any shade of pink is suitable for lips, and cool red is another stunning option.

Discard any lipstick that is in any way related to orange.

With an impending age

When in makeup you need to take into account the problem of the impending eyelid and eye color, you cannot do without following special rules. First, let’s figure out how to visually remove the overhang:

  • No primer anywhere. Usually the movable eyelid is in contact with the overhanging eyelid. The result is the imprint of shadows, eyeliner, mascara on the skin. Because of this, cosmetics roll off. And this means that all efforts to create makeup will be in vain. The base can help you avoid these problems.
  • Minimum shine on the eyelids. It is forbidden to use shining shadows. Luminescence creates the effect of volume and, therefore, visually increases irregularities. The problem will only become more obvious. The solution is to use a matte texture instead of a glossy one.
  • “No” chart. It is not recommended to draw graphic arrows for people with lowered eyelids. When you open your eyes, even the smoothest and most even lines will become broken. Instead of arrows, it is better to choose smoky eyes and focus on the crease.

Keep your eyes open while applying eyeshadow or eyeliner. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to determine the exact location of the natural crease of the eyelid and it will not be possible to make corrective makeup.

What are the best eye makeup techniques?

  • Soft arrows. The “every day” option is an eyeliner for the upper eyelid with a dark blue soft pencil. Filling in a small line creates a hazy effect and increases the depth of the look.
soft arrows
  • cutcrease. Technology is ideal for the impending age. The bottom line is that the folds are drawn using shadows, which may not be visible at all due to the presence of an overhang. As an accent on the crease, you can make smoky eyes with such shadows.
  • Smoke at the outer corner. Do not do classic smoky makeup. You can apply matte browns to the outer edges of the eyes and then blend them upwards so that the dark shade eats up the volume. This visually hides the overhang.
Smoke at outer corner

Common Mistakes

There are also those tricks that gray-eyed girls should avoid. Among them are the following:

  • there is no need for black eyeliner, which visually reduces the eyes;
  • do not use eye shadow that matches the shade of your eyes (from this, the latter lose their uniqueness);
  • Excessively dark or catchy shades can give an unhealthy and tear-stained look, be careful with them.

Useful recommendations of makeup artists

Finally, we present a few recommendations from makeup experts for blondes with gray eyes:

  • leave wine and burgundy lipsticks for others, give preference to caramel or coral;
  • if you apply cool eyeshadow, then the mascara should be gray, if warm, then brown;
  • apply blush with a flat brush in one layer, and in summer it is preferable to use a bronzer as an alternative;
  • get rid of oily and thick foundation, use a transparent highlighter and concealer, light fluids or BB cream.

Each girl is individual and distinguished by her unique beauty. Girls with blond hair and gray eyes have a very delicate and feminine appearance, even without the use of decorative cosmetics. It is best when they emphasize this in their makeup.

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