Beautiful makeup for brown eyes

Лиловый макияж Eyes

Brown eyes in themselves are the best decoration. They are burning, deep, alluring look. Even without makeup, brown-eyed girls look bright and attractive. But they also actively use cosmetics – it allows you to give your eyes a special beauty and depth, makes them perfect, hides flaws and flaws in appearance.

Features of makeup for brown eyes

Brown eyes have different shades – ranging from light to dark brown. Makeup experts say that brown-eyed girls are universal – almost all existing shades suit them. But if you need to emphasize the unique shade of the eyes, choose a certain color scheme for them.

Brown eyes

Dark brown

Girls with dark brown eyes are recommended to use shades of a dark palette for makeup. Suitable colors of shadows and eyeliners:

  • plum;
  • cobalt;
  • purple;
  • dark green;
  • deep grey;
  • chocolate.

Regardless of the chosen color, it is recommended to blend black shadows in the crease of the eyelid – this gives the eye makeup intensity and saturation.

Dark brown eyes

Medium shade

Brown eyes of medium intensity are perfectly combined with almost all shades used in makeup. But there are colors that are more suitable for girls with medium brown eyes. The best colors of shadows and eyeliners:

  • green;
  • violet;
  • bronze.

The above colors are recommended for both evening and day makeup. They can also be safely combined, mixing with each other. For evening looks, it is better to use muted shadows along with a copper or bronze shimmer pencil.

medium brown eyes

Light brown

Brown eyes of a light shade are especially well combined with a yellow scale. Best Colors:

  • all shades of yellow – from lemon to golden;
  • dusty rose.

If there are golden blotches on the iris, use the same shadows. And so that attention is not distracted from the main colors, apply them exclusively in the folds of the eyelids. Heavy smoky makeup in this case is not suitable – it will smooth out all the overflows.

Light brown eyes

Other options

For eyes with a hazel tint, a combination of a brown liner with purple, bronze, champagne color is suitable. All shades of the “autumn” range are also suitable.

If the eyes have a heterogeneous color with gray and green patches, olive, dark green, copper, copper-red shadows and pencils are recommended.

For light brown eyes with slight green or gray flecks, it is recommended to use dark brown eyeliner instead of black.

Make-up rules depending on hair color

When choosing the color of shadows and eyeliners for brown eyes, consider not only the shade of the iris, but also the hair. This allows you to create the most organic and effective makeup.

For brunettes

Brown-eyed girls with dark hair should pay attention to golden shades of shadows with bronze, silver, brown and green tints. Shades help create an extravagant look:

  • dark blue;
  • scarlet;
  • turquoise;
  • Bordeaux;
  • purple (beetroot, eggplant, plum, grape).
For brunettes

For red hair

Red-haired girls are all shades of the “autumn” palette in all its diversity. Most of all, the owners of red hair are shades:

  • beige;
  • brown;
  • green;
  • olive;
  • marsh;
  • copper;
  • bronze.

It is strongly not recommended to use gray, silver and pure black shades.

For red hair

For blondes

Owners of light shades of hair are recommended to use gray or brown instead of black glossy eyeliner. The best shades of shadows:

  • beige;
  • sand;
  • peach;
  • chocolate.

Lovers of bright colors can use lavender, turquoise and muted pink shadows. Cosmetics of silver color and a shade of dusty rose look especially impressive.

For blondes

Best Makeup Ideas

For different occasions – your own version of makeup. It is also selected taking into account the color of the hair, the image being created, age, structural features of the eyes, mood and many other points.

Everyday makeup

For daytime makeup, you can not use too bright and catchy colors. Everyday make-up is recommended to be done using shades:

  • beige;
  • peach;
  • sand;
  • nude.

Be careful when creating accents and avoid flashy contrasts. If, for example, you use brown shadows, take a color two tones lighter or darker than the eyes so that there is no merging of shades.

How to create day makeup:

  • Even out your complexion with foundation and powder.
  • Apply dark shadows to the outer corners of the eyelids. Work gently with the brush in short, upward strokes. Then the eye contours will visually lengthen.
Everyday makeup
  • Carefully blend the shadows. Use a soft pencil for the outer contours.
Shading shadows
  • Apply shadows to the inner corners – highlight them with a tone. Then the edges will visually move away from the bridge of the nose. Use light shadows here.
light shadows
  • Finish off your makeup by tinting your eyelashes and eyebrows.

Evening Ideas

For evening makeup, you can use a multifaceted range of shades that complement brown eyes. The best shades of shadows:

  • blue;
  • purple;
  • green;
  • red;
  • brown.

Illuminated shadows are welcome.

How to create evening makeup:

  • On the upper eyelid, apply a light base – beige or pale pink.
light base
  • From the center of the eyelid, draw a line to the outer corners with a pencil. Move along the lash line. To make the shadows easy to blend, use a soft pencil.
dark shadows
  • Darken the folds located above the upper eyelid at the outer corners of the eyes with shadows. And blend them carefully. Do the same with the pencil line.
dark pencil
  • Apply thin arrows with dark eyeliner.

You can do without arrows. Then the makeup will be lighter.

smokey ice

This is a “smoky” makeup that allows you to emphasize the charm of brown eyes. For daytime smoky ice, it is recommended to use muted shades. Well combined, for example, delicate golden, green and copper.

How to make smokey ice:

  • Spread the shadows over the eyelid (first color).
Eye shadow shading
  • Blend the shadows of the second color along the crease so that the transitions of the shades into each other are not visible.
Shadows in the crease
  • Do not draw arrows. Finish off your makeup by applying mascara to your lashes.
draw arrows

If you are creating an evening version, use brighter and bolder shades – blue, silver, emerald.

bright shades

Brown eyes harmonize well with all variations of smoky ice. Creamy-chocolate, colored shadows look great, shiny accents in the center are welcome.

Arrow Options

The arrows are the perfect finishing touch. There are several options for arrows that differ in outline, length and width of the line.

Most popular shooters:

  • Cat arrows. They make the eyes more mysterious and mystical. Oriental options with eyeliner along the contour look spectacular. Brilliant shadows complete the look.
cat arrows
  • Intermediate arrows. They are thin and inconspicuous, passing along the lash line. Make the look open. Suitable for nude looks.

How to draw arrows:

  1. Using gel eyeliner and a thin brush, draw a stroke from the crease of the upper eyelid to the corner. Keep your eye open as you draw the line. Lead it parallel to the eyebrow.
  2. Pull the corner of your eye to the side to line your eyelid. Draw a thin line along the edge of the lashes. So the arrows are as even as possible.
  3. Connect the eyelash contour and the end of the arrow in one line.
  4. Fill the space between the eyelashes with a black waterproof pencil.
Interciliary arrows

Wedding make-up

Wedding makeup is performed in such a way that the natural beauty of the bride is visible. Usually they emphasize the freshness and youth of a girl, so brown eye makeup should simultaneously make the eyes bright and natural.

How to do brown eye makeup for a wedding:

  1. Draw a thin and neat black arrow along the lash line.
  2. Apply light eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes.
  3. Apply dark brown eye shadow to the inner and outer part of the moving eyelid.
  4. Apply golden shadows in the center of the moving eyelid. Blend thoroughly for a smooth transition.
  5. Apply dark shadow – draw a thin line under the lower lash line, and then blend.
  6. The final touch of the wedding make-up for brown eyes is the application of mascara to the eyelashes.
Wedding make-up

nude makeup

Nude shades of beige and brown are in perfect harmony with brown eyes. A discreet make-up is able to reveal the beauty of brown-eyed girls in a new way.

Features of nude makeup for brown eyes:

  • use a basic palette with matte shadows – beige, coffee, dark chocolate;
  • shadows with a radiant effect are suitable – satin, metallic, shimmering;
  • to make the eyes brighter and livelier, it is recommended to use shades of light yellow, champagne, rose gold;
  • instead of black eyeliner, it is better to use dark brown;
  • complement the makeup with a caramel liner – if it is lighter than the eyes, the accent will be soft, delicate.
nude makeup

Glitter Ideas

Brown eyes are extremely expressive, so they look great with shiny shadows and large glitter. Recommended glitter color:

  • golden;
  • copper;
  • bronze.

You can also safely use colored sequins – they make the festive makeup more spectacular. How to apply glitter:

  • tone eyelids with cream shadows;
  • apply glitter glue with your fingers;
  • With a flat synthetic brush, cover the eyelids with glitter.
Glitter Ideas

age makeup

Brown-eyed ladies aged 50 and over are recommended to use a cream and golden-beige palette. Do not use greasy and pearlescent shadows, and it is better to replace black eyeliner and mascara with coffee-colored analogues.

Features of age makeup for brown eyes:

  • cover the inner eyelid with light shades, for a mobile one, use shadows 1-2 tones darker;
  • do not use textured arrows;
  • visually lift the corners of the eyes to make the look more expressive.
age makeup

Make-up for a photo shoot

In makeup for a photo shoot, it is important to make clear arrows. There should not be any flaws, the borders are neat. Do not use shimmer and cosmetics with reflective particles, as well as oily sheen.

Make-up for a photo shoot

Due to the natural saturation of brown eyes, even light makeup is suitable for a photo shoot. The main thing is not to apply shadows and eyeliner that match the color of the iris, you need at least a little contrast. Suitable eyeliner shades:

  • black;
  • brown;
  • olive;
  • purple;
  • lilac;
  • dark green.
light makeup

Best Eyeshadow Colors:

  • chocolate;
  • herbal;
  • beige;
  • brown;
  • dark green;
  • walnut;
  • honey;
  • red;
  • violet;
  • turquoise;
  • the black;
  • eggplant and others.
The Best Eyeshadow Colors

Teen makeup

Teenage girls with dark eyes are advised to do light makeup, highlighting the growth line of the upper eyelashes. Use a black or brown soft pencil and the same ink.

The best eyeshadow colors are matte, no shimmer, warm tones:

  • beige;
  • bodily;
  • golden brown;
  • light brown.
Teen makeup

Romantic make-up

Romantic make-up is understood as an option with an even complexion and delicate colors. The most romantic look is pink and blue make-up. They are among the most popular in this style, but far from the only ones.

Recommended colors for a romantic make-up:

  • light and dark gray;
  • beige;
  • golden;
  • blue;
  • purple;
  • violet;
  • brown;
  • khaki;
  • plum.

The main condition is that the color of the shadows should be gentle, pastel and harmoniously combined with the color of the eyes.

Romantic make-up

Ideas for the New Year

The trend of the 2022 season will be a “fiery” make-up – a gold, silver and bronze palette is welcome. All this goes to brown-eyed girls. We also recommend products with the effect of radiance, glitter and mother-of-pearl. They go well with soft colors – warm and cold.

Do New Year’s makeup taking into account hair color:

  • Dark hair. A palette of cream, beige, lilac and sand tones is recommended. Glitter and mother-of-pearl are suitable for dark-skinned, muted tones of the same palette are suitable for fair-skinned.
Dark hair
  • Blonde. Cold colors are suitable for ash and natural blondes, and for owners of light blond and golden strands, it is better to choose warm colors. The trend is lilac, coffee and milk shades.
  • Red hair. Recommended eyeliner rich emerald and bronze tones in combination with plum, chocolate brown and turquoise shadows.
Red hair

For a blue dress

Blue is one of the most popular colors among people. It is chosen by the majority of the entire color range. The blue dress is considered in the fashion world as a symbiosis of intelligence and romance.

For a blue dress

Stylists have their own recommendations for makeup under a blue dress:

  • maximum naturalness;
  • a small amount of bronzer;
  • mother-of-pearl shadows in the center of the eyelid;
  • no more than one bright accent;
  • matte shadows are appropriate – cold nude and coffee eyeliner (or the color of coffee with milk);
  • owners of brown eyes are also recommended blue eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelids.
blue shadows

Oriental makeup

In oriental makeup, arrows are the most important moment. Always make them black. Shadows choose the brightest and most saturated.

How to do oriental makeup:

  • Line the area around the eyes by applying makeup base.
Align Base
  • Cover the inner corners of the upper eyelids with the lightest mother-of-pearl shadows.
yellow shadows
  • Cover the center of the upper eyelids with bright shadows, for example, yellow.
bright shadows
  • Paint over the outer corners of the upper eyelids with reddish shadows.
reddish shadows
  • Blend the borders between different shadows with a brush. Achieve a smooth transition from one color to another.
Blend dark shadows
  • With a soft black pencil, draw an arrow on the upper eyelid. And blend the shadows so that the transition to the arrows is smooth.
Black pencil arrow
  • Using liquid eyeliner, draw an arrow across the entire upper eyelid.
  • Draw a ray on the outer side of the eye towards the edges of the eyebrows. Use silver or pearl shades for this purpose.
  • Line the lower eyelids with a black pencil, and apply a strip of purple eye shadow on top of it. And blend again.
  • The final touch is to color the eyelashes with mascara with a lengthening effect.
Mascara eyelashes

How to make beautiful oriental makeup, see the following video:

Helpful Tips

When doing makeup, consider not only the color of the eyes and hair, but also other features of the appearance. With the help of cosmetics, you can correct many imperfections or simply change the impression a little – make, for example, the eyes larger or rounder, visually move them apart, etc.

Asian eye makeup

Asian girls with brown eyes are advised to take into account the structural features of their eyelids.

Asian eye makeup

Makeup Tips:

  • the best shadows are beige, sand, cream, light green, pale pink;
  • shadows should not be lighter than the skin;
  • to create the effect of a fold between the fixed and moving eyelids, apply dark beige-brown in the center, and light shadows on the moving eyelid;
  • when creating an evening make-up, the smoky ice style, experiments with eyeliners and shadows are recommended.
purple makeup

What to do with the impending century?

With an impending eyelid, the movable eyelid is completely or half hidden in the fold with the eyes open. In this situation, it is recommended to depict an imitation of a fold, masking the natural one. Do a gradient from light to dark, as with smokey ice, but stew further – to the eyebrows and temples.

One of the most suitable make-up options is cut crease with an emphasis on the crease:

  • Draw a clear line with shadows, and make a dissipating haze above it.
  • To create haze, put dark shadows in the crease of the eyelid.
  • For brown eyes, it is recommended to use plum shades.
  • To implement the cut crease technique, use a tablespoon. Place it against your eye so that the curved edge is in the crease. Apply dark shadows along the upper edge of the spoon and blend.
For the impending age

If the eyes are close

If brown eyes are close-set, start applying the base color to the entire moving eyelid. The best shades of the main color:

  • dusty sand;
  • light violet;
  • golden salad;
  • beige gold;
  • beige;
  • grey-brown.
If the eyes are close

Features of makeup for narrow-set brown eyes:

  • make arrows – they enlarge the eyes;
  • making out the outer corners, apply dark shadows – dark chocolate, emerald, chocolate golden, purple, bronze, copper;
  • blend the corners so that the edges of the shadows go beyond the contours of the eyes, flying up to the temples – this makes the look wide open, hides the close fit of the eyes.
How to draw arrows

How to make eyes round?

To round narrow eyes, it is recommended to draw expressive arrows. The secrets of drawing arrows to round the eyes:

  • take matte shadows as a basis;
  • arrows with a long corner elongate the eyes, and small upturned corners make the eyes rounder and larger;
  • To make your eyes look bigger and rounder, don’t completely line your lower lid.
Round eyes

If the eyes are small

If desired, you can use cosmetics to increase too narrow eyes. How to make brown eyes big:

  1. Use shades that make both eyelids as light as possible.
  2. On the upper eyelids, under the eyebrows, apply light shadows.
  3. Highlight the crease borders with a matte dark tone.

Eyes can be highlighted with mother-of-pearl eyeliners or pencils. On brown eyes, blue, gray, lilac and chocolate shades look best. You can also enlarge the eyes using the arrows.

If the eyes are small

What if the eyes are deep set?

With deep-set eyes, there is always a hanging eyelid. It is recommended to use a primer that will not allow eyeliner and shadows to appear on a fixed eyelid.

Makeup features:

  • the easiest way to make the eyes “bulging” is to shade light shadows on the moving and fixed part of the upper eyelid;
  • the second option is to add some glitter shadows to the inner corners of the eyes.
Deep set eyes

Such simple techniques will divert attention from the imperfections in the shape of the eye, transferring it to color.

Common makeup mistakes for brown eyes

When creating brown eye makeup, many girls make gross mistakes. They spoil the impression of the make-up, create disharmony and aesthetic flaws.

Typical makeup mistakes for brown-eyed people:

  • the use of orange shadows – they give the image an unhealthy look;
  • use pink carefully – it’s worth overdoing it a little, and the look becomes prickly;
  • it is better not to use purple shadows for girls who have imperfect white squirrels – this color enhances their yellowness.

It is very easy for brown-eyed girls to do any makeup – their eyes are an ornament in themselves. A variety of shadows are successfully combined with the brown color of the iris, you can change their range and intensity. You can create different images that emphasize the individuality of the owner of brown eyes.

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