The best makeup options for green eyes


Green eyes have a special power of attraction and mysticism. This color is considered the rarest in the world. Only 2% of the world’s population can boast of naturally green eyes. But although they are considered rare, there are many types of makeup for green eyes.

Makeup rules for green eyes

Makeup artists distinguish a rich range of shades of green eyes. Each is characterized by an individual selection of color solutions using shadows. It is based on emphasizing the natural beauty and depth, giving shine and expressiveness.

There are such shades of green eyes:

  • Azure green. People sometimes call them green-blue, but this is not entirely true. The great thing for their owners is that blue eyeliner and shadows are perfect for them.
  • Yellow-green. They are somewhat reminiscent of the rays of the sun. This is the most common shade. In this case, the color of the cosmetics cannot be highly pigmented. Do not use tones richer than the iris. It is important to dwell exclusively on light options.
  • Grey-green. This is a very soft, attractive gradation. Its owners need to choose the most delicate palettes of shadows. In some cases, you can use light green. But be very careful not to interrupt the natural color of the eyes.
  • Intense green. The color is the darkest of all shades. The perfect choice is warm browns. Cold ones are best avoided – they give the look transparency.

Necessary cosmetics

No matter what color your eyes are, eyelid primer is a must. It is required that the shadows stay in place for the time you need, and do not crumble or roll at the most inopportune moment. Other necessary cosmetics:

  • Tone cream. Try to use light textures, choosing a shade for your skin tone.
  • Ink. The choice of this tool largely depends on the shade of the hair. If the curls are light, try to avoid jet black mascara.
  • Eyeliner. An irreplaceable thing in the evening make-up. If you want to soften the look a little, use a dark brown kajal instead of a regular pencil. It gives smoother lines. With it, you can easily create smokey ice. To do this, gently blend a clear line.
  • Shadows. Their shades are detailed below. As for the consistency, it can be anything – dry, liquid or creamy. Instead of shadows, you can use blush.
  • Corrector. Buy several copies of this tool in different colors. So you can keep your skin in perfect condition. And if possible, get a couple of bronzers for the face and body – there is nothing more beautiful than bright green eyes tinted with a golden tan.
  • Blush. They enhance the effect of eye makeup. If you have a warm skin tone, choose peach. Pink blush looks harmonious with cold.
  • Pomade. It is better to choose nude shades. Especially if the emphasis is already on the eyes.

Suitable palette

Owners of green eyes should prefer a warm color palette. Do not mix warm and light colors.

The most suitable shades of shadows:

  • Gold. It perfectly complements green eyes, whether it be bronze, champagne or rose gold. Whether you’re heading out to dinner or a party, adding gold to your eyes is an amazing idea.
  • Red. It contrasts well with green and is now at the peak of popularity in eye makeup. But be careful not to make yourself look sick.
    First, draw a ciliary contour with a black or dark brown pencil, and draw a red line a little higher.
  • Wine or burgundy. Wine shades are always in fashion, regardless of the season. They open up the look, add color and charm.
  • Violet. It is the color that is opposite green on the color wheel. All shades from this range create a favorable background for the eyes.
  • Classic grey. In combination with dark or black eyeliner, it can be used to create a spectacular smoky makeup.

Shimmery taupe, mustard, brick red and peach also look great.

Use one thing – green shadows, eyeliner or mascara. Otherwise, the image will not be harmonious.

Other color shades:

  • peach blush complements the eyes well, but if your skin tone is cool, try products with a pinkish tint (coordinate it with the rest of the makeup);
  • wear neutral brown tones for a natural daytime look;
  • choose slate gray or brown eyeliner instead of black for daily wear, you can use shades of green, but a couple of positions lighter or darker than your eyes;
  • it is best to avoid eyeshadows with blue undertones, as this makes the eyes appear dull;
  • if you want to bring out the green in your eyes, try purples, pinks, and reds.

Avoid silver and dark blue pigments. They “extinguish” the natural brightness.

Anatomical features

The eyes are of different shapes. To hide flaws and emphasize advantages, you should know the rules for creating makeup for each type. It is possible to correct the features with the help of a well-chosen shade of shadows and some secrets of their application.


  • If the eyes are with an impending eyelid. To neutralize this shortcoming, a combination of two contrasting shades of shadows is excellent – light and darkest. Light covers the entire eyelid and even the brow area.
    With a drop of a darker color, paint over the inner corner of the eye and carefully blend up to its outer part.
hanging eyelid
  • If the eyes are close set. It is better to paint over the corner and the middle zone of the eyelid with shadows of light shades in order to visually even out the distance between them. Add darker or brighter colors to the outer area of ​​​​the eyelid. Apply the same principle with eyeliner.
If the eyes are close set
  • If the eyes are set wide. It is better to shade such eyelids with three tones – neutral, lighter and darker saturated. Cover the entire moving part with a light base, cover the corner of the outer part with a dark shade. Blend well towards the middle.
    Thicken the arrow at the inner edge of the eyelid and gradually reduce it without bringing it to the outer edge.
If the eyes are set wide
  • If the eyes are deep set. Dark shades require special care when applying. Cover the corner of the outer part of the eye only with a light color (milky or beige), the moving fold – with a slightly darker color.
    Blend the borders well. Highlight the outer corner of the eyes and the line along the growth of the eyelashes with a shade darker.
If the eyes are deep set

Skin and hair color

Choose shades of cosmetics, taking into account the tone of the skin and hair. Before choosing a palette, make sure that the color scheme in it suits your color type.

Tips for choosing shades for the color of curls:

  • Redheads. Beauties with fiery hair are perfect for malachite and emerald shadows, outlined with a soft black pencil. A bright appearance is emphasized by Smokey Ice.
  • Brown hair. They are great for gold, bronze and copper. You can also choose universal lilac shades. Violet color perfectly accompanies green eyes. If you want to shade a rich emerald color, use pastel and peach tones. Eyeliner is better to use brown.
  • Brunettes. The ideal makeup for green-eyed girls with dark hair should consist of brown, plum, gray, pink or purple colors. For the evening, you can use only mascara and eyeliner. This is enough for a bright image.
  • Blondes. In the daytime make-up, first of all, focus on natural tenderness and grace. For the evening, you can use turquoise tones. Dark purple shadows are ideal for natural blondes. You can also use brown shadows with a dark golden sheen.

Tips for choosing shades of cosmetics for skin color:

  • Swarthy girls. Shades of brown and gold are most suitable. If at the same time you have dark hair, try rich pink shadows or options with a pearly sheen. Shades of bronze and dark green with a copper tint are also suitable.
  • If you have light porcelain skin. Shades of fuchsia, blue, emerald, plum are in perfect harmony with dark hair. Lipsticks use pink and brown. For blond hair, choose peach and pale pink shades. When choosing a foundation, avoid orange undertones.

Best Makeup Options

We have collected the best makeup ideas for different occasions – for the day, for the evening, for the New Year, graduation and other events. Below you will find step-by-step instructions and descriptions of various techniques.

Day make-up

Nude makeup is perfect for daytime and all situations where you want your eye makeup to be minimal.

How to make it:

  • Apply peach eyeshadow with a flat, stiff brush.
  • Add white eyeshadow to the area just above the upper lash line and blend well.
  • For the fold and outer corner, use soft brown eyeshadow. Take the same color for the lower lash line. Apply it with a smaller brush.
  • Curl your lashes with tongs.
  • Next, apply mascara on them in 2 layers.
Day makeup

Evening Ideas

Bright eyes are the perfect evening look when you’re heading to a party or event. The rest of your makeup should be calm. Soft lips are the perfect companion for a bright eye make-up.

How to do makeup:

  • Apply beige shadow on the eyelids as a base and blend properly using a fluffy brush.
  • Line the top and bottom lash line with black pencil or eyeliner.
  • Use a soft brush to apply brown eyeshadow.
  • Create an arrow using the black liner. Blend it out to achieve a smoky effect and get rid of harsh lines.
  • Curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara.
  • Add some gold eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes for a more mysterious look.
evening make-up

dark makeup

Dark eye makeup is great for going to a party or club on the weekend. The mysterious look that this make-up will give you will make you the queen of the evening.

The rest of your makeup should be kept to a minimum.

How to make a dark visage:

  1. Tone the area under the eyebrow and near the eyebrow with concealer.
  2. Line the top and bottom lashes with brown eyeliner. Draw the top lash line. Blend. Repeat the same with the lower eyelid.
  3. Apply a light brown brow pomade on the mobile eyelid and blend with a brush on the fixed eyelid.
  4. With a lighter color, pull off the shading on the lower eyelid, smoothly connecting the eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelids.
  5. With dry shadows of dark brown, paint over the area near the eyelashes. Fill the entire moving eyelid with a lighter color and blend along the edges.
  6. Apply skin shadows to the inner corner as a base. Then add golden green pigment. Blend.
  7. Brush your eyebrows. Fill in the gaps with a pencil.
  8. Apply two coats of black mascara to your lashes.

Video instruction for creating a make-up:

Gentle make-up

Light delicate makeup can be used for daytime or applied, for example, on a date. Or when you just don’t want to overload your appearance with cosmetics.

How to make it:

  • Sponge to apply the foundation all over the face, blend the concealer under the eyes.
  • Shade the eyebrows with a pencil to make them visually thicker and neater. Fix the shape with brow gel.
Eyebrows with a pencil
  • Apply the sculptor to the cheekbone area, temples and jawline. Add highlighter on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and above the upper lip.
cheekbone area
  • Distribute beige shadows along the upper eyelid, blend a light shade with a shimmer along the mobile eyelid, add a darker and matte color to the crease.
  • Paint over the space between the eyelashes with a black pencil. Starting from the middle of the century, draw a neat arrow with a liner. Lightly tint your lashes with mascara.
Make up eyelashes
  • Underline lips with light pink lipstick, it can also be used instead of blush.
Make up lips

smokey ice

Smokey ice has always been and will be the most striking and charming makeup. Such a make-up gives green eyes even more saturation and coquetry.

The color palette in smokey ice for green eyes is black, gray, green, purple shades.

How to apply smokey ice:

  1. Carefully cover the entire surface of the fold with basic light shadows (in the smoky eyes technique, too light, transparent colors are not used).
  2. Paint over the movable fold and the outer part of the eyelid with a dark color. Blend evenly and thoroughly so that borders and transitions are no longer visible.
  3. With a black, dark gray pencil or eyeliner, draw a thin line near the eyelashes. Using the same means, paint over a small strip of the lower eyelid and gently blend.
  4. Eyelashes cover with mascara in several layers.
smokey ice

Glitter Makeup

Make-up using sequins does not have to be bright and defiant. It can be delicate and done in neutral colors.

How to do:

  1. Apply a base under the shadows.
  2. Add a light beige shade to the crease of the eyelid.
  3. Apply dark brown shadows to the outer corner and in the first half of the crease of the eyelid. Blend with the first shade.
  4. Apply a glitter base to all free space (where there are no shadows). Then add gold glitter. It is important to act quickly so that the glue does not dry out.
  5. Comb the upper lashes and color them.

You can clearly see the make-up technique below in the video instruction:

Ideas with arrows

Arrows can be not only classic black, but also a variety of colors. In our example, dark green eyeliner is used to apply makeup.

How to make a make-up:

  1. Apply a white solid eyeshadow base to your eyelids. Blend well.
  2. Cover the middle and outer corner of the upper eyelid with peach shadows.
  3. Take a dark brown shadow and apply it to the outer corner. Add a light gray pigment to the brown border and blend.
  4. With bright orange shadows, paint over the outer corner of the motionless eyelid.
  5. Paint over the inner corner of the eye with beige shadows. Then add a dash of white. Blend.
  6. With white shadows, paint over the space between the painted eyelid and eyebrows.
  7. Apply orange shadow over dark brown. Blend with white. Top with brown pigment again. Blend.
  8. Add peach shadows in the middle. Lightly blend with bright orange.
  9. Draw an arrow with a green pencil or using shadows of the same shade and a thin brush.
  10. Curl your eyelashes. Paint them with green mascara to match the shadows.
  11. Tint your eyebrows with special brown shadows.

Makeup tutorial video:

Wedding make-up

Wedding makeup by default should be gentle. But in recent years, professional stylists have argued that a monotonous make-up for a wedding is not the best option. Today, you can use dark smoky, bright pigments, and mountains of sparkles – whatever your heart desires.

Our example is more classic:

  • Apply foundation, concealer and powder to your face. You can immediately shape your eyebrows by combing them and painting over the gaps with a pencil.
  • Draw the upper and lower eyelids with a pencil. This procedure can be performed with dark shadows. Blend.
  • With a feathering brush, apply a nude shade to the border of the shadow.
Nude shadows
  • Add black shadows diagonally to the outer corner of the eyelid. With the same brush, apply quite a bit on the lower eyelid. Blend with a thicker brush.
black shadows
  • With a brown tint, outline the border of black with a feather brush. Do the same below.
Outline the boundaries
  • Apply a beige shade on the moving eyelid, keeping the diagonal.
  • Apply mascara to your eyelashes. You can stick overlays.
  • Outline your lips with a matching pencil. Cover with pink lipstick.
pink lipstick

age makeup

Age makeup is not a phrase offensive to a woman at all. Many begin to use it after 30 years, as soon as the first clearly visible wrinkles appear. But at this age, it is not necessary to use cosmetics with a lifting effect, the main thing is not to forget about:

  • proper care;
  • careful face preparation.

But after 50 years, lifting products are an indispensable part of makeup. Also pay attention to tinting agents. Often women skip advice about the base, but this is also an important product for the skin – timely protection prevents many problems in the future.

Makeup example:

  1. Wipe your face with micellar water.
  2. Apply a light transparent base on the eyelids. It takes care of delicate skin and evens out the tone.
  3. Apply a warm shade of brown to the corners of your eyes. Blend over the rest of the upper eyelid. And then blend outwards. Shade and lift the outer corner.
  4. Draw the upper lash line with a black pencil. Blend.
  5. Color your eyelashes. Glue overhead bundles.
  6. Apply cold blue or green pigment under the eyes. Connect the bottom and top with shading.
  7. Apply a thin layer of foundation to your face. Add a light concealer under your eyes.
  8. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Add a champagne highlighter on top.
  9. Highlight the wings of the nose, the area under the eyes, the nasolabial fold, the corners of the lips with powder.
  10. Tint your eyebrows. It is better to make them soft, not very expressive.
  11. Fill your lips with a soft pink lipstick.

Video instruction is presented below:

holiday ideas

In this section, we present a spectacular look with false eyelashes. Such makeup can be done at a party, corporate event, New Year and other events where it would be appropriate.


  1. Apply a moisturizing base with a sponge.
  2. Apply a thin layer of foundation with a brush, after mixing it with a liquid highlighter.
  3. Cover blue under the eyes and redness on the face with concealer. Blend.
  4. Set the concealer under your eyes with translucent powder.
  5. Sculpt your face. Add blush and highlighter.
  6. Color in your eyebrows with a pencil. Cover them with gel.
  7. Apply under the eyes and then on the eyelids with a brown tint with red pigment. Blend.
  8. On the upper eyelids, shade the outer corner with dry shadows of a dark shade. Do the same under the eyes. Blend well with a brush.
  9. Close to the lashes, apply liquid eyeshadow in a gray shade with sparkles on the upper eyelids.
  10. On the entire eyelid, add and blend dry metallic shadows with your fingers.
  11. Apply mascara to your lashes and then apply false lashes.

How to make beautiful holiday makeup, see the following video:

Eastern make-up

Probably everyone has heard the phrase “the East is a delicate matter.” This also applies to make-up in an oriental manner.

How to make an Arabic make-up:

  1. Apply a base under the shadows.
  2. Apply loose eyeshadow with a silvery sheen.
  3. Draw wide arrows with a black pencil, painting over the outer corner of the eyelid. Blend the border in the middle of the eyelid.
  4. With dark shadows, mark the line under the lower eyelashes and the outline of the arrow.
  5. Apply a light brown color to the upper fixed eyelid.
  6. Paint over the middle of the upper eyelid with a golden tint.
  7. Apply golden sequins to the entire surface of the moving eyelid.
  8. Line the inner corner of the eye with a black pencil.
  9. With gel eyeliner, go over the top row of lashes, and then down the bottom. Apply gold sequins to the lower lash line.
  10. Curl your lashes and coat them with mascara.
  11. Comb your eyebrows and color them with brown shadows.

Video instruction for creating oriental makeup:

Prom Makeup

The make-up option using pink shadows of different saturation is perfect for a farewell to school holiday. How to make it:

  1. Apply with a fluffy brush on the eyelids the base under the shadow (up to the eyebrows).
  2. Add a silver pigment to the inner corners and blend towards the middle of the eyelid.
  3. Paint over the outer corner of the eye with shades of brown. Blend with a fluffy brush.
  4. Take lilac shadows and apply them with light movements from the outside of the eyelid (over brown ones). Blend.
  5. Lightly shade the outer corner of the eye with a dark gray tint.
  6. With mother-of-pearl shadows, paint over the gap between the already made-up eyelid and eyebrow. Then, with the same color, go all over the eyelid.
  7. Paint over the upper eyelash line with dark gray shadows.
  8. With your finger over the shadows, “imprint” silver sequins.
  9. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
  10. Line the bottom lash line with white.
  11. Paint over the eyebrows with special brown shadows. Comb them with a brush.

Video instruction is presented below:

Other options

In addition to the listed makeup ideas for green eyes, there are many others. Some of them:

  • In light colors. The best option for all girls. It helps to make green eyes tender and at the same time saturated. The best base colors are beige, peach, soft pink, light brown, gold, light purple.
    A neat little arrow drawn with a pencil or eyeliner will perfectly complement the makeup. A few photo examples:
    • in peach tones;
Persian shadows
  • gentle beige;
Delicate beige
  • with pearl eyeshadows.
Pearlescent shadows
  • Monochromatic make-up. A great option for those who do not have time to come up with intricate makeup. For girls with green eyes, for a solid make-up, it is better to choose colors such as beige, brown, bronze, gold, green, dark red, gray, etc.
    To give expressiveness to the eyes, apply a brown tint to the outer crease of the eyelid. A few examples:
    • in pastel colors;
pastel makeup
  • green neon;
Green makeup
  • red-brown shades.
red shadows
  • Smoky. Makeup emphasizes the very mystique of green eyes and makes the look incredibly attractive. The entire outer corner of the eye can be smoky, you can shade the arrow.
    Usually calm colors are used here, such as brown, beige, gray. You can make it more daring by adding haze in red, green, blue shades. Photo examples:
    • beige haze;
Beige haze
  • metallic haze;
Metallic shadows
  • bright smoky makeup.
Bright makeup
  • With sequins. Brilliant shadows give green eyes a special excitement. Now they are in fashion, do not be afraid to use such a product for every day. Shadows are suitable in pastel shades and in all shades of green. The black arrow adds to the effect of the make-up. Photo examples:
    • pastel gold;
with sequins
  • in green tones;
In shades of green
  • a darker version with the addition of brown shadows.
brown shadows
  • Unusual makeup. For green eyes, you can always make an unusual, bright and extravagant make-up. It involves the use of a large number of sparkles, rhinestones, the brightest colors of shadows (green ones are especially suitable). A few photo examples:
    • in dark green shades;
Unusual makeup green colors
  • with the addition of bright blue;
With the addition of blue
  • using rhinestones.

What should be avoided in makeup for green eyes?

Green eyes allow their owner a lot, but there are things that are not recommended. Things to avoid:

  • Green shadows. Specifically, eye shadow. The latter in this case will simply be lost against the general background. If the product is darker or lighter, there are no questions.
  • Too much contrast. Do not play in contrast with emerald eyes. It is better to choose harmonious shades.

Green-eyed girls are rare and always attract attention. Makeup should emphasize the zest of the hostess and play into her hands. When choosing a make-up for any occasion, be sure to look at several options at once. Better yet, try them out first to find out which one suits your eyes best.

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