Features of drawing cat eye makeup

Классический кошачий глаз Eyes

Women’s almond-shaped eyes with raised corners and a deep gaze are often compared to a cat’s. But not everyone has such a similarity given from birth. You can achieve a similar visual effect with the help of a make-up and even surpass it. With the help of modern cosmetics and well-thought-out make-up techniques, it is possible to obtain a stunning result.

What is cat eye makeup?

The technique of cat makeup is to achieve a resemblance to the eyes of cats. The corners are slightly raised, and the shape of the eyes is sought to be elongated – narrowed and lengthened using various visual techniques.

Cat makeup is universal – it suits literally all women: young and older. This make-up makes the eyes more mysterious and attractive. There are no strict rules regarding the color scheme, the choice of colors is made taking into account the appearance.

cat eye makeup

Basic principles

The effect of cat eye makeup is achieved through special techniques – drawing arrows and shading shadows. And the main principle of make-up is the use of dark colors and shades.

The basic rules of the “cat” technique:

  • To draw arrows, use liquid eyeliner, special dark pencils, felt-tip pens. One or two eyelids are emphasized – it depends on the shape of the eyes.
  • The shadows are shaded in much the same way as in the Smokey Eyes make-up. But here the shadows have a sharper outline to increase the expressiveness of the look.
  • Dark tones that are used when creating cat makeup emphasize all skin defects. Therefore, before applying shadows and arrows, the skin must be carefully prepared – to work out the tonality.
    Particularly careful preparation is needed for the area under the eyes. It is covered with liquid concealer. It will hide the effects of fatigue, poor sleep, health problems.

What is needed to make a make-up?

To create high-quality cat makeup, you can not do without special cosmetics. Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary materials, tools, fixtures.

What will be needed:

  • A felt-tip pen, liquid eyeliner or a cosmetic pencil – to draw arrows. Choose their tone according to the color of the eyes. It is desirable to have several funds at once, differing in tone. Day makeup is done with lighter liners, evening makeup is brighter.
    If there is no experience in drawing arrows, use a pencil. Liquid eyeliner and a felt-tip pen require confidence and skill.
  • Shadows – they are needed for shading. Take a matte version and with a shimmer.
  • Mascara – they will give the eyelashes volume and rich color.

To complete the created make-up and the whole image, you will need eyebrow paint, lipstick or gloss – light shades are recommended.

You will also need additional tools to prepare the skin. You can hide flaws and make the tone even with the help of a sculptor, foundation, corrector, powder, highlighter, blush.

The choice of eyeliner and the shape of the arrows

All manipulations must be performed carefully. In addition, so that you do not have to redo the work, you must first choose the right eyeliner and the shape for the arrows.

For young girls, shades are recommended taking into account the color of the eyes. This will help create flirty and attractive images.

Choice of eyeliner color:

  • Karikh. They are suitable for yellow, green, brown and golden shades. If the hair is black, it is better to take eyeliner and black mascara. Brown shades are more suitable for white hair.
For brown eyes
  • Gray or blue. For makeup of such eyes, it is better to use blue, turquoise and golden brown colors.
For gray eyes
  • Green. Peach, lilac, plum, olive, emerald shades will help to emphasize the beauty of such eyes.
For green eyes

When drawing arrows, consider the features of appearance – the shape of the eyes and the distance between them. If you do not follow the rules below, the desired result will not be achieved.

How the features of the eyes affect the choice of the shape of the arrows:

  • If the eyes are set close, the distance between them is visually increased by drawing an arrow a little shorter than usual. On the lower eyelid, nothing needs to be summed up.
  • With wide-set eyes, on the contrary, it is necessary to visually reduce the distance. This is achieved by drawing arrows to the borders of the inner corners. Arrows on the lower eyelids should be displayed closer to the nose.
  • With round eyes, it is recommended to draw thin arrows on the upper eyelids. You should not draw arrows on the lower eyelid.
  • With narrow incisions, thick arrows on the upper eyelids are required – they will visually “open” the eyes. Such lines are drawn tapering to the outer corners of the eyes.
  • For small eyes, do not use eyeliner, but soft pencils. Eliminate clear strokes and overly dark shades.

How to do makeup?

The cat’s eye technique has several interpretations – there are versions for daylight, for the evening, for a celebration. Each option has its own characteristics, which you should be aware of when starting to create a make-up.

Classic variant

Cat makeup is often confused with smokey eyes. The result is indeed similar, but the techniques of these “make-ups” are different. The key difference is that in smokey, superimposed shadows and a pencil are subjected to thorough shading. In the “cat’s eye” lines are either perfectly clear, or shaded quite a bit.

Order of execution of the classic version:

  1. Apply a beige eyeshadow base to your eyelids. After distributing it over the moving eyelids, blend in the direction of the eyebrows. Apply a small amount to the lower eyelids.
    Apply light shades of a matte texture on top. Use a fluffy brush made of natural wool to blend. This approach will prevent the impression of arrows on the skin of the eyelids and enhance the long-term make-up.
  2. Draw arrows, leading them from the outer corners to the temples. Check if the resulting lines are symmetrical. This is perhaps the most difficult moment in the entire “cat” make-up. If there is asymmetry, do not erase the lines, correct them with a thin synthetic bristle brush.
    She has a beveled cut, with her help draw eyebrows and draw arrows.
  3. Move on to the upper eyelids. Move the arrow parallel to the lash line – through the entire eye, from the inner corner to the outer. To make it more convenient to draw, pull your eyes to the temples with your fingers – the surface will become more even, and the line will be easier to draw. Using eyeliner, apply paint to the lower eyelids. Move parallel to the lower lashes. But do not place the eyeliner at a right angle to the eyelid, otherwise it will not be possible to draw straight lines. Apply the brush completely so that the contact is as large as possible.
    This will allow the lanes to be driven more evenly.
  4. The last stage is devoted to drawing the inner corners of the arrows. They should turn out pointed, like external “tails”. Having painted over the mucous membrane of the eye from above and below, you will get a more complete make-up.
    Paint over the empty spaces between the hairs with a pencil – there should not be even the slightest light gaps. Cover your eyelashes with black mascara.
  5. Do not paint your lips brightly. Limit yourself to transparent gloss. Or apply lip balm. You can also use a fashionable technology that creates the so-called “kissed lips” effect – you need to even out the shade with a concealer, apply dark paint in the center of the lips and shade to the edges.
    Cheekbones cover with blush to match the gloss / lipstick.

Remember the rule – the longer the arrows, the longer the length of the eyelashes should be.

classic cat eye

Pencil technique

This is a very simple way to apply make-up. Suitable even for girls with no experience. You need to draw with a soft pencil. Hue is saturated.

Operating procedure:

  1. Draw a few lines on the palm of your hand with a pencil. This is necessary to soften the stylus.
  2. On the upper eyelids, draw arrows, bringing the “tails” out of the outer corners, and lifting them up. Using a pencil, underline the line of the lower eyelids. Now you need to connect both strips so that the eye is circled from the outer corner to the inner.
Pencil technique

How to draw cat arrows?

As mentioned above, drawing arrows is the most difficult stage. If you can’t draw straight lines the first, second, third time, or the shape you need doesn’t come out, the direction of the arrows, then figure out how to draw them in detail.

Arrow drawing order:

  1. Slowly, with gentle strokes, make the upper lash line perfectly even. Take your time. If you apply small strokes, then there is less chance of making a mistake. Plus, you can slowly increase the thickness of the strip – at will.
  2. Now we need to determine the correct angle. Start from the natural shape of the eyes. Direct the arrows so that they are their continuation. It is necessary to mentally expand the lower lash line to get the desired angle.
    Use shadows and use the angled brush to create the shape you need.
  3. When the angle is determined, start drawing arrows with eyeliner. Your movements should be dotted. They should form a line. Thanks to the application of small dots, it is possible to recreate the final shape of the arrows. When it satisfies you, connect the dotted line together.
    By filling in the gaps, you will “dock” with the stripe drawn above the lash line.
  4. If the arrows turned out a little crooked, clean up the bad places with a cotton swab.
cat arrows

In gold decoration

“Cat’s eye” with gold motifs is suitable for both evening celebrations and daytime makeup. In the latter case, a golden brown palette is recommended.

Operating procedure:

  1. Apply golden shadows on the upper eyelids.
  2. Apply a mocha shade and a light shimmer to the outer corners. Lastly, underline the line of the lower eyelid. Blend the border areas.
  3. With the help of eyeliner, apply clear black arrows.
  4. Apply 1-2 coats of mascara to your eyelashes.
In gold decoration

Makeup in dark blue

Make-up in blue motifs is always catchy, defiant. Therefore, it is suitable for special occasions – for a celebration, a party, and other events.

Operating procedure:

  1. Apply light shadows on the eyelids.
  2. With the help of a dark blue eyeliner, paint over the arrows from the outer corners so as to form a “tick” parallel to the top crease.
  3. Fill the space formed by the drawn lines with shadows up to half a century. Choose a shade according to the eyeliner.
  4. Blend the boundary zones of the shadows with a soft brush.
  5. Tint your eyelashes with mascara.
Makeup in dark blue

Light daytime option

During the day, make-up colors are always less bright and saturated. The daytime version is lighter, designed to blend harmoniously with everyday looks and sunlight.

For a daily variation, you will need a minimum set of materials and tools: foundation, primer, shadows, powder, mascara, eyeliner, blush and lipstick / gloss.

Operating procedure:

  • Clear your face. Wash your face and apply a moisturizing primer to your skin. Apply foundation on top of it, and then powder.
clear face
  • Cover the eyelids – above and below with light shades of a pearly shade. Highlight the moving part with a darker color. Under the curve of the eyebrows, apply golden or slightly pinkish shadows. This will give the look depth and expressiveness.
Eyelids with shadows
  • Now draw arrows. If you use a pencil for this purpose, soften it first. Do not draw arrows on the lower eyelids – this is the condition of the day version. It is enough to draw lines with corners only along the upper eyelids.
draw arrows
  • Apply mascara to the eyelashes, drawing literally every hair. Apply paint vertically. This will lift the eyelashes, lengthen them and add volume.
Make up eyelashes
  • It remains to emphasize the beauty of the lips and cheekbones. There should be little blush: enough so that the color on the cheeks does not compete with the saturation of the look. Apply a light gloss to your lips.
Blush on cheekbones

evening make-up

Having mastered the art of applying daytime make-up a la cat’s eye, you can move on to the “enhanced” version – evening make-up.

Operating procedure:

  1. Curl your eyelashes.
  2. Line the inner corners of the eyes with a black pencil.
  3. Draw a thin line parallel to the upper eyelid with a pencil.
  4. Looking in the mirror, outline the direction and draw the outlines of the arrows with a dotted line.
  5. Paint over the mucous membrane of the lower eyelids, and then connect the line with the corner of the arrow. If you find inaccuracies, correct them with a cotton swab soaked in micellar water.
  6. Pay attention to whether the thickness of the line applied with eyeliner on the upper eyelids is sufficient. Increase it if necessary. It is important to qualitatively paint over all inter-eyelash spaces.
  7. Lengthen and increase the volume of eyelashes. If the eyelashes are long by nature, it is enough to tint them with mascara, if they are short, you will have to use adhesive analogues.
  8. Color your lips with lipstick. Choose a light color or a little brighter.


In any make-up there is a place for fantasy. Try, having mastered the classic “cat’s eye” technique, experiment – change the length or shape of the arrows, their thickness or other makeup nuances.

  • Change the thickness of the arrows. Make them wider. If the arrows are thicker and rounder, the eyes will visually increase. If, on the contrary, to narrow the line, the eyes will seem more oblong. Experiment with the thickness to find the best option for your eyes.
thick arrow
  • Change the length of the arrows. But don’t overdo it. Extend the line a little without going to extremes.
long arrow
  • Consider the form. Try to find the shape that best suits your eyes. If the strip is sharp and straight, the look will be sharp and tenacious. If you make the line curved, the image will become graceful.
Arrow shape
  • Make a smoky cat eye. Soften the soft pencil. Using a brush, smear it over the eyelid without affecting the arrow. Do the same with the lower lash line – apply a liner and smudge. Apply a concealer under the eyes – this will visually enlarge the eyes.
smoky eye

Eyelash extension “Cat’s eye”

Eyelash extensions with the effect of a cat’s look involve a real increase in the length of the hairs and a visual change in the shape of the eyes. For the procedure, only light materials are used – silk or mink. For a short period of wear, sable hairs can be used.

The technique allows you to give the eyelashes volume and splendor, to abandon the decorative mascara. Eyelashes are designed for six months, withstand any vagaries of the weather. The work of the master takes several hours.

eyelash extension

Features and technique of eyelash extensions in the “cat” style:

  • You will need hairs of two sizes, resistant glue and a good master. It is important to choose the right length and create a smooth transition between medium and large eyelashes.
  • Work starts from the inner edge. The hairs are attached along the entire lash line. The middle elements are attached in the area from the center of the eyelid to the bridge of the nose, then – long.

Thanks to the “cat” extension, almond-shaped eyes become more proportional. The maximum length of the hairs is 12-13 mm.

Eyelashes are ready

Extension is performed by one of two methods:

  • Japanese. From 1 to 3 artificial ones are glued to one real eyelash. Plus – there is no big load on the hairs. Apply on weak and short eyelashes. If the volume is not enough, use a 2D or 3D technique – gluing 2 or 3 hairs to each native eyelash, respectively.
    With a double technique, the hairs are folded with a tick, with a triple technique, artificial hairs are fixed in two rows.
  • Puchkov. This technique is now losing popularity. When the growth and natural renewal of eyelashes occurs, the artificial hairs fall off. This option is suitable for special occasions, but not for everyday wear.

Extensions of this kind are carried out only by professionals in the salon. A handicraft approach will not allow you to count on quality work and long wear.

Common Mistakes

In order to avoid mistakes in cat makeup, it is important to familiarize yourself with typical mistakes in advance and try to avoid them.

Common flaws:

  • Arrows drawn incorrectly. It is necessary to take into account the shape and setting of the eyes. For narrow, round, wide and narrowly set eyes, there are recommendations.
  • Mucosal damage. Do not use tools to draw lines on the lower eyelids that can damage thin skin. Here draw arrows only with the help of a kajal.
  • Stripes are drawn asymmetrically. To make the arrows symmetrical, drawn at the right angles, be sure to draw stripes over open eyes.
  • Shadows are falling. To prevent this from happening, always apply them before drawing arrows. Otherwise, the shadows will fall.

Cat eye makeup is remarkable for its effect – just a few manipulations, and your eyes acquire an attractive mystery. The main thing in this make-up is drawing arrows. Once you master this art, you can easily create a variety of images, experiment and be creative with the task.

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