What makeup is suitable for the New Year for brown eyes?

Рыжие Eyes

To enjoy the anticipation of the New Year, think about your holiday look in advance. Usually clothes are chosen first of all, and makeup and hairstyle are already selected according to the outfit. But you can do the opposite: first decide on the make-up, and then – with everything else.

Modern fashionable makeup for the New Year may vary depending on the outfit and color preferences chosen by the brown-eyed owner. What the trends are saying:

  • Sculpting and strobing are very popular. With the help of powder and matte liquid products in dark and light shades, you can sharpen the lines of the face, hide some imperfections and add definition.
  • Eyes should attract attention. It is appropriate to use bright shades of different textures, sparkles and special holographic powders to emphasize the natural shape of the eyes.
Highlighted eyes
  • Mochi skin trend. Bet on a balance between natural volume, elasticity, shine and matte effect. The result of this technique looks very natural.
mochi skin
  • What could be more attractive than gold? Metallic lipsticks are still all the rage and are perfect for the New Year, especially when paired with gold jewelry and matching clothing.
Lipstick with gold
  • Natural eyebrows are very popular. No clear lines. They should be slightly frizzy and loosely combed (the latter can be achieved with a round brush and clear gel).
natural eyebrows
  • Choose a glittery eyeliner. You can use a shimmer in the color of the shadows or the opposite color on the spectrum. Arrows of different shapes and lengths are only limited by your imagination and can be useful for changing the shape of the eyes.
Glitter eyeliner
  • Skin glow trend. It suits people with fair skin. This can be done easily by applying a multi-color highlighter foundation all over the face or by mixing a few drops of a liquid highlighter with a cream powder.
skin glow
  • Multi-colored rhinestones on the face. Freckles made of sequins on the cheeks look especially unusual. Makeup, complemented by them, will definitely attract the attention of others.

The choice of makeup depending on the color of the hair

Makeup tips vary depending on the hair color of the owner of brown eyes. When choosing shades for make-up, make sure that they are combined with the image and outfit you have chosen.


Brunettes should not beware of dark shades in makeup. They can use smoky eyes in both dark gray, emphasizing the contour of the eyes, and in colored tones. Eye shadow is recommended to use gold, blue, plum and red.

You can focus on the lips. When choosing a traditional lipstick, red or burgundy, the eyes are only slightly emphasized. It is enough to use mascara or false eyelashes.


Blondes and blonds

To find the best option for a sophisticated New Year’s makeup, blondes and fair-haired girls need to bet on color and emphasis on the eyes to create a clear contrast. You can emphasize them, for example, using a smoky technique that involves one or two of the shades:

  • blue;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • lilac.

In this case, the mascara can be discarded. Or, conversely, just apply colored mascara to the eyelashes without adding any more accents. It is better to avoid black (if we are not talking about classic arrows) and strong dimming, which makes the look heavy.

Lips can be made up with red or wine lipstick, which usually goes to blondes.


Brown hair and redheads

One of the autumn-winter trends is literally made for girls with red and brown hair. We are talking about eye makeup in gold tones.

Top your lids with shimmery gold eyeshadow or add a golden sheen to a smoky gray smoky eyeshadow for an accent. The most daring can make golden graphic arrows.

On New Year’s holidays, make-up with a lot of bright sparkles is quite justified. To add magical light to the image, try using large glitter.


What make-up to choose for the New Year’s party?

We have collected various makeup ideas for New Year’s corporate parties and home gatherings – smoky eyes, with arrows, in acid and soothing colors, using sparkles, etc. Follow the instructions and you will be able to create an unsurpassed look.

smokey ice

This version of New Year’s makeup is suitable for the evening, as it makes any eyes attractive. The shape and intensity of the color may differ depending on the rest of the image. Girls with brown eyes are best to choose green, emerald, black, gold and brown.

On New Year’s Eve, you can break the rule of “bright eyes and not bright lips” and use cherry red lipstick with smoky eyes.

How to make makeup in this style:

  • Apply the main eyeshadow base on the upper eyelid. It can be a light peach, neutral color. Using a soft brush, blend the shadows, going to the moving eyelid, and outline the desired shape of the eyes. Apply dark shadow to the outer corners and creases and blend them well.
Shadow base
  • Blend the outer corners of the eyes with shadows so that they are elongated towards the temples. This makes the eyes appear larger, especially if they are round. On the moving eyelid, apply the deepest dark shade and blend so that the eyes look like “in a haze”.
  • On the moving free surface of the eyelid, use a natural brush to apply blue shadows. To make the colors more saturated, “drive in” some more shadows with your fingertips.
blue shadows
  • Use lighter eye shadow to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Go under the brow with the same shade, but with a more matte texture.
Shadows on inner corners
  • Use black eyeliner to draw the mucosa and the space between the eyelashes. Thickly paint your eyelashes with mascara.

acid makeup

To create such a cosmetic look, use acid shadows or draw the eyes along the contour. Draw spectacular arrows to create a “cat” make-up. With this type of make-up, do not paint your eyelashes with mascara, just curl them with a special clip.

acid makeup

This makeup is best combined with a plain attire. Otherwise, the image may look ridiculous.

Glamorous or fiery make-up

This makeup for brown eyes primarily involves the smokey ice technique. At the same time, the middle of the moving eyelid should remain clean. On loose skin, apply red, gold, or bronze color. In this way, you can achieve the effect of an open flame.

Glamor makeup

Bold metallic makeup

Metallic powder on the eyelids is the best option for New Year’s makeup. Also looks great eye shadow with liquid glitter with a similar effect. Do not forget about the tone of the face – it should be aristocratically pale.

metal powder

Ideas with arrows

Arrows are a classic of any evening make-up, including New Year’s, and when they are combined with shiny golden and silver shadows, it turns out truly magical.

How to make a visage:

  1. Apply a moisturizing gel to your face. The tool keeps the skin matte all night.
  2. Apply concealer all over the eyelid. Do not use shadows without this product, otherwise the makeup will quickly roll off.
  3. Take a matte and sheer creamy white eyeshadow and apply it to all movable and fixed eyelids. Add silver eyeshadow to the inner corner. For the creases of the eyelids, use darker shades. This makes the appearance expressive.
  4. In the middle, blend in a shimmery gold eyeshadow.
  5. Draw an arrow with a pencil.

Do not spare time for the process of shading the shadows. Professional makeup artists believe that competent shading is 80% of successful makeup.

Bright makeup

In this version of the make-up, the main role is played by the eyes, and the lips are best covered with a calm nude or light pink lipstick. For the New Year, brown eyes with gradient makeup look beautiful and attractive with a transition from one shade to another – from light to dark.

This type of makeup requires special skills in proper application, shading and brushing.

Bright makeup

For evening makeup, it is best to use eyeliner or a pencil on the lower eyelid to make the look more expressive. Borders can be covered with suitable eye shadow.

How to make gradient eye makeup, see the video:

light makeup

An option for those who want to make a make-up for the New Year in natural shades. The face with it looks natural and neat.

How to:

  • Apply foundation to your face. To make your makeup last longer, use a special spray to increase durability.
Face cream
  • Apply long-wear cream powder all over the skin and use concealer to partially hide redness and blueness under the eyes.
  • Use the contouring technique or simply highlight the cheekbones with a blush. This makes facial features more prominent.
Highlight cheekbones
  • Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, then use a bronzer or loose powder to lightly darken the area under your cheekbones.
  • Comb your eyebrows, give them the right shape, and if necessary, use a little shadow or pencil for more effect.
Comb your eyebrows
  • With a brown pencil, paint over the distance between the eyelashes. Blend along the lash line from the outside. You should create a slight blur that will accentuate the lines. On the lower eyelid, draw arrows in a contrasting color (for example, blue). Use eyeliner or eye shadow.
  • Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with pearly eyeshadow and delicate pearly shimmer. To complete your makeup, apply two coats of mascara to your lashes.
  • Since the eyes are already an accent, the lips can remain colorless. It is enough to use a balm to make them shiny. But, on the other hand, we are talking about the New Year’s image, which means you can afford more. For example, apply wine red or plum lipstick.
Make up lips

Basic makeup rules

Creating a beautiful New Year’s makeup for brown eyes is a set of sequential procedures and techniques. The absence of even one of them can lead to undesirable results.

To avoid mistakes in the festive make-up, experts recommend adhering to the following rules:

  • Blush should not be bright and defiant. Their role is to give the skin freshness and form the desired oval of the face. A peach color with a bronze undertone would be perfect.
  • To correct the shape of the nose, cheekbones or other defects, you can cover some areas with a darker shade. But don’t darken too much because it will look unnatural.
  • Thoroughly prepare your skin by cleansing and moisturizing, only then start using evening tones to create perfect facial lines.

To make high-quality makeup for the New Year, use our tips and step-by-step instructions. To begin with, it is better to study different make-up options in order to choose the most suitable for yourself and the specific case. Then on New Year’s Eve everyone will be delighted with the image of the brown-eyed fairy.

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