Varieties of bird makeup – how to apply correctly at home


Makeup “bird” for some time in demand among many of the fair sex. This is a great option for special occasions, evening make-ups. Such makeup will make your image attractive, catchy and memorable. It is not easy to master the technique, but careful attempts can lead to success.

Recommendations for preparation

Preparation is no less important process than applying cosmetics. Be sure to cleanse the skin before starting, after removing the remnants of makeup. Wash your face and wipe your face with tonic. If you have dry skin, use a day cream, for oily or combination skin, use a mattifier or base.

The durability and accuracy of makeup, as well as the time you spend on its creation, directly depend on the preparatory stage. Do not forget that attention is paid to every little thing, you will have to try new techniques and select a harmonious combination of shades and textures. Over time, you will “fill your hand” and you will be able to apply makeup without difficulty.

Cosmetics lie better on cleansed and moisturized skin, and makeup lasts for a long time.

If possible, do at least 1-2 times a week facial masks so that the skin can take a break from cosmetics and be saturated with oxygen.

Makeup Rules

To create a beautiful make-up, it will not be enough to purchase high-quality professional cosmetics. It is important to learn the basic rules of creation and use them in practice. With careful actions, you can get a spectacular result.

Even in the absence of an arsenal of cosmetics, you can get an excellent result if you follow the recommendations.

bird eye makeup

There is a simple technique and a complex technique. In the first option, you will be able to give freshness to the face, and in the complex one, you will be able to obscure skin imperfections, such as moles, scars. Depending on the time of day and destination, you can do a day or evening make-up, that is, prepare for a solemn event.


  • Everyday makeup. It is a simple look that can hide minor imperfections, refresh the face and emphasize natural beauty. If there are no noticeable defects on the skin, and the facial features are harmonious, the right daytime makeup can enhance the natural charm, while not standing out too much.
  • Evening make-up. By itself, it is more difficult, requires more time and the use of cosmetics. In such a make-up, the use of decorative elements is permissible, you can also use glitter, false eyelashes and other paraphernalia.

Proper makeup technique

Despite the fact that makeup has the name “bird”, it is a basic technique. Particularly relevant is the implementation in the shadow technique.

It’s easy if you follow these guidelines:

  • Even out the surface of the eyelid with concealer, foundation or a special base for shadows with a touch. Set with light powder or matching shadows. Also apply a cosmetic product under the eyebrow and work out the inner corners of the eyes with high quality.
  • Use a beveled brush, draw a line with shadows along the lower ciliary contour, draw an arrow. The length of the line can be whatever you want.
  • Next, turn the “tail” into a triangle-arrow, leading its second end into the crease of the eyelid. Bring the shade to the middle of the crease, then blend using an intermediate shade.
  • The “tail” should have a clear outline. To achieve this result, you first need to bring the upper eyelash contour, then fill in the voids in this “tail” with a brush. Blend the borders to a light haze.
  • In case of getting “dirty” borders, it is recommended to use not a concealer, but light shadows to make the drawing neat.
  • The final stage is coloring the eyelashes with mascara and emphasizing the mucous membrane of the eyes with the help of kajal.
Colors eyelashes

You can watch a video where the bird makeup technique is revealed:

Classic “bird” shadows

This option is considered the easiest and most popular among many girls. You can choose unique color schemes to make the image romantic, attractive and sexy.

“Bird” in black and silver

In such colors it is quite easy to create makeup, but first you have to practice a little, especially if there is some kind of celebration ahead.

The application technique is quite simple:

  1. Take a black pencil and draw a line with an arrow on the upper eyelid.
  2. Use silver shadows to highlight the inner corner of the eyelid.
  3. On the outer corner of the eye, draw a shape like a connecting tail. This stage is considered very difficult.
  4. From about the middle of the century, start stretching a smooth line to the drawn arrow.
  5. Highlight the created outline of the arrow with black shadows and blend well. Use a brush.
  6. Lengthen and fluff up lashes with dark charcoal mascara.
Shadow bird

purple wings

A cold light purple shade of shadows framed by a dark color looks not only unusual, but also very festive. This makeup will be perfect for a special occasion.

purple wings

It is no more difficult to make than the previous technique:

  1. Draw a purple pencil or eyeliner along the moving eyelid with a line ending with an arrow.
  2. On the moving eyelid, spread the shadow of a light purple hue.
  3. Circle the created contour with a darker shade along the border of the moving and fixed eyelids. Make a “bird” with the same color.
  4. The created “wing” should have a light color inside, and almost black outside. It is important to make all transitions smoothly and smoothly, carefully shading them.
  5. Underline the lower inter-eyelash contour with a black pencil, and draw a small arrow on top of the shadows.
  6. Your look will be completed after you tint your lashes.
purple shadows

Makeup “bird” pencil

The scheme for creating such a makeup – not shadows are used, but a pencil. This technique is considered more complex than the option using shadows. Therefore, beginners should practice well in order to get used to doing makeup quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Pencil makeup technique:

  • Apply the base foundation to the entire surface of the upper eyelid. Lightly powder the eyelid or apply the lightest shade of shadow.
  • Choose a medium-soft pencil so that it blends well and does not smudge.
  • When drawing a “bird” take the sharp corner to the temples. Gently draw a “tail” from the corner of the eye to the side, gradually capturing the lower eyelid.
  • Draw the upper part of the “bird”, capturing a little more than half of the upper eyelid (slightly above the main crease), smoothly connect to the bottom line. Use a flat and stiff brush to blend the corner. Direct the tool to the temple, the top line should be shaded upwards.
  • Decorate the inside of the “bird” with shadows of any shade.
Makeup "bird" pencil

The final stage is the application of light shadows to the area under the eyebrows. With the darkest shade of shadows, with light driving movements, emphasize the bird again.

cold eyes

Pencil technique “bird” provides a bright and contrasting make-up. When creating a make-up, it is recommended to pre-prepare a mother-of-pearl shimmering powder in order to shade the transitions as correctly as possible.

Stages of applying cosmetics:

  1. Bring the upper eyelid with a black pencil, smoothly stretching the arrow.
  2. Make a “tick” by drawing neat lines, connecting them from the middle of the border of the movable and fixed eyelids.
  3. Using a brown pencil, make a feather, carefully moving towards the temple.
  4. Draw the inner part of the eye with a pink pencil.
  5. Please note that the transition and border between colors are carefully drawn.
  6. Use a thin, damp brush and apply pearlescent powder around the border. Lightly emphasize the lower eyelid from the middle.
  7. Cover your lashes with mascara.
cold eyes

Step-by-step instructions for applying makeup – basic requirements

It is very important to understand that bird makeup is considered a complex technique that requires maximum patience and effort.

There are some instructions you need to follow:

  • Moisturizing the face. Allows you to easily distribute the tone. Use a moisturizing cream, then apply foundation and set the result with tinted powder. It is acceptable to use loose or colorless mattifying powder, as you wish.
  • Eyebrow shaping. Use a special brow brush to get a beautiful shape. Apply special shadows on the eyebrows, painting over all the hairs.
    If you have unruly eyebrow hairs, use wax to fix them, then correct them with shadows.
  • Base application. To achieve the best result and smooth distribution of shadows, the base will help, which should be applied to the upper and lower eyelids. So the shadows will not crumble, roll or swim.
    The base provides reliable fixation of makeup and helps to avoid “blurring” during an important event.
  • The structure of the form to fill with shadows. Use a small brush to apply eyeliner or contour, pick up brown shadows and use them to create the basis for future make-up. Open your eyes as much as possible when applying shadows so that you can correctly outline the contour.
    Next, create a “tail” that fits perfectly with the shape of your eyes. If you have an overhanging eyelid, semi-circular or semi-oval outlines of shadows will look great. If you have a different eye shape, you can choose any suitable option.
    Next, you should work out the shape with clearer strokes and bring it to the ideal.
  • Darkening the contour with matte shadows. With the same small brush, emphasize the intended outline, using a dark shade of brown shadows. This will help achieve a more shady and defined line that connects the top and bottom outline outline. To blend, use a pencil-shaped brush.
    Color elaboration is carried out very carefully so as not to accidentally stretch the borders.
  • Filling the moving eyelid with shadows. When performing this stage, it is permissible to use one color or several shades, which need to be shaded step by step and make smooth transitions between them.
    In the first case, apply any shade of shadows on the moving eyelid, blending so that you get a smooth connection with the contour. Be careful not to scratch or rub it off. In the second option, the use of peach and white shades is relevant.
    Pick up peach shadows on a semicircular brush and gently apply to the “tail” of the contour. With a light shade, fill in the area from peach color to the corner of the eyes. Also apply white shadow under the eyebrow and work with a brush.
  • Creating accents in the outline drawing. To create a more expressive contour, emphasize it from the inside with black shadows, drawing a thin line. It works well if you bring the black shade up a little so that it is distributed under the brown shadows.

The video shows the shadow makeup technique “bird”:

Additional recommendations:

  • To make the makeup as natural as possible, first select the appropriate shadows. For example, you can give preference to a honey shade. They should be applied after the line is outlined with a pencil.
  • To make the “birdie” more spectacular, paint over the upper eyelid with shadows with a smoky shade.
  • Highlight makeup will help shadows with expressive colors, which are lighter than the drawn “tail” itself.
  • Always apply light-colored shadows under the eyebrow.
  • In no case do not go beyond the eyebrow line, so as not to spoil the whole image.

It is not recommended to use a make-up in an office style, it may seem strict and vulgar!

If you try to create a “bird” makeup several times, over time you will be able to cope with it much faster. It is ideal for daytime and evening looks, special occasions and other occasions.

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