How to do glitter makeup: interesting options and techniques

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Recently, the beauty industry offers us a huge amount of decorative cosmetics. One of the most interesting is glitter, as it appeared on the market not so long ago. But only from the name it is rather difficult to understand how this product is used and whether it is worth taking it for you.

What is a glitter?

Glitter (from the English glitter – shine, shine) – a type of decorative sequins for makeup, which are many times larger. (most often they are called sparkles, since the borrowed word is perceived more difficult) Glitter particles are noticeable, unlike shimmer shadows and highlighter. This tool is applied to the eyelids and cheekbones, as a “decoration”. But often you can see makeup with sparkles on the lips, on the eyebrows, eyelashes and so on.

What is makeup glitter?

Many brands have already learned how to produce such a product as glitter, so there are a huge number of formulas for these sparkles. Types of sequins may differ in size, texture, method of application, and the like. Therefore, there are several main types of glitter:

  • crumbly.
  • Pressed.
  • Cream.
  • gel-like.

Consider the characteristics of these types in more detail.


Loose glitter is called cosmetic sequins that do not have additional impurities, any base. At its core, it is a powder (the particles are quite small), so it requires special application:

  1. First you need to apply the base (special glue) to the place where the glitter will be.
  2. Use a special brush or finger to “stick” the product.

This product looks like this:
Glitter pink


This type of glitter, like pressed, has slightly different properties compared to the previous one:

  • The particles are several times larger.
  • Usually found in a palette or refill, as the texture is quite dense.
  • They have a base that holds the particles themselves together, but does not attach the product to the eyelid (or badly enough).

Therefore, pressed glitter also needs a separate base. The principle of application is the same as that of friable. This is what the glitter itself looks like:
Pressed glitter


Quite often, cream glitter is compared to pressed glitter, since both are usually presented in palettes. But this type has one distinguishing feature: the creamy texture makes such a glitter very similar to shimmer shadows, since the base is quite oily, and the product is more easily distributed over the skin. But despite this characteristic, cream glitter still needs a base, although this may not be necessary.
cream glitter

Gel texture

The most common type is glitter gel, as it is the easiest to use. Its characteristics:

  • The product is based on a special gel that holds both the glitter and the product to the skin.
  • The size of the particles can be very different, but rather large sequins are usually chosen.

This is what gel-based glitter looks like:
Glitter gel

What is glitter used for in makeup?

Glitter is considered one of the makeup finishing products. By applying glitter, you can create a highlight, the effect of additional radiance on the eyelid, cheekbones and other parts of the face. That is, usually glitter is used as a “highlight”.

Makeup with glitter: application features

Since cosmetic glitter is an ambiguous product, this tool has some nuances that should be considered when doing makeup using glitter. It is especially worth paying attention to such points:

  1. What to apply glitter on if it does not have a base.
  2. How to apply the remedy.

Glitter base

It is very important to fix the sequins on the skin so that they do not crumble. Any glitter needs pre-preparation of the skin, but especially loose glitter, as it has no base at all. The most logical option is a primer specifically for glitter and sequins.
Glitter baseBut there are other options for fixing glitter on the skin:

  • You can use glue for false eyelashes, it has the same properties as the primer.
  • If you need to apply glitter on the cheeks, cheekbones, the whole face, then you can use petroleum jelly, hair styling gel.
  • To fix the glitter on the lips, it is best to use a cream lipstick in a stick or gloss.
  • All makeup should also be fixed – a fixing spray will do an excellent job with this.


An important aspect in applying glitter is also how you will apply it. Most people are accustomed to doing this with their fingers, but this is quite unhygienic and not always convenient, so it is more logical to choose a brush. It must have the following qualities:

  1. Quality natural or synthetic fiber.
  2. Thick padding.
  3. Not very long pile, shorter is better.

A good option would be a brush of this kind:
BrushYou can also use an applicator, but this tool breaks very quickly, it may not transfer the product to the skin so well.


Loose and pressed glitters tend to crumble, so it is very important to properly remove excess product from the face. A special brush can help with this – a large brush with which you can brush off the “dust particles” you don’t need from your face. It looks like this:

cotton swab

Despite the fact that the main tool for applying glitter is a brush, there is another option using a cotton swab: you need to wet the stick and apply the product to the skin. Some makeup artists use this particular method, explaining that this way the glitter crumbles less and lies more densely.


Many girls use this tool in order to safely remove sparkles. This method really helps to do it so that the glitter does not get into the eyes. It is enough just to attach the adhesive tape to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin and remove the sparkles with gentle movements.

What goes with glitter?

Recently, many of the fair sex complement their make-up with sparkles. Glitter can become part of any makeup. But it looks best on matte makeup with blush, shadows, various types of arrows, since glitter will focus on exactly the part of the face where you apply it.

Where to apply glitter?

Recently, there are no certain rules in makeup, including the application of glitter on the skin. But in order to learn how to do makeup that suits you, you need to know how and where to apply glitter, for example:

  • On the eyes.
  • On the lips.
  • On cheeks, cheekbones.

You can also apply glitter not solo, but in combination with various cosmetics, such as eyeliner and shadows.

For the entire upper eyelid

You can make a mono eye makeup using glitter, spreading it over the entire moving eyelid. In this case, you can use any type of sequins, but the scheme of actions will be approximately the same:

  1. Prepare your skin: Apply your foundation or concealer.
  2. Spread the glitter glue/primer over the entire desired area.
  3. Take a brush, pick up the product.
  4. Gently apply glitter on the eyelid, preventing shedding.

Photo instructions are attached below:
Applying glitter 1
Applying glitter 2

On the center of the upper eyelid

You can also create a glare effect by making the sequins focus not on the entire surface of the moving eyelid, but only in its center. Performing such eye makeup is practically the same as the previous one, but the scheme of actions is as follows:

  1. Prepare your skin.
  2. Apply glitter glue only to the area in the center of the eyelid.
  3. Using a brush, gently spread the glitter over the desired area.

To the center of the century

For cream eyeshadow

Cream shadows can serve as a substitute for a glitter primer, so you can do makeup with glitter by “gluing” it to this product:

  1. Apply foundation/concealer.
  2. Spread cream shadows over the surface of the moving eyelid.
  3. Pick up the glitter on the brush and apply it on the eyeshadow before it dries.

Photo instruction:
For cream eyeshadowYou can do it in a slightly different way: mix cream eyeshadow with glitter before applying. But this option is optional, since the result from both methods will be of high quality.

as an arrow

For such an option as a glitter arrow, there are eyeliners with sparkles. But if this is not at hand, you can always do it differently:

  1. Prepare the skin, apply the base for eye makeup.
  2. Draw any arrow that you like (if you are a beginner – a classic one).
  3. Before the eyeliner is dry, take a brush and apply glitter over the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe arrow.

Tip: for this option, it is better to use a cream eyeliner in a jar and loose fine glitter so that the arrows are more resistant. A detailed video is attached below:

On the shadow

The option of applying glitter to shadows is one of the easiest, since there is nothing complicated here. To execute it:

  1. Make eyelid preparation: apply concealer, base under shadow.
  2. Choose any shade of shadows, work through the crease of the eyelid with it.
  3. Blend the product in all directions.
  4. On the part of the eyelid you need, carefully spread the glitter glue.
  5. Take a brush and apply glitter to primer.
  6. Remove debris, if any.
  7. Fix with a special spray, if necessary.

Detailed video tutorial below:

On the face

Glitter can also be applied to the surface of the face itself, for example, on the cheeks or cheekbones. The most popular option is to apply it to the cheekbones instead of a highlighter, as the sparkles add an unusual look to the image. To do this makeup:

  1. Make all the preparations for the skin: apply cream, base, foundation.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly/thick cream or primer of your choice to cheekbones.
  3. Use your fingers or a brush to spread the glitter over the desired surface.

Usually, it is glitter gel that is used for this method, since it is most comfortably applied and kept on the face, but any product options are possible. Photo instructions are attached below:
On the face


One of the most creative ways to do glitter makeup is to apply it on your lips. This option will set you apart from the crowd. To apply glitter lip makeup:

  1. Do the make-up of your entire face.
  2. Apply foundation, base and lips.
  3. Line your lips with lip liner and lipstick.
  4. Before the lipstick dries, spread the glitter with a brush so that they are fixed.

To keep the lipstick better, it is advised to use cream lipstick, as in the case of shadows, since the creamy texture replaces the base. A tutorial on how to do this makeup is below:

Interesting glitter makeup

Glitter makeup is a great way to brighten up your look. Such makeup can be done in various styles: both for a holiday / party, and for everyday wear. The main thing is to do everything correctly.

New Year’s makeup

Adding radiance to the New Year’s make-up is a great solution. So you add to it festivity. It is best to choose blue or silver glitter, as these colors symbolize winter. New Year’s makeup is done like this:

  1. Do your usual make-up of the whole face: apply foundation, contouring, blush, etc.
  2. Take light brown shadows, work them into the crease of the eyelid.
  3. With dark shadows, focus on the outer corner of the eye, pull the shading to the temple.
  4. Apply a glitter base to the entire lid.
  5. Spread the glitter with a brush in the desired place.
  6. Add eyelashes.

Video tutorial on New Year’s makeup:

evening make-up

The evening version of makeup differs from the New Year’s one in that glitter colors such as champagne, rose gold, and so on are usually chosen, as these are more versatile options for any event. You can also add arrows, but this is optional. Technique for performing evening make-up on the eyes:

  1. Prepare the skin for makeup: apply foundation, base, etc.
  2. Apply eyeshadow primer.
  3. With a gray-brown color, mark the crease of the eyelid and pull the shading a little to the temple (you can make classic smoky eyes).
  4. Add a glitter primer to the lid.
  5. Spread the glitter over the base with a brush.
  6. Add eyelashes.

Instructions for implementation are attached below:

Party Makeup

If you need to do makeup for a party quickly, but with high quality, glitter on a gel base is perfect, as it is applied the fastest and keeps well under the influence of temperature, humidity, etc. Such a make-up will differ from the evening one, since it does not have a kind of “heaviness”, it is performed as follows:

  1. Do basic face makeup.
  2. Apply eyeshadow primer.
  3. Sculpture the eyelid with a light brown shade.
  4. Add a feathered dark brown arrow.
  5. Add glitter glue to the center of the eyelid and the inner corner of the eye (in this case, you can not do it).
  6. Apply glitter gel to desired areas.
  7. Add lashes or cover them with mascara.

Party makeup tutorial:

Nude style

The word nude in makeup is associated with pink, light shades that give the image airiness, tenderness. This makeup can be done with glitter, you just need to choose the right color, for example: pink, white, pale blue and so on. Consider the option with light pink glitter:

  1. Make all the necessary preparations for the skin.
  2. Apply a base on the eyelids.
  3. With a pale shade of shadows (preferably pink or beige), highlight the crease of the eyelid, blend.
  4. Add glitter glue.
  5. Apply glitter to eyelids with a brush.
  6. Add eyelashes.

Photo instructions are attached below:
nude style


Such a make-up is usually not distinguished from a nude one, but you can diversify the nude a little by adding an arrow and other shades of shadows and glitter to the makeup. The daily version is performed according to the following scheme:

  1. After all the preparations, apply a primer to the eyelid.
  2. With light brown shadows, make a haze in front of the eyes.
  3. Add a glitter base closer to the inner corner.
  4. Apply glitter with a brush.
  5. Make a black classic arrow.
  6. Tint or glue on lashes.

The tutorial for this makeup is below:

For a bright photo shoot

To make your photo session even more interesting, you can make a creative makeup with the addition of sequins on your face. Here you can not spare glitter: add it to the cheekbones and cheeks or generously on the eyes. It is also important to make all makeup creative:

  1. Prepare your eyelids for makeup.
  2. Fill the entire eyelid with color: apply bright shadows.
  3. Draw a classic arrow or cat eye in a bright neon color, you can make dots.
  4. Apply glitter base to face and eyelids.
  5. Spread the glitter over the desired area.
  6. Color your eyelashes.
  7. Add blush, highlighter, etc. as desired.

Tutorial for this makeup:

Children’s New Year’s makeup with sparkles

In general, children’s makeup for a holiday with the addition of sparkles will not differ much from makeup for adults, but it is worth observing a few nuances:

  • It is important to use hypoallergenic products both on yourself and on your child.
  • For children’s eyes, it is better to take finely dispersed or cream glitters to reduce the likelihood of contact with the eyes.
  • If you do not want to take risks, then you can add glitter only on the face.

New Year’s makeup for children is performed using the following technique:

  1. Prepare your eyelids.
  2. Apply glitter glue.
  3. Gently spread them out with a brush.
  4. Add glitter to the cheekbones and cheeks (optional).

Detailed breakdown in the video below:

Makeup with large sequins on the eyes

Large sequins include both large particles and full-fledged rhinestones. You can add such sequins singly or in large quantities. Consider one of the options:

  1. Prepare your eyes for makeup.
  2. Outline the moving eyelid with black.
  3. Fill the area with a light gray tint, blend in black.
  4. Apply glitter glue.
  5. Use tweezers or your finger to add glitter to the shadows (one by one).
  6. Color your eyelashes.

Photo instructions are below:
With big sequins

Glitter by color

Glitter differs not only in texture, shape and dispersion, but also in colors. Glitter comes in all colors of the rainbow, and can be duochrome or multicolored. The most common colors are:

  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Pink.
  • And others.

Below we will analyze the features of various shades of glitter.


The golden shade of glitter suits any type of eye, as it emphasizes them in its own way. But still, golden sequins should be given preference to brown-eyed girls, since it is this color that makes the look even more spectacular and deeper. Gold is suitable for such makeups as:

  • Evening smoky ice.
  • Everyday feathered arrow.
  • Classical and Arabic arrow.

golden sequins


This glitter color is perfect for:

  • New Year’s makeup.
  • Classic arrow.
  • Black or gray smoky eyes.

Silver glitter goes well with blue eyes, so girls with this shade of the iris should pay attention to silver sparkles.
Silver sequins


Pink glitters are usually used solo or in various creative makeups, so this glitter goes well with:

  • Bright shades of purple and pink flowers.
  • Neon and simply bright arrows.

You can also apply pink glitter on your cheeks and cheekbones along with blush to create a romantic look. Such sequins perfectly emphasizes the green eyes of girls, it makes the look deeper and brighter.
pink sequins


The black color of glitter in makeup is considered quite universal, as it looks quite contrasting (in the case of brown, it makes the look deeper, darker). Black sequins can be found in such makeups:

  • Black smokey ice.
  • Shiny arrow.
  • Evening or themed make-up.

Black sequinsAlso, black glitter can be added to the cheekbones if you want to fulfill the image of a vampire or a goth: your face will acquire a certain mystery, so the black color on the face is unusual for most.
Black glitter on cheekbones


Colored glitter can be considered sequins of different colors or sequins, which are based on white with a multi-colored tint (duochromes, etc.). This type can also be considered universal, since the glitter itself does not have one specific color. It can be applied solo or combined with such makeups:

  • Classic arrow.
  • Evening/holiday make-up.
  • Makeup for a photo shoot, party.

colored glitter

How to avoid shedding glitter?

A common problem when doing makeup with any sequins is their shedding. So that the glitter does not crumble during application and during wear, you should follow some rules:

  • Apply glitter however you like: with your finger or with a flat brush.
  • Do not collect an excessive amount of the product, if necessary, you can shake off the excess.
  • It is important to use a special base for sequins.

The base for glitter is a separate issue. This product may not be suitable for everyone, so it can be replaced with other products that makeup artists actively advise:

  • Vaseline or lip balm (topically when applied to the face/body).
  • Spray-fixative for makeup (use before and after applying glitter).
  • Aqua seal – make-up fixer in the form of a gel (you can mix sparkles with it).

How to remove glitter?

If, nevertheless, the glitter has crumbled or its wear time has already expired, then there are several ways to remove the glitter from the face. The first is to simply brush off the glitter with a brush / brush if they are crumbly and do not have a base (when shedding). But this option is not universal. Therefore, you should use the following using ordinary tape:

  1. Cut off a piece of tape to the desired size.
  2. Stick on the area where the extra glitter got.
  3. Peel off the adhesive tape from the skin with not very sharp movements, removing the sparkles.

The harm of glitter to the environment

It is known that the glitter that we see on store shelves is more than 90 percent microplastic, which poisons all ecosystems: especially the ocean and soil. The composition of such glitter includes styrene, acrylates and shellac, which are very dangerous. If sequins are released into the environment:

  • The growth and development of living microorganisms is deteriorating.
  • Soil and water are polluted.

But still, recently some brands have developed glitter formulas that are eco-friendly: they decompose perfectly in 30 days or more without harming the environment. Look for components such as synthetic mica and synthetic fluorphlogopite in glitters, which indicate the absence of plastic.

Examples of makeup with glitter: photo

There are a lot of makeups using glitter, so it all depends on your preferences and imagination. Below are photos with options for various glitter makeup for your inspiration.
glitter makeup 1
Glitter Makeup 2
Glitter Makeup 3
Glitter Makeup 4
Glitter Makeup 5
Glitter Makeup 6
Makeup with glitter 7
Glitter Makeup 8
Glitter Makeup 9
Glitter Makeup 10In conclusion, we can say that sequins are a great addition to any makeup. Even a beginner can use them, the main thing is to follow the basic techniques and rules in order to avoid negative aspects in making makeup with glitter. Don’t forget to improve your own skills and try new things.

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