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Макияж с несколькими оттенками зеленогоEyes

The use of any shades of green is always unusual. Makeup with green shadows is an actual option for creating a bright and memorable image. Our article-instruction will help you choose a shade, correctly use one or another technique for applying cosmetics.

Features and rules

Makeup artists and fashionistas are armed with a whole arsenal of variations of using shades of green in make-up. The choice of their application depends on the events for which the makeup is intended. Gradation allows you to choose day and evening makeup with a green palette. It is also important to pay attention to a number of general recommendations.
Makeup with green shadowsBasic Rules:

  • mandatory use of a primer before applying shadows – the base will provide additional brightness to the tones, cosmetics will not roll and spread;
  • the lightest shadows (silver or mother-of-pearl) are applied under the eyebrow line – this will create a visual border and emphasize the bend of the eyebrow;
  • the fixed area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe eyelid should be light green – this ensures the most smooth transition from delicate tones under the eyebrow to a more saturated color on the moving part;
  • the inner corner stands out depending on personal characteristics – light colors will make the look more open and vice versa;
  • do not be afraid to experiment with the combination – vegetable shades are recommended to be used in conjunction with metallic colors (gold and silver), beige, gray, black or brown;
  • use mascara – it will provide eyelashes with volume and density, and the look will become open and open;
  • in daytime makeup, focus on one thing – either eyes or lips;
  • evening make-up allows the presence of several bright accents – wine shades of lipstick will add sophistication and nobility.

The most practical option for choosing shadows will be a palette with colors that will blend well with each other. Win-win schemes – green in various colors with warm colors (golden, yellow) or with cold tones, for example, gray.

Who is green eyeshadow for?

Today, makeup artists use a huge number of shades of green – from mint and pistachio to olive and khaki. Despite the variety of palettes, to create a truly beautiful and harmonious look, you need to know how to combine shadows with external features. The presence of a large number of green options will allow you to select halftones that will help you successfully combine shadows with eye color, wardrobe, hair shade and color type.

How to choose a green shade based on the color type?

Individual features of appearance play a key role in the selection of shades of shadows. The theory of color types is still relevant, based on it, the following types of appearance are distinguished – winter, spring, summer, autumn. Makeup artist recommendations:

  • for owners of the “winter” color type – cold shades from the plant palette are suitable, which will contrast favorably with fair skin;
  • “spring” girls – it is better to use soft and light shades of green, smooth transitions from one tone to another;
  • color type “summer” – any options for cold shades of green in combination with metallic or gray;
  • color type “autumn” – warm shades will emphasize the color of the eyes and make the image harmonious.

Under eye color

For makeup with green shadows, it is important to take into account the color of the eyes in order to emphasize their natural beauty with the help of various shades of green and makeup application techniques. Most harmoniously, the shadows look on the owners of the green iris. Green-eyed girls can use almost any shade, including the darkest ones.

When choosing a color, it is worth giving preference to colors that are identical to the tone of the eyes, since in this case the natural shade will not be lost against the background of the shadows.

Suitable for light brown eyes:

  • pistachio;
  • olive;
  • chartreuse;
  • lime.


  • rich grassy;
  • khaki;
  • marsh;
  • emerald.Makeup with green shadows for brown eyes

Intense light green is not recommended for blue-eyed girls, since juicy colors will prevail over the natural color of the eyes. Suitable dark shades:

  • jade;
  • marsh.

Makeup artists give similar recommendations to owners of a gray iris. Dark green shadows will make the look expressive, it will be possible to avoid dullness.

Under skin tone

Shades of makeup products must match the skin tone, otherwise harmony cannot be achieved. It is the “temperature” parameters that are of paramount importance – a warm or cold tone. Makeup artist tips:

  • for light skin (ivory, porcelain shade) – there are no special restrictions on the choice of shade, options with sparkles are appropriate;
  • for swarthy and dark – rich emerald tones will be the best options;
  • for olive skin – neutrality is important in the selection of colors and shades, so you can safely combine cold and warm shades of grassy shadows with a light shimmer.

A daily make-up matched to your skin tone is universal, so there is no need to adjust it for the season. In summer, dark tones can be replaced with more cheerful ones, and in winter and late autumn, you can return to the basic ones again.

Under hair color

Eye shadow should emphasize the beauty and attractiveness of the look, regardless of eye color. In order for emerald shades to cope with this task to the maximum, it is important to select the tone, taking into account also the hair color. Green shadows are very appropriate in the make-up of red-haired women. In this case, there are no restrictions on the shade of the shadows. Green-eyed redhead girls can:

  • experiment with flashy shades of emerald for an evening or summer make-up;
  • use calm tones for a casual look.

For blondes, expressive eyes are important, they need to be emphasized. Cold shades of green will suit fair-haired people with gray or green irises. Makeup artists recommend gentle spring shades of greenery. For brunettes, green shadows are considered universal, regardless of eye color. Any shades can be used. But the most beneficial usually look cold. Girls with chestnut hair color are recommended:

  • bright light green shadows;
  • dark swamp tones;
  • light green.

Makeup options with green shadows

Numerous shades of green. Due to this, makeup in green tones can be varied. Classic schemes and recommendations with step-by-step instructions below will help you use emerald shadows to create a harmonious look.


For daytime make-up, choose a more calm green gamut. The main focus is on the eyes, while the rest of the make-up will be neutral. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Apply foundation or a drop of concealer to the moving eyelid.
  2. On the base – shadows of light shades (sand or cream shade).
  3. Paint over the upper eyelid from the middle to the outer part with green shadows of a calm shade.
  4. Blend the colors for a subtle transition effect.Everyday makeup with green eyeshadow


With artificial lighting, saturated shades of emerald look advantageous, strict lines, clear transitions, sparkles and mother-of-pearl, gold will be appropriate. For a more expressive look in makeup, you can use eyeliner with a shiny or matte texture. Action algorithm:

  1. Apply the base on the upper and lower eyelids.
  2. Blend dark green shadows on the outside of the upper eyelid.
  3. Paint over the middle with liquid shadows of golden color.
  4. Blend the transitions between colors.
  5. Paint the lower eyelid to the corner with gold, the outer part with green.
  6. Make up your eyelashes with black or green mascara (to match the shadows).

Bright smokey eye in green tones

A make-up technique that will suit the fair sex with any eye and hair color. You can make the look mysterious and languid for a solemn event or for an everyday look. The base shade will be dark marsh, which will shade the transition to light in the middle. Step by step diagram:

  1. Apply dark shadows to the inner and outer part of the upper eyelid.
  2. Paint the middle light green with mother of pearl.
  3. Blend the transitions.
  4. Paint the lower eyelid with dark and light shadows alternately.
  5. With a dark pencil, draw a contour along the upper and lower eyelids.Bright smokey eye in green tones


Green color looks great without any additions. Therefore, fans of emerald colors can please themselves with rich colors, having only one shade in service.

blue green makeup

Shades of blue and green can complement each other favorably. But such a combination will require a detailed study of the rest of the image, in particular, the wardrobe. Bold juicy colors are ideal for evening events, summer makeup. Step-by-step execution scheme:

    1. Fill the entire upper eyelid with the lightest shade of green.
    2. Above it, apply a dark green / blue color.
    3. Blend the borders.
    4. Shade the outer corner of the upper eyelid with a marsh shade.
    5. Paint over the bend under the eyebrow with beige or cream.
    6. Color the lower eyelid light blue.
    7. Underline the eye section with a black arrow.blue green makeup

Graphic arrows

With the help of a beveled brush, you can draw expressive and spectacular arrows. To make them as clear as possible, it is recommended to moisten the brush before work with any make-up fixative spray. Action algorithm:

  1. Draw an arrow from the inner corner of the eye along the growth of the eyelashes, with a slight upward curve on the outer side.
  2. Draw a similar arrow on top with a white pencil.
  3. Line the lower eyelid above the eyelashes with a pencil.
  4. Apply the final touch – mascara.Graphic arrows

Makeup with dark green shadows

For an evening make-up, you can use rich tones and their combinations, regardless of eye color. But when creating such an image, it is worth remembering the accents. Using dark shades of green, you will make the eyes the center of the whole image. Application scheme:

  1. Circle the upper eyelid with a dark pencil along the contour, forming a small arrow.
  2. Paint over the inner space, and blend.
  3. Paint the lower eyelid to the middle.
  4. Apply green on top, blend.
  5. Paint the inner corners beige with mother of pearl.
  6. Circle the eyelids with a dark pencil.Makeup with dark green shadows

Black and green makeup

Strict black can advantageously complement the green range of shadows. The combination of dark eyeliner with any tones of emerald will be a winning combination for creating a spectacular look. A step-by-step scheme for applying shadows is shown in the photo:
Black and green makeup

With green lipstick

Choosing green as the dominant color in makeup, you can also focus on the lips using lipstick to match. So that two colors do not create dissonance and do not make the image vulgar and tasteless, the shades of green on the eyes and on the lips should be identical or complement each other favorably, with laconic transitions of shades. Example:
Makeup with green eye shadow and green lips

The nuances of makeup for green clothes

Makeup artists believe that the right makeup in green tones will transform any woman. Green shades of make-up and wardrobe are an off-season topical solution for every woman. The complexion should be even and flawless. It is not recommended to replay and make your image completely in this range. With green clothes, eye makeup in a green-brown eyeshadow palette will look great. Eyeliner and arrows are needed more for evening makeup.

In the office and at business meetings, make-up in light emerald colors, in harmony with the wardrobe, will look best. Golden-green shadows with mother-of-pearl are suitable for parties.

Photo examples of green makeup

Interesting variations on the theme of using green shadows are presented in the current photo selection below. Illustrative examples:

  • brilliant makeup using several shades of green;Makeup with multiple shades of green
  • light green mono-makeup with a black pencil;Light green makeup
  • makeup using several shades of green shadows, and a dark green pencil.Makeup with multiple shades of green

Making your own beautiful make-up using green shadows is quite simple, they can diversify the image, emphasize the dignity of their owner. It will only take attention to a number of nuances, thanks to which vegetable shades will be appropriate in both day and evening makeup.

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