The best makeup options for blue eyes

Кошачий глаз Eyes

Blue eyes are rightfully considered very rare and beautiful, because only a recessive gene gives such a unique color. It is similar to blue, but has a more saturated pigment. For girls with blue eyes, it is important to know what tones can be combined with them. To avoid mistakes, check out the main points for creating an image for blue-eyed people.

Makeup rules

The main testament for blue-eyed beauties, which is always worth remembering, is that you cannot choose a blue tint that matches the tone of the eye color. So your makeup will merge, and the image will turn out to be unsuccessful.

If you want to use a blue palette, lighter or darker shades than your eye color are best.

Selection of a color palette

The pigments that brighten the iris are the contrasting shades on the circle. Orange and yellow tones are ideal for blue eyes. They create strong contrast by increasing color saturation. You can also use more neutral colors from the same palette.

Cold shades are also suitable, and in this case, the makeup looks the most harmonious. But if you like this option, be sure to use black eyeliner. It will add depth to your eyes.

You can use shades of copper and gold to make blue eyes shine like gems. Don’t be afraid to use a metallic sheen. The combination of silver, starting from the inner corners of the eyes, and light gold, into which the cold color slowly flows, looks very expensive and beautiful.


Selection of shades for light and dark make-up:

  • Light coloured. If you’re looking for an elegant, delicate look, don’t be afraid of pink makeup. It can be the lightest, subtle tone or rich pink, classic Barbie color. All shades of beige and light gray are also available to you.
  • Dark. All dark tones, such as black, dark green, navy blue, brown and gray, are suitable for blue eye makeup. They perfectly emphasize their radiance.


Choosing the right cosmetics is very important. It depends on them not only how good the image will look, but also how long the makeup will last.

What cosmetics to choose blue-eyed:

  • Primer / base. Although this tool is often overlooked, it is actually necessary. The product ensures the durability of makeup.
  • Eyeliner. As mentioned above, eyeliner is very important for the intensity of eye color. She emphasizes the eyes and gives them volume. Black, blue or gold eyeliner works best with blue eyes.
  • Shadows. Choose warm or cool colors depending on the desired effect: a more contrasting or neutral look. Feel free to opt for gold or metallic eyeshadows with a glossy sheen. Purple can also be a good choice.
  • Blush. Everything is simple here. They should not be too pale or too bright. The golden mean rule for blush is unconditional.
  • Eyebrow products. Naturalness is now very popular, and this applies to eyebrows in the first place. To prevent the eyebrows from turning into a continuous spot on the face, arm yourself with special pencils or shades of a beige palette. You can use brown with gray patches.
  • Pomade. It should have a natural tone, not focus all attention on itself. So you can emphasize the blue of the eyes.

Suitable application techniques

“Cat’s eye” is one of the best ways to enhance expressiveness. To do this, draw a long line with eyeliner (you can simply apply color from the eye to the temple). Draw a thin or thick line and finish it with a raised tail. This is a great way to add depth to the look.

cat eye

To create a softer effect, you can use a pencil for “cat” makeup.

Smoky makeup also goes well with blue eyes. In this option, you can combine:

  • white and blue;
  • pearl and purple;
  • pearl and black;
  • lavender and purple etc.

As for smoky eyes, this is a great way to balance any iris color. It is better to use dark classic tones. But if such makeup is too “heavy”, he will visually narrow his eyes.

How to choose makeup for blue eyes in combination with a shade of hair?

In the evening, you can always afford a little more, including cosmetics. Colors during the day usually only slightly emphasize the natural beauty, while for the evening make-up, shades and techniques can be used much more boldly.

What colors to use at different times of the day, based on hair color:

  • Brunettes. For daily makeup, you can safely paint your eyelids in chocolate, copper or bronze. The main thing is that it does not look vulgar (you need good shading).
    When creating an evening look, dark-haired girls should not be afraid to make too “heavy” makeup. Their eyes will just look even more mysterious and seductive. For example, the arrow can be made banana-yellow with the addition of purple hues.
  • Blondes and blonds. For daytime makeup, the palette ranges from soft turquoise and purple to silver.
    Add brown, golden or burgundy tones to evening makeup: they make the look festive, but do not look defiant. For the evening, blue eyeshadow is also a good choice.
  • Brown hair and redheads. During the day, you can use noble emerald green colors, cold or dark gray shades, deep wine. For the evening, autumn and spring colors such as green, gold, brown, beige, etc. are suitable.

Makeup of the day is light strokes, only hints of color, and not its manifestation in all its glory. If you want bright juicy colors, wait for the evening.

If you don’t have the opportunity to change your look twice a day, try the classic win-win option – black arrows.

But even here you can use some tricks, for example, apply a waterproof white pencil to the mucous membrane of the eye. This makes the eyes open, bright, adds shine to them.

How to make beautiful makeup for blue eyes?

We present a selection of ideas for blue eye makeup for different occasions – for everyday life, evening out, weddings, etc. – in a variety of techniques.

Everyday make-up

The ability to apply daytime makeup is much more important than evening makeup. Since the everyday make-up is used more often, and it is “in it” that others most often see us.

How to do:

  • Apply foundation with a sponge pre-moistened with water and squeezed well. Choose a foundation with a weightless texture that is easy to blend.
Tone cream
  • Apply concealer under the eyes (use an artificial brush). Use your fingers to blend the product in a “driving” motion for a lighter coverage.
  • Add blush to the apples of your cheeks, the sides of your forehead, and the bridge of your nose. It is best to take a cream product: it looks more natural on the skin. Another option is to use a special tint.
  • Color your eyebrows with a pencil or special shadows. Use beige or light brown eyeshadow (you can use a shimmer) and blend it all over your lid. Gently apply mascara to your lashes. Do not try to achieve the effect of doll eyelashes: they are superfluous in make-up for the day.
Make up eyelashes
  • Apply nude gloss or light lipstick to your lips.
Lip gloss

Ideas for an evening look

For an evening look, we will describe the process of creating a smoky eye makeup using bright blue shadows. How to:

  • To make bright shades look saturated and not shine through, first apply a primer to the entire moving eyelid. The second option is to use matte beige eye shadow as a base or fill the entire active eyelid with a white pencil.
Beige shadows
  • Blend the cobalt shadows on the mobile eyelid and orbital line so that the outer corners remain colorless. On the outer and “clean” corners of the eyes, add a bright purple shadow. Using the brush, blend the borders of the two shades appropriately.
bright shadows
  • Apply pink shadow on the lower eyelid. Be sure to draw lines with a black waterproof pencil on the mucous membrane of the eye and in the inter-ciliary spaces of the upper and lower eyelids. If you don’t, your eyes may look sore.
  • Mark the inner corner of the eye with a silver tint. Apply mascara to your eyelashes.
  • Paint your lips with nude lipstick.

This blue-violet make-up is most suitable for girls with light hair color.

Using eyeliner

To create an interesting make-up for blue eyes, use neutral shades of shadows and rich blue eyeliner. How to make an image like this:

  • Apply concealer or foundation to your eyelids. Add a thin layer of mother-of-pearl or satin tones with delicate shades: beige, champagne, light brown. Blend the shadows, making them cover the entire eyelid.
Eyelid concealer
  • Use an eyeshadow shade one or two shades darker than the previous color. You can choose milk chocolate or light beige. Add them to the fixed eyelid from the crease, and then blend from the outer edge of the eye to get a sharp corner.
Make up the fixed eyelid
  • Choose a soft pencil in a bright tone: blue, emerald, indigo, aqua. Under the eyelid along the lash line, draw the correct arrow. It should be the same width, not too narrow and not too thick. Lightly smudge the pencil.
blue pencil
  • Gently apply black or dark brown mascara to your lashes. If by nature they are not very lush, use invoices. Also paint them with mascara from the roots to create uniformity with natural eyelashes.
Ready make
  • Apply highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes for a more intense look.
  • Paint your lips with nude lipstick. You can use peach, beige or dusty rose colors.

wedding makeup

The bride’s makeup should be soft and delicate. These are the main criteria for a wedding make-up, which it must meet.

How to do light bridal makeup:

  • Apply your regular foundation all over the face and blend well to achieve a uniform color. You can rub and spread the product with your fingers, but it is better to use a sponge or an artificial brush for this.
Apply foundation
  • If you have slight redness, moles, or pimples on your face, use concealer to hide them. Treat the area under the eyes with concealer.
cover up redness
  • Use a primer on your eyelids to make your eye makeup last as long as possible. If you don’t have it, apply a thin layer of cream powder or concealer. They also prolong the durability of makeup.
Primer for eyelids
  • Mark the upper eyelid with a brown pencil. Apply shimmery liquid eyeshadow to all moving lids and crease. You can use golden or nude tones to best highlight your eyes. Line your lash line with a brown pencil.
Eyelid pencil
  • In the inner corners of the eyes, add light shadows with a noticeable glow. They make the eyes brighter.
Shiny shadows
  • Apply mascara to your eyelashes. Line your eyebrows with a pencil in the direction of hair growth. But be careful not to make the borders too sharp.
Make up eyebrows
  • On the apples of your cheeks, apply blush in peach or any other fresh shade.
Blush on cheeks
  • Using a liquid or dry highlighter, highlight the top line of the cheekbones and blend well. Glitter should be gentle so that the image is harmonious.
Highlighter for cheekbones
  • Draw the outline of the lips with a peach-colored pencil and fill in all the lips with it. Apply a glossy lipstick of a similar shade on top.
Lips in pencil

Makeup for graduation

When thinking about blue eye makeup for prom, never forget about the style and color of the dress you are going to wear.

The tips here are:

  • Delicate outfit. Pink, nude, mother-of-pearl and other colors. For them, choose a romantic style of natural makeup. Very handy pearl eyeshadow and delicate lip gloss.
  • Red dress. Choose classic and simple makeup. Bright arrows are needed here. Lipstick should be with clothes of the same tone or be as natural as possible (shine is also suitable).
  • Sapphire, emerald and purple dresses. Don’t use too much eye makeup. The shade of the shadows should be gentle. The brightest makeup can be colored eyeliner, emphasizing the blue of the eyes. Apply a natural shade of gloss on the lips.
  • Blue dress. Choose a light shade of sand or peach. To complete the makeup, you can use natural blush and lipstick that matches your lips.
  • Brown dress with rhinestones and gold. The outfit will look great with a similar eyeshadow palette. Lips can be painted with peach or pearl gloss.
  • Black or white dress. A graduate who has chosen the classics can focus on eye makeup. In this case, a bright palette and smokey ice are welcome.

Brilliant makeup

Shiny makeup refers to the use of reflective elements on the moving eyelid or as an accent on the lower eyelid. More often used sequins of different sizes and shades. Such a make-up is suitable only for solemn moments, i.e. for an evening out.

A combination of identical shades of shadows and sparkles is popular. For example, the use of black shadows with black sparkles.

An example of a glitter makeup color palette:


Use of glitter

A quick and easy way to make your appearance spectacular and noticeable is to use glitter for the eyes. Use a damp brush to apply it on the movable eyelid. You can also draw them a thin arrow at the top or bottom (or use a shimmering eyeliner).

Use a makeup setting spray to make it last longer.

Glitter example:


Ideas for the New Year

To create a New Year’s makeup, you can use the techniques described above, except perhaps replacing the shades with more festive and sparkling ones. Photo examples of makeup for the New Year:

  • turquoise-lilac makeup with a gold accent;
  • dark blue makeup with the addition of a bright pink accent, you can complement the image with lenses with a contrasting color in the center;
pink accent
  • pink makeup using false eyelashes and rhinestones;
pink makeup
  • bright lilac-pink eye makeup;
bright lilac pink
  • makeup with dark brown shadows, gold eyeliner and a silver glitter accent on the upper eyelid;
makeup with dark brown eyeshadow
  • a softer and more delicate version using golden hues.
golden shadows

Features of makeup with arrows

Arrows in makeup have long been an everyday choice. The technique helps the eyelashes look thicker and clearer. In the daytime make-up, do not make too long arrows, they should only protrude slightly beyond the eye contour. In the evening version, their length is limited only by your desire and capabilities.

The colors for the arrows can include brown, blue, black and grey. In evening make-up, you can use bolder shades.

Helpful Hints

Below are makeup tips for different shades of blue eyes. By following them, you can make your image unsurpassed.

What goes with gray-blue eyes?

Gray-blue eyes come in different shades – from light gray to bright blue. One of the interesting features is that the eyes can change color depending on the makeup palette: from rich sky to green or even purple.

The owner of this type of eyes suits almost any color. Best Choice:

  • silver;
  • smoky gray;
  • carbonic;
  • violet;
  • aquamarine;
  • pearl;
  • taupe;
  • pink;
  • bright blue.

Cold pink gamma is great for lips.

How to emphasize blue eyes?

Bronze, sand, peach, gold and brown colors help to highlight blue eyes and make them brighter. But don’t opt ​​for a tangerine-colored foundation, especially if you have soft pink skin. It is better to experiment with bronzer and contouring.

What if the eyes are dark blue?

General recommendations for colors are the same as in the previous paragraph. If you want to make your eyes a little lighter, use shades of brown, plum, pink and gray.

It is not recommended to use bright blue and green shades in eye makeup.

Common Mistakes

Many shades are suitable for blue eye makeup, and you can experiment with them for a long time both in the daytime and in the evening. But there are mistakes that beginners often make in make-up:

  • Selection of shadows for the color of the eyes. Against the background of the same color, your eyes will not become deep and bottomless, they will simply be lost against the general background. If the wrong makeup has already been done, the situation will be saved by a wide black arrow drawn with liquid eyeliner.
  • Shadow base. There is an opinion that this product is only suitable for girls with oily skin. But without a foundation, the shadows oxidize and quickly roll off, completely disappearing at the end of the day. If you don’t have a specialty product, you can use a concealer, loose powder, or primer.
  • Outlining with liquid eyeliner. It seems to sound logical: if you want to enlarge the eyes, make the outline wider, but in practice the effect is the opposite: additional clear lines in the corners visually narrow the eyes.
    If you sum up the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, not only eyeliner, but also a pencil can play a cruel joke.
  • Feathering. Carelessly applied products will lie unevenly, which will lead to sloppy makeup. Therefore, it is worth spending time on the shading procedure in order to get a smooth and unobtrusive transition between tones after that.
  • Eye shape. If you have large eyes, but the eyelids are lowered, dark shadows on the moving eyelids will help to visually hide the volume.

Blue eyes are unusual in themselves and attract attention. Makeup for such eyes is like a setting for a gem, and a gaudy frame can spoil the whole impression. Follow our advice and do not make mistakes in the make-up.

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