Rules for creating smokey ice makeup with step by step instructions

Smoky eyes макияж глазEyes

Smokey ice or smoky eye makeup is a variant of eye makeup that is still popular today. It gives the look expressiveness and mystery, dresses the image with a special charm. The most interesting thing is that it will be appropriate for any event.
Smokey eyes eye makeup

Makeup Features

A distinctive feature of this makeup is the effect of haze, which is achieved due to the smooth transition of colors from light to dark. Classic smokey ice is done in dark gray or black, but today shadows of various colors are used to create such a make-up. It can be light colors such as beige, brown, or bright colors such as red, pink, and so on. Therefore, “smoky” makeup is no longer exclusively evening. Often it is interpreted in everyday makeup using light shadows. Smokey is complex in structure because it usually uses three shades to create a gradient. For smokey ice, you need a large set of brushes. All shadows must be shaded evenly.

Necessary set of tools and cosmetics

As with any type of makeup, smokey eyes require special types of tools. You can use any others, but the effect will not be the same. Therefore, we suggest using:

  • Kayal pencil. It is distinguished by its soft structure, which makes it possible to draw lines smoothly and blend them easily. It is best suited for summing up the mucosa.
  • Shadow palette. It can contain any colors, the main thing is that the product is of high quality, well pigmented and does not crumble.
  • Set of brushes. Choose densely packed brushes with natural bristles, they are able to gently apply the product to the eyelid. You will need several types of brushes: beveled, flat, barrel.
  • Ink. It is better to choose the one that will give the eyelashes extra volume.
  • Base for shadows. This point can be skipped, but when using the foundation, the makeup will lie down better and last longer.
  • Concealer. It can be applied to the moving eyelid if you want to achieve a denser coverage. But if you do not pursue such a goal, then you will need a concealer to correct a mistake or highlight clear boundaries.

Also for a full-fledged make-up you will need: foundation, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, highlighter and everything that you usually use for make-up.

Fundamentals of technology and nuances

To get started with makeup, you need to learn about all sorts of techniques for applying it, all of which relate to shading methods. Let’s talk about brush strokes first:

  • Slapping movements. Lightly touching the eyelids, you apply the pigment, which means that the shadows are softly imprinted on the skin. The result is not very pigmented.
  • Circular movements . These are the main movements used in this type of makeup. The movements should be smooth and describing a semicircle. This is the only way to blend the shadows well.
  • Precise lines. They are rarely used. Usually for drawing the ciliary edge and arrows.

Sometimes when shading, you can make a kind of arrow with shadows, which needs to be extended beyond the outer corner of the eye.

Mucous membrane of the eye and ciliary contour

To draw the mucosa, a pencil with a soft lead is used. Shadows are not used, as they have a “dusty” texture that can harm the eyes. For the ciliary contour, you can use both shadows and a pencil. You need to apply a thin line that will run right along the growth of the eyelashes. Products are also better to choose soft.

Blend options

If you have drawn a thin line, then you can shade it only with horizontal movements, which should not be amplitude. Use small movements. Shadows are usually shaded in a circular motion. It is better to use a brush that is densely packed with bristles. It should not be flat and even more thin.


It is not necessary to apply additional makeup on the arrows, but if you want to attract more attention, then this can be achieved with arrows. For their drawing, we suggest choosing one of three products:

  • Pencil. Of the benefits: your arrows will last a long time, there is always the opportunity to shade the product, the soft texture does not injure the eyelid, you can work out the ciliary edge.
  • Eyeliner. It gives a bright color, but such a tool cannot be shaded, besides, it is easily erased, so such arrows will not last long. But it is easy to draw straight arrows of any thickness.
  • Shadows. With their help, you can make arrows that will not stand out much, they only visually tighten the eye. Such a product does not give a bright, visible pigment.

When drawing arrows, it is best to start with the tail of the arrow, then draw a line on the moving eyelid. You can extend the arrow a little beyond the inner border of the eye. This method is used to make a more attractive cut of the eyes.

Classic instructions for creating smokey ice

All smokey eye makeups are created in approximately the same way. In some, additional details appear, but certain techniques are present everywhere. Now we will provide instructions for applying smokey ice makeup:

  1. Draw a line along the upper edge of the eyelashes with a pencil or a beveled brush, slightly extend the line beyond the outer corner of the eye. This will lengthen the shape of the eye, make the look more expressive. Then blend the product.
  2. Apply a cream shade to the area under the eyebrow.
  3. Smokey ice requires two or three shades that overlap with each other. Apply the lightest shade to the entire lid. This will require a fluffy brush.
  4. With the same brush, apply a medium shade to the middle of the eyelid, in the inner and outer corners of the eye.
  5. Place accents with the darkest colors. Apply them near the ciliary edge, on the crease of the eyelid.
  6. Duplicate the lines that were drawn with a pencil. This is necessary to achieve greater saturation.
  7. Blend the shadows so that no sharp borders are visible.
  8. Color the lower eyelid either with a pencil or with shadows of a medium-saturated shade. Blend the resulting result with a flat brush strictly in a horizontal position.
  9. Paint your eyelashes with mascara, if you wish, you can draw arrows.
  10. Correct everything that doesn’t work out with a concealer.

It even makes sense to first work out the eye makeup, and then apply the tone. Since the shadows are strewed, in this case, the previously applied tone may be spoiled, then the makeup will be difficult to fix – it will take a lot of time.

Day makeup

In the daytime version of smokey ice, pastel shades of shadows should be used. You can take these three shades: cream, beige, brown. It is important that all shades harmoniously look together. The advantage of this type is suitable for any color type: girls with fair and dark skin, blondes, brunettes. Will beautifully highlight the eyes of any color. Do not apply a lot of dark shadows above the moving eyelid, this is unacceptable for daytime makeup. This technique is best left for makeup on the way out.

Evening smoky ice

Classic black smoky ice can be a great solution for the evening. It will fit well in a bohemian event. For such a makeup, you need a base under the shadows, so the makeup will last longer. Moreover, the base will help to achieve more saturated colors. If you are afraid to use black shadows, then you can replace them with brown ones. Color combinations can be as follows: gray and brown, beige and brown, but in this case the colors should be saturated. The final feature can be arrows or shimmer shadows, they will turn an ordinary image into an image for going out.

New Year’s option

It is somewhat similar to evening, but in addition to strict shades, you can use bright ones. Such as cherry, blue, pink and many others. With any bright color, a brown base will always be in harmony. When choosing bright shades, instead of black shadows, it is better to use dark gray. They won’t draw attention to themselves. Makeup can be supplemented with arrows, it is best to draw them with eyeliner. Large sequins that should be applied to the corners of the eyes will also look good.

Smokey eye color

To choose the right shade of shadows and pencil, you need to take into account the color of the girl’s eyes. It is important that in such a rich make-up the eyes do not get lost, but rather become the main object.

But sometimes you can go against the rules, in some cases it really looks beautiful and interesting.

For blue and gray

Owners of such eyes can apply classic black smoky makeup. This is more suitable for evening make-up. Brown shadows will look good, as they soften the color of the eyes. This eye makeup can even be worn daily, especially if you apply a little product. Lighter shades such as pink, beige, gold and silver can be used without hesitation. They will always look beautiful with your eyes. Shadows that match the color of your eyes are best not applied. Therefore, do not use blue or blue shadows, they will muffle the color of the eyes, they will not emphasize it at all.

For the green

Your eyes can be emphasized with a combination of gray, brown and black shades. Bronze shadows can be replaced with black, then makeup is suitable for every day. Avoid using green and blue shadows. Also, girls with bright eyes should neglect bright lipsticks paired with such makeup. Such an image threatens to look vulgar.

For brown

In the makeup of brown eyes, do not be afraid of bright, saturated colors. The dark shade of the eyes will balance any makeup. Especially if you have dark skin, then bronze and brown colors in combination will be a light make-up for you every day. Even catchy colors: blue, green, burgundy will look good with this eye color, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Smokey eyes

With makeup like smokey ice, it is important to consider the shape of the eyes. Because the application technique just depends on this. After all, the main thing is that the makeup looks beautiful on the girl.

For the impending age

In this case, the main task of makeup is to lift the eyelid and remove its excess volume, that is, by all means to make the look open. For this:

  • Apply the darkest shade from the color palette of your choice to the moving eyelid.
  • Blend the intermediate color along the orbital line. This will open up the look.
  • Blend the shadows so that there are no clear boundaries.

For close-set eyes

In this case, you need to try to visually increase the space between the eyes. This can be done with light shadows. That is, instead of dark shadows, apply light shadows to the inner corner of the eye. Well, if they are with a shiny texture. Apply dark shadows only to the outer corner of the eye and try to make a shadow stretch to the temples. This will further open up your eyes.
for closely spaced eyes

Big and wide eyes

If your eyes really stand out against the background of your face, then smokey ice will help reduce their size a little. But for this you need to choose the right technique for shading and applying shadows. To narrow your eyes, you need to heed the following tips:

  • Do not blend the shadows, going up. This technique will only make the eyes look even bigger. On the contrary, you need to take them closer to the temporal bone.
  • Paint over the ciliary contour with a pencil. This will also visually narrow your eyes.

Dropped corners

In this case, you just need to work with the outer corners of the eyes. To make a lifting effect you need:

  • Blend the shadows in a diagonal direction, towards the temples.
  • It is not necessary to darken the outer corner of the eye from below, this will only accentuate the lowered corners, which we are trying to avoid.
  • In this case, the lower eyelid is not recommended to paint.

Asian eyes

The makeup of this type of eye is very complex, because there are many nuances for it:

  • Try to blend the shadows up, this will increase the size of the eyes. But do not overdo it, do not stretch the shade much higher than the moving eyelid.
  • Don’t roll your eyes. Additional eyeliner of the upper and lower eyelids will only narrow the eyes.

Smokey eye color makeup

A more familiar version of smoky makeup is black. But he’s not the only one. There are many variations of smokey ice in various colors.


Such makeup can even be suitable for every day. It will look harmonious with any color of hair and eyes. When using brown, you should avoid its red undertone. He is able to create a painful look.


It looks like a universal – black version. Under the color of the eyes you need to choose different shades of gray. Here is a little guide:

  • For brown-eyed people, it is better to choose darker shades, such as graphite. And green-eyed – light.
  • Blue-eyed girls are lucky in this regard. Their eye color will look great with all shades of gray.


In particular, the blue tint will look good with brown eyes. Girls with light eyes should use blue in their makeup with caution.


Olive and copper are great to emphasize the depth of brown eyes. Girls with green and blue eyes need to be careful when choosing a shade of green. Since there is a risk that the eyes will be lost against the background of shadows.


Suitable to highlight any eye color. The color can become versatile and used in everyday makeup, especially if the shadows are not highly pigmented. Also golden, we are talking about a rich shade, can be the main element to complement any other type of makeup.


For girls with light eyes, it is important not to overdo it with the product, it is better to use it to add an accent to the image. But you don’t need to completely build the makeup concept on this shade. There are no restrictions for brown-eyed girls. Burgundy can be used as an accent and as a full make-up unit.


Such a bright and eye-catching color will suit all girls without exception. He will be able to add new colors to the image and emphasize the color of the eyes.

Smokey ice with pigment

In this type of makeup, ordinary black smoky ice is used as the basis. But as an experiment, you can add pigment to light shadows. Pigment, that is, eye shadow, is applied after the completion of all eye makeup. Usually use shadows with large sequins, they are applied with fingers or a dense brush.

Basic Mistakes

In such a common type of makeup as smokey ice, girls make mistakes. Here are some examples of such errors:

  • Don’t base. For such a rich make-up, which uses many shades of shadows, you need a gel or cream base. It will allow the shadows to stay on throughout the day and not crumble.
  • Do the shading with a brush. Makeup technique involves the use of at least two brushes. At the same time, brushes for shading should be dense.
  • Wrong shading direction. The direction of shading the shadows depends on the shape of the eyes. In most cases, you need to cast shadows to the temporal bone.
  • Reluctance to practice. Such makeup is difficult to perform, so you need to practice applying it often.

Pro Tips

To achieve the perfect smokey ice, you need to heed the advice of professionals, because they have more experience:

  • Do makeup only in a well-lit area. This is necessary to get the same, uniform shade on both eyes. To do this, the light must be direct, it can come from a window or from a lamp.
  • Prepare your skin. The skin on the eyelids, as well as on the entire face, can be dry. Therefore, before applying makeup, you must first moisturize it. If this is not done, then the entire makeup can roll up.
  • Apply primer. This tool will set your makeup and help it stay on the skin for as long as possible.
  • Use dry shadows. Cream and liquid shadows will not be in place here. They are replaced by dry, loose shadows, only they can be easily shaded.
  • For blending, use only brushes. There are many devices for shading. Everything is used: from sponges to fingers. But the correct and uniform effect can only be achieved through the use of brushes. Their soft texture is great for creating a gradient.
  • Follow the rule of contrasts. Smokey ice itself is very bright and heavy makeup, so you should not overload your face with additional accents, such as lipstick, glitter with glitter, and so on. Nude lipsticks or delicate lip glosses will look much better.

Smokey ice can become an excellent companion for both an evening event and every day. If you apply it correctly, you can emphasize the successful features of the face and eliminate the shortcomings. But never be discouraged if the first time did not achieve the desired result.

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