Tips and step by step examples of wedding makeup for blue eyes

Свадебный макияж для блондинки с голубыми глазамиEyes

The image of the bride is truly charming and bewitching. Any girl dreams of being a queen at her wedding and attracting the admiring glances of the guests. To make the blue-eyed bride’s wedding makeup stylish, durable and beautiful, just listen to the advice of makeup artists and follow the step-by-step instructions from our article.

Is a makeup artist required for a wedding?

It all depends on the skills of the bride, and her desires. Someone can easily cope with the task of wedding makeup on their own, and someone will simply need the services of a makeup artist.
Bride doing makeupThe services of a makeup specialist include the creation of a full-fledged image, which will greatly facilitate the preparation for wedding events. The master knows how to hide flaws and emphasize the merits, so that the makeup looks good at the ceremony, at the photo shoot, and during the festive fun.

A professional make-up will also allow you to see a “new you”, a makeup artist will help you decide on an image that in real life you would not dare to try on yourself.

The basic principles of makeup for blue-eyed brides

It happens that wedding events last until late at night, persistent makeup in this case is simply necessary. To make the image of the bride the embodiment of tenderness, and blue eyes become bottomless, like the sea, remember some important details of the wedding make-up:

  • Decide immediately on the main palette. And remember that dark shades for blue eyes will be superfluous, they are more suitable for brown-eyed brides. Black eyeliner and mascara will make blue eyes look smaller and look unnatural.
  • Do not abuse strongly bright shades and colors. It looks catchy and defiant. Focus on one detail, such as unusual shadows, and simply complement the rest of the makeup with nude tones.
  • Makeup for a wedding should not look vulgar. And be associated with the image for a club party. Such images are generally not suitable for blue-eyed girls, their natural virtues may be lost. If you use softer, discreet tones, it will emphasize your blue eyes and bridal makeup in general.
  • The bride should not look like a porcelain doll. No need to create an image of a model, this can destroy the natural beauty and tenderness. When applying foundation, make-up base, it is important to maintain the natural tone of the face. Moles, freckles and some of your features should not be hidden under a ton of makeup, try to beat them profitably.
  • If you want to visually enlarge your blue eyes. It will be enough to draw neat small arrows with a pencil. It is better not to use dark shadows on blue eyes, they can greatly increase the eyelid.
  • Choose natural blush colors. Closer to cold shades.

When creating wedding makeup, stick to a certain palette. It is better to highlight the eyes first of all, because the blue color is quite rare. This will emphasize the tenderness and innocence in the look of the bride and divert attention from minor flaws in the face.

Wedding makeup for blue eyes, taking into account the color type

In order to choose the right cosmetics and decide on the wedding look, it is important to find out the color type of the bride. Not only blond beauties have cold shades of eyes, such an iris is often found in brunettes. Their make-up tones will differ significantly. There are also different shades of the eyes themselves.

For grey-blue eyes

The fair sex with gray-blue eyes can use almost all tones, any saturation and brightness, so you can choose shades that match the color of the outfit and accessories. Azure shades will look great on gray-blue eyes, but the palette must also include:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • blue;
  • steel;
  • silver.

For green-blue eyes

The beautiful owner of green-blue eyes probably knows that you can decorate the eyelid with light colors. In the inner corner of the eye, you can make bright lines and, with the help of mascara and a drawn thin arrow, highlight the growth line of the eyelashes and the upper eyelid.

Colors should not merge with the color of the eyes, they should frame them favorably.

For blondes

To emphasize the natural beauty of a blue-eyed blonde, you do not need to use a lot of makeup. Initially, nature rewarded her with a gentle appearance.
Wedding makeup for a blonde with blue eyesExperts say that the lighter the hair color, the more natural the wedding makeup should be, so you can use the following tips:

  • Give up black pencil and dark shadows – it is better to use a brown pencil and mascara with minimal application.
  • Shadows use light, gray or beige colors – bright colors are best avoided.
  • If the skin is light, use a light blush of a natural shade, choose a lipstick according to the same principle.
  • Do not make your eyebrows too expressive – lightly tint them with a brown pencil.

For brunettes

Dark-haired blue-eyed beauties look very impressive even without makeup, and attract attention. This combination is the rarest. To emphasize their beauty, you can use bright shades:

  • Shadows can be used in gray, brown or metallic shades, gold color is also great – it can be distributed over the upper eyelid.
  • Use a black, dark brown or blue pencil as an eyeliner.
  • For an expressive look, apply mascara in two layers.
  • Blush can be used saturated – if the skin is dark, if it is light, then shades closer to natural are used.

For redheads and brown-haired women

To make the look of a blue-eyed brown-haired woman more expressive, it is recommended to focus on the eyes. For a natural, romantic image of the bride, brown-haired women are recommended to use a minimum of cosmetics, this will emphasize her beauty. Shadows will suit a metallic shade or dark gray. Red-haired beauties are bright by nature. You can complement the image by emphasizing the eyebrows. You will achieve the most natural make-up by using mascara and a brown pencil. Choose peach shades for lipstick and blush, pale pink is also suitable.

For fair-haired

For light brown hair in the image you need lightness and minimalism. Sand, brick, orange spectrum of shadows will go well with light beige shadows on the lower eyelid and brown eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Mascara can be matched to the tone of the pencil, apply it only on the upper eyelashes.

Necessary cosmetics and their choice

High-quality cosmetics is the key to successful and lasting makeup. Now the market for cosmetics is so large that the bride can choose any option to suit her style and taste. Consider the main components of the “wedding makeup bag”:

  • Makeup base. With a good base, you can hide almost all skin imperfections. But before applying decorative cosmetics, take care of a moisturizer and makeup base. They will help even out the tone of the face, remove excessive dryness or oiliness and prevent cosmetics from rolling off.
  • Base for shadows. This is the key to perfect eye makeup. When using it, skin irregularities are smoothed out, the shadows become brighter, do not roll down. If you have dry or oily eyelid skin, then the eyeshadow base can become an essential attribute of your cosmetic bag.
  • Shadows. When choosing eye shadow, it is important to remember that light colors help to make the eyes look bigger, while dark ones, on the contrary, make them smaller. On the entire eyelid, apply only light shadows at once, for example, beige, gold, light blue or gray. More saturated colors of the shadows are best applied to the outer corners of the upper eyelids. Do not forget to blend everything well so that transitions are not visible.
  • Eyeliner and eyeliner. It is better to use golden colors, browns and grays. Black eyeliner on blue eyes will look unnatural. Circle the lower eyelid with a shading pencil.
  • Eyebrow pencil. It is best to do eyebrow correction a few days before the holiday so that redness and swelling can go away. When applying bridal makeup, use a pencil that matches your hair color. This will make the contours of the eyebrows more clear, and the gaps will be masked.
  • Ink. It is desirable that it is waterproof and does not spread during long wedding events. You can use classic black for expressiveness of the eyes, and if you want to create an effect of discreet softness, then it is better to use gray or brown mascara.
  • Lip gloss and lipstick. Blue-eyed beauties should pay attention to colors that are close to their natural ones. For example, pink or beige. For a small correction of the lips, you can use a special pencil, it will also help to increase the volume.
  • Blush. Natural shades are best suited. The most optimal tones are light pink and beige. Reflective powder will help hide small skin imperfections.

All these cosmetics are applied with special brushes, do not underestimate their role in creating makeup. It is best to use brushes with natural bristles.
Makeup brushesSynthetic brush is suitable for oily skin. In total, the bride’s cosmetic bag should have about 9 makeup brushes, for:

  • applying shadows;
  • shading shadows;
  • applying tonal means;
  • shading foundation and foundation, etc.

To create the perfect makeup, you should start preparing it long before the celebration. It is necessary to come up with a complete image in advance – from shoes to hairstyles. Makeup plays an important role in this process and with the right choice will emphasize the beauty of the bride. Consider the most popular options.


For universal makeup, it is best to choose natural tones, then they will look harmonious on any bride. Light, thin make-up is most suitable, which will emphasize the softness of the face and the expressiveness of the look. Here you can use nude makeup.

Nude makeup is suitable for almost all girls. Its delicate lines gently emphasize the eyelashes, lips, eyebrows.

How to make a natural make-up:

  1. Use makeup base and tone. They must completely merge with the skin so that there is no mask effect.
  2. Use natural colors for eyelashes and eyeliner, apply shades of brown or beige on the eyelids. Blend all transitions with a soft brush.
  3. Draw a soft arrow, a thin line, without pressure.
  4. Apply lipstick. It should not be very bright or, conversely, too pale. When choosing a color, be based on your natural data. To make lipstick last longer, use a lip liner.

Video tutorial for nude makeup for blue eyes:

Delicate in pink

This makeup will also highlight the natural beauty of the bride when using subtle shades in the makeup. Perfect for grey-blue eyes. Applying make-up takes place in stages:

  1. Use a moisturizing tonal foundation, it will saturate the skin with moisture and hide minor imperfections.
  2. Apply eye shadow in warm colors. They perfectly emphasize the natural curve of the eyelids. You can choose a color that will be combined with the iris of the eyes (but not merge with it).
  3. Use peach or soft pink blush. These shades will emphasize innocence in the image and give freshness to the face.
  4. For showiness, apply a shimmer or highlighter to the cheekbones and eyelid area. Mineral powder will help to hide excessive shine.
  5. The color of lipstick to create a delicate look is suitable for natural light pink, peach, salmon. Use rich textures to keep lipstick from smudging and smearing.

Video of a master class on creating pale pink makeup for a wedding:

Smokey ice in gold color

For blue eyes in smokey ice makeup in gold tones, it is preferable to use soft shades of golden metallic. The color of the shadows should harmonize well with the eyes.

Makeup will look great on green-blue and pure blue eyes.

The sequence of execution of the “golden smokey”:

  1. Prepare your skin. Apply foundation.
  2. Cover the entire upper eyelid with a metallic gold tone. To give expressiveness, add a darker shade to the crease. Blend well so that the transition is as smooth as possible.
  3. Cover the inner corner of the eye with a lighter golden tint, so the look will become open and radiant.
  4. Instead of eyeliner, it is best to use liquid eyeliner. From the outer corner of the eye to the inner, draw a clear line. The lower eyelid can be painted over with black eye shadow. This will enhance the expressiveness of the look and eye makeup will be more resistant.
  5. Apply black mascara to the eyelashes, slightly bending them up. Carefully comb the dyed eyelashes.
  6. Apply lipstick in a natural shade. Maybe with a hint of gold.

A good example of applying golden smokey ice:

with arrows

For green and gray-blue eyes, the option with feathered arrows is perfect. The pencil must be well sharpened. What shades to use:

  • indigo;
  • ultramarine;
  • aquamarine.

How to:

  1. Prepare your skin and apply foundation.
  2. Make up the upper eyelid with the most expressive shade, cover the lower eyelid with a more muted color. The rest of the make-up tones can be pastel.
  3. Choose a brown pencil, and always black ink.
  4. Use blush to match your lips, pale pink shades will look good.

Let’s take a look at how to do wedding makeup with arrows for blue eyes:

Tips and rules for flawless makeup

In order for the makeup to be flawless and last until the end of all solemn wedding events, take into account the advice of experienced makeup artists and follow certain rules when applying. Makeup artist recommendations:

  • Start preparing your skin well in advance of your wedding events. It’s better not to do a deep clean, you can just visit a beautician and get some spa skin treatments.
  • Apply a quality foundation and foundation. To maximize the correction of imperfections on the face. If there are dark circles under the eyes, use special correctors.
  • It is best to use cold shades of the palette. Silver gray colors will look especially good.
  • The trend of 2022 is the use of oils with radiant particles. This applies to both the body and the face. You can add shine to the image with a highlighter or shadows with shimmering particles. In the new season, experienced professionals recommend shining. You can use decorative elements in makeup, such as rhinestones or sequins.
  • Do not make more than two bright accents in makeup for blue eyes. Otherwise, the whole essence of such a make-up will be lost.
  • Arrows are relevant in the new season. You can experiment with a long top arrow. You can apply eyeliner all over the eyelid or draw only the arrow itself.
  • The color of the lipstick is chosen based on what the focus is on. If it is in front of your eyes, then choose a light lipstick, but if it is on your lips, you can choose a bright saturated color of lipstick. One of the trends of the 2022 season is cherry hue. But do not forget to use a special pencil so that the lip contour is clear.

Star photo examples of blue eye makeup

If you want to use the option of ready-made makeup, then just for you we have created a selection of stellar examples of makeup for blue eyes that are suitable for a wedding event. Christina Aguilera prefers to emphasize the cheekbones, chin and bridge of the nose with a radiant bronzer. Brings the eyes along the contour and uses false beams. A peach lip gloss completes her look perfectly.
Makeup on Christina AguileraCara Delevingne’s eyebrows will easily overshadow all makeup. If you also become the owner of falcon eyebrows, then it will be enough just to lay them with a gel, no additional funds are required. Instead of lipstick, you can use a lip liner. Bundles of natural eyelashes perfectly emphasize the eyes.
Cara DelevingneWhat kind of bride will be at the wedding, mainly depends on her personal preferences and desires. If everything is thought out in advance, including makeup, then there will be no unpleasant surprises before the celebration. Be sure to rehearse makeup – apply it at least a couple of times before the wedding to outline your hand.

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