How to apply evening makeup for blue eyes?

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The blue color of the eyes already attracts attention in itself. To make the look even more expressive will help the evening make-up, made in accordance with all the rules. Read about them in our article, thanks to which you will learn how to create amazing images.

General rules for creating evening makeup for blue eyes

One of the main rules is to use high-quality cosmetic products and brushes that will not turn even a perfectly applied make-up into dirt.

evening make-up

Choose for yourself several palettes of 9 colors, which you will alternate in both evening and daytime makeup. So you can always create an interesting and attractive image.

Avoid using only metallic shadows and overly dark smoky eyes.

Pros of makeup for blue eyes:

  • you can use any application techniques and styles, most of which will look perfect;
  • a long list of suitable shades, there are almost no exceptions;
  • evening make-up does not require huge efforts to emphasize the beauty of the eyes;
  • by choosing the right color of the shadows, you can create the illusion of a rich purple hue of the iris.

Cons of makeup for blue eyes:

  • any expansion and redness of the vessels are visible, which gives a tired look;
  • sloppy makeup will be too noticeable.

To fix the last two points, it’s enough just to train in applying makeup and select cosmetics based on the shade of the eyes and hair color.

Suitable colors depending on the shade of the eyes

Pay attention to the undertone of your iris. This will help you combine colors in makeup in the most harmonious way.

Eye shadow for blue eyes

For blue eyes, golden and mother-of-pearl shadows are suitable, which will allow you to make a bright accent, highlight the inner corner of the eye. Use also pearl gray, green, peach shades. The latter are better to choose with a bias in pink, so they will perfectly emphasize the rich undertone.

For the same purpose, all shades of blue shadows that can be found in separate palettes are suitable.

Eye shadow for light blue eyes

Colors such as beige, pale pink, light peach, pale green, and lilac will help brighten the beauty of gray-blue eyes . In eye makeup with such an iris, brown colors can also be used, but their lighter and warmer shades.

Try not to apply too saturated shadows, it will look rough.

Shadows for green-blue eyes

Hazel-blue and green-blue eyes allow you to use more shades of green in makeup, from rich to pale grassy. Your palette should include greys, amethysts, navy blues, peach and pinks. The latter may have a pearly texture.

Makeup features depending on hair color

If you have light curls , we recommend:

  • Use pastel pinks, purples, grays and pearls.
  • Choose burgundy-wine, light chocolate and golden shades for the evening make-up. They should be on the “secondary roles” so that the whole image looks light and playful.
  • Do not use rich turquoise, green and purple tones in makeup. They will give the makeup a grotesque and artificial look. The eyes will stand out too much against the background of blond hair.

Owners of blue eyes and dark hair always attract attention, since this combination is very rare. To make it even more spectacular, we suggest following our tips:

  • For evening makeup, choose cold shades of gray, pink, blue, lavender. An excellent bright element is metallic silver shadows.
  • To make the make-up look more interesting, make it smoky. So you increase the volume of the eyes and make your look brighter.
  • If you want to quickly create an image for an event, then choose a couple of shades of shadows and a large arrow. To do this, use black eyeliner.

Blue-eyed brown- haired women can afford brighter makeup solutions. For this you will need:

  • Create a make-up from gray and light chocolate tones. This will simultaneously emphasize the color of the hair and eyes. You can add other pastel colors, the main thing is not to use too bright shades.
  • A standout element can be metallic shadows. They will look perfect on the eyelids in combination with a small arrow or with a lower eyelid lined up.
  • Choose bold decisions. It can be an uneven smoky eye interspersed with orange shadows or an unusual eyeliner color.

Options for beautiful evening makeup for blue eyes

Blue-eyed beauties are lucky, because they can use a large number of different techniques and types of makeup. Let’s talk about the most versatile, with which you will be fully equipped in any situation.

Lightweight and fast

The easiest make-up that you can do even without perfect knowledge of applying cosmetics.

simple makeup

For him:

  1. Apply an eyeshadow base to the eyelid.
  2. With a light brown shade, darken the crease above the mobile eyelid, stretching it a little closer to the eyebrow.
  3. Add a little darker color there.
  4. Blend the darkest shade of brown along the crease only a little, it should create a strong contrast.
  5. For the upper eyelid, use a shimmery gold color. Lower eyelid, without affecting the mucous membrane, bring the first shade of brown shadows and slightly blend them.
  6. Add a black arrow depending on the shape of the eyes. It can also start from the middle of the upper eyelid. The main thing is that it fits your eyes and makes them more expressive. Work the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a black kayal pencil.
  7. Add false eyelashes to your look.

with arrows

A favorite element of girls in makeup, allowing them to look like cats. Here is an example of a bright and interesting make-up with an arrow, with which you can create a really cat look.

Makeup with arrows

It’s not that hard to replicate.

  1. Beige-peach shadows paint over the upper and lower eyelids.
  2. Using a coral shade with a pearly texture, shade the crease of the upper eyelid, stretching the color closer to the eyebrows. With it, at the outer corner of the eye, form the line of the future arrow.
  3. Beige metallic shadows cover the entire upper eyelid, and bring the lower one without touching the mucous membrane.
  4. Draw a long arrow.
  5. Tint the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with black kayal.
  6. Paint your eyelashes with black mascara. You can use invoices.

To make the arrow look organic in makeup, be sure to practice on this make-up element in advance. Over time, you will understand what suits your image and emphasizes the shape of the eyes.

Watch a video on how to draw arrows correctly.


If you are doing makeup for an evening event, this does not mean that it cannot be done in delicate shades. For owners of gray-blue eyes, this is an ideal option.

nude makeup

Making it simple:

  1. Beige-brown shadows apply on the upper eyelid and its crease, shading a little to the eyebrows. Above the outer corner of the eye, form a round line, as in the first picture.
  2. Color the outer part of the eyelid a few shades darker.
  3. Blend the shadows so that the transition is not noticeable.
  4. Add a little dark shade above the orbital crease.
  5. Line the lower eyelid with a dark color as well.
  6. Apply a little green kajal to the middle of the lower eyelid. It should be pearly and light enough. This simple technique will help deepen your eye color.
  7. With a black pencil with a dryish texture, draw an arrow on the upper eyelid.
  8. Blend it in the outer corner of the eye.
  9. Cover your lashes with black mascara.

Bright (for a party)

Golden shadows will help to create a memorable make-up, which will be the main element of this make-up.

Bright makeup

To impress everyone at the party, do the following:

  1. Attach an adhesive stencil along the line of the future arrow. Fill the upper eyelid, the orbital fold and the space up to the eyebrow with a peach-bronze color.
  2. Apply black shadows with a pearly texture over the first color, leaving the inner corner of the eye unaffected.
  3. On the upper eyelid, a little further than the middle, apply a metallic eyeshadow base.
  4. Use golden color. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with a pearlescent highlighter.
  5. Draw a black arrow and add false eyelashes.

For wide-set eyes

Makeup in this case will be quite simple, aimed at making the eyes bigger. This will make them appear far apart.

For wide-set eyes

Makeup is performed in several steps:

  1. Paint over the mucous membrane of the upper eyelid with black. In the image, eyeliner was used for this, you can take a kajal.
  2. Bronze-beige shadows apply on the upper eyelid.
  3. Paint over the orbital fold with a brown tint that will be darker than bronze.
  4. Apply the darkest brown to the outer corner of the eye and blend closer to the middle.
  5. Make a small smoky arrow with black shadows.
  6. Color your eyelashes.

This makeup is perfect for the event, although it does not have too bright elements. More complex makeup is best done by a professional makeup artist.

The video shows how to visually correct the shape of the eyes with the help of cosmetics.


For women who have already celebrated their anniversary, there are many options to emphasize the look with makeup.


Making it yourself is easy:

  1. Apply brown shadows to the middle of the moving eyelid.
  2. In the inner corner of the eye, add a beige-peach shade.
  3. Dark brown, almost black, paint over the orbital fold, shading the shadows a little.
  4. Stretch the color from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the lower eyelid.
  5. Add a little more dark color.
  6. Tint the mucous membrane of the upper eyelid with black.
  7. Color your eyelashes. You can use overlays with the most natural look.

smokey ice

A classic make-up that looks great at any party.


Do your makeup like this:

  1. Apply black pearl eyeshadow all over the upper eyelid.
  2. Blend the peach shade over the orbital crease.
  3. Add it to the outer corner of the eye, forming a semblance of an arrow.
  4. Stretch the dark color to the middle of the lower eyelid. Apply highlighter to the inner corner of the eye.
  5. Emphasize the mucosa with a bronze kayal.
  6. Make up eyelashes or glue on overhead.

Thanks to these tips, you can make a great make-up for any evening event, depending on the features of your appearance. Practice often to perfect the suggested techniques and perform them quickly and easily.

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