Features and step-by-step execution of nude makeup for brown eyes

Нюдовый макияж для карих глазEyes

Every woman wants to look stunning with minimal makeup. Naturalness is in trend and it’s no secret that popular beauty bloggers, makeup artists and the fair sex, including those with brown eyes, have been preferring nude makeup for many years.

What is nude makeup?

Nude makeup is used to make the face look rested, healthy and fresh, without traces of cosmetics being visible. In other words, this is an “invisible” make-up that will emphasize your natural virtues.
Nude makeup for brown eyesMakeup in the style of “nude” can be used not only for the daytime version, but also for the evening out. With it, you will create an even tone of the face, and the eyes, lips, eyebrows and cheekbones will be favorably emphasized.

Features of nude makeup for brown eyes and the choice of cosmetics

For brown-eyed girls, nude makeup is just a godsend, since matte, beige and brown shades are perfect for them. In this case, the makeup will be as natural and gentle as possible.

On tanned skin, “nude” will look advantageous and is ideal for the summer season. If the skin is light, it is recommended to use pinkish shades with reflective particles.

So that nude makeup does not disappoint you, in addition to choosing shades and various textures, it is important to pay attention to the cosmetics that you will use to create a harmonious look:

  • Tone cream. First of all, pay attention to the type of skin. The light texture is suitable for any type, so it is best to use BB and CC creams. Dense tonal tones will not lie on the skin softly and will be visible with daytime makeup. It is recommended to apply the foundation with a damp cosmetic sponge, then it will lie evenly.
  • Eyebrow tool. With an emphasis on the eyebrows, you need to be extremely careful and not overdo it so that the eyebrows do not look like drawn. They paint over individual hairs and simply fix the shape with an eyebrow gel without a shade.
  • Shadows. Some brown-eyed beauties do not use shadows in nude makeup. But this is everyone’s choice. A palette of matte shadows is used, in which there are shades of dark chocolate, coffee, and also beige. Shadows with a radiant effect are suitable: satin, golden shimmer, metallic.
  • Eyeliner. Black eyeliner is also used, but brown or dark brown will look more natural. You can also experiment with a light gray or light brown pencil, applying it along the lash line.
  • Ink. The choice of mascara for nude makeup is small, they use either black or brown. Applied in one coat for a natural lash effect. And if you want to highlight the contour a little, then you can draw a kayal between the eyelashes.
  • Blush. Brown-eyed owners of fair skin are most suitable for pink cold shades. And for those who have darker skin, it is best to use peach shades with a redhead, shading them along the cheekbones.
  • Pomade. A minimum of color can be achieved by using a transparent lip gloss or translucent lipstick, this will add emphasis to the eyes. If you want to add a little color to the image, then you can use powdery matte lipstick. Tenderness will give a light pink or peach hue.

When choosing cosmetics for nude makeup, it is also important to pay attention to skin tone. For “dark” and “light” beauties, different shades of decorative cosmetics are suitable:

  • For the swarthy. Recommend warm and cold shades of shadows, such as metallic, beige, brown, coral. Long arrows in the Arabic style will look appropriate. For lips, it is preferable to choose a translucent lip gloss.
  • For light skinned people. It is better to choose palettes of cold tones. But for them to look good, it is important to apply them carefully. You can use colored mascara for daytime makeup. A lip tint will help to create a visual increase in the lips, if applied closer to the inside of the lip, and then covered with gloss.

Step by step nude makeup for brown eyes

Nude makeup in combination with brown eyes creates the effect of “highlighting”. The look becomes languid, brilliant and expressive. Next – a step-by-step execution of the classic “nude”.

Even tone and radiant skin

Not everyone has the perfect skin tone, without flaws and minor flaws. Her health is influenced by our rhythm of life, nutrition and other factors. In order for the face to shine no worse than that of famous models from the covers of glossy magazines, it must be prepared for applying cosmetics:

  1. Clear. Use a lotion or toner for washing. Do not rub the skin to avoid redness.
  2. Moisturize. Use a moisturizer, serum, or thermal water before makeup to keep your skin from drying out throughout the day.
  3. Even out skin color and tone. To remove small pimples or redness, use a green concealer. To apply foundation, use a damp sponge, it will evenly distribute the product, leaving no excess. Matte the nose, chin and forehead so that the gloss does not look artificial. On the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and nasolabial area, apply a foundation that is not bright in color so that it is not too catchy.

Black and white correction and blush

You can decide for yourself whether to use blush or not. Makeup artists believe that they should be barely noticeable on the face, otherwise the image will not be nude. In order not to overdo it, skill is required.
Applying blushFor sculpting, use dark and light shades:

  • we apply dark ones on the cheekbones, darken the sides of the forehead, correct the shape of the nose;
  • we make light ones under the cheekbones, on the back of the nose, on the eyelid in the center, under the eyebrow and on the dimple above the upper lip.

You can use your hands instead of blush – just rub your cheeks to give a natural blush. Or smile and lightly apply peach blush on the apples that appear.


It’s no secret that eyebrows are the frame of the face. Especially brown-eyed beauties cannot do without them in nude makeup. Thick eyebrows can be combed with a brush and laid in the right direction, fixed with a gel. If the eyebrows need additional modeling, then use the shade closest to the natural shade, they should differ by no more than 1-2 tones from the natural color. Apply with a slanted pointed brow brush. With light strokes, draw, as it were, an imitation of hairs at the beginning of the eyebrow, draw the borders and sharpen the tip of the eyebrows. You can also use a pencil, the shade should be the most suitable.


For natural makeup, there are special nude shadows. Bright ones are contraindicated in such a make-up, they will make the image unnatural. Here are some eye makeup tips:

  • You can use only a pencil and draw the space between the eyelashes, fixing the eyelashes with mascara.
  • Add a little sculptor to the outer crease of the eyelid, in the center of the eyelid. Light shadows or highlighter can be applied under the eyebrows and on the inner corner of the eye.
  • It is better to use light shades of warm tones, they are in a creamy form and blend perfectly with your fingers.
  • If you don’t use shadows, you can resort to the help of an eye primer, but it is important to remember that the shade should differ by 1-2 shades, no more.
  • Black or dark brown mascara is suitable for eyelashes, you can repeat the procedure twice, but do not allow the eyelashes to stick together and a large amount of mascara on the eyes.


To use lipstick or not – you can decide for yourself. Often lips are covered with gloss or lipstick in light transparent shades to emphasize the contour. Powdery matte lipstick is perfect for makeup in nude style. A transparent gloss or balm will focus on the eyes. Visual video tutorial on how to apply everyday nude makeup for brown eyes: https://youtu.be/eLG0sFC2PZ8

Nude evening makeup for brown eyes

Nude evening makeup differs from daytime except for one thing – the density and durability of the texture. The palette becomes more diverse and rich. You can easily change your casual or business look for a sophisticated and romantic evening look. Some tricks will help transform:

  1. Instead of powder and concealer, use a cosmetic sponge to apply foundation. Use translucent powder to set it.
  2. Add some glitter with a highlighter. This will give the image of festivity and brightness.
  3. Apply shadows. Chocolate, brown, beige, gray, gold and bronze shades are allowed. You can use several at the same time. Dry shadows can be replaced with cream ones.
  4. Coat your lashes with mascara. Perfect for black and dark brown.
  5. Apply matte nude or beige lipstick.

More details in a step-by-step video: https://youtu.be/U9-pSpxruMY This make-up is suitable for business-type girls who need to quickly transform for an important event, dinner or just an evening walk.

The nuances of nude makeup for brown eyes with features

A lot of factors affect the final result of makeup. It is important to pay attention to the cut of the eye, their fit. Small adjustments will help correct minor problems and emphasize advantages.

With an impending age

A fairly common phenomenon is an overhanging eyelid, when it completely or partially covers the upper crease. Because of this, the look becomes tired and heavy, brown eyes no longer look so expressive. To correct this small nuance, follow the following rules:

  • we focus on the lips;
  • raised eyebrows will distract from the lack, but they should not be too thick;
  • light shadows are applied to the movable eyelid and under the eyebrow;
  • from the middle to the outer corner, blend a darker shade;
  • in the fold, expanding to the outer corner of the eye, apply the darkest shade, not bringing it to the inner;
  • bring the lower eyelid with the same color and blend all the transitions;
  • draw a path that points upwards;
  • cover the eyelashes of the upper eyelid with mascara in two layers, the lower one – in one.

Video instruction of nude makeup for the impending century: https://youtu.be/2Sf4MNvN680

Eyes close to the bridge of the nose

To create a proportional image and visually increase the distance between brown eyes located close to the bridge of the nose, it is important to remember the following nuances:

  1. With light shades without a mother-of-pearl tint, paint the inner corner and the middle of the moving eyelid.
  2. At the bridge of the nose, the eyebrows should be thinner, and the outer part should be longer, draw it with a pencil.
  3. Paint the outer corners with dark shades and do not blend.
  4. If necessary, draw arrows, they are thickened in the middle.
  5. Thickly paint over the outer corners of the eyelashes, inner – in one layer.
  6. Using a pencil or liner on the outside, cover a third of the lower eyelid with a dark shade, capturing half of the upper eyelid from the outside.

Video instruction: https://youtu.be/5Jjk2MQw8SI

Wide-set eyes

If you choose the right nude makeup for wide-set eyes, you can return the correct proportions of the face. Use these tips when painting:

  • The eyebrow line should be elongated, and use gel to fix it.
  • After applying the base on the eyelid, use shadows of a light and dark shade – light ones are applied to the outer corner, dark ones – until the middle of the eyelid, be sure to blend the border.
  • The arrow should be thicker inside, and thinner on the outside, you should not extend it beyond the outer corner.
  • Eyelashes are covered in two layers.

Most of all, wide-set eyes are suitable for makeup options made in the style of “cat’s eye”, “smoky eyes”, in oriental style. Video instruction: https://youtu.be/OtxLnToeL3c

Deep set eyes

It will be absolutely easy for girls with such a feature to make a high-quality make-up at home. Especially if you follow the rules:

  • Do not use more than three shades of shadows, this can overload the image.
  • For brown eyes, use two shades: for the inner corner of the eye – light, for the outer – darker, the border is shaded.
  • Paint the upper eyelashes with mascara for volume, the lower ones can be slightly lengthened in the corners along the outer edge.

How to make up for deep set eyes: https://youtu.be/8nCMSiMcyQU

Small eyes

To visually enlarge small eyes, makeup in the style of “smoky eyes” is suitable. There is an opinion that this makeup is exclusively evening. But makeup artists have long come up with a “daytime” version, the application technique of which is as follows:

  1. Apply a natural shade of eyeshadow on the upper eyelid to look like a slight haze.
  2. Use dark shadows as eyeliner.
  3. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with light shadows.
  4. Brown mascara is suitable for daytime makeup.

These simple techniques will hide any flaw and help you look stunning.

Video instruction: https://youtu.be/4WlVHB4COBs

Features of brown-eyed nude makeup with different hair colors

For high-quality nude makeup, you should pay attention not only to eye color, but also to hair color. Depending on it, the color palette used in makeup changes.

For blondes

If you choose the wrong approach in makeup, then blond hair can merge with the face. To prevent this from happening, pay attention to the following points:

  • highlight the face with contouring: cover the cheekbones, the sides of the face with a dark shade, treat those areas that protrude with a light one;
  • paint brown eyes with natural shades of shadows, you can use dark ones;
  • draw arrows along the ciliary edge, but they should be thin and neat;
  • use brown mascara;
  • lips can be painted with a pink tint or a transparent gloss.

For brunettes

For dark hair, when using cosmetics, it is important to emphasize the natural brightness in appearance. And pay attention to the following:

  • highlight eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • shade the contours with a brush to avoid clear lines, it will look unnatural;
  • paint eyelids with matte beige or peach shades;
  • flaws are better visible on the face against the background of dark hair, so use a corrector, powder and foundation, choosing the right tone;
  • apply a bronzer blush on your cheekbones to hide the pallor of the skin.

For brown-haired women

For brown-haired women, nude makeup is most suitable. Pastel colors when choosing cosmetics are preferable. The following features will help with the choice and technique of applying make-up:

  • stop the choice on a foundation that is lighter than the skin by one tone;
  • paint eyebrows and eyelashes with a brown pencil;
  • use beige shadows with reflective particles;
  • blush in beige shades is best suited;
  • lipstick choose a soft pink shade or use a transparent gloss.

For redheads

Representatives of red hair will not need especially a lot of cosmetics. Sometimes just touching up the lashes is enough. But if you want to make an interesting image, then remember some rules:

  • choose shadows in sand colors, give preference to sand or pink;
  • shadows similar to your hair or eye color will not look good;
  • shading with a hazy effect is ideal for daytime makeup;
  • underline the eyes with a brown kayal pencil;
  • soft pink or coral lipstick will perfectly complete the look.Nude makeup for redheads

The main mistakes when applying nude makeup

If you are a beginner, then in makeup you will encounter some mistakes at first. Consider the most common ones to avoid when working with nude makeup:

  • Shadows of orange color – they generally go to very few people in evening looks, and even more so in daytime ones.
  • When choosing lipstick, shadows, blush, do not take bright pink shades – because of them, the image may seem vulgar.
  • If you want to do a complex make-up, but before that you had no practice, and an important event is already approaching, it is better to seek help from a professional make-up artist.
  • The image will look indistinct if you mix warm and cold tones.
  • If you’ve changed your hair color, don’t forget to change your makeup to match your new look.

Makeup Tips

To make everyday looks perfect, you should follow the recommendations from leading experts in the field of makeup. They are:

  • Choosing the right color scheme. Successful makeup directly depends on the shades of cosmetics that you have chosen. To save money, you can buy monopallets, they are now popular and are produced by well-known brands. You can also purchase shadows separately.
  • Working with technology. Constant practice at home will help you quickly “fill your hand” and learn how to do makeup correctly, without making much effort.
  • Isolation of sunburn. Owners of dark skin can use a bronzer or regular self-tanner. This will favorably emphasize the complexion and contours.

Nude makeup for brown eyes is easy to do. Thanks to the knowledge gained, you will create your own unique image that will allow you to look spectacular and unique. “Nude” can be easily chosen specifically for your type, and patience and practice will help bring it to life.

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