Rules and options for applying smokey ice for blue eyes

Smoky eyes для голубых глазEyes

If you have blue eyes and want to effectively complement your festive or everyday look, then the smoky ice makeup technique is exactly what you need. This popular smoky make-up will refresh and give expression to the look. A little skill and following step-by-step instructions, and your image will be perfect.
Smokey eyes for blue eyes

Features of smokey ice for blue eyes

The smoky eye makeup technique involves a smooth transition from light shades to dark ones. The advantage of this makeup is the variety of the palette. You can start with dark matte tones and move on to bolder blues, purples, greens. For blue eyes, there are some features that must be considered when applying makeup:

  • Do not use dark shadows in the daytime. This can emphasize your possible flaws, and the image will look defiant.
  • Literacy of the design of the application area. For example, in evening make-up it is possible to apply shadows under the eyebrows, while in daytime it can look vulgar.
  • When choosing a color palette, consider hair color. The lighter your hair color, the lighter the shade of the shadows you use should be.
  • Blondes are better off using brown mascara instead of black. Blue eyes will look even brighter.
  • In smoky makeup, clear lines should be avoided. Make sure that all transitions are well shaded, and they are not visible.
  • Moisturize and take care of your skin. Although this technique focuses on the eyes, it is very important that the skin looks well-groomed. Only then will the makeup look spectacular.

Initially, smokey ice was used for photo shoots and filming. Now it is adapted to any image and is combined with any kind of haircuts and hairstyles. There are many varieties of smoky make-up. Classic:

  • evening – it is permissible to use sparkles, bright pigments, monochrome makeup;
  • daytime – light smokey, according to the application technique it is similar to evening, only soft and light shades of shadows are used.

Now there are new varieties:

  • smoky arrows;
  • smokey ice light;
  • Oriental;
  • color.

Smokey ice is also divided by color:

  • black – classic, a black palette of shadows is selected for applying makeup;
  • brown – saturated, especially suitable for brown-eyed girls;
  • green – a noble color, it is good to use shadows with sparkles;
  • purple – an alternative to black, but a more expressive shade that suits almost all eye colors;
  • blue – perfect for blue, blue and brown eyes, making them more piercing;
  • red – the most outrageous, not suitable for everyone, it is important to choose the right shade of red.

There are a lot of smokey ice makeup ideas. The result will look spectacular and luxurious with the right application and choosing the right color for your image.

General rules for creating makeup

In order for your smoky eye makeup to exceed all expectations, it is important to follow certain rules when applying cosmetics. They are the following:

  • Always use concealer before applying makeup. It will mask dark circles under the eyes and refresh the look.
  • Use primer or eyeshadow base. This is important because the shadows in smoky makeup are rich and vibrant, and they need extra support for staying power. Thanks to the primer, eye makeup will last until the evening.
  • When using two shadows, good shading is important. To ensure smooth transitions.
  • It is best to use matte shadows. Which are easier to shade into a haze. If the shadows are with a mother-of-pearl shade or sparkles, then the makeup will be too festive.
  • An accent color will help add expressiveness to the look. And emphasize the color of the eyes. It is well suited for evening makeup, in which case makeup artists recommend using pigment, since it is richer than ordinary shadows and will look spectacular even in subdued light.
  • Make the color of the shadows as intense as possible around the eye contour and in the outer corners. In order not to get a “panda” make-up as a result. Already closer to the periphery, the color should fade away.

Also, when applying makeup using the smoky ice technique, it is important to consider the shape of the eyes. Therefore, there are some features:

  • If you have a hanging eyelid. Apply shadows just above the crease, thereby visually, as it were, “open” the look. Use matte shades and mix them with other color pigments.
  • If you have small eyes. Focus on light colors. And do not forget to apply highlighter under the eyebrow and in the outer corner.
  • With close-set eyes. The area that is close to the temples is darkened, and the space near the back of the nose is highlighted. Shadows with a shimmery structure will look very good.
  • With far-set eyes. Traits need to be balanced. A dark accent is made in the region of the third eyelid, and a smooth transition to pastel colors is used along the lash line.

Performing smokey ice makeup does not require special skills, just remember some of the nuances and you will bewitch and attract admiring glances.

Choosing a color palette for blue eyes

In makeup, the selection of color is carried out taking into account the shade of the eyes and the color of the clothes. This principle is considered the most win-win, but mistakes are often made in it. Consider the main color palette for different types of appearance:

  • Pronounced blue eyes. Some blue-eyed fashionistas mistakenly select blue and blue eyeshadows for makeup. Often (especially with a non-professional approach), this color looks vulgar. It is best to use brown, gold, sand, pink tones for daytime smokey. In evening make-up, a piercing look will help create black, steel, coal shades. For a festive look, you can use gold and silver shadows, but in moderation.
  • Grey-blue. Green shades will reveal the beauty of the eyes, they will contrast with the iris. You can use mother-of-pearl tones, and cover the corners of the eyes with light shadows.
  • Green-blue. In daytime makeup, give preference to light colors: beige, golden, brown. For evening make-up, it is recommended to use lilac and lilac shades, they will shade green-blue eyes well.
  • Blondes. Blonde ladies can use pearl, steel, silver shades, as well as cream. Take a pencil in dark gray or anthracite. In the evening make-up, chocolate and golden shadows are suitable.
  • Brunettes. An excellent solution would be shades of lavender and gray. If you have fair skin, then it is better to avoid brown and gold shadows. For an evening make-up, turquoise shades are suitable.
  • Brown hair. It is better to use warm colors, for example, beige, golden, coffee.
  • Ginger. Most suitable are golden and bronze scales, as well as brick shades. In the evening make-up, you can add shine.
  • Fair-haired. Representatives of this hair color will advantageously emphasize their blue eyes with pearl gray tones. Gray-burgundy shadows and the corner of the outer eyelid highlighted with white kayala are the perfect combination.

Palette for blue eyesAlso, when applying makeup using the smoky ice technique, it is important to consider skin tone. For fair-skinned and blue-eyed beauties, makeup artists recommend using the following tones:

  • lilac;
  • light green;
  • emerald;
  • silver;
  • pink.

Swarthy and tanned girls are well suited:

  • brown;
  • salmon;
  • gold;
  • honey;
  • Orange.

Now that you have found the perfect palette for your color type, you can start creating a charming look.

Required tools and cosmetics

If you want your makeup to be durable, look good and reach an artistic level, then it is better to choose high-quality cosmetics and tools. Before you perform smoky makeup, prepare the following cosmetics:

  • foundation, powder, corrector, makeup base, primer that suits your skin type;
  • gloss, lipstick of soft shades;
  • give preference to blush of gentle tones;
  • pencil and kajal with natural herbal ingredients, so as not to cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye;
  • shadows, eyebrow pencil;
  • mascara;
  • the base under the shadows, with it the eye makeup will last longer;
  • a palette of shadows, preferably matte, so that they can blend well;
  • highlighter, bronzer.

To apply this richness and create a mind-blowing look, you will need tools. First of all, these are brushes. It is important to know that they must be made of natural pile, the rod is made of plastic or wood, the manufacturer should be chosen from a proven and quality guarantee. Brushes required for work:

  • made of soft bristles and a rounded tip, used for applying textures;
  • flat, designed to work with shadows;
  • “barrel” with a rounded tip, it should be soft and elastic;
  • dense, used for applying kajal;
  • beveled, it is convenient to draw arrows with it.

Preparing to Apply Smokey Eyes

Before proceeding with the step-by-step implementation of a smoky make-up, it is necessary to prepare the skin. This is done so that the makeup is well applied and no imperfections are visible, then the quality of the makeup will be at its best.

Skin preparation

For high-quality makeup, first of all, it is necessary to prepare the skin, because any irregularities and imperfections will be especially noticeable on the painted face. The skin should be well cleansed and moisturized. For nutrition, you can use micellar water. Choose the foundation correctly, it should not differ too much from the complexion. This is especially important for blondes, since most of them have fair skin. Next, a moisturizing day cream is applied, after – a tonal foundation. Apply translucent powder with a special brush.

Eye preparation

Use patches under the eyes when applying makeup, thanks to them the shadows will not crumble onto the skin when blending. Eyelashes can be curled. Apply foundation under your eyelids before you start your eye makeup. Makeup artists recommend using a long-lasting tint that is highly pigmented. Thanks to this, the shadows will be well shaded and applied, and the makeup will be bright and lasting.

Rules for applying shadows

There are also some rules for applying shadows using the smoky ice technique. They are the following:

  • To make the transition smooth, it is important to select shadows that are close to each other tones.
  • Apply the darkest shadows on the upper eyelid from the outer corner to the inner, while reducing the color saturation – this is how you outline the contour of the edge of the eye socket.
  • The lower eyelid is also formed, only the color will be applied more intensely at the outer corner of the eye, gradually dimming the brightness.
  • An intermediate tone is applied to the central part of the upper eyelid, the darkest tone is applied to the crease of the eyelid and along the lash line.
  • Light shadows go under the eyebrow and on the crease of the upper eyelid.

It is important to remember that the border between the zones should not be visible. Blend well all the transitions of the applied colors.

Execution technique

To make a stylish smokey ice and look irresistible, there is a step-by-step technique for performing the classic version. How to:

  1. Even out skin tone and apply foundation. You can powder the place where the shadows are applied.
  2. With a soft pencil, circle the eye from the bottom from the inner corner to the outer, make the line thicker from above.
  3. Make the end of the line in the outer corners thicker and lift to the top.
  4. Blend the contours with a thick brush.
  5. With dark shadows, emphasize the line of the arc, do it with large strokes.
  6. Paint over the lower eyelid as well, but make the color less noticeable.
  7. Apply light shadows from the inner corner to the eyebrow growth line.
  8. Blend all borders well. Apply mascara, preferably at the same time for length and volume.
  9. Apply some blush. Eyebrows draw a clear line.
  10. Since the emphasis in smoky makeup is on the eyes, then choose light colors for lipstick.smokey smoky

There should not be more than one emphasis. In this case, it is important to add expressiveness to the eyes. Overdoing it, you can get a “puppet” effect.

Smokey eye options for blue eyes

There are many variations of smokey ice. But you should perform makeup consistently and only then you get a stylish and harmonious image.

Evening option

For this option, a palette of gray-black and purple is suitable. But it is important to choose persistent cosmetics so that there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the evening. If you want to get a more smoky effect, then use matte shadows, they blend well. On the lower edge of the eyelids, you can apply mother-of-pearl products or sparkles. Step-by-step video instructions for creating an evening smokey for blue eyes:


The execution technique is not much different from the classic version, but it would be better to use stable gel-like shadows. The pencil can be shaded with beige shades. Lipstick use a nude tone, apply mascara to the eyelashes. Video instruction for creating an everyday smokey for blue eyes:

In shades of blue

This type of smokey is ideal for blue-eyed beauties, and will also look great on brown-eyed girls. Green eyes can also be emphasized with blue-blue shades, but in this case it is better that they be with turquoise or lilac shades. Video instruction for creating smokey in blue tones:

Green smokey ice

Very beautiful and noble color. To make it deeper, use shadows with sparkles. Expressiveness will give a matte structure. In this case, blue-eyed beauties should be careful in choosing a shade, since blue eyes with green shadows can be “lost”. Step-by-step video instruction for creating a green smokey for blue eyes:

In burgundy

Burgundy smokey is a real explosion of color on the eyes. It is important to choose a rich shade and paint over the eyelashes well. The tinted lower eyelid will visually enlarge the eyes. Blondes are better suited dark burgundy colors and wine. The rest can choose warm light shades. Video instruction for creating a burgundy smokey for blue eyes:


Mint, green, light green, golden and yellow shades are suitable for blue-eyed girls to create summer-style makeup. How to:

  1. Cover the eyelid with beige shadows.
  2. Walk along the upper eyelash row with a black pencil (you can not be careful).
  3. Apply green to the upper eyelid.
  4. On the outer corners, blend the dark brown.
  5. Cover the inner corners of the eyes with yellow or light green, blend well.
  6. Outline the eye contour with a black pencil.
  7. Add glitter to the top lash line.
  8. Cover your lashes with mascara.summer green

Bright festive

To make your smoky eye makeup look festive, add bright shadows and a dash of glitter. Silver sequins, a little “antique” will do. They are applied to the center of the eyelid with the help of fingers, distributing with light touches. To mix, use a brush, blending along the edge of the main color of the sequins. Video instruction for creating a festive smokey for blue-eyed people:

in purple

A good alternative to black smokey, this tone looks more colorful. The eyes will look bright, expressive. By the way, it suits any eye color. Video instruction for creating a festive smokey ice for blue-eyed people:

How to make arrows correctly?

The arrow is a continuous, clear line drawn along the growth of the eyelashes and connecting the outer and inner corner. Not a single version of Smokey Ice is made without arrows. But it is important to know how to do them correctly:

  • Arrows are drawn with a black, dark gray or brown cosmetic pencil or with an eyeliner.
  • To the outer corner of the eye, the arrow expands and rises to the temporal region – this will make the look more expressive.
  • To make it smokey, the pencil line is shaded with a thin brush.

Visual drawing scheme:
Creating Arrows

You don’t have to be a first-class makeup artist, the main thing is training. Experiment with colors and shades, and you will find the most harmonious combination that suits you.

It is difficult to find a woman who would have a bad attitude to cosmetics. Time passes, fashion changes, and 2022 is no exception. Let’s see what is best to use in makeup this season:

  • Pink. Color “Barbie” and does not think to leave the fashion pedestal. In the new season, shades of cotton candy, bubblegum, dusty rose and unripe strawberries will be in fashion. These colors suit everyone. Shades of fuchsia, coral, pink-purple are suitable for smokey ice. As a base, it is better to use dense shadows. Blend pink and take it to the area of ​​​​the moving eyelid, almost to the eyebrows.
  • total look. Makeup in one or more shades will help you look spectacular and stylish. Using cream blush, you will save money, because they can be applied both on the eyelids and as a lipstick.
  • Lavender freckles. Are drawn in the area of ​​the bridge of the nose and cheeks with a lavender shade of a pencil. An important rule – no symmetry, draw freckles of different sizes and shapes. Lastly, use a powder or setting spray for hold.

Try experimenting with fashionable looks to look stylish and bright in the new season.

Common Mistakes

Those who don’t make mistakes don’t do anything. But in the world of makeup, it’s best to avoid mistakes. Consider common problems when applying smokey ice:

  • Blush. If you go too far with blush, then your eyes will no longer be the object of attention and the emphasis will go to the cheekbones and cheeks. Use the tool in small quantities, only to create a facial contour.
  • Accents. In the technique of smoky makeup, the emphasis is on the eyes. When selecting other parts of the face, this effect is lost.
  • Lips. In smokey ice makeup, you do not need to brightly paint your lips, it is better to use just a gloss to match the skin color, or transparent. Otherwise, the makeup will look vulgar.

Helpful Hints

Here are some tips that will help beginners in the field of makeup girls to make a quality make-up. They are the following:

  • If by nature the eyes are narrow, then it is better not to apply eyeliner on the lower eyelid, replace it with shaded shadows.
  • There should not be any smooth and clear lines, everything is well shaded.
  • After completing the makeup, check whether both eyes are evenly made up – if there is a slight asymmetry, then shading will help, stretch the missing color.
  • It is better for blue-eyed beauties not to use blue tones to match the iris, otherwise the eyes will look sunken.

Smokey ice for blue eyes is a win-win option. But it is important to choose the right color palette. If you follow the rules of the smokey ice makeup technique, then, without a doubt, you will get a bright, feminine and memorable look.

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