Features and examples of wedding makeup for green eyes

Свадебный макияж для зеленых глазEyes

Owners of green eyes are a rare occurrence, and always attract attention. Only 2% of the world’s population has this shade of the iris. That is why any of their image, and even more so wedding, should be thought out to the smallest detail. Properly selected makeup will help to emphasize the unique color of the eyes.

Features of makeup for a bride with green eyes

For green-eyed girls, calm, pastel or warm shades are best suited, it is against their background that the eyes will stand out. An example would be: terracotta, bronze, pink colors.
Wedding makeup for green eyesDo not use bright colors such as blue and green. For a classic wedding, they will be especially out of place.

Rules for choosing wedding cosmetics for green-eyed

High-quality cosmetics and well-prepared skin are the key to successful makeup. The main criterion for products is the ability to ensure the durability and accuracy of makeup throughout the celebration.

Makeup base and concealers

The basis of any make-up is the tone. In order for it to lie evenly on the skin, you need to properly prepare it:

  1. Start with a toner and go all over your face.
  2. Follow with a moisturizing serum. While applying it, do a light massage to disperse the blood flow.

When the skin is ready for makeup, you can turn to the foundation. Brides with green eyes need to choose:

  • Lightweight cream. If the skin is without rashes. It should lie on the face almost imperceptibly, align it and not clog into folds.
  • The tone is a little tighter. If your skin is prone to breakouts. This will help hide imperfections and give the skin an even tone.

Let’s talk about concealers, which are also very important. These include concealers of various types.

  • Choose a product that will be slightly lighter in tone, especially if you have redness – such a product will help hide them.
  • It is better to purchase a concealer with a creamy texture, as its coverage is better.

Concealer is also applied under the eyes to hide natural bruising or translucent capillaries.

Choice of eyeliner and mascara

The main criterion for these two tools is that they should not crumble. More about eyeliner:

  • Liquid agent. Suitable for those who have a skill in drawing arrows. The dense texture will leave a bright mark on the eyelid. It is best to draw arrows of medium width with it. It can smudge easily, so be careful when using it.
  • Pencil eyeliner. Such a product is more stable and water resistant. And this means that it is more difficult to wash it off. With the help of a pencil eyeliner, you can even draw thin lines.

When choosing a mascara, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Tassel. To curl the eyelashes and paint them evenly, a curved brush with short notches is suitable. A silicone brush with rare teeth will add volume to your eyelashes.
  • Persistence. Since the event promises to be long, accordingly, the mascara should last a long time. Therefore, you can even choose a waterproof product. You can also apply the product in a thick layer so that by the end of the event it remains on the eyelashes.

Lip contour and lipstick

It doesn’t matter what shade of lipstick you choose: bright, light or dark, the main thing is that it is in harmony with the entire make-up in general. Before applying lipstick, you need to work out the contour of the lips. To do this, choose:

  • Lead pencil. Pay attention to the thickness of the stylus. If you have plump lips, then choose a thicker one. If the lips are medium-sized or thin, then a thin pencil is better. The contour agent should not be too soft. Otherwise, the makeup will not last long. But the lead should not be hard either, it threatens that the pencil will not leave a trace at all. You need to choose the golden mean.
  • Cream pencil. In its texture, it is similar to lipstick, but with its help you can better paint over the edges of the lips and give them volume.

Any contouring product should be slightly darker than the shade of lipstick.

When choosing lipstick, pay attention to:

  • texture. It should be easy to apply and not dry out your lips afterwards.
  • Practicality. When choosing a liquid product with a brush, it is worth remembering that it is more lubricated than the usual cream lipstick.

Features of choosing the shadows of a green-eyed bride, taking into account the color type

The color type is warm and cold. The first includes girls with dark, blond or red hair. To cold – girls with fair skin and blond hair.
Color type

By hair color

You can not consider makeup, not considering the color of the hair. Let’s tell you what colors are best for girls with different shades of curls:

  • Blondes. Light, muted shades. You can use smoky, shaded gray, but it should not cover the entire eyelid. Do not line the lower eyelid with dark shadows, for this it is better to use light brown, bronze or beige shades.
  • Brown hair. Your eyes will look spectacular if you emphasize them with more intense colors, such as: bronze, brown and terracotta.
  • Brunettes. You can choose vibrant colors. Dark shades will look good too. Do not be afraid of black, because it will look harmonious with your hair color.
  • Ginger. This hair color in itself attracts attention, so you should not place a lot of accents and additionally choose bright or dark colors. It is worth taking a closer look at pastel colors, it can be apricot, pink, beige, silver.

By shade of green eyes

Green eyes have their own undertones. And each of them has its own colors, with which the eyes look more advantageous:

  • Kare-green eyes. It is recommended to use golden, brown, silver shades.
  • Gray-green eyes. You can use pastel shades, the main note is to avoid gray, as it will make the eyes look washed out against it.

Green-eyed wedding makeup options

We offer a detailed look at several variations of wedding makeup for green-eyed. Each of them will suit the owner of any color type, but in some places you will have to make some adjustments.

Light and soft/classic

This makeup involves a little decorative cosmetics. The foundation should be light and fully match the skin tone. Basic moments:

  • Don’t make your eyebrows stand out. Pay attention to their natural color. Only with a pencil or shadows correct their shape, and then fix with styling gel.
  • Use discreet shades. We offer silver, gold or brown. The entire moving eyelid should be covered with shades of silver, and a more saturated color should be applied to the crease.
  • Use shading. So that the colors do not look separated from each other, blend them well, thus you will achieve a slight gradient.
  • You can make small arrows. But they should not be bright, try not to use black eyeliner.
  • Such makeup does not tolerate bright lipsticks. It is better to use nude lipsticks or lip glosses. You can even make up your lips with a simple transparent gloss.
  • Choose a bronzer to contour your face. You can also use highlighter and peach or blush.

Video instruction for applying the classic light version: https://youtu.be/hfd0s2ujQd0


In this case, choose shimmer shades and use more highlighter. In addition to the cheekbones, apply it under the eyebrows and on the tip of the nose. Creation instructions:

  1. For the eyelids, apply a beige shade as a base. Then paint over the crease of the eyelid with brown shadows, apply a large amount of the product to the inner corner.
  2. Apply gold eyeshadow all over the eyelid. You can use shadows with large sequins or apply sequins separately.
  3. In the outer corner of the eye, also apply a little golden shadow, so the look will be more expressive.
  4. Line the lash line with a dark pencil, then apply black mascara to the lashes to add volume.
  5. Apply a shimmery gloss to your lips.

Video instruction: https://youtu.be/tlhq3HUiYrc

with arrows

The basis for such makeup can be any shadow. The main accent is the arrows, they can be either simple, of various thicknesses, or arrows that form a cat’s look.
Wedding makeup with arrows for green eyesHow to:

  1. Start drawing an arrow from the inside of the eye. Gently draw a line along the eyelashes to about the middle.
  2. Interrupting that line, draw the tail of the arrow. Then thicken it up a bit.
  3. Connect the first line to the ponytail. And make them bigger.
  4. Bring the arrow to the final form.
  5. Color your eyelashes.

Rules for creating arrows for wedding makeup:

  • Don’t make them too long, as this can visually narrow your eyes.
  • Do not lift the corner of the outer arrow up, try to drive it straight.
  • The arrow should not be very short, otherwise it will not look harmonious.
  • You can emphasize the arrows by repeating their contour along the eyelid bone with the help of shadows.

In brown and beige

This makeup option is very close to the classic. It is easy to perform and will suit girls with any hair color.
Wedding makeup in brown and beige tonesHow to:

  1. Cover the entire moving eyelid with beige shadows. Apply brown eye shadow on top. Blend a little up and to the side.
  2. To add zest to your makeup, line the lower eyelid with brown shadows and draw an arrow.
  3. Apply golden shadow on the upper eyelid.
  4. Color your eyelashes.
  5. Lips should not be bright. Apply a shade of lipstick on them that is similar in shade to brown.

smokey ice

Such makeup requires the presence of dark tones. Therefore, blondes need to be careful when applying it, you can overdo it. How to:

  1. On the moving eyelid, apply brown shadows as a base, while painting over the bone part.
  2. Apply gray shadows on top, add black to the outer corner of the eye. Blend everything.
  3. Line the lower eyelid with gray shadows, blend a little.
  4. It is better to choose a lipstick that is not bright, so that there are not too many accents in the makeup, so the look will be lost. Apply a shade similar to your natural lip color.

Video instruction: https://youtu.be/4gAAOrxc2CQ


Within this make-up, you need to use calm tones that will only emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. How to do:

  1. As a base on the moving eyelid, apply beige shadows, then apply a soft pink shade in the middle and in the outer corner of the eye.
  2. Don’t highlight your eyebrows. But if you have sparse hairs, tint them with an eyebrow pencil or marker. It may be enough to fix the eyebrows with gel.
  3. On the lips, apply a nude lipstick that is a little brighter than your natural lip color, or highlight the lips with gloss.
  4. Don’t forget blush, it can be pink or peach depending on your skin tone. If you have dark skin, then it is better to use a peach blush.

Video instruction: https://youtu.be/_Z7-1bOgFDU


Such makeup should mentally refer all those present to the times of the 90s. Therefore, it is worth repeating the trends of that time, namely blue or blue shadows. But it must be appropriate.
Wedding retro makeupPerformance:

  1. As a base, apply white or silver shadows, add some blue shadows on top, it is better to apply them only in the corner. Also, the corners can be darkened with brown shadows.
  2. To give the image more solemnity, add arrows.
  3. Thickly make up your eyelashes (mascara, by the way, you can use blue).
  4. If your shadows are not bright, then you can focus on the lips, especially if they are plump. Use rich pink, cherry, coral and even red lipsticks. If you do not like bright shades on the lips, then draw the edges with a pencil, and then cover it with either lipstick in the color of it or gloss.

For a wedding guest

For girls who are present at the wedding as a guest, it is better to choose nude or classic makeup. But if you want to stand out, you can focus on the eyes. For this:

  1. Apply golden eye shadow on the moving eyelid. In the outer corner, add brown and black or gray shadows. Shake it all out.
  2. To play with the image, draw arrows.
  3. Color your eyelashes with mascara.
  4. Apply nude lipstick on your lips.
  5. Use bronzer.


Depending on the type and color of the wedding dress

The main thing is that the makeup and dress are in harmony with each other, then the image will look deliberate and remain in memory for a long time. What to consider:

  • If you have a simple, not very puffy dress, then the makeup should not be bright – classic or nude is best.
  • If a chic train stretches behind you, then the makeup should be appropriate – in this case, do not be afraid of accents on the eyes and lips.

Makeup tips for perfect makeup

Makeup artists are obviously more experienced and know a lot about their business, so we decided to share a few tips from them. What experts recommend:

  • Don’t forget to prepare your skin for makeup. Do not skip the stages of toning and moisturizing. With them, makeup will lie on the skin gently, will not roll.
  • Use blush. They will help brighten up your face.
  • Apply lip balm before applying makeup. This will make them softer. Apply lipstick only after absorption.
  • Don’t use too much toner. At the end of the evening, the product may roll up, especially if it is not of high quality.
  • Don’t make contouring explicit. Always choose contouring products that are close to your skin color, otherwise the brush marks will look like dirt.

Photo examples of wedding makeup for green eyes

Imagine photos that well illustrate wedding makeup for girls with green eyes. Photo examples:

  • Delicate classic with slightly darkened eyes.Delicate wedding makeup
  • The accent is focused on the eyes, while the lips, on the contrary, almost coincide with the color of the skin (suitable for swarthy girls).Makeup with an emphasis on the eyes
  • The accent is well-placed on the eyes and lips, the golden shadows go well with the shimmery shade of the lips.Makeup with golden shadows
  • The dark yet intense eye make-up is balanced by a lip gloss that creates the effect of “glassy” lips.Makeup with dark shadows and gloss on the lips

Wedding makeup is a complex task. Whatever it is, its main goal is to complement the image of the bride and emphasize her beauty. But a lot of attention should be paid to the color of the eyes. The selection of shades and the direction of the mei-cap depends on it. Green-eyed brides are better off using pastel colors.

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