Spectacular evening makeup options for brown eyes

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Professional makeup artists believe that brown eye color is the most convenient to work with, because it is easy to match almost any shade with it. But even this look is given special expressiveness when it comes to a holiday.

How to choose makeup for brown eyes?

When choosing the type of makeup, consider the shade of the eyes. Brown eyes are bright in themselves, but only the right color of the shadows helps to make them expressive.

Makeup for brown eyes

What suits brown eyes?

Consider which tones are suitable for different shades of brown:

  • beige, brown and gold in various variations are suitable for light brown eyes;
  • for medium brown – gold, bronze and purple;
  • brown eyes with a green tint make olive tones more expressive;
  • highlight dark brown with brown, bronze, silver, gold, purple tones and a slight accent of green and blue;
  • shades of gold, champagne and medium brown gamma are suitable for honey eye color.

What is best to avoid?

Makeup artists recommend not to use cheap cosmetics. Such products not only do not help create a beautiful image, but also provide skin problems.

Avoid heavy makeup application. Even evening makeup, if it is too saturated, can make the image heavier. It is undesirable to use gray, silver and terracotta mascara for brown eyes.

Evening options for brown eyes

There are many options for makeup, including evening. They are based on the use of various application techniques, tools, products or colors.

smokey ice

The black and purple tones make the perfect environment for brown eyes to create a stylish smoky eye that is suitable for all ages. How to do this makeup:

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly and apply foundation to your skin. Even out the tone of the face.
  2. Apply black shadows with a creamy structure to the upper mobile eyelid. They are easy to blend and you don’t have to use a pencil. Black shadows create an outline.
  3. Draw the contour line so that it is thin from the inner edge of the eyelid and thickens towards the outer.
  4. Take a soft brush and blend the applied shadows over the moving eyelid. The colors should blend a little on the border with each other.
  5. Use the same color as your lower eyeliner. Use a thin brush for this. The line should narrow towards the bridge of the nose.
  6. On top of the black shadows on the upper eyelid, apply plum purple. Blend them gently too.
  7. Apply white or light lilac shadow under the eyebrows and on the inner corners of the eyes.
  8. With a soft brush, blend the applied shadows. Paint your lashes with black mascara. To make them look more expressive against the background of deeply stained eyelids, apply mascara in two layers.
  9. After the first layer, lightly powder them. The second layer will then lie more densely.
  10. Apply blush to your cheekbones and pick up lipstick. It should be a light, muted shade, since the smokey eye makeup focuses on the eyes.
Smokey for brown eyes

To perform such makeup, you do not need to contact professional makeup artists at all. You can do a great job on your own if you follow the rules for choosing shades of shadows for the color of your hair, skin, iris and your outfit.

For example, if a brown-eyed girl decided to wear a blue dress to a party, the perfect smoky eye will come from golden shadows.

Smokey with gold

Makeup with arrows

It is for brown eyes that arrows are an ideal solution. They emphasize the shape, give the look depth and expressiveness.

Use a pencil or liquid liner to guide the arrows. Classic options are black, dark gray or dark brown. For a glamorous evening make-up, purple and plum shades are suitable. They look original on brown eyes, making the look viscous and languid.

purple shadows

Makeup in dark colors

Most often, shadows of dark colors are used for the smokey ice technique. But brown eyes become more expressive if you highlight them, outlining them in contrast. Apply shadows of these colors:

  • the black;
  • grey;
  • brown;
  • blue;
  • olive.

Use shades one by one or combine with each other. The main thing is that the transition from a lighter tone to a dark one should be directed to the outer corners of the eyes.

Dark tones

Bright colors

Many girls like to highlight their eyes with eye shadow in bright, contrasting shades, regardless of eye color. Any tones of the blue and lilac palette are great for brown-eyed. They focus on the eyes, deepening and highlighting their color.

Shadow colors

If you don’t like bold experiments, use muted tones, such as light blue and purple. And for the party – rich indigo and a deeper shade of purple.

Brown-eyed girls can build an evening make-up on a combination of blue, green and turquoise colors. These shades are harmonious in nature: the color of the sky, young greens and sea turquoise go hand in hand with the brown tone of the earth.

In evening make-up, such combinations can be beaten in an original and fantasy way.

fantasy makeup

Delicate makeup

All shades of brown are suitable for this makeup technique – from flesh to very dark. In this case, several tones are used at the same time, at least two, and shaded so that there is no noticeable border between them.

Delicate makeup

To highlight the eyes, draw a thin, curved line with eyeliner or pencil on the movable eyelid and carefully paint over the lashes.

Glitter options

To make the glitter makeup harmonious, start creating an image with the shape of the eyebrows. Then apply shadows. Brown eyes suit gold, gray, dark green and purple-pink shiny shades.

You can find a master class on make-up with sequins in the video below:

nude makeup

This technique is also called “makeup without makeup.” It is based on the use of exclusively natural shades only slightly darker than skin tone. In the evening version of nude makeup, a richer and deeper palette of colors is allowed.

nude makeup

This applies to both shadows and lipstick. For lips, matte skin tones are recommended.

Another option for nude evening makeup is not to apply shadows at all, marking the eyes only with a thin arrow along the lash line and a discreet pattern on the upper eyelid.

line on the eyes

Arabic motifs

Such makeup is always brightness, saturation and contrast. Be sure to use a pencil, liner or very dark shadows to outline the eyes. To create Arabic makeup, follow the recommendations:

  1. Use foundation to even out skin tone. The tool should match your color type.
  2. Next, emphasize the cheekbones with blush, in tone reminiscent of a summer tan.
  3. When finished with the base, take on the eyebrows. They should be long and thick – this is a feature of Arabic-style makeup. You can achieve this effect by painting the eyebrows with a thin pencil and lightly powdering with dark matte shadows.
  4. For eyelids, both matte and pearlescent shadows are used. Expressiveness of the look provides contrast – on the eyelid itself, apply shadows of a light shade with mother-of-pearl, on top – a strip of dark shadows. This makes the eyes more prominent, and the look deeper.
  5. Apply a white pencil on the lower eyelid, and then circle the eyes from the inner corners to the outer corners with a black pencil or eyeliner, lengthening with a straight line towards the temples. 
Arabic makeup

metallic shades

Brown eyes are ideal for experimenting with metallic shades of almost any color: steel, silver, bronze, gold.

metallic shades

Apply such shadows only on the upper eyelid. It is permissible to emphasize the lower eyelid a little with pink shadows with mother of pearl – this visually enlarges the eyes.


smoky effect

The peculiarity of this effect is the absence of clear delimiting lines, even in the presence of contrast in shades.

Smoky makeup uses different colors, but according to a certain system:

  1. Light shadows are applied to the upper eyelid, a little darker with a thin stripe a little higher. Apply some light or white shadows under the eyebrows. For evening make-up, take shadows with mother-of-pearl.
  2. With a thin brush, apply black or dark brown shadow along the eyelid line to outline the eyes. From above, draw a pencil of the corresponding color along the same line.
  3. Take a flat soft brush and gently blend the applied shadows over the eyelid so that they blend only at the borders with each other. The drawing must remain contrasting.
smoky makeup

For a noticeable evening make-up, it is better to use gray or dark violet shadows. Blending them with a brush, you will achieve a transition from a darker shade to a light one.

Be sure to apply a strip of light shadows under the eyebrow – this visually lifts it.

smoky purple

New Year’s makeup

Bright colors, fantasy themed drawings on the face are the basis of the New Year’s make-up.

New Year

Here it is recommended to focus on the eyes. When aligning the color and shape of the face, do not make sharp changes between light and dark tones of corrective agents.

Blush also should not be bright. But with shadows, pencils and eyeliners, feel free to experiment:

  • use the same colors as usual, but brighter, more saturated tones;
  • mother-of-pearl and sequins are ideal;
  • combine shades to create a bright contrast;
  • emphasize the eyes with wide arrows of any shape;
Broad arrows

See how to make brown eye makeup for the New Year’s party in the following video:

Makeup for Halloween

When making a “nightmare” makeup, consider color combinations. The image of a witch is ideal for brown-eyed girls. Use eye shadow and lipstick in shades ranging from plum to purple. Be sure to mark the contrast with black.

Check out our Halloween Witch Makeup Tutorial:

wedding option

A delicate make-up is suitable for the bride, in which a contrast of dark and light shades is used. If you want to use sequins or bright elements, keep in mind that there should be a little of them.

Light mother-of-pearl tones are ideal for brown eyes. Dark, bright colors of cosmetics look too provocative against the backdrop of a wedding dress.

Here is a video about makeup for the wedding:

Combination with hair color

Although makeup of any color looks good on brown eyes, do not forget about hair color so that the image is harmonious.

For a brunette

Against the background of the dark hair of a brown-eyed girl, shades of gold look great, especially brownish and swamp green.

For a brunette

If you love eye-catching makeup, go for colors ranging from blue to sea green. In smokey ice, wide arrows of this color favorably highlight brown eyes.

Makeup with turquoise

The shade of dark plum also becomes an excellent choice for a brown-eyed brunette. Especially if you blend the shadows well over the eyelids so that the plum haze seems to envelop the eyes.

plum shade

For a blonde

Gold, shades of blue, plum – all this favorably sets off the brown eyes of fair-haired girls. Any shades of brown look organic.

For a blonde

Unlike brunettes? brown-eyed blondes can experiment with mascara color, using not only black, but also blue, brown or terracotta.

For redheads

Owners of red hair are better off opting for warm tones. Concentrate on highlighting the eyes. Cream, coffee, brown, copper and bronze shades and dark green are suitable for this.

Outline the eye with a brown stroke, the same color is preferred for mascara.

For redheads

In a bright evening make-up, red-haired girls can highlight their lips with coral or scarlet lipstick.

How to fix a hanging eyelid?

The hanging eyelid gives the face a tired look and “throws” by the age of several years. Makeup artists know how to fix it.

hanging eyelid

For brown-eyed girls and women, they offer some tips:

  1. Use only matte shadows for makeup, mostly natural shades, not too bright. So you do not draw attention to the impending century. Do not use heavy, oversaturated colors.
  2. A light layer of light shimmering shadows under the eyebrow and a small amount of them on the inner corner of the eyelid is appropriate. This little trick helps to visually enlarge the space around the eye, thereby reducing the effect of a drooping eyelid.
  3. When applying shadows to the crease of the eyelid, try to continue the line beyond the contour in an upward direction. Thus, the eyelid will visually appear raised.
  4. If you direct the arrows, try to make them as thin as possible and be sure to wind up at the outer corner of the eye. In this case, it is better to use not an eyeliner, but a pencil – it can be shaded if necessary. A clear and contrasting eyeliner further indicates the impending eyelid.
  5. Practice with colors, try using not only a black pencil, but gray, dark purple or brown. These colors visually rejuvenate the face.
  6. Emphasis on eyelashes helps to divert attention from the impending century. Carefully paint over them along the entire length, especially on the outer corner of the eye. Use false eyelashes if necessary.
Shadows for brown eyes

Recommendations from makeup artists for brown-eyed girls

To make evening makeup beautiful and even, practice doing it several times before the scheduled event. So you “fill your hand” and at the right time quickly cope with the creation of the image. Use a few tips:

  1. Glitter is a great addition to any type of evening make-up.
  2. For girls whose eyes are close to the bridge of the nose, makeup is recommended with an emphasis on the outer edges of the eyes.
  3. It is not necessary to paint over the entire eyelid. It is better if there is a gradation of colors directed from the outer corner of the eyelid to the inner one with a transition from a bright or dark shade to a light one, respectively.

Brown eyes are perfect for experimenting with colors and shades. When creating a festive look, do not forget about hair color and other features and use the recommendations of makeup artists.

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