Varieties and rules of white makeup

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White makeup remains relevant for more than a year, attracting with its unusualness. Skillfully crafted, it perfectly complements any look. Next, we will talk about the intricacies of its use.

Pros and cons


  • looks great in any setting, if the option is chosen correctly;
  • white color is easy to combine with others;
  • suitable for eyes of any color;
  • allows you to create a lot of options;
  • white makeup products are able to solve not only their direct tasks (for example, shadows are also used as a base).
white makeup


  • errors are clearly visible;
  • age restrictions (first of all, this is makeup for young people).

Basic rules for white makeup

When applying this makeup, consider a number of points:

  • it is bright, it is important to find the “golden mean”;
  • it looks more profitable on brown-eyed and blue-eyed persons, but the use of girls with a different eye color is not excluded;
  • the most successful combinations are white with beige, light brown, blue, gray, green;
  • if the skin is very light, the borders are indicated by means of a different color.

Varieties of white makeup

There are many types of white makeup using various cosmetics.

With white eyeliner

This eyeliner is suitable for any eyes, appropriate for everyday and formal make-up. She is capable of:

  • Enlarge the eyes, make them brighter (a line is drawn along the contour of the eyes). If the skin is dark, in order to avoid a sharp contrast, a black pencil is additionally used (on both eyelids along the lash line).
Makeup with white pencil
  • Hide signs of fatigue (glare whitens the inner corners of the eyes).
Liner on inner corners
  • Create the effect of voluminous eyelashes (eyeliner along the inside of the lower eyelid).

with white arrows

In everyday makeup, an arrow is used, starting from the inner corner of the eye or from the middle of the eyelid and slightly raised upwards. For special occasions, they come up with something more refined.

Arrows give the look clarity and beauty. They are not suitable for those with narrow eyes and are a good option for those with round or close to each other eyes.

white arrows

With white eyeliner

The pencil performs the same functions as the eyeliner. It also helps:

  • Soften shades of shadows, transitions from color to color (apply to the desired part of the eyelid over the shadows and blend).
  • Enlarge lips (highlight the checkmark on the upper lip).

Only the creation of beautiful, correct lines leads to the desired result. This is possible if the rod is well sharpened, and the line is drawn without stopping, as close to the eyelashes as possible.

white pencil

With white shadows

White shades are suitable for everyone. They look especially interesting with blue or gray eyes. Pure white shadows are emphasized with black.

Their use gives:

  • Eyebrow shaping.
  • The effect of increasing the size of the eyes when applied to the inner corners and drawing a thin arrow to the eyelid. At the same time, close or wide planting of the eyes is also corrected.
  • Softening the color of too bright shadows (it is enough to apply a little white on top of them).
  • Skin smoothing when applied under powder or cream.
  • Correction of the oval and facial features (applied to the cheekbones).
white shadows

With white ink

This mascara has the following effects:

  • lengthens eyelashes, adds volume;
  • makes eyes brighter;
  • creates contrast with other eye products;
  • looks perfect in makeup, made in cold colors;
  • used as a basis for other colors, making them more expressive;
  • used to fix sequins.

Completely white eyelashes make the face look paler, less expressive. Usually, black or brown mascara is applied first, and then a white edge is made.

white ink

With white sequins

Sequins make the features more expressive, the image is more interesting. They are applied to different parts of the face (the T zone is excluded) in bulk without clear boundaries. Using glitter on several parts of the face at once is a bad form.

On weekdays, they are used in a minimal amount. During the holidays, you can let your imagination run wild. It is permissible to mix sequins of white and other colors.

White sequins

With white glitter

White glitter is used for day and evening make-up. It is applied on the eyelids, in the corners of the eyes, on the arrows, lips, various parts of the face in a continuous layer or pointwise.

The daily option involves moderate use of glitter. Festive makeup requires more. Images using the tool are distinguished by extravagance, originality, attractiveness.

White glitter

Makeup “white swan”

This is stage makeup. White means for this image are used when working with the eyes.

Makeup with white shadows

How to create a “white swan”:

  • With a chestnut-colored pencil – a line above the upper eyelid (much higher than its crease), shaded at the corner.
  • White shadows on the eyelids, the edge of the eye (we take the line up), to the corner.
  • Black mascara on the eyelashes, on the outer corner of the eye – graphite shadows, in the outer and inner corners – gray.
  • Under the eyes – a little pink concealer and the usual non-dark powder.
  • On the inner lower eyelid – a line with a white pencil, on top of it – in black. Slightly shade and lead to the outer arrow.
  • We fix the arrow with shadows, lightly paint the lower eyelashes with black ink.
  • We draw the line of the eyebrows just above the natural contour (a tone darker than the natural one), comb it up in the center.
  • We sharpen the nose, darkening and highlighting the desired areas.
  • We apply blush of a neutral shade, pink lipstick.

“Corner” with white

Technique for performing this type of white makeup:

  1. White color is applied to the eyelid as the main one.
  2. The corner is made black, pink, blue, brown, etc.
With pink
White with pink

“Loop” with white

Reminds me of the previous version. However, the “loop” is a clear line, has a different shape and does not blend.

How to draw a loop

White makeup base

For this purpose, use a white pencil. They shade and shade the upper eyelid. Then the shadows of the selected color are applied.

The white base makes them brighter, prevents rolling. For the same purpose, white shadows are also used.

White makeup options for special occasions

For different situations, your own make-up option is selected. The wrong choice can bring disharmony to the image.

Light makeup (every day)

This type of makeup is designed for work, walks, stay in a normal, non-ceremonial environment. It suggests lightness, using a not too saturated white color. It is not recommended to get involved in darkening the contours of the eyes and eyelids.

We offer a simple version of everyday makeup:

  1. Apply white shadows to the inner corners of the eyes, refreshing the look.
  2. We draw thin black arrows along the upper eyelids.
  3. We color the eyelashes with one layer of black mascara.
light makeup

For a photo shoot

Makeup is chosen depending on the purpose of the photo session. Consider an informal creative spring version:

  • With dark watercolor we designate the shape of the eyes, draw the contours of the petals, draw lines, and shade them.
  • We draw light petals, making a smooth transition to a dark color.
Draw an arrow
  • On the rest of the moving eyelid, apply a light watercolor, smooth the line with a dark one, and fix it with pink shadows.
Apply light watercolor
  • Draw a line along the upper lash line with an eyeliner.
  • We draw a flower with shadows, shade the eyeliner.
  • We color the eyelashes with black mascara, make the eyeliner brighter, paste the rhinestones.
  • We apply pink shadows on the forehead, using a stencil we make a drawing with white watercolor and fix it with white shadows.
  • Lightly color the eyebrows.
  • For lips we use pink pencil and gloss.
Ready makeup

evening make-up

White tone in combination with other expressive colors helps to come up with spectacular evening bows. Recommendations for creating one of them:

  1. On the moving eyelid – white shadows.
  2. On the entire upper eyelid – mother-of-pearl gray or white.
  3. With black shadows or a pencil, we make a leaf-shaped contour, blend it.
  4. We paint the inner corners of the eyes with pearlescent white shadows.
  5. Black eyeliner.
  6. Black mascara on eyelashes.
evening make-up

Festive option

The option depends on the type of event. A bold zebra makeup is suitable for a party:

  1. Snow shadows on the area under the eyebrows.
  2. In black we emphasize the contour of the eyes and eyebrows.
  3. With shadows of charcoal color, draw stripes on a white background.
  4. Black mascara on eyelashes.
  5. Lipstick – bright pink, mother-of-pearl.
Festive makeup

Makeup for the New Year

Makeup of snow, blue, blue, lilac colors is great for New Year’s parties. We create an effective image:

  1. Lightly powder the movable eyelid.
  2. Shadows of a smoky lilac shade are applied to the crease of the upper eyelid, blending along the upper border.
  3. We draw this fold again with a darker shade.
  4. With a white pencil, create a line along the lower lashes.
  5. Under it we draw a brush with dark shadows. Pulling the line into an arrow and connecting it with the upper pattern, blend it with light shadows.
  6. Black mascara on eyelashes.
  7. Dark eyebrows.
  8. Pink blush.
  9. Lips – pale pink.
  10. A little mother-of-pearl sequins is acceptable for the area you have chosen.
Makeup for the new year

Wedding make-up

Brides love white makeup to match their wedding attire. It is soft, clean and refreshing. Usually they use a technique called “Northern Lights” (a combination of white and a different color):

  1. White is applied to the inner corner of the eye.
  2. Next – another, darker or brighter.
  3. A shimmer is used if desired.
  4. Delicate lipstick.
Wedding make-up

What is not allowed in white makeup?

White makeup loses all its charm if done carelessly. There should not be too much white in general and in individual zones, otherwise there is a risk of getting an undesirable effect. For example, when applying a lot of white under the eyes, this area looks puffy.

Skillfully applied white makeup can advantageously transform the appearance. You will always look great if you master the techniques of using its products. This is a wonderful find for those who like to fantasize and move away from stereotypes.

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