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A daring make-up is suitable for those who are tired of a strict dress code and want to add a touch of bitchiness to the image. The original make-up will allow the girl to be in the image of a rebel, emphasizing the depth of her eyes and the juiciness of her lips. We will learn how to create makeup with bold notes, what ideas exist, and how to avoid mistakes.

Features of bold makeup

The daring makeup or grunge style appeared in the 90s of the 20th century as a challenge to the suited crowd. This style has changed several times over the past years – thanks to the development of the cosmetic industry, the techniques and means of make-up have been improved.

The main principle of a daring make-up – the brighter, the better. Other grunge features:

  • defiant and even dramatic eye makeup, it is dominated by dark colors;
  • bright lips, juicy and rich;
  • contouring – makeup, in which they change or brighten the color-shadow pattern of the face;
  • you can use any shades;
  • skin – ideal and very light, the effect is achieved by using primers and powders with light-reflecting particles;
  • the lower eyelid is recommended to shade;
  • eyelashes are long and lush.

In a daring make-up, the rule of one accent is not used – both lips and eyes are distinguished here at the same time. The effect of this make-up is achieved by combining light and dark.

cheeky makeup

The intellectual content of the grunge style is the denial of glamor, protest against the foundations, freedom of expression, contempt for material values. Grunge puts emotions, feelings, and the spiritual component at the forefront.

Necessary tools and cosmetics

To create a daring makeup, you need to have a set of certain cosmetics.

For grunge you will need:

  • Shadows. Intense hues, with a shimmery effect or a matte texture.
  • Pomade. Light, contrasting with the eyes, for example, beige.
  • Pencil. Black, waterproof, soft.
  • Blush. Sculpting type – to sharpen facial features, giving it “sharpness”.

To apply grunge makeup, you may need a variety of devices, for example:

  • forceps;
  • brushes of different sizes and shapes;
  • applicator;
  • sponge;
  • tweezers;
  • brush-comb.

This list can be supplemented according to the requirements and preferences of the woman, for example, a lighter to heat the eyeliner, stencils for the shape of the eyebrows, an airbrush, etc.

Preparing for the makeup process

Make-up is applied only to perfectly clean, prepared skin. The durability of the makeup depends on the correct implementation of this stage. The better the skin is prepared, the neater it will be, and the less time it will take.

Applying new layers to existing cosmetics is strictly prohibited. First, a thorough make-up removal is carried out.

Procedure for skin preparation:

  1. Remove any remaining makeup, if any.
  2. Wash your face and wipe your face with tonic.
  3. Apply a cream taking into account the type of skin – apply a moisturizer on dry skin, apply a mattifying base on oily and combination skin.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a daring makeup

Step-by-step instructions for creating a daring make-up:

  • Moisturize the skin and treat it with a youth activator. On the area under the eyes, apply a special tool, on the whole face – a general one. Apply foundation evenly with a brush. Blend it with strokes. Work on the ears and chin area – even out the tone.
Moisturize the skin
  • Apply sculpting foundation under the cheekbones, above the temples and at the bottom of the chin.
  • Use concealer to treat the areas under the eyes – this will hide dark circles. On the upper eyelids, the concealer will hide small vessels and serve as a base for shadows.
  • Apply a matte foundation to the central area of ​​the face – this will mask large pores and give the face a smooth look. Treat the upper cheekbones with a highlighter and blend it, moving towards the temples.
Matte base
  • Apply a creamy shade over the skin of the upper eyelids. Immediately start shading them so that the texture does not freeze ahead of time. The shadows applied with the applicator have a matte texture, and when blended, they acquire an ultra-shine.
  • Spread the shadows applied on the upper eyelids to the lower ones, blending them along the lash line.
  • Using a black pencil, paint over the space between the eyelashes of the upper and lower eyelids.
Paint over with a pencil
  • Apply eye shadow in a rich color, such as purple, on the upper eyelids.
purple shadows
  • Apply shimmery shadows, such as green, along the contour of the lower eyelids.
green shadows
  • Apply golden shadows to the inner corners of the eyes – they will visually refresh and “open up” the look. Apply a couple of layers of mascara to the eyelashes, generously and thickly.
golden shadows
  • Paint your lips with brown lipstick – it will perfectly complement the purple-green range.
Make up lips

Daring Makeup Ideas

Daring makeup is not limited by strict limits, every girl can show maximum imagination when creating it. The main thing is to adhere to the general rules for its application. There are many versions of a daring make-up, then – the most popular, with tips on how to do it.

Light bold makeup

This is the most versatile version of a daring make-up – it is suitable for a variety of occasions, as it combines moderation and easy challenge. There is nothing superfluous and unnatural in it, and at the same time, the appearance becomes bright and memorable.

light makeup

This make-up is dominated by positive emotions and brightness of shades. Light version features:

  • The skin of the face should be perfect , fresh and clean. This is achieved by using the base tool. His tone is selected so that it completely matches the skin tone or a little lighter.
  • The emphasis is on the eyes . The arrows are clear or slightly shaded. Shadows are not black, but smoky gray. The trend is also pink marshmallow, pistachio, almond. The moving eyelid is light.
  • Lips should be seductive, but not bright , preferably slightly transparent. They should not be more expressive than the eyes. The best option is light glaze with small sparkles, shades – soft coral, apricot.
  • Eyebrows in natural shades , natural shape and thickness.
Bright makeup

Light audacity in makeup is the perfect solution for girls who want to focus on their youth, fragility, tenderness and femininity.

Rock makeup

Bold makeup has long been popular with rock stars. Their make-up is often exaggerated, so when “copying” it, you have to smooth out the sharpness a little. 

rock style

Features and Tips:

  • In rock makeup , attention is focused on the eyes . The contours are outlined with liquid eyeliner.
  • Powder the upper eyelids and apply dark matte shadows . Suitable coffee color, dark brown, graphite. They capture the entire upper eyelid and another 1 cm from above. Shade thoroughly. Dark shadows are applied to the lower eyelids.
  • Draw eyeliner arrows . Lead them from the center of the eyelids or through the entire lash line. The thickness of the arrows is medium. Their tips are pointed and directed upwards. They should extend 2-3 mm to the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Mascara – black . It is not recommended to use gray or brown – they will soften the image.
  • Cherry, burgundy or brown lipstick is welcome .
dark lipstick

Rock makeup video:

Star daring makeup

Today, many girls copy movie stars and scenes. The easiest way to become like your idols is to borrow their makeup style and technique. Below is an example of Rihanna’s make-up.

star makeup

star makeup:

  1. Spread foundation over face and neck. It should be 1-2 tones richer than the shade of the face. Blend thoroughly.
  2. Brush your eyebrows and stroke them with a dark brown pencil.
  3. Take a black pencil to outline the eyes – apply clear contours to them. Using a brush, blend the paint and apply dark shadows.
  4. Cover the upper eyelids with red-pearl shadows.
  5. Take the eyeliner again and trace the contour of the upper eyelid. Curl your eyelashes first with mascara, and then with forceps.
  6. Apply a light blush on the cheekbones and make up the lips with a bright color lipstick.
red shadows

Such makeup is not suitable for everyday life, but in the evening it will look organic.

cat eye style

This style of makeup focuses on the eyes – they, with the help of shadows and a pencil, acquire a mysterious “cat” look. This make-up is suitable for representatives of any age.

cat eye

How to create a “cat” makeup:

  1. Apply foundation on moving eyelids, and on top – a little powder.
  2. Line the lower eyelids with a dark brown or brown pencil, and then blend it with a soft brush.
  3. Draw the contours of the eyes with a black pencil or eyeliner, moving along the mucous membrane.
  4. Highlight the outer corners with black shadows, capturing 2 mm of the lower eyelid area.
  5. Cover the entire space of the eyes, starting from the inner corners to the dark outer zone. Try to soften the transitions between adjacent colors as much as possible.
  6. Draw a line from the upper lash line, and make the darkened corner even more saturated by waving the brush with the dark shadows typed.

Video instruction for application:

For a “cat” make-up, it is recommended to use false eyelashes, but if there are none at hand, carefully tint your eyelashes with black mascara.

Makeup in retro style

The retro style, regardless of the scope, involves the use of old trends and trends in modern times. Makeup, fashionable decades ago, can be adapted to the realities of today.

Retro style

How to create a daring retro make-up:

  1. Apply your usual corrector to cleansed skin. Treat the areas under the eyes and moving eyelids with it. If desired, apply a thin layer of translucent powder.
  2. Draw arrows. If you know how to do it professionally, you can use liquid eyeliner. If not, it is better to use a felt-tip pen eyeliner. Start applying from the inner corners of the eyes. Draw a line straight through from the outer corners, gradually thickening it.
  3. Apply a layer of light shadows on the moving eyelid. Their color should be as close as possible to the color of the skin, otherwise the effect of tired eyes will be created.
  4. Apply mascara to your lashes and curl them with a curling iron.
  5. Comb your eyebrows and bring them with light strokes – a pencil of a suitable shade.
  6. Walk along the cheekbones with a peach-colored blush. Brush movements – up, in the direction of the temples.
  7. Apply scarlet lipstick to your lips. Do not draw contours to give the lips plumpness.

Video instruction for creating retro makeup:

For such a make-up, you need clothes that match the chosen “retro” style.

cheeky korean makeup

In Korean makeup, no matter what it is – light, festive or daring, the emphasis is always on the eyes. Their shape is emphasized by carefully drawn lines. Another of the conditions of the Korean make-up is the effect of porcelain skin.


Features of the Korean make-up:

  • Even daring Korean-style makeup looks extremely concise and restrained . The skin of the face is perfectly clean, even, with the effect of moisture and transparency. A light golden hue is welcome.
  • The goal of the Korean make-up is to achieve the effect of a young and fresh face , without the clear contours that are characteristic of European make-up.
  • The eyes are designed as if they were painted with bright colors.
  • There is practically no sculpting of the nose , all attention is given to the eyes. The goal is to visually increase their size.
  • Even in the daring version, the Korean make-up is not overloaded with cosmetics and paints . It is light and fresh, and “daring” is achieved through voluminous mascara, contrasting shadows, false eyelashes and matte lipstick.
Korean eyes

Korean women often use colored lenses for defiant and festive makeup.

Korean makeup video:

Ideal for a photo shoot

Makeup for a photo session requires professionalism and a special approach that takes into account the peculiarities of video shooting and the resulting image. The make-up must be flawless in every line, as the camera is able to “light up” and increase the slightest imperfections and flaws.

For a photo shoot

Features and principles of makeup for a photo shoot:

  • Naturalness. The make-up should be saturated, but not overloaded, so as not to create a mask effect. Despite the use of a whole arsenal of cosmetics, the face should remain natural.
  • No sculpting. The camera is able to notice and capture the congestion of makeup, which at first glance seems flawless.
  • Lighting equipment often “eats” brightness and contrast, making bright and bold makeup too calm and restrained. Therefore, the make-up for a photo shoot is performed brighter , and the tone and powder are applied more tightly than in life.
  • Before the photo session, it is recommended not to drink alcoholic beverages – they will negatively affect the appearance. There will be bags under the eyes, and the face may become somewhat puffy. You should also avoid pickles and foods high in salt.
  • A couple of days before the photo session , it is recommended to do eyebrow correction and light peeling . Be careful with the solarium – reddened skin cannot be masked. To fix the situation, you have to use a blue concealer.
  • Correct redness and pigmentation with oily concealers, capillaries and pimples with green, yellowness with purple corrector, and the area around the eyes with beige. Powder the last with a colorless powder, but a very thin, almost airy layer.
  • It is not recommended to use tonalniks with shine and light reflection – they are allowed only for girls with perfect skin, everyone else is recommended to use matte tonal foundations.
  • Apply blush not only on the cheekbones, but also on other areas – under the eyebrows, forehead, chin, earlobes. This will give the face the necessary liveliness. Apply blush so that your cheeks do not look like halves of apples.
  • Makeup in a cold palette is recommended to revive with pale pink blush, fuchsia. Do not apply blush too close to the eyes.
  • When using shadows, remember the rule – matte versions look more bright in photographs than mother-of-pearl or with glitter particles. Do not be afraid to overdo it with shadows or mascara – there are not many of them for a photo shoot.
With red lipstick

Bold makeup for different eye colors

When creating a daring make-up, it is recommended to take into account the color of the eyes – the main part of the face, on which the emphasis is placed. We will learn how to emphasize the depth of the look and choose the optimal palette of shadows.

For brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls have to use contrasting shadows.

Brown eyes

Features of grunge for brown-eyed:

  • Brown eyes themselves are quite expressive, so a make-up can do without eyeliner . It is applied only along the lash line, it is not necessary to shade on the eyelids – this will prevent the visual reduction of the eyes.
  • To create an interesting combination of colors, black eyeliner is combined with some contrasting color – orange, purple, green.

For green eyes

Green-eyed girls attract attention even without makeup. A daring style is ideal for girls who do not tolerate monotony and strict limits.

Green eyes

Features of grunge for green eyes:

  • To shade green eyes and make them brighter, emerald shades are used in makeup. This combination not only looks interesting, but also emphasizes the beauty of green eyes.
  • The classic combination in makeup for green-eyed – with purple . It makes a perfect contrast with green and emphasizes the depth of the look.
  • Along with purple shadows in grunge for green-eyed, you can use a pencil of the same color.

For blue and gray eyes

Girls with gray and blue eyes are very daring makeup, as these shades harmoniously contrast with dark colors.

Blue eyes

Grunge features for gray and blue eyes:

  • Dark and thick eyeliner on the lower eyelids is most suitable . To draw the lash line, use a waterproof kayal to make the makeup brighter and more durable.
  • To enhance the drama of makeup , it is recommended to shade black shadows using burgundy shades.

Kayal differs from a regular pencil in its unique properties – super durability, brightness, more creamy texture, and most importantly, kayal does not spread under the influence of water.


Additional accessories

Daring makeup requires an appropriate “frame”. Not every outfit, shoes and jewelry will suit a girl with a defiant make-up.

How to add a grunge make-up:

  • wet strands;
  • miniskirt;
  • shoes with high heels;
  • skinny jeans;
  • chokers.

A choker is a short necklace adjacent to the neck and equipped with size regulators – these products are made from a variety of materials: wood, shells, precious and semi-precious stones, metal, leather.

Errors: what should not be overdone?

The task of makeup is to simultaneously emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws in appearance. Thanks to the make-up today, almost any girl can become an impeccable beauty.

Do-it-yourself makeup often ends with the appearance of errors. One of the most common is too much / strong / bright.

Examples of unacceptable “overdoing”:

  • Too much cream. Makeup that has a lot of foundation looks untidy, or worse, resembles a clown mask. To mask defects, it is better to use a concealer.
  • Exaggeratedly thick eyebrows. They do not emphasize the beauty of the eyes, but distract attention, look unnatural and untidy. It should be remembered that the eyebrows are just a frame for the eyes – the main “heroes” of a daring make-up, and putting emphasis on them is unacceptable.
  • Lots of glitter and shimmer. Moderation is required here – in small quantities, flicker looks very attractive. But shimmery shadows cannot be applied to the entire eyelid. They are applied only to the inner area of ​​​​the eyes, everything else is painted over with matte shadows.
  • Lots of powder. It is designed for the final touch and allows you to hide the shine of the skin. But often it is an excess of powder that adds age to a woman.
  • Strongly ruddy cheeks. To prevent too bright a shade of blush, they are applied to the foundation.

Proper make-up removal

The most important step in maintaining attractiveness is the timely and proper cleansing of the skin from cosmetics. The main rule for removing makeup is the selection of products suitable for a particular type of skin.

make-up removal

Makeup removal principles:

  • Almost any cleanser is suitable for normal skin , and for dry skin it is necessary to select products that do not contain alcohol – it is it that causes dehydration. Oily skin products with oils are contraindicated.
  • Dry skin is cleansed and at the same time softened with a nourishing composition, such as cosmetic milk. For oily skin , a light gel or micellar water is more suitable.
  • Cleansing always starts with the eyes and lips. First, the lipstick is washed off, and then the eyelids are cleaned, washing off the eyeliner with smooth movements. Dissolve the mascara on the eyelashes with a moistened cotton pad, and then wash it off.
  • Removal of foundation and blush. They are removed with gentle movements, trying not to compress or stretch the skin. For cleansing use gels, lotions, milk.

If you do not like to get lost in the crowd, if the challenge of everyday life is your usual state of mind, then a daring make-up is just for you. An image with an emphasis on the eyes will certainly attract the attention of others. But despite the seeming negligence, the creation of a daring make-up requires extreme accuracy.

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