Makeup with blue shadows: how to make relevant option

Meet the blue shadows – beauty trend from the past that enchanting is back. Known to many blue shadows are considered a symbol of revolution in the beauty industry. Few people know that they appeared in the 30-ies of the XIX century – when there was not much variety in cosmetics. In that period, the cosmetic brands started to produce colored shadows, and that blue was the first color of shadows.

There were a few bursts, the shades of blue was incredibly popular in eye makeup. The 90s were a period, when the blue shadows were crazy popular. Then they lost it. Today’s retro trends are back into our cosmetics. Ultramarine and other colors – a vivid example. In this article will be discussed about this fashionable wave of blue shades of makeup.

Shades of blue began to blow up the catwalks, as well as social events. Moreover, the trend does not exist in isolation in the stage “framework,” and began to actively penetrate into everyday life. Blue and blue shadows ceased to be associated with stage images, evening or holiday Macapa. Now they can be a godsend for daytime makeup, so to get them is each fashionista.

Blue monomaker century

Multicolor makeup age today is irrelevant. Now in the minimalist fashion makeup eyes using only one color. In other words, this trend is called “monomaniacal”. There are no stretch marks colors, sophisticated techniques. Everything is quite simple.

Makeup with blue shadows: how to make relevant option

You need to choose a solid shade of blue, medium blue, ultramarine, or other desired color (you will need one color), apply on the mobile eyelid. To make the image complete, you need to feather edges of shadows using brushes for eye makeup. Monomaker satin eye shadow easier to do, Matt harder.

Impressions from the catwalks

Podiums help us to understand what is obsolete and what is in trend. The shows of world famous fashion houses lately, too often, appear with bright makeup. In particular, it is the blue shadows became the jewel of many collections of Chanel, Armani Prive, Versace, Derek Lam, MarkJacobs, etc. On models you can see blue shadows in both upper and lower eyelids. They are often applied unusual: the temples, under eye, under and above the eyebrow, etc. an Example of extraordinary runway makeup steel blue “mask” painted shadows, one of the acclaimed shows of Chanel.

Makeup with blue shadows: how to make relevant option

In ordinary life, this makeup will look out of place and too bright, the trend, therefore, for “non-stellar” fashionistas has undergone some modifications. The colors are not in such volumes, the colors are more muted, border shadow is usually shaded. Celebrities occupy an average niche between runway trends and restrained makeup in everyday life.

Celebrity makeup with blue shadows

Following the catwalk trend to use color in makeup and become a celebrity. The blue color in your makeup uses Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, January Jones, Kylie Minogue, Olivia Wilde, Heidi Klum, Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart, Beyonce and other stars.

Makeup with blue shadows: how to make relevant option

Each of the celebrities interpreterpath a new trend in his own way, uses images of its color and its unique style. For example, images of Lady Gaga sometimes even brighter than on the catwalk. Given its style, this makeup looks very natural.

Makeup with blue shadows: how to make relevant option

Also, some stars prefer only a small blue accent in makeup. For example, Kylie Minogue likes to emphasize the blue pencil only on the lower eyelid mucosa line. Even this small detail makes her look interesting and attractive.

Makeup with blue shadows: how to make relevant option

Makeup with blue eye shadow step by step

There are many options of makeup with blue tones. We offer a stay at one of the trendy techniques of eyes makeup – smoky eyes. This option can be considered universal, as it is suitable for light and dark eyes. In addition, there are no complicated techniques, so it can handle any girl.

Thus, we present step-by-step make-up eyes:

Skin preparation

First, you must carefully prepare the lid, clean it with cleansing milk. Then, you should moisturize the skin. To do this, apply a gel or eye cream, then wait a few minutes. If there are still any remnants, then remove them with a napkin.

To make the shadows look bright and not pushed, it is necessary to properly prepare the skin before applying makeup. You can use primer or a base eyeshadow, it is well to shade.

Tip: apply a thin layer. Thick and heavy layer, conversely, cause an insufficient make-up, which will fail you at the crucial moment: rolled, pleated or float.

Mask the dark circles under the eyes with concealer. Copes with dark circles product that has reflective particles.

After base and concealer, be sure to powder my eyelids. To do this, use a light translucent powder. Well suited crumbly. You can also use and compact, only to put it a large brush to get the loose layer. Powder allows you to fix the result. Besides, her shadows look brighter and richer.


Proceed to eyebrow makeup. First comb them, then give the eyebrow shape with a pencil, wax, gel and other tool that you usually use. Further, under the eyebrow swipe a thick line of white eyeliner. Suitable soft pencils. The lower edge of the line blend in with a brush. So, eyebrows will look more neat.

Eye makeup

Makeup with blue shadows: how to make relevant option

Draw the upper mobile eyelid with a black pencil. Don’t need to draw fine lines, apply on the eyelid like the strokes. At the outer and inner corner of the eye make more saturated color.

Using a flat brush start to blend the line. First, blend the colors on the movable century, and then create a haze in the crease. This can be done with a fluffy brush.

Tip: eye makeup in the style of “Smokey” can be done in different ways. We offer one of the easiest – with the help of pencil, a pencil which is great shade. It can be easy to create the desired effect “haze”.

  • Apply black eye shadow in the outer corner of the eye. Slightly blend.
  • Apply blue shadow in center of eyelids, blend well the boundaries, you should not remain voids.
  • In the inner corner of the eye you can apply a small amount of Golden eye shadow. So the look will look fresh and open.
  • Black pencil gently work through mucous membranes. Do it on the upper and on the lower eyelid. Please note that this technique is visually decreases the eye, therefore the owners of too small eyes you can skip this step.
  • On the lower lid, apply a black pencil, smudge it, to get a gentle smoky transition.

At the final stage paint mascara on the lashes with mascara volume effect. Also for a special occasion you can apply false eyelashes. Blue makeup most natural looking lashes in bunches. How to glue and shoot, you probably know.


The finishing touch is to fix the result of spray-lock for makeup. It will increase the durability of makeup.

This makeup in the style of “smoky eyes” will look stylish in different ways.

To suit the blue eye makeup?

According to current trends, blue eye makeup is universal, as is equally well suited for any color of eyes. However, many makeup artists still recommend the blue color to use for brown eyes. They are convinced that this color helps to emphasize and make more expressive dark eyes. The owners of blue, grey and green eye makeup artists suggest careful use of rich tones of blue. It is better to choose the color of shadows on the principle of contrast.

Makeup with blue shadows: how to make relevant option

The shade of blue eyeshadow with blue eyes can just blend in and will not give the desired effect. In this case, makeup artists recommend not to completely abandon the trend and use it minimally, for example, to make blue eyeliner from the shadows. To do this with a damp brush to get the shadow and patting movements to apply them at the base of the eyelashes. You can further smudge the line. So, make-up will look gentle.

As for potona skin, the blue tint is very pale. Hair color is also important. Blue makeup especially in harmony with black hair, or strands of cool colors (pearl blonde, platinum, etc.)

Be sure that blue will suit all makeup, if worn correctly. So, to the blue shade didn’t look vulgar, we propose to follow the following tips:

  • Avoid the effect of “the snow Queen”, which can give a cold blue tone, try to use warm shades of blush.
  • Using eye makeup too light colors, like sky blue, it is moderately to use a highlighter. Perhaps, in this make-up from it is have to give.
  • Use a colored shadow on the lower eyelid, drawing a line with a brush with a beveled edge. This makeup will look more delicate.
  • Don’t combine thick black arrows with blue makeup. Blue eyeshadow with black eyeliner can make the eyes look heavy.
  • It is not recommended to use a brown eyeliner, because it doesn’t always goes well with a cold tone. If you don’t like black pencil, then replace it with dark blue or Indigo.
  • Not utjecaja the way, for example, blue ink. The overabundance of “blue” on the face of will do you not good.
  • Do not use black pencil to the mucous if you have small eyes. To visually increase the lining white draw with a soft pencil.
  • Not worth blue shadows apply clean lines. It is better to shade as the harsh blue shades look cheap and unrefined.
  • It is not recommended to use the blue shade with shimmer in the age makeup so they will look vulgar.

These recommendations apply to applying makeup in everyday life. If we are talking about photo shoots and creating bold images on holiday, then these rules could and should be broken. Experiment and find your own unique makeup in a blue hue.

How to choose lipstick to blue eye shadow?

Blue color itself is already bright. Combine it with bright coloured lipsticks are not worth it, since the whole image would become the caller and tasteless. It is better to add blue eyelid make-up neutral palettes. Prefer by sudovym, beige-pink, peachy-beige tones.

Makeup with blue shadows: how to make relevant option

If you choose a lipstick, but I don’t know whether it will be combined with blue shadows, then you tip: the tone should be subdued, not bright and not dark. If the lipstick fits these criteria, then it will harmoniously complement the bright make-up age. You can also use transparent or translucent lip gloss.

Discreet make-up of lips will make the image complete and at the same time will not “compete” with the main color accent or “drown” him. Leave all attention to the bright tone of the shadows.

As for textures, you can choose a lipstick classic glossy or matte. The last option is particularly relevant when using the shade of mother-of-pearl, satin, or shimmer. So, glitter on the eyelids will not increase the gloss on the lips. Conversely, choosing eye makeup with a matte texture, is to dilute their glossy lipsticks.

A selection of top-blue shadow

Today many brands launching collections of decorative cosmetics in blue; selection – a huge number of shades. They are the most similar to the color of those shadows, which are used in runway shows, for example:

Blue shade of eye makeup again becomes relevant. During the “lull” had changed the texture of the cosmetic composition. Cosmetics eyes became more persistent and varied. The trend is matte, semernya, glittery shadow in compact or liquid form. Also recently popular formula. The abundance of delicate shades is really amazing: sky blue, aquamarine, turquoise and others. You can choose dark colors, like dark blue saturated or neon. It all depends on the goals and orientation make-up (daytime, evening, special occasion, photo shoot, etc.)

Blue color itself is already self-sufficient, and therefore requires no additional “decorations” in the form of a massive hand or other catchy details. In addition, this color matches with many colors. It is also worth to remember an important rule: if you used in the makeup of the eyelids blue tone, don’t wear clothes in blue shade. In the language of the stylists it’s called “stylistic” taboo. Take the example of the style icons of our stars who know that the color blue does not oblige and can be combined with clothing of black, white, yellow, beige, cream and other colors.

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