Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

In 2019, the make-up will appreciate the variety of shades and trends. Lovers of “arrow” will be delighted with their diversity and to ladies who want to Shine, or, conversely, to guard makeup, just lucky with the trends 2019. 

Makeup artists the cult cosmetic brand Maybelline in anticipation of the upcoming year, proposed a review of trends in makeup for the whole year.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Trends in make-up or changing fast enough, but it’s safe to say that next year will be at the peak of popularity two most favorite.

Hollywood make up.

Style movie stars 30-40 years, when the fashion was the appearance of the woman as goddess and socialite. This unusual makeup assumes perfect tone, emphasis on eyes and lips at the same time, bright colors and plenty of glitter. “How to do makeup in the style of a film star? To create a dramatic bow using lipstick pencil Color Drama by Maybellinein the shade 110 Burgundy, which is perfect for Macau with a highlighter and long lashes,” – recommend Maybelline makeup artists.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Natural makeup.

The opposite of Hollywood and is more inclined towards minimalism, although its creation would also require a lot of makeup. First of all, you need to achieve a perfectly smooth skin and a healthy shade, then you can add a little lip gloss and accentuate the look with smoky eye shadow and mascara.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Accents that are on trend.

makeup Artists recommend doing 1-2 emphasis in make-up, to not overload the makeup. Previously it was the cheekbones, lush lashes, and 2019 should focus on the following points.

Eye makeup.

Smokey eyes are still relevant. To give the eyes are almond-shaped preferred by using dark and light shadows. Draw mobile eyelid dark shades and pull the arrow towards the temple. blend thoroughly and proceed to apply mascara. The most fashionable hands on the eye in 2019, a semicircular, with a short tip, and an ultra-thin eye lashes graft and very wide for evening makeup.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Eyes on the eyebrow.

Time “active” eyebrows gone, and today dark thick eyebrows is a clear counter-trend. Make a choice in favor of more natural, but still contoured and carefully groomed brows. “To the ends of the eyebrows look naturally, you need to draw them with the pencil inclined at an angle to the surface of the skin,” makeup artists recommend the French.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Skin tone.

The trend for naturalness leads us to the fact that for everyday toning and skin care face enough BB and CC cream. But full of beautiful makeup with the abundance of tools suitable for problem skin or for a special occasion. The covering layer of makeup and perfectly disguises the correct application lasts up to 8 hours.

For persistent thick makeup will need a whole Arsenal:
– makeup base cream or liquid elixir, she needs a perfect Matt skin and stay not less than 6 hours;
– Foundation – choose the desired color is not easy, so it is recommended to mix two or three shades to get the closest to the natural color;
– proofreader – necessary thing, if there are defects on the skin (spider veins, redness, freckles, age spots);
– concealer – refreshing under the eyes and perfectly hides age, if you put in the corners of the eyes and around the nose;
– blush – in 2019 it is the moderate kind of cosmetics, but the bronze shade has not lost its popularity;
– highlighter – sparkle with shimmer, but no large shimmer, perfectly illuminates the face and helps to create a refreshed look, you need to apply on the nose, under the brow, on the cheekbones and above the upper lip.

“The right makeup you need to fix spray or loose rice powder very finely ground,” – experts recommend.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Makeup-2019 seasons.

The palette and tonality make for each time of the year is chosen separately. Plays a role not only the color type, but also the global trends. Metallic gradually disappearing, making room deep rich colors, graphic elements and watercolor technique natural make-up.

Winter makeup.

More dense and expressive, for such experts recommend to choose 2-3 color and create a graphic, simply make, which is ideal stylish haircut and trendy geometric jewelry. “Use your most dark and contrasting shades, Burgundy, dark blue, emerald, purple, do not forget about snow-white shade and a pure black color,” – suggest the Maybelline makeup artists.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Spring makeup.

Spring 2019 will be marked by the arrival of various shades of yellow and green. This means that there will be creative make – up and bright colored eyeshadow, and the most daring can try the Golden yellow lipstick.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Summer makeup.

Summer in the new year will bring its own surprises, but what exactly can be assumed, so is the trend to wet makeup. Appropriate and tone colony with wet brilliance, and mirror lipstick, and sugar glitter on the lips, cheeks and eyelids.

Ala-naturel. Fashion for naturalness continues to occupy a leading position. The main rate at creation of a natural make-up becomes on ideal skin. To do this, you need to arm yourself with such beauty assistants as a make-up base, Bi-Bi, si-si or Foundation, concealer and highlighter. The maximum naturalness, however, can not be limited only to the skin. The use of pencil to draw eyebrows or eyelid lines is appropriate. You can also give your eyes a clearer look, slightly tinted eyelashes with mascara or apply a shade of natural palette. For natural make-up, lip gloss with an approximate shade to its own color or completely colorless is used.

Spectacular arrows. Paintings around the eyes in the style of Cleopatra have become one of the hottest trends of the summer. Juicy yellow, sky blue, brick and white arrows at the peak of popularity. The more original and larger the lines on the eyelids, the more fashionable the make-up.

SpShadows. Makeup artists suggest applying the shadow palettes to the effect of “smoky eyes”, color is calm color effect powder delicate nature. Shocking personality will also feel “in the subject”, painted eyes screaming shades.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

Autumn makeup.

Autumn-2019 is hidden not only by fog, but the secret world trends in make-up. Most likely in fashion back color Marsala – wine red, whose performance is especially good lipstick and nail Polish. Marsala is all, without exception, importantly, to gain confidence and try fatal shade!

The fashion will include bronze shades that are well suited to owners of gray, blue and green eyes. To emphasize brown and the blue eyes advise use autumn wearing, as in gentle, so and dark shades.
Autumn make-up depends on for what occasion you choose a make-up, what style of clothes you prefer, and whether this or that option of make-up is appropriate to a certain daily or evening image.

Fashion makeup-2019: photos, trends, tips

The hit of the season is autumn makeup with natural eyebrows without painting. You only need to comb your eyebrows and put a special gel.

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