Blush: types. How to choose and apply blush?

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Blusher allows you to highlight the natural color of the skin and correct facial contours. How to apply this cosmetic product, so the effect was satisfactory? How to choose the right blush and what are their types? Check the following text!

Blush: types. How to choose and apply blush?

Blush adds the name of energy, and sometimes even filuternego appearance. In history were mandatory, but is also strictly prohibited. Now, next to the red lipstick has become an integral element of style paryżanek. Is it easy to choose the perfect blush? How not to destroy a makeover choosing the wrong blush for yourself? Read everything you need to know about blush for cheeks.

Beauty ritual is an investment in your body, and prevention before the signs of skin aging. You spend more time with her so you don’t have to worry.

Blush: the history

Zanim wynaleziono kosmetyczny róż do policzków, mieszkańcy Starożytnego Egiptu i Grecji do barwienia policzków używali truskawek oraz owoców morwy. W Europie w tej samej roli występował burak, malina oraz sok z konwalii majowej. Popularnym sposobem na osiągnięcie rumieńców było podszczypywanie policzków, które oczywiście starczało na maksymalnie kilkanaście minut (wystarczy, żeby zrobić kilka dobrych zdjęć, prawda?).

During the middle Ages blush was very bad connotations. Associated with unclean thoughts and rubasznością, and preferably was porcelain pale, flawless skin. Blusher and the darker shade indicated the origin of the poor of the society, the one working in the field and zmuszonej physical effort. Rose beauty is back to grace approximately in the XVII century, when they began to grease his cheeks threat to the health lead. Later, with the development of makeup, and the increasing freedom of artistic expression, the blush has gone down in kosmetyczce.Is it worth it to apply blush?

Currently, rosy cheeks are synonymous with healthy skin and body. Highlight the face shape, and together with brostrom create just the perfect Duo. Blush the make-up becomes full. In a moment of crisis, if you do not have blush on hand, you can replace it with its pink and even red lipstick and rubbed his fingers.

Blush: how to apply it?

First of all, it is worth remembering that the cheeks differently than eyes or lips aren’t tight item of makeup, so you need to apply blush in moderation. Especially in the case of makeup wieczorowego should limit the use of pink to a minimum, so as not to distract from effectively umalowanego eyes, whether strongly reinforced mouth. In daytime makeup , you can apply some blush to the skin looked świeższą and more rested.

With roses you have to remember not to smile. When you smile climb cheek, so that if you then place the roses, his line goes down when we stop smiling. Always apply blusher to finish. Creamy spread with your fingers, and then przypudruj. Granular or stone, apply a slanted brush on przypudrowaną already face – first to deceive rose, then shake off the brush on the edge of the palm.

Cosmetics may not be on the face too much, so start applying from the temple, to be a thick layer under the hair line. Remember to evenly smudge the contours – the place muśnięte shades do not need to clearly distance themselves. If you overdo the amount of cosmetics, gather the excess with a sponge to the soil or stronger przypudruj.

Blush: how to choose color?

In the case of the pink in the first place is the right choice of color and shade. The realization that for your type of beauty fits-peach, or cherry is the basis. Incorrectly selected color will be unnatural lagged behind the rest of the makeup and it will be easy zdekonspirowany as a fake blush.

During the visit the store, place the roses in the interior of the palm and make sure it has a color that is close to zaróżowionych your fingertips. Thus, you will find the perfect, natural shade. There is no perfect answer to color choice. Brunetkom about porcelain skin and blue eyes, it will suit pale purple-pink, but being a peach skin tone, this is more orange.

Pay attention to the color of your lip tone or lipstick that you paint every day, eye color, hair color, skin color – when choosing a blush is best to include all these factors. Worth it, because the color of blush is sufficient to choose once and well. At a time when your skin is tanned, you can take a darker shade of the same color as usual.

Blush: how to pick up?

When you find the color pink, perfect for your cheeks, you can choose the type that best meets your favorite makijażowym customs. If you have a tendency to allergies definitely will safely reach previously tested samples on the skin brand cosmetics.

Prices różów for cheeks starting from 10 rubles, but exclusive of drugstores, you can even buy roses for 300 rubles. It’s cosmetic, like other pigments, lasts for a long time and usually is very effective, so no need to save it. It is important to keep the skin at least several hours, and also works well with your face powder and Foundation.

Blush: types

Rose stone (powder) is the most popular and most often found on the shelves of roses. Cosmetic works the same as powder in stone and should apply it with a brush with a slanting shape designed for blush or bronzer. The undoubted advantage of pink in the stone, in against other types is that in case of applying too much cosmetics, you can quickly wipe it with a napkin. Better just keeps on upudrowanej the skin.

Rose pencil is becoming increasingly popular because of their exceptional convenience. Looks like lipstick, and works the same, but intended for coloring the cheeks. Its advantage is the ease of achieving accuracy in execution of makeup and what it will cost without a brush. You could throw it in the bag and person to add vigor at any time of the day.

Rose cream has exceptional durability. You can apply it with your finger on bare skin muśnięta only cream. Its use requires care and a certain skill. This minion paryżanek because it gives an expressive and natural effect.

Roses loose most often takes the form of mineral powder. Requires the use of a brush, but characterizes its longevity. It is still the least popular form of pink, that is not so easy to find it at the drugstore.What is hidden in blush?

Modern blush sometimes even 100 different pigments connected in one cosmetic product to achieve the desired shade. The composition of cosmetic products depends on the type of blush, so that will be different for blush in the cream, for example, the pink color in the stone. Each rose includes components rozcieńczające pigment, preservatives, cosmetics, and also provide necessary transparency to the skin and grip, as for example, talc, zinc oxide, titanium oxide, stearic acid, silicone.

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