Various articles and helpful tips from professionals on makeup.

Make-up technique.Article.Tips.

Make-up technique.Article.Tips.

Face is Your calling card. And makeup reflects Your attitude towards fashion and image. When makeup matches the internal “I” and the mood of a woman, it makes her more attractive: it looks good and feels good.

We all have our favorite colors. But those are the colors we like do not always coincide with those that suit us. Thus, disadvantageous color, as if they were not good in themselves, will inevitably give us a tired, unkempt appearance. Faithful-definition of favorable groups accentuate the strengths and reduce the weaknesses of our face. And it’s kind of universal secret of attraction.

The basis of make-up lies the picturesque reception, that is working with colors. All graphic arts painting – drawing, line, light, shadow, glare, colour – used and in makeup. The line in painting is based on a space plane, it outlines the boundaries of objects, shapes, creates a linear rhythm. The makeup is primarily working with eyebrows, eyes and lips. It is very important to determine the direction of all lines on the face – depending on its morphology (vol.E. of the building).

Modern makeup should be painted every detail of the face. Makeup only then considered to be competent when it is “full”. Even if You want to have on the face was not visible cosmetics (also called makeup “clean face”), you still need a thin layer of Foundation, eyes should be designed with the help of shadows, mascara and pencils, and always at least a little lipstick and blush.

The color saturation depends on the function of makeup. For example, in the natural makeup should be muted, calm tones, lie haze, undertones, and to be almost invisible to the eye. According to the classical canons, competent makeup is makeup with an emphasis on one detail of a person. Generally, there are either eyes or lips. It is believed that if brightly painted lips, the eyes to emphasize is not necessary, and Vice versa, in clearly highlighted the eyes, the lips should be more or less neutral.

The main focus

Yes, makeup is a holiday, it’s self-confidence and attraction the eyes of men. But what detail should say that your face gently and that underlines all the beauty of Your eyes? You’re right – it’s the eyebrows. Agree that eyebrows must be in perfect condition, not only in the New year, March 8, and birthday. They have to be perfect always!

The natural form of the eyebrows, given to man by nature, is best suited to the type of person (not counting small “shoots”, for example, in the nose).

But the shape of the eyebrows is also subject to fashion. During the time Cleopatra was considered beautiful thick black eyebrows. In the 18th century English lady even increased your eyebrows using mouse fur. In 1920 fashion was eyebrow-strings. It is only since the mid-80s eyebrows again “won the right” to grow “as they please”.

The physiological function of eyebrows is to protect the eyes from dirt and in the current pot. Aesthetic, design and decoration of the orbital hollows, and in General “balance” of the face. A harmonious blend of the eyebrows with the eyes, lips, oval face adds to the charm.

Eyebrows is able to create or destroy this charm to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the eyes or, conversely, to give the face an undesirable expression to aggravate certain disadvantages. All the makeup may lose meaning if the eyebrows were filled incorrectly. It is therefore necessary to know their structure, shapes and lines, and rules for their registration.

10 commandments of makeup

In makeup, as in life has its commandments concerning division and care:

1. Eyes are very sensitive to germs. ONLY use THEIR mascara and eyeliner. Using your makeup, you can put on an eye infection.

2. The tone correcting means and powder should match your natural skin tone. Carefully blend Foundation to transition “chin-neck” .

3. Moisturize your skin before bedtime and before applying makeup. Hydration – the key to the beauty of the skin. The best cosmetics to bed and moisturizing before bedtime helps to maintain its elasticity and health.

4. Do not use mascara more than three months. For three months, it accumulates a huge amount of germs. To prevent the ingress of bacteria into the mascara, no need to drive a brush up and down in the tube though so you “refresh” the ink, you also pushed inside germs. Instead, several times turn the brush in the tube to scoop up more mascara, and then pull out the brush.

5. Too smoky eyes look unnatural. If you can’t have a smooth contour, you may want to make use of eyeliner to a minimum and use only eyeliner.

6. Do not forget to constantly moisturize the lips. There is nothing better than a savory seductive kiss soft lips. In cold weather be sure to use lip balm to prevent peeling and dryness. Hydration can also be useful when you use lipstick and outline the lips.

7. Don’t forget before going to bed to remove makeup. We all know that before bedtime cosmetics need to be removed. If this is not done, accelerating the process of aging. Decorative cosmetics only dry the skin out. Cosmetics eyes pulls the eyelids, which leads to premature wrinkles.

8. Don’t pick a shade to match clothes, if she’s not white, black, brown or gray. If the clothes are pink, green, red, blue, and orange, you don’t need to pick a shade to match. It looks vulgar and unnatural. This combination is only valid for neutral colors.

9. Do not use blusher more than two shades darker than your natural blush. Going to be in the circus? Do not get carried away too bright blush and don’t put them in the form of a circle. The main rule you need to apply blush two fingers from the wings of the nose towards the cheekbones.

10. Rastushevyvaet, rastushevyvaet and again rastushevyvaet. You have to look natural. Nothing should be sharp or well defined. To blend eye shadow or blush, use the brush and bru

overview on the procedure of applying makeup:

Foundation/makeup base

Work well to use only two bases for oily skin anti shine base for lights ( more for brides). Anti shine better than the Smashbox and Make-up atelier, many have not seen, but almost all removes Shine, but the base to make it Shine better in the MAC, it is called Strobe cream. If you use very thick concealer, then it is better to mix the base tone before applying.


Recommended to have to work two types of concealers. Very dense for the skin and light in texture for the skin with no visible problems. In the first case, it is best to use a palette of concealer Kryolan camouflage creme in the second case, the concealer MAC Select cover-up cache-cernes in a tube. It is also convenient to use concealers in sticks, but they are not selling, there is a Bobby Brown Face Touch Up Stick, but so dense that they are difficult and long to shade.


Many more just like Foundation MAC Studio Fix. It is quite dense, but well-toned skin. As for MAC, all means for toning of the skin are subdivided into 2 categories (yellow pink NC and NW) do not need to buy the whole palette of colors, enough to buy 4 colors — two of the most bright NC and NW, two of the most dark NC and NW and mix as needed.


Can be used as eyebrow pencils and shadows. A must-have brow gel, it is transparent to the end correction of eyebrows to work out the brow gel and they will “fall”. Many often use shadows though and the pencils should be, too. Here whatever you like, but the shadows. Eyebrow powder is always only shades of brown and definitely matte. Viseart pallet is ideal, many people always use it at work and not only for eyebrows but for eye makeup. Yet, Chanel is the house of 3 eye shadow eyebrow.


It is recommended to use the Foundation for a century of the best recommendations is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. You can also is the basis for the age to use a regular concealer or cream shadow for example Bobby Brown Long-wear cream shadow. The eye makeup still the main role is played by the shadows. All professional brands of good shade, for example DeKlie very convenient, you can buy a ready-made pallet of natural shades and colors. Good shade in Paris Berlin, but they will have to gather itself, ready they don’t sell pallets, but the pallets are very convenient, in the form of books. About the shadows, MakeupAtelir we can say that they are excellent, but only if without sparkles, they are very piled and therefore not particularly potuguese, because the sequins all together with particles of shadows fall.


Many masters they basically buy in stores Letual, and as a rule, the cheaper the better. And not because it saves, and pencils just like brands Sephora, loreal, Pupa is very soft and bright and perfect for pencil technique.


Suggest to buy Kryolan. Not as expensive as in the Atelier and is of good quality and a lot of beautiful and bright colors. The only difference is that eyeliner, or as they call make-up in Kryolan cannot be tosevite in a dry form, such as the pipes in the Atelier.
As for mascara, here who to what got used, many prefer mascara MAC Studio Fix lush.


In choosing a powder should be guided by several factors. For photo shoots and evening make-up is recommended dense powder MAC Studio Fix. For daily use perfect powder Atelier plm mate. Even many people really like powder MAC prep+prime transparent finishing powder correctrice, it is used more frequently than others, this versatile powder color white perfectly smooths and mattifies the face.


Corrective blush can be dry and creamy. Dry this MAC Harmony, but as many people use cream blush stick Atelier Fond de teint stick st 5a, it is very convenient to tosevite with your finger or a synthetic fibre brush. Blush for cheeks good and MAC and Bobby Brown. Many often are in cream color blush MAC Ladyblush. Halter to correct also color MAC Luna frost matte or white matte of the shadows. And to top it of the image using a shimmering powder, if necessary, MAC Golden bronze and Silver dusk.


For a long time not fashionable to use a pencil eyeliner lip of a tone or several tones darker than the lipstick. If you prefer to use a lip pencil, it must be in the tone of lipstick. Or, alternatively, all the lips to paint over with a pencil and top with clear lip gloss.

Correctly selected brush for makeup, is the key to makeup success. Brushes need a lot of and they are known, are not cheap. Professional makeup artist must have a set of good tools.

When choosing a brush, pay attention to the NAP if it crumbles, it is better the brush is not to take. This applies mainly to brushes Chinese and Korean. To test the durability of fibers gently press the base of the brush, the bristles should barely bend, if the fibers go to the side or completely flattened, such a brush is better not to take, it will be quite difficult to use.

Many are in the set, different brushes,the most expensive such as Shu uemura, cheapest Russian production of M. Art. Of the many gift sets of brushes, from different brands, the job take only a few brushes, this is usually all synthetic brushes. Not much happens, because for each client you want to use only clean brushes. Brushes also tend to deteriorate, most of the time and daily use, then they change to new ones. When choosing a brush to clearly plan for what you will use that in work time is not “running around” in your set in search of “something”.

Care for brushes. Synthetic brushes are washed after each use with warm water and soap. With regard to natural brushes, they need to once in a week to process special means. Kryolan offers a good cleaner. Previously, MAC was a great “chistulka”, but because of its content of alcohol, it was removed from sale. If there is no means that brushes can be washed in warm soapy water, but don’t do it often.

Fiber optic brush for applying a makeup base. With this brush cosmetics go perfectly smoothly. Suitable for any type of cosmetics. The white tips of the villi are very porous and absorb a lot of makeup, so the cream is best applied directly on the face, and brush to use to align the colors.

Flat brush for applying Foundation, outlining the contours of the face, darkening or rastushevyvaniya in the case of using a creamy funds. Showered cleans well under eye.

Synthetic brush for applying concealer, corrector and Foundation on the eyelid. Possible for use of contouring the face.

Brush for applying powder. Ideally, sable or mink.

Brush for applying powder blushes. Smaller than a powder brush.

  Brush to work on the relief of the face.

Brush with a thin tip eyeliner. Also used for camouflage and correction makeup under the lower eyelid.

Brush with a pointed tip. Useful for prorisovany eyebrows and eyeliner. Necessary as air. A backup of this brush just does not exist.

Great brush for applying and blending eyeshadow.

Small brush for applying and blending eye shadow.

A brush for applying eyeshadow, this brush shape is perfect for applying shadows in the crease on eyelids.

A brush for shading shadows on the lower eyelid. The brush is quite rare, but very comfortable. It is wider and shorter than the eyeshadow brush.

The lip brush. Usually synthetic and flat.

Modeling the shape of the eyebrows

How to look beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows?

They are quite long, graceful, slightly raised, have a neat shape. The correct form of the eyebrows is this: the widest part of the eyebrows is at the inner corner of the eye; starting from the upper inflection point, eyebrows are already, but narrowing occurs not abruptly, but gradually. As a guide to give your eyebrows a perfect shape may be a contour of the eyebrows, which is directly above the eye cavity, just below the eyebrows.

However, trying to pick up a beautiful eyebrow shape, you should focus not only on eyebrows but also facial shape. Some makeup artists believe that a person just exercises a determining influence on the shape of the eyebrows.

 For a round face is most suitable eyebrow shape – broken, high lift and short tip. But you should not do kink your eyebrows too sharp — it will only emphasize the roundness of your face. Do not make round form of the eyebrows, the contours of the face.

If you have an oblong/oval face shape, the perfect eyebrow is straight and horizontal, slightly rounded, distant from the bridge of the nose eyebrows. Brows with a high arc you had better not to do.

Among the forms of eyebrows for triangular face stylists suggest slightly raised evenly curved eyebrow shape, medium length. Straight eyebrows are not recommended.

Square face, best shape for square faces – long, highly raised curved eyebrows. Contraindicated thin eyebrows.

To correct eyebrow shape according to face shape, carefully pull out the hairs on the lower eyebrow line. To touch the upper line of the specialists do not recommend: the top hairs follicles are larger and more active, they have a lot of color, so when you remove the hair, they become noticeable enough that it does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

How to choose eyebrow shape

Let’s do some manipulations to find the perfect eyebrow shape. Take a pencil and connect them at the point of the wing of the nose and point at the inner corner of the eye. The point of intersection of a pencil with the brow is the mark, perfect for the beginning of the eyebrow. All the hairs that are beyond this point closer to the nose, should be removed.

Now the highest point of the eyebrows: a pencil needs to determine a vertical line passing through the external border of the iris. Where the pencil intersects with the brow, mark another point, which will be the highest point of the eyebrow line. Up to that point eyebrow rises and its width remains unchanged, and then gently lowered to his head and narrows. All the hairs that do not fall within the outlined border will be deleted.

Define the end point of the eyebrow. Again puts the pen to the wing of the nose and sent it through the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow. Eyebrows should not go beyond this point, so all the hairs beyond it, closer to the temples also must be plucked. Adjust the bottom line of the brow so that it tapers smoothly to the temple. If my brow you noticed some of the individual hairs should be gently pulled out.

To verify that the location of the end points of the eyebrow, place the pencil to the eyebrows in the middle: the start and end of the eyebrow should be equidistant from the pencil.

For the perfect right eyebrow shape also plays a role distance between the eyebrows, which should be two fingers (a little less for close-set eyes). If you are unable to determine the line of the eyebrow to the eye, use a cosmetic pencil to draw their contours.

Giving the eyebrows the desired shape, provide them with proper care: timely pluck newly grown hairs, brush your eyebrows, use of castor oil or special products for the care of eyebrows and eyelashes.


The error which is distinguished by beauty-lovers from the makeup professionals, said a leading makeup artist of Clinique Jenna Menard.

Mistake # 1: Apply powder or highlighter all over the face.

Rule: Use a matte and illuminating formulas locally: lightly powder your T-zone and cheekbones apply a bit of highlighter – this difference textures accentuate the natural contour of the face and create the effect of a lack of Foundation.

Mistake # 2: Leaving an unfilled gap between the contour of the eyes and eyelashes.

Rule: Apply the contour as close as possible to the base of the lashes so that between eyeliner and lash were not of the lumen. If you apply the pencil side of the rod, the line will be more straight and smooth than if you apply it with the edge of the rod on the tense century.

Mistake # 3: Too much makeup at once.

Rule: Always start with a small amount of tone and, if necessary, add it. Easier to apply additional layers than to remove excess. If you use too much product, the tone will be very noticeable rough.

Mistake # 4: not Enough thorough feather.

Rule: be Sure to thoroughly rastushevyvaet tone that the cover became invisible on the skin merged with her. Eye shadow, blush, it is important to blend at the borders of the colors – so that they are gradually eroding.

Mistake # 5: Solving skin problems by masking.

Rule: Do transparent make-up showing the texture of your skin and features. A dense layer of colours, if you try to hide underneath the pimple, fine lines or spots, add face few years. It’s much more efficient to combine the essential skin care with a light makeup.

Mistake # 6: Using dirty applicators.

Rule: Use disposable applicators or carefully and regularly clean brushes special tool. Better yet and easier to apply makeup with fingertips.

1. The application and choice of colors, embellishments.

1. The application and choice of colors, embellishments.
  1. The choice of Foundation:

 How to choose the right concealer? It depends on your skin type.

  • If the skin is dry, choose a Foundation that contains moisturizing ingredients.
  • Oily skin always shines, and the extra sebum makes problematic the use of any cosmetics. Therefore, there are special products for oily skin. Tone cream for oily skin contains no oils, and its particles absorb excess sebum. This cream is a denser texture, he falls not so thin as a cream for dry skin. If the Foundation is quality, oily skin is a bit dried and unpleasant greasy Shine disappears.
  • Skin mixed: skin at the site naso-labial triangle and dry on the cheeks and forehead. In this case, you will need a little bit to try to learn how to use the creams. It is best to use for masking skin imperfections. All face covered with a cream irrational. This will create unnatural, lifeless and flat tone. To avoid this, buy 2 creams: the first is exactly like your skin, and the second darker. The second case cheekbones and nose, and on it apply a layer of cream that matches the color of your skin.

What is Foundation cream?

There are several types.

  • Most dense in consistency – tone base:

it can only be used for day and evening makeup. It looks good under artificial light.

  • Liquid tone

it is desirable to use those women who have good skin. Liquid tone cannot hide significant imperfections, but it will align its color.

  • Cream powder

great for owners of oily skin. It eliminates unwanted Shine.

  1. Application of Foundation:

To achieve the most natural shade, it is necessary to try, as thin as possible to spread cream in the face. Than a layer of cream thinner the better. You only need to adjust for the beauty, not to draw a new face.

No matter what the cream is applied:



It is important to blend the cream layer should be as thin as possible.

Apply from chin to forehead. At first the chin, then cheekbones and cheeks, forehead.

Put the lines of the face

Make sure that the border between the cream and the skin was not noticeable.

The color should merge, then the person wouldn’t feel like a mask.

Pat with a paper towel.

2. The coating powder.

2. The coating powder.

Powder – an indispensable means of decorative cosmetics that help your skin look smooth and soft. How to achieve this effect? The powder is compact and crumbly. Do not use compact powder for oily skin: this powder contains a fatty base.

Which powder to choose?

Loose powder

covering the skin is very thin, is the best choice!

Compact powder

harder to apply and doesn’t stay up so evenly.

Avoid colored powder – it looks too bright and becomes gray, having been on the face awhile.

Buying the powder, choose a shade that replicates your natural or semitone lighter. Ignoring this rule, you will get to face two shades: powder and your own. The skin in this case looks uneven. Before applying powder make sure that hair strands do not touch the face.

Applying the powder, use:

  • a special brush for loose powder

Or sponge to apply compact powder

The powder should be applied over Foundation to secure it, but the main purpose of powder is not it. Applying the powder, you do not give the skin Shine and keep your face fresh throughout the day. That is why a powder compact can be found in any hand-bag, and many of us love to powder my nose.

Apply the powder

• Make sure that the Foundation is evenly applied and has dried well.

• Dip the brush into the powder and touch it to the face, gradually covering powder all over the face. Do not try to apply the powder, rubbing it in the face – this makes it impossible the uniform application. Be sure to powder and neck.

• Applying powder, put the powder in the face with a thick soft brush, directing it from the bottom up. Try to make it so that the powder has not settled on the little hairs on the skin surface.

3. Eye makeup

3. Eye makeup

Everyone knows that beautiful eyes – the main woman’s weapon of seduction. Their charm and beauty attracts and fascinates even the man. They say that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Eyes can really tell a lot about a person.

  • The first stage. Apply a shadow base (shade the lightest shade) over the entire lid up to eyebrow
  • Second stage. The shadow-outline, apply a thin line along the upper lash line and then on the top part of the century along the line of crease to the middle of the eye, drawing a V-shaped line. Using a brush, gently blend the shadows.
  • The third stage. Contour pencil draw lines along upper and lower lashes. Summing up the upper eyelid, move from the inner corner of the eye outwards, and the lower back.
  • The fourth stage. Apply mascara first to the lower, then on upper lashes. Let dry deposited layer before applying the next.
  • The fifth stage. Combed lashes.

Comb for eyelashes and eyebrows:

How to make eyes pop

– Maskvalues of skin blemishes. To remove the dark circles under the eyes, apply concealer in the light shade just for the bluish skin under the eyes. If the eyelids are dark in color, apply concealer on them.

– Remove the swelling. To hide puffiness under the eyes, move the contour with a pencil only the upper eyelid. Apply and blend cream Foundation under the eyes, then apply compact powder under the skin tone on the areas under the eyes and below the cheeks, to “clean” swelling.

– The contour of the eye. To the eyelids did not seem too dark, use the shadows muted matte shades. Avoid shiny and shimmering shadows – in this case, the wrinkles become more noticeable.

Bright eyes

– Eyebrows. The natural shape eyebrow should start above the inner corner of the eye and bent over his center. Beautiful shape make the upper eyebrow line: eyebrow comb brush, eyebrow pencil, apply light, short strokes in the direction from the selected point to the edges. Again comb the eyebrow brush to soften their contours.

– Eye “in the haze”. A bold option that provides immediate effect. Apply eye shadow of medium intensity tone on the eyelid, then along the line of the crease apply a second coat, using the shadows deeper smoky shade (Black Onyx, iris, Midnight Blue). Finish off the makeover by applying to the eyelashes a thick layer of mascara.

– Contour. If you want lines, delineated by a contour pencil for the eyes, remain as long as possible, apply on top of these lines the shade close to the shade that fortify and soften lines.

– Saturated colors. If you want to have colors seemed more intense, apply the shadows wet. This way you can bring the eye shadows instead of pencils – to do this, use a thin brush and apply the shadow close to the lash line: apply the layer of dry brush or a cotton swab to soften the contour.

– How to “increase” eyes. To make the eyes more depth, apply through the crease shade darker.

– Quick transformation. To quickly change daytime makeup to evening, apply a light glitter eye shadow under the lower line of the eyebrows to lift the brows and give the eyes a festive Shine. Apply more intense or iridescent shadows on the outside of the line of the crease and blend. Circle the top and bottom lashes contour pencil dark shade and then walk through the lines with a cotton swab to soften the contours. Apply an additional coat of mascara on the lashes.

Fluffy lashes. If you want the lashes were fluffy, apply several layers of mascara. But before you apply the next layer, let the previous one dry.

4. The blush

4. The blush

With blush the skin can be given a touch of freshness, in addition, to simulate the shape of the face. A touch of blush on the cheeks, forehead and chin revitalizes skin, models face and eyes Shine. Applying blush much more influenced by fashion than tinted or powder. Sometimes blush is applied clear accents, then again upstage. But all these twists and turns of fashion it is better not to take seriously, and to adhere to the fact that the Rouge is in every person enliven and rejuvenate. In addition, they balance makeup: the greater painted eyes and lips, the more important that the space between them playing some color.

It is very important to apply blush, especially on the cheeks. If they are applied too close to the nose, the face will look older. By evening the tone needs to be brighter due to artificial lighting, the location of blush is very important as the electric light absorbs the color, leaving only the tone. If the Rouge is put close to the nose, the face will look sunken and not rounded. Therefore, always apply blush away from the nose, on your cheeks up to the hair. The use of evening blush with Shine prevents the formation of shadows on the face.

Bold blush

designed for normal and dry skin

dry blush

for normal to oily.

Also, when choosing blush, dry or oily should be guided by the following rule: if the skin powder, take a dry blush, if you apply the primer (or just the day cream), it is better to use the fat. The reason is this: dry blush is easily applied only on powdered skin, and Vice versa, blush-powdered cream on the skin it is difficult to distribute evenly, and the background matte powdered skin, they will Shine. You have to be careful as many dry blush contain fine glitter. The evening is a gold or silver shimmer looks good, but the day he unnatural look. When buying watch out for this and for daytime makeup choose matte blush.

Dry blush is easiest to apply with a brush with a long handle, as used by professionals.

A small brush with a short handle attached to a box of Rouge, more suitable to touch up the blush. First few times hold the brush in the powder, then blow away the excess powder or shake on the back of the hand. The brush is placed on the upper point of the cheekbones and lightly lead obliquely between the corner of the mouth and head. Here also it is necessary to follow the rule of progression: apply blush in small doses, until you reach the desired effect, because the excess blush is almost impossible to remove without damaging the primer layer. To increase the intensity of the color by small portions, on the contrary, very easy. Blush can be replaced with a dark powder, the color matched leather.

What color blush is best?

The one that is best suited to your skin type. Here the case is different than the lipstick, the color of which may be extraordinary. Blush should look natural. Who are not sure in your blush color should bring a person of different colors for blush and see which one best harmonizes with the skin color.

In summer the best is to apply blush bronze or terracotta powder. It is found in the form of a thin powder or in the form of compressed balls. The advantage of the latter: leading the ball with a brush, it is easier to dose the amount of powder.

Before applying blush fat face smeared with a fat cream, then put a few spots of blush and gently rubbing them in a way that was not visible from the border with the skin of the cheeks. After blending blush face powder.

Bold blush look particularly natural, but not keep as long as dry blush, and you have to refurbish this layer is two to three times a day. Blush should look natural, while emphasizing all the best advantages of the face and hiding his flaws. When choosing a tone-oriented color shining through the skin blood vessels.

The main rule of thumb: bright pink leather fit all cool colors with a bluish tint from pink to caustically pink. Skin tone, which is closer to a yellowish or olive, requires warm colors like apricot, coral, brown or copper.

Depending on the shape of the face blush is applied: when the oval face, the area from the cheek to the eyes; when they rounded pritenyayut only the external part of the cheeks from the temple to the lower jaw; if triangular face, applied the blush from the cheekbones to the temples and down a bit; on a square face blush applied under the eyes and lightly rubbed the sides.

The blush on her cheeks

Guide the strip along the most prominent part of the cheekbones, starting below the level of the outer corner of the eye up to the hair. Kistochki or fingers RUB the edges to the formation of flat color.

Check your work by looking at yourself in the mirror from the side.

The application of blush on the forehead

Apply a small amount of blush to the center of the forehead and lightly RUB the region.

The blush on the chin

Apply blush to the center of the chin, and then carefully RUB them: they should be barely noticeable.

To give the face a healthy color

Apply a little dry matte blush along the hairline, starting from the right ear to the left, and carefully RUB them towards the left ear.

Methods of correction of face shape

  • Broad face. If you want to do face, apply blush in a wide strip from the top of the cheekbones towards the line of the nose. Stay on the line, passing under the outer edge of the iris of eye and sweep the brush up at an angle to the top of the ear. –
  • A narrow face. To optically make the face wider, apply blush from the outer edge of the eye, blending their movement back (but not up) toward the middle ear.

5. Lip makeup

5. Lip makeup


Types of lipstick.:

  • Creamy lipstick covers the lips and contains a lot of skin care products, such as jojoba, avocado or cocoa butter. Its advantage is that it will never crumble and is not as quickly settles in wrinkles. In addition, it nourishes the lips with moisture, nourishes with vitamins and medicinal substances.
  • Indelible lipstick covers the lips a thick layer. It forms a complex chemical compound and a film on the lips, which is firmly deposited pigments. When using it, the lips looks matte, the lipstick is retained even after the kiss.
  • Sheer lipstick gives your lips just a touch of paint. She looks naturally shines through her natural lip color. This lipstick makes lips shiny and protects them from dryness and cracks. For dry skin you need to buy at the same time protecting and greasy lipstick. Low-fat and sheer lipstick is not shiny and irritate sensitive skin. By the way, if lipstick is constantly lubricated, so it is too soft and it needs to change.
  • Lip gloss gives them a gloss.
  • Contour pencils are used for framing the contours of the lips or to do a little mouth more.

The color of the lipstick.

Fashion color lipstick unstable. But not every lipstick suits the colour of the eyes and a toilet.

  • If brown or black eyes color lipstick with a gentle yellow hue. If you have a blue dress, lipstick should not have a blue or yellow tint. With brown eyes in the fall, you can paint lipstick brown-red tone without the slightest hint of chestnut.
  • With blue eyes, paint the lips with the lipstick, having a gentle shade of blue. If put on the dress yellow or Golden color, lipstick must be with a yellow tinge.
  • In green, grey or the ever-changing color of eyes, color of lipstick light tones. The tone of lipstick should also be in harmony with the color of the dress.

The shape of the lips

Doctors say that when choosing the shape of the lips heard the stereotypes. So, according to British psychologist Kevin Baker, a timeless fashion for full lips has deep socio-cultural roots. In the Western cultural tradition full lips are associated with youth, sensuality, and vitality, while narrow mouth is perceived as a symbol of prudence and aloofness. So uscooby women and lately even men tend to change the shape of the mouth to succeed in personal life and career.

A study by British psychologists showed that 300 of the 650 surveyed men aged 25-50 years prefer women with full, well-rounded lips. Another quarter of the respondents would oppose the idea of surgical correction of the shape of the mouth from their mates.

With the help of makeup you can bring the lips to perfect.

Drooping corners of her mouth. Fix ugly natural line of the upper lip, lifting up the corners. Part of the lip remaining outside the traced contour, obscure background paint.

Protruding lower lip. The viewer but reducing the size of the lower lip, lifting her hem slightly and making it horizontal in the center. Slightly increase the visual size of the upper lip.

Thick upper lip. Draw U-shaped bend below the natural, and the corners of the lips outside the natural.

Protruding upper lip. Draw U-shaped bend below the natural. Draw the lip contour is flatter than their natural border. Visually reduce the size of the lips.

Thin lips. Upper lip issue: U-shaped bend above the natural, gently round off the edge of the lips, the position angles do not change. The lower lip gently round off the edge of the lip from the center to the corners.

Apply the lipstick

  • Method the first. For lips and lip contours applied with a cosmetic sponge a little of the basic tone, tint the lips with lipstick and a brush. Then down the contours of the lip contour pencil or eyeliner. With the help of contour lip pencil can be made more or less complete.
  • The second way. Before applying lipstick, you need to outline the contours of the bright eyeliner cream color. The contours of the mask towards the inside. The bottom hold circuit red contour pencil. The pencil and lipstick should be the same color. Only after this brush to apply lipstick over the entire surface of the lips. Fix the lipstick, gently blotting lips with a tissue. Then in the middle of the upper and lower lips applied a little Shine.
  • The third way. A special red pencil draw the desired outline of the upper lip starting from the center of the U-shaped bend to the corners of the lips. Then hold the desired contour of the lower lip, starting from the center to the corners of the lips. This procedure can be done using a brush and paint, which should be one tone darker than the lipstick.

Little secrets

Lipstick is better to stay on the lips if you apply a background paint and powder.

After designating the desired contour of the lips and applying the first layer of lipstick is clamped between the lip of the strip of pulp to remove excess lipstick. Then again, powder your lips and cause them to second layer of lipstick.

Drawing the desired contour of your lips, not pushing too hard on the pencil: outline indicates only the limit beyond which it cannot go when painting lips lipstick.

Your mouth will look like smiling, if the line of the upper lip will end slightly not reaching the corners.

In order to get clear beautiful lines of the lips, you must learn a few rules. When applying lipstick, elbows should have a good lean on the Desk, the pencil should be between your thumb and forefinger, the other fingers pressed against the chin.

Removing lipstick

In the evening before bed to remove all lipstick. Many lipsticks have a high resistance they contain pigments embedded in mucosa. They must be carefully removed.

In any case we can’t remove the lipstick with soap and water, as the mucous membrane of the lips is very delicate and soap dries the skin. A dye that penetrates into the pores of the mucous membrane of the lips, can only be removed with a fat-containing means.

There are special creams for removing lipstick. You can use for this purpose also, the usual means for removing makeup.

Barcode. “Contour” science

Lips – the most beautiful and attractive part of the face. Of course, if it is correct to emphasize it. And one lipstick or gloss is not enough. Need help “professional”, correcting lips of all shapes and sizes.


Of course, the lips. It needs to be soft enough not to damage the skin around the mouth. Not very fat to contour did not spread. And not too dry to the solid line becomes a dashed line when you smile or talk. And persistent to prevent the spreading of lipstick. But professional makeup artists prefer to emphasize the shape of her mouth the lipstick with a brush.

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HOW?1. The contour, drawn in pencil, is smooth and clear, start to draw soft, short strokes starting at the center of the upper lip towards the corners of the mouth.

2. Then, on the bottom lip, from left to right.

3. Upper and lower lines connect the corners of the mouth.

Color scheme

* The outline color should match the lipstick. In fact, ideally, it should not be seen. It just corrects the shape of the lips and keeps the lipstick.

* Keep in mind that lighter shades will soften the contour of the lips, and the dark – stress.

* To make lips more prominent, makeup artists advise to draw a beige pencil, even if you use a colorless gloss.

The secret is in the correct ratio of natural matte shades and a thick, creamy Shine. The makeup is inspired by 60 years.


To give your make-up perfection, you can do the following:

1. To give bulk and increase the size of the lips the middle you can highlight with a lighter tone.

2. For more brightness and durability you can apply a second coat of lipstick or gloss.

3. To give greater relief and volume, you can make the highlights lighter lipstick. On the upper lip – one highlight on the bottom two. The paint must be feather, but the bright spot should remain visible.


Ladies mid XIX century painted lips “sweetheart”, tinting only the middle of the lips. In the mid-twentieth century became a fashionable “American” lips are expanded to the outer corners of the petals. Popular now sensual, bright mouth. Its size should be not too big, not too small.


Often ladies, not satisfied with the degree of plumpness of your lips, come in a variety of beauty treatments (all kinds of injection and correction). You can not go under the syringe or the scalpel, most importantly

– correctly adjust the shape of the mouth by using lipstick.

-To increase lip contour pencil draw the shape by grabbing the skin over the upper and lower lip. The pencil should be slightly darker than the lipstick.

-To enlarge the lips using bright lipstick, bright tones optically enlarge the lips.

-Tinting thick lips, no need to emphasize their outlines with a pencil. Lipstick is applied over the natural contour of the lips and the corners of your mouth is better to leave plain.

-With broad lips, better use a lipstick of a darker color.

-To reduce the shape of a mouth, you can shade the corners of the Foundation.

-Uneven wide lips lipstick should be applied in the following way: the narrower lip

– the lighter, wide

– darker.

-The drooping corners of the mouth can be raised: lower lip not paint until the end, i.e. not to the corners of the mouth; lip contour, not reaching the corners, raise up.

-If you decide to increase or decrease the lips, remember that deviation from the natural line of more than 1-2 mm makes your lips look unnatural and cartoonish.

-If the thick paint the upper lip, it’ll hide a wide nose or a round face.

-Oblong face visually rounded up if the more saturated paint lower lip.

Good luck with the makeup!!!

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