Tips for beginners: how to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

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The arrows on the eyes to improve their appearance. Sometimes they just change the face. That is why many girls always used the arrows in your makeup.

It should be noted that arrows it is important to be able to draw correctly. They should emphasize the beauty of the eyes, and not to spoil them. That is why you should learn the techniques of drawing arrows with which everything is easier than at random. These methods have a few. About them, and also about how to learn to draw hands with liquid eyeliner or any other, we will discuss in this article.

It is important to understand that in this case plays a big role in training of your hands. If you will often be able to draw your arrows on the eyes, you will be able, eventually, to do it almost perfectly. Do not worry if you will have to erase drawn, and then again withdraw. All of this is normal. Rarely does everything well the first time.

Tips for beginners: how to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

How to choose eyeliner

So the arrows under the eyes turned out, it is important to use the correct eyeliner. She must be of good quality and fresh. Too dry or too liquid not suitable, as they are very difficult to work with. The consistency of the eyeliner should be the average of its density. If not, perhaps you fell into the hands of poor means.

The benefits of a liquid liner type

The arrows on the eyes with liquid eyeliner are rich and bright. This effect will not work to achieve with a black pencil. While arrows made eyeliner liquid type are more resistant. They have not erased and are not eroded over time, which is an advantage.

Beautiful arrows on the eyes with liquid eyeliner to make the color of the chameleon. This is the liquid that lends itself well to mixing, you can combine colors or initially to acquire what you want. With a pencil, such experiments will not succeed.

Arrows liquid eyeliner is the easiest to do. With a brush or pen you will need to draw lines of desired shape. The pencil handle is much more difficult. That’s why over the liquid liner should be taken to people who are just starting to use the arrows in the make-up.

Tips for beginners: how to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

On what basis to choose the means

From the beginning, pay attention to the consistency of the liner. It should be neither too thick nor too runny. To draw and that and the other quite difficult. To make sure that the eyeliner easy average density, open it, and even try on the hands. This way you will know whether to draw the tool.

Also pay attention to the tassel. It should be pliable and elastic. The tip should not be fat. It is thinner, the easier they will be able to draw. Better a few times to bring hands than just make them ugly thick. All this you can also evaluate by drawing some stripes on the wrist.

For aspiring beauticians suggest a liquid liner with a brush-marker. It is very easy to draw. Get smooth lines that make the bad almost impossible.

Eyeliner can be not only black, but also gray, brown or “chameleon”. For those who are just learning to draw hands, it is better to choose a lighter color. It is not as noticeable, so if you have something not perfect, few people will understand.

Tips for beginners: how to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

How to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

To get started, create yourself a comfortable working space. The most important thing in drawing arrows is that your hand is not shaking. To do this, you can fix the elbow on the table. You will stretch and it will reduce the likelihood of the tremors.

If your a good liquid eyeliner thickens, and you need it urgently, don’t worry. The tool can still be saved. How to do it? Wrap the connections in plastic and put in warm water. After some time, the tool will melt and become more liquid. Also inside to add quite a bit of water or alcohol. Thus, you will bring your liquid liner to its normal condition.

Apply to eye lids Foundation, a little powder them. This is important in order to draw after hands looked clear and beautiful. It also will visually enhance the contours of the eyebrows.

When all the preparatory work will be carried out, you will be able to get down to business. We will tell you how to draw arrows liquid eyeliner itself.

Tips for beginners: how to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

How to draw arrows liquid eyeliner with a teaspoon

You need a normal teaspoon. Make sure that she was dry. You should attach the spoon at an angle from the outside of the eye so that the curved part was near the area. Thus, you will create something similar to a ruler. It is to draw the line. It will be rounded and thus will not be skachivaetsya. This way of drawing the arrows is very convenient. However, sometimes you will have to carry this spoon with you.

If you have something not quite exactly, then correct until the liner has not dried up. This can be done the wet cotton swabs. If the vehicle has had time to dry, then arrows can be corrected with concealer or Foundation.

The spoon can be replaced and the sponge. Just put a sponge so that on the eyelid formed arc. Everything is exactly the same as with a spoon. Then just circle the eyeliner.

You can also use a band-aid. It has to be the most common. Attach it in such a way that circled the edge, you could draw a smooth arrow. This method of applying eyeliner several traumatic, because the patch will need after the procedure tear. So if you have delicate skin, it is better to choose other methods.

It is worth noting that the longer you make the arrow, the more safely they will look. Short will give a look of tenderness. Turn up the arrows are not necessary if you are doing daily makeup. But the party can make a long fat arrow with raised up edges.

Tips for beginners: how to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

How to draw arrows liquid eyeliner for beginners with stencils

So, how to make arrows on the eyes with a liquid eyeliner person, ‘ve never made, difficult, it is possible at first to use special stencils. They will be enough to attach to the eye, and then draw a line on the inner section.

Stencils can be purchased in the store, specializing in cosmetics, or make yourself out of paper.

How to draw beautiful arrows liquid eyeliner without AIDS

Interested in the question how to paint the arrows with a liquid eyeliner immediately, without stencils, spoons and other devices?

  1. To do this, gently swipe the arrow at the edge of the eyelid just above the eyelashes. The tip of the arrow slightly lift up. The line should be fine.
  2. Point the arrow starting from the middle line. You need to close the edges of the new line with the first. You should get something similar to a triangle.
  3. Now paint a light space between the lines.

That the line had turned as smooth can set point, which then connect. So it will be easier.

Tips for beginners: how to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

Ensure that between the arrow and the eyelashes were not painted white stripes. It looks very ugly. So draw as close to the lash line.

Some of these methods you must fit. It is important to understand that not everything works the first time, but everything can be improved.

Drawing hands, use a concealer or corrector. With them you will be easier to fix minimal errors, which do not want to erase everything. A little powder will help to hide the remaining visible flaws. Over time you will learn to draw evenly, which will reduce the use of corrective means.

In order to make sure that there is nothing complicated, watch the video on how to draw an arrow on the eyes with liquid eyeliner. Seeing firsthand how everything is done, the quicker you will learn how to draw beautiful arrows.

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