How to choose lipstick

How to choose lipstick

What often pay attention men, when they see a pretty woman? Oddly enough, on her lips. Therefore, any woman knows that this part of the body require particularly careful treatment and care. It is not known what would have come up with modern ladies, to attract attention, if one wasn’t invented lipstick.

What often pay attention men, when they see a pretty woman? Oddly enough, on her lips. Therefore, any woman knows that this part of the body require particularly careful treatment and care. It is not known what would have come up with modern ladies, to attract attention, if one wasn’t invented lipstick. 
However, not all know how to properly use it. It would seem that so tough: remove the pencil from the tube and apply to lips? In fact, women spend most of the time it is on the choice of lipstick. Rich color palette can confuse anyone. Besides, any color in the tube on display can change when you apply it on the lips. Moreover, the type of lipstick may just not suit your skin. 
To avoid such troubles, let us work together with Mirsovetov will understand this complicated issue, as the choice of lipstick.

How to choose lipstick

Composition and shelf life of lipstick

Any lipstick contains wax, moisturizing oils, pigments, and emollients. That they should pay attention primarily to determine the quality of the lipstick. Due to the wax lipstick is easy to apply. Often in the manufacture of cosmetics use beeswax or wax of Brazilian palm trees. Incidentally, the latter practically does not cause allergic reactions, therefore, is preferred. 
A standard set of oils and fats used in the manufacture of lipstick, are castor, mineral, olive and coconut oil as well as lanolin and vaseline. Castor oil – the most common and obligatory component because it gives the color a soft glow. 
Many manufacturers (for example, Kiki and Maybelline) added to their products aloe Vera, amino acids, collagen, vitamin E, moisturizing and sun-protection substances, which make lips soft, conditioned and provide protection from the harmful effects of the environment. 
Choosing a lipstick, pay attention to the kind of care it can provide. The high content of oils and waxes means that lips will be smooth and soft, and supplementing with vitamins A and C nourish lips and protect from aggressive influence of weather conditions. With their help, the skin of your lips will long remain young and fresh. 
The sun’s rays can have a detrimental effect on the mucous membrane of the lips, so the world’s leading manufacturers often include in the composition of its lipstick UV filters. 
As for the shelf life of lipstick, then sets them to the manufacturer, so when purchasing, please note the date of manufacture. Lipstick that was stored incorrectly and has bad smell, becomes too thin or Vice versa dry. Lipstick will last longer if you store it in the refrigerator.

Properties of lipstick

How to choose lipstick

What should be the perfect lipstick? It needs long to keep the color, moisturize and protect the delicate surface of the lips, and in any case should not dry to roll, to spread and leave on the lips stains after you deleted it. 
Differing by qualitative characteristics, lipstick can be of three types: long-lasting, matte and satin.
As the name indicates, long-lasting type of lipstick will stay on the lips for a long time without losing color and gloss. This is achieved by using wax and water-repellent substances. Lasting lipstick should be applied on dry, degreased lips. Give her a minute to fix, and can be rest assured that the color will remain with you for a long eleven hours. However, using resistant lipstick, you can exclude from your diet fatty foods, otherwise you’ll just take it off from her lips, because almost all tools for removing makeup contain fats. 
In matte lipstick high content of powder and wax. The color of this lipstick – deep and mysterious. It looks good on plump lips, but not recommended for thin. And if you, instead, want to visually enlarge the lips, it is better to use satin type of lipstick. It is very easy to apply, moisturizes and smoothes the skin, and its shining color makes lips more plump.

How to choose lipstick

How to choose the right lipstick color

To pick the perfect lipstick color is also not a simple task, but it is solvable. Choosing lipstick in a store, apply a small amount to the fingertips and not on the surface of the hand.The fact that any color can change its hue depending on the natural color of your lips and the color of the skin on the fingertips, usually the closest to him.
In good salons you’ll tell me what would look best it on your lips. But if you can’t trust anyone so important, then try to determine yourself what will be beneficial to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws of your face. 

How to choose lipstick

For example, if the lips are large, then they will look perfect muted colors: all shades of purple, brown and bronze. For thin lips it is better to use light colors. The ideal choice for platinum blondes will be gentle “berry” tone, cappuccino and mauve shades. Those who have the hair have a Golden tide is preferable to use coral, apricot and peach colors. Terracotta tones are more suitable for blonde women with dark skin, and the lucky owners of red hair that can afford to put on some lipstick color “cinnamon” and “brown peach”. Regardless of hair color, try not to use too bright lipstick orange color because it would make your teeth seem yellow. 

How to choose lipstick

Mature women are not advised to choose a matte lipstick color. It is best to add a little lip gloss, then they will appear more soft. 
If there is no time for long and careful make – up- use cream-pink hue, it will add freshness and delicacy to your appearance. For everyday use suitable lip balm. It can be applied directly on the lips and lipstick to add a little Shine and make the color brighter and softer simultaneously. But the Shine, especially those varieties that tend to spill over all tones, should be reserved for special occasions and parties.

How to choose lipstick

The rules of applying lipstick

To color of your lipstick did not fade, but remained enigmatic, remove the excess makeup with double-folded cloth, then apply lipstick again and blot again. Lightly bite your napkin to the excess lipstick was left on the teeth. 
When applying lipstick, especially a liquid or moisturizer, be sure to use a pencil eyeliner, then lipstick will not spread, and her lips will become clear form. Apply it as a base under lipstick, so the color will last longer. If you don’t draw the contour lip pencil, then they will look soft, but slightly shapeless. It’s good when you want to emphasize the naturalness of their image. But carefully imposed makeup it is best to still use a liner in the tone of your lipstick. Mirsovetov advises to be careful with the choice of contrasting colors of lipstick and pencil: this is not for everyone, and often looks tacky. 

Every woman knows that one swipe of lipstick can change her whole image. Without changing the rest of the makeup but changing the lipstick color can transform from Cinderella into a Princess, and from delicate beauty to make a real vamp. The main thing is to ensure that at the crucial moment the lipstick starts to spread, or left no trace anywhere on the clothes or the glass (by the way, with a glass of lipstick, it is recommended just to lick, trying not to attract attention). 
The final choice, as always, is yours. Try, experiment, fascinate!

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