The 10 Steps Korean Skincare Routine

As the largest provider of korean skincare in Germany, we want to address with you a detailed look at the 10 steps Korean Skin Care Routine. The effort, the Koreans and Koreans alike for your appearance operate seems at first glance to be immense – on closer inspection, however, it is striking that the effort is compared to the result to be extremely low.

Korean Skincare

For several years, the innovative decorative and skin care cosmetics from South Korea all the rage is. Also by the millions of visitors from different countries of the world at the Olympic Games, received the practice of the 10 steps Korean cosmetics Routine with a lot of encouragement and attention. Now you might think that the daily expense for a flawless skin of Koreans is synonymous with the sporting effort of the athletes. But this is a fallacy.

In the case of the variety of the beauty routine of Korean women, and Korean are adapted to the products on the different skin’s needs individually. It is not primarily a question of who is the most Beautiful in the country, but to protect only the ideal care of the skin, from the external influences of daily life that await us as a challenge. The skin is one of our most important organs and, unfortunately, most of society has not yet recognized that this Organ is the engine of our health.

Korean Skincare vs Traditional cosmetics

There is currently a discussion in the various strata of society on a healthy diet (Healthy Food) – as a vegan should be the meal – The so-called Superfood, nothing more passes. But in skin care, the Europeans are still the old unhealthy methods of loyalty. The face is in the evening, scrubbed with a caustic cleaning agent, and then with a cream quickly greased. The Consequences? In the different age ranges of the people in Europe and other Western countries are struggling with redness, blemished skin, dry skin and other skin problems.

What can we learn from the korean skincare – aka Korean cosmetics? 

Even if we can’t bring ourselves to us the complete 10 steps Korean Skincare acquire a Routine, so we can take some important tips. Korean Skin Care is not based solely on the 10 steps method, but the Interaction of the ingredients and the right application for different skin needs play a crucial role. In addition, Korean manufacturers of skin care and cosmetic products, pay attention to the correct handling of our environment and the animals on this earth. Therefore, most of the products are cruelty-free and vegan. 

But enough of the introductory words, we come to the thing…

1. The Cleansing Oil

In the Korean skin care is the cleansing oil and an oily Balm is the first and one of the most important steps for a perfect cleaning result. By this oil the first cleaning step, the Makeup will be removed and the skin perfectly for the next cleaning step is prepared. Although it is mainly about the perfect cleaning of the skin, these Oils and Balms, other important ingredients that provide already during the first cleaning process, the skin with nourishing nutrients.

It consists of natural Oils, which are obtained from black beans. You control the sebum production and provide Skin soothing. Black sesame oil with antioxidants and blackcurrant seed oil, which is rich in minerals and vitamins that nourish the skin while cleaning it. Hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin.

2. Cleansing Foam / Cleansing Gel

In the K-Beauty industry, the term Cleanser comes up again and again. Here, a distinction is made in the case of Korean skin care products between a cleansing foam or cleansing gel. For cleaning, it is ultimately irrelevant which of the two options, the decision is made. Here, it is solely down to personal preference. In the korean beauty world, there are a variety of Cleansers with different properties. As with the Cleansing Oil above, also substances cleansing foam and Cleansing with a wide variety of other content for the diverse needs of the skin. For blemished skin is a Cleanser with tea tree oil (Tea Tree) or activated carbon (Charcoal) is recommended, for example. In addition, it is important that the Cleanser has a ph value of 5.0-6.0, because of this ph value the natural value of the skin the next.

The Low pH Good Morning Cleanser has a pH of 5.0 – 6.0, similar to the natural pH of the skin. The highly effective cleansing gel contains tea tree oil, which is perfect skin for oily, impure, combination. Contained natural BHA refines the skin’s texture lastingly, pores are reduced in size. The Gel is particularly delicate to the skin.

Korean Cosmetics

3. Removal of dead skin cells (exfoliation)

Scrubs & exfoliat ion are also essential for a radiant complexion, but should not be applied daily. The ideal application of peeling is 2 Times per week. The Korean Skincare industry is characterized by the wide variety of scrub variations. In Europe, korean Beauty concepts such as fruit acid peel BHA and AHA have been, until recently, completely unknown. But not only the ingredients of the Korean scrubs are significantly different from what we know in this country, but also the various possibilities of application. So korean skincare manufacturers offer, for example, Wash-Off masks and Body Scrubs, which are suitable both as a nourishing mask, as well as for the Peeling step. But also for Beauty muffle the korean skin care industry is something. For example, the so-called Clearing Pads. These include BHA (fruit acid peel) and can be disposed of after the fast and easy application easy.

Korean Cosmetics

IMPORTANT in Fruchsäure scrubs the unconditional application of sun protection is required. For what kind of Peeling type, the decision is all the exfoliation products to the korean skincare Routine to remove dead skin cells, reliably, and leave behind a deep-pore skin. Thus, subsequent care products, such as, for example, Toner and serums to better penetrate the skin and the efficacy of the ingredients in the ideal develop.

4. Toner – The ideal preparation

With the fourth step of korean skin care 10 steps Routine the Toner comes into play. Hereby, the actual care of the skin begins. The Toner is, so to speak, the Transition between the cleaning steps in the korean skincare Routine to the care steps of the 10 Steps Korean Skincare Routine. Toner can have both only nourishing properties due to ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen, or in addition to calming and clarifying properties to the skin. The Toner can be directly in the hands of poured or on a Baumwollpad and with massaging movements on the skin of the face can be applied. In the Korea’s cosmetic Toner have also regulate the pH of the skin and the skin with a moisture balance better on the following skin-care-treatment prepare. A Good example of this is the conventional kitchen sponge. A sponge absorbs less moisture when it is completely dried and cured. As soon as the sponge is wetted with a little moisture, it can be used, larger volumes of water absorb.

5. Korean Skincare – the HEART – Essence

The fifth step of the korean skincare Routine, the essences are. You are the heart of the Korean skin care. On a certain way, a Essence serves a dual purpose. It is a Hybrid of Toner and Serum. The Essence with their constituents, and due to the good preparation of the toner for a hydrating skin repair and cell renewal. The different nutrients of each of the essences (individually for every skin type) ideal to be absorbed by the skin and penetrate deep into the skin cells, where they exert their effect perfectly. Essences are different as a Toner tailored more specifically to different skin problems. Has the Korean cosmetics industry in the development of their essences specifically to a certain type of skin, to feel by this product is a significant improvement. An example in the fight against large pores and blackheads, the Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid would be:

Korean Cosmetics Essence

With betaine salicylates and the natural BHA ingredients, strengthens the Liquid on your skin. Through the use of White Willow bark water, this effect is still reinforced. It gives the skin a clear, even complexion, and blemishes and blackheads are prevented.

6. Serum, Booster & Ampoules Learn

The sixth step of the Routine, the serums, boosters or ampoules learn are. This kind of products is a further specialization on the individual skin type or to the demands and needs of consumers, care series are of the Essence. Serums, Booster and ampoules learn to address every request of the user directly to the skin, such as, for example, the lightening of dark pigmentation, pore reduction, reduction of wrinkles, or General skin improvement. A Serum is particularly noteworthy, as it has achieved extraordinary success in the users. 

This Serum is a perfect example of the effect and the versatility of the korean skin care. The Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop was substances with the most important content from nature and concentrated pure Vitamin C with an innovative, non-irritating formula designed to revitalize your skin, maintain and transform! Experience the power of Vitamin C. Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop contains 5% ascorbic acid and is suitable for all age groups and skin types, even if you have sensitive skin. Developed with naturally effective ingredients that are safe and non-irritating. This product has a pH of 3.81.

7. Sheet masks and Wash off masks

When the Essence is at the heart of the Korean skin care routine, then masks are the soul. They serve as a kind of quiet and meditative skin care Ritual, in which the skin gets a Maximum of treatment with the various agents, while the user is relaxed for 15-20 minutes. Sheet mask or Wash-Off masks provide the largest selection of diverse ingredients. Also, the smell and feeling experiences vary greatly. Only one of all the sheet masks have in common. They nourish the skin and give back essential moisture, so the skin looks plump and refreshed. An application of 2-3x per week is sufficient. In the case of sheet masks, there is no right or wrong. Of course, here are some masks on special main are not fixed problems, however, it damages, you should opt for a less suitable mask. Basically applies to all suppliers of cosmetics, both from Germany as well as for Korean Skincare that don’t too often, between products should be changed, since this irritates the skin. In the case of sheet masks, this is different. Like to here, and changed, tried, without having a bad Conscience.

8. Special Eye Care

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive skin in the entire face and therefore requires a special care with an extra Dose of moisture and a special protection against external influences. Unfortunately, the eye gets a lot in our Routine, little to no attention. Just the eyes shapes but our appearance especially. You decide whether we are tired, stressed or aroused, and healthy. That is why this skin care step should be taken, even in the case of a disregard of the other skin care is necessarily in the Routine. The cream should be gently applied and not rubbed, to prevent irritation of the skin and small wrinkles. Already after a few applications the first successes are visible.

9. Moisture care

Drink is for the people elementary essential and our skin must get the opportunity to quench their thirst. Finding the right moisturizer for each skin type is a crucial step in order to protect the skin and to provide you correct and goal-oriented. Therefore, there is a very large selection of Gels, emulsions, facial creams, etc., all have one task: to supply The skin perfectly. Once a week should be applied to dry and damaged what is called a Sleeping Pack (night-sleep mask) to skin to revitalize the skin and hydrate it. Added to skin creams to keep track of them can be lost. First, the search condition should be addressed. Then it is a matter of experience. Each person has a completely custom skin-DNA. A prediction of which cream is the best for the single individual, is nearly impossible. Rather, it should be tried, until the right cream is found. This should not be changed, in order to offer the skin a consistent supply. Since the choice as such is difficult has shown, we have set up for you a Chat, so that we have the opportunity to stand for you in the selection and page.

10. Sun protection with varying SPF content

The tenth and last step of the Korean Skincare Routine is, for the majority of the Germans in their Routine the most difficult to. Unfortunately, the consciousness is not anchored in the minds that even if we spend just a few minutes outside, never on sun protection should be dispensed. The sun protection and Avoid the sun’s rays, so to speak, the secret recipe of the Asian population. Even on cloudy days, the skin generally harmful beam is exposed to radiation. The sun and its harmful invisible rays are the main reason for skin aging. Also the Occurrence of skin cancer has risen in recent years, and is immense. With a light daily sun protection which can be basically prevented. The sun protection should always be used as a last step, so after the facial cream applied. The light emulsion-like sun-protection creams/fluids in the skin do not complain here. Important is the lack of weißelnde effect is a subsequent Make-Up. Speak to us for this purpose, so that we can find for you the right not weißelnden sun protection.

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