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Woman’s life without makeup is impossible to imagine is Now ready there are many types of makeup that are produced on the skin leave to care for a child, the immunity protection as well as exhibitions, surveys and various recruiter to participate in the Daily makeup routine is performed on the skin easy to fix the flaws, domains to emphasize in appropriate places, if possible, beautiful and comfortable appearance. And where begins the history of makeup and what stages passed, periodically present our articles. Makeup or so-called Make-up-in history began in ancient Egypt: in ancient Egypt, the makeup, the first attempt was made by M.year.. V Millennium Egyptian Cossacks discovered cosmetics many recipes, which are applicable even today. in ancient Egypt, for face and body care for the minor, all not allowed. Their cosmetics underlying person care, which performed a variety of greases and oils through the face, available in any color was not only symbolic of Mas, but also medicinal value. For example, it was believed that this paint that was used eyes to emphasize, could of a person to protect the eyes from light, mosquitoes, and sand, emerging infections. At the same time, black color, accentuated eyes resembled the base, which, as a rule, presented the Egyptian one stator and symbolized light and darkness fight.


The Egyptians paid great attention to the eyes, in the development, which is used for Asian countries achieved som: It is considered a modern mascara for the sled prototype. Later, the Egyptians noticed that this material not only protects the eyes but also more clearer and more expressive, make the look that attracts the opposite sex attention: starting from This point, the makeup began to serve faith goals: Egypt monograma beauty Queen was Emphasized, whose name means “the Beauty has come” (M.year.a XV- XIV century, end): this divine beauty, we ripe democratic, made Gardarika create in ancient Egypt, makeup essential for the image. Black stressed eyes, red cheeks, lips pencil underlined:


Later, M.year.. III century, brands have begun to use also known to the Egyptians: They started more attention to the General condition of the skin: as a Rule, this facial begins with a variety of creams using, and then aromatic oils Merlo:

The Egyptians all ways wanted to aristocratic pallor: to achieve This purpose, the mask, special creams used that whitens the skin was, he told Matt and, in the end, hide skin imperfections As concealer they use ochre, created on the basis of bold paint: for body and Face PEP underlined blue paint: the Egyptians, for the skin of GBV it was so important that they even frescoes and Cossacks to emphasize pale and brooding Gothic types: Following tap the Egyptian aristocrats began to decorative cosmetics and many other tools to use as, for example, eye shadows angel: And this was done in order to make the eyes longer digital: often antimony were used: Age in the country was using, which was obtained malachite, turquoise, clay and copper dust in itself. And if the eyes were inflamed, they were to wash parsley and hemp tours, But that’s not all. Ancient Egyptians makeup important vacancy was also fake eyelashes use and thick black eyebrows: crane blush was RUB, and her lips red. As Limarev face mask is considered sacred and the Egyptians is the beauty ideal was to take the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra (M.year.. 69.year.. 30) significant investment for the make-up in the field He made a collection, which include makeup, many recipes: in Our days this document is of great value. It is known that Cleopatra’s skin soft and white storage cream to use, who was going white clay, donkey milk and lemon juice So it is no accident that these two historical characters do not lose, and appeal, and their applied systems and forms widely used as fashion modern world.

The art of makeup of Ancient Egypt

makeup of ancient Egypt photos

In Ancient Egypt cosmetics were made and various facilities for its storage and application to the skin. This is evidenced by numerous finds of archeologists: containers with dyes, brushes, mirrors, special boxes and tubes.


Makeup of Ancient Egypt: features

Cosmetics were used by both women and men. In addition, adorned themselves not only noble Egyptians, and ordinary people. In the Arsenal of ancient Egyptian cosmetics were: lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, hair and nails.
Often the Egyptians used lipstick rich dark red color, manufacturing it from natural fatty base with the addition of beeswax and dye. Eyes guiding paint from kohla — natural stone black in color, it was ground to a powder and mixing the oil component. Antimony in Ancient Egypt, makeup was used to accentuate the eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes. Eye shadow was made of lead, copper and malachite. The most famous technique of applying makeup, which was used by Queen Nefertiti was to trace the eye contour, extra-long arrows. This gave the look dramatic and attractive mystery. Hair and nails applied henna and ochre.

For what purpose used makeup in Ancient Egypt?

In the days of the pharaohs the art of makeup was used not only in order to highlight the advantages of appearance, yet it was a kind of ritual. The owner of the painted eyes was considered to be protected from evil spirits, because the makeup repelled them.
In addition, the cosmetics in Ancient Egypt had the medical and practical effect. For example, antimony, part of cosmetics for eye makeup, protect from conjunctivitis. And eye shadow out of lead, scared off many insects.

Ancient Egyptian makeup for the eyes – not just decoration

The researchers discovered the healing properties of the composition for eye makeup, the Ancient Egyptians used. Photo from Wikipйdia

The researchers discovered the healing properties of the composition for eye makeup, the Ancient Egyptians used.Photo from Wikipйdia Thousands of years ago the ancient Egyptians used eye make-up, believing that the gods of the Mountains and RA this will protect them from eye and skin diseases.

It’s not it was simple superstition. This was reported by French scientists from the University Pierre and Marie Curie in the journal Analytical Chemistry On 15 January this year. Scientists have firmly proven the therapeutic effect of this makeup, performing a chemical analysis of the 52 samples of makeup stored in Paris The Louvre.

They determined that makeup was made of four minerals that contain lead: Galena is lead sulfate, lead ore – Ceresit, phosgenite – chlorocarbonate lead and laurionite be – hydroxide – chloride of lead.

Ions lead a very low concentration is known for his interaction with the skin and the ability to stimulate the overproduction of nitrogen monoxide (nitric acid). This molecule is an important biological component in mammals. One of the it is to strengthen the immune system, scientists say.

“You can it might be argued that such composition is deliberately prepared and used inpharmaceutical compositions of the ancient Egyptians as a preventive and therapeuticaction in diseases of the eye, causing effects on cells of the immune system,” the researchers report.

Laurionite be and phosgenite – rare, not found in Egypt or its vicinity, minerals. Ancient texts suggest that they were synthesized for medical purposes.

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