Makeup tips for the perfect makeup

Makeup tips for the perfect makeupTips

Makeup has to be learned. With a little Practice and the right tricks to have a perfect and beautiful Makeup can you in a few minutes. We tell you Step by Step the most important Basics and professional make-up tips from the Foundation up to the kiss of the mouth.

Makeup tips for the perfect makeup

Makeup tip 1: the perfect Foundation to succeed

The selection of The Foundation: At the best to test the color on the neck or the lower half of the face, not on the back of the hand. The skin tone is not among the already existing shades, mix professionals, by the way, just a little to bright tones, with something to dark. With a little Practice, you can get the.
The Application of the Foundation: always Start in the middle of the face. The primer from the Inside bearing to the Outside in circular movements. By the way, a thick Makeup layer, redness and other skin irritations covers, while usually good, they makes the complexion but often dull and mask-like.
The Texture of your Foundation: choose a primer form, your skin type, respected. Dry skin loves moisturizing Foundations. Mixed, oily and more acne prone skin, you primed, however, is best with oil-free formulations. A good Alternative to traditional Foundations for oily skin, Mineral Foundations are.
The tools: Whether with the hands, the brush or the sponge is usually a matter of taste.Sometimes the Texture, which tool is best decides. Apply the primer with a Beauty Blender or a brush costs a little more Exercise.

Which foundation would suit me?

Liquid Makeup contains a lot of moisture and low in fat and is suitable for all skin types.
Cream Makeup contains a high Oil content and is therefore suitable for dry skin. The disadvantage is The high fat content allows the skin to often Shine.
Compact Makeup is handy for on-the-go. Because of its high powder proportion, it covers more than other Makeups.
Long Lasting Makeup is water-resistant and therefore suitable for sporty activities and long nights. But because they sit so, they are long-distance to remove the runner is quite difficult.
Lifting Makeup, ideal for Mature skin, since they are valuable Anti-Aging active ingredients, such as vitamins A, E, hyaluronic acid and fruit acids.

Makeup tip 2: Silky Finish powder

After the powder with a thick, round brush or a puff taken by you, knock the tool always short on the back of the hand and mattiere with a light Press of the brush or the puff that is in the face, the fastest start to Shine (forehead, nose and chin). To swipe the brush over the whole face, it is now considered obsolete, because you have destroyed the Foundation.

Makeup tip 3: sun-kissed complexion, even in Winter

Take a light brown eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, tipped him well, and draw a few tiny speckles on the bridge of the nose and cheeks. Blur the points then, not gently, so that it contoured to a sharp, but delicate, sugar-sweet summer appearance of sprouts. The enchanting polka dot spells, sun and summer mood even on a pale complexion. Of course you can also Bronzer to your face color and contour to give.

Make-up tip 4: Tired eyes and dark circles to conceal

Concealer: Who does not have time, tired, and swollen eyes a long time to cool, helps best Concealer. The Concealer should always be one to two shades lighter than the Foundation.
Dark eye circles: Who, by nature, to the darker shadows under the eyes tends to the bluish tone with masking pins in rose and peach shades to compensate.
Eye Makeup: Waive-too-bright eye shadow colors – they increase the swelling visually. Flattering effect, delicate brown or gray tones. In order to make the view open, you can for a natural Look, also, at the bottom of the eyeliner and mascara on the lower lashes without. What other methods do you dark circles disappear can, you can find out here.

Makeup tip 5: look visually open

For a fresh look you must not sleep, but just be inventive. The use of white eyeliner (preferably in a Nude or a shade of ivory, it seems more natural) in the interior of the lower lash line is the simplest method, to be able to after the wild nights from eyes of the guards. Anyone who dabs in addition, some nude-colored eyeshadow in the inner side of the corner of my eye, and under the highest point of the eyebrow, no longer will come out of the rays out.

Makeup tip 6: The perfect eyebrows

Brew up and combing hair only from the bottom edge wegzupfen. Start from the middle of the face and to move in with a eyebrow pencil in fine lines of the upper Brow. Subsequently, the lower brow margin to about one-third of the middle of the face follow suit. Last shading the eyebrow inner, soft and filling empty spaces. Finally, the eyebrow color with a brush comb.

Makeup tip 7: eye of the forms of modeling perfectly

Depending on what eye shape you have, your eyes different makeup. Almond-shaped eyes: almond-shaped eyes emphasized to the outer third of the eye socket and the Obelid with dark or bright colors, while the rest of the Lid with bright and calm colors.
Large, round eyes: large, round eyes you can, however, on the entire surface of the movable Lids with intense colour work. For both eyes forms, the following applies: The lower edge of the eye is emphasized for optimal results, always only subtly.
Drooping eyelids conceal: For drooping eyelids works the best with the so-called “banana technology”. First, the movable Lid in a bright eye shadow color primer. Then over the mobile Eyelid with a dark eyeshadow with a banana shaped arc draw, and thus an artificial crease fake.

Makeup tip 8: The perfect eyelashes premium

Preparation: Eyelash curlers give the fine hairs of momentum and open up the view. Not careful not to press the pliers too tightly, to prevent a breaking of the sensitive hairs. If you like, to heat the pliers with a hair dryer before light, so the curl lasts longer. Before you with the mascara start, dust your lashes gently with a bit of translucent powder.
Apply Mascara: Apply the mascara, the following applies: The closer you get the mascara to the eyelashes apply, and the less you in the mid-lengths and ends to distribute the natural effect the overall result. To avoid lumps, and veklebte lashes as possible, you should work to Apply the Mascara with gentle Shaking.

Waive matte lipsticks. Shiny textures and lip gloss to make your lips look fuller. Also, the contour line (it frames the lip, unnecessarily tight) is snow from yesterday. Prefer to work gradients with effect full color, and add darker colors in the center and the edges with bright tones, representations of the nest.

Makeup tip 9: lips full effect

Waive matte lipsticks. Shiny textures and lip gloss to make your lips look fuller. Also, the contour line (it frames the lip, unnecessarily tight) is snow from yesterday. Prefer to work gradients with effect full color, and add darker colors in the center and the edges with bright tones, representations of the nest.

Makeup tip 10: your cheeks with Rouge contour

Rouge you should always have the final to apply. Natural Makeup can tolerate a little more Rouge. The rule applies, however, to have a little bit less than too much. To make the face narrower and contoured look, apply just a blush tone that is one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Draw a flat line below the cheek bone from the Cheeks to the base of the ear. The strip should have no sharp contours, but to leak soft the sides and at the end. For more tips about enchanting Rouge cheeks and facial contours, you can here read .

That’s with the make-up tips. And now, you should still be careful that you don’t have this make-up mistake do.

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