Natural make-up is appropriate in any situation

Natural make-up is appropriate in any situation: in theater and in office, in gym and on picnic. Despite its apparent simplicity, “makeup without makeup” – one of the most difficult to perform. So amounted to step-by-step instruction.

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    The main task of the nude makeup style is to make the face “as mine, only better.” Therefore, you can not underestimate the stage of moisture. It is necessary not only dry skin with peeling or age. Neglect the cream is not even a rare owner of 100% moisturized skin: on the prepared face all subsequent layers of cosmetics lie flat and last longer.
    Base under makeup works wonders. It makes the skin smooth to the touch and visually, matting, does not allow the tonal agent to clog into the pores and wrinkles, prolongs the durability of makeup. The primer may be a moisturizing or mattifying. The first is applied to the whole face, the second – only on the T-zone.
    In special cases, you may need a color-correcting makeup base. Green will dull redness, like rosacea, but not inflammation. It is better to apply locally. Lilac (make a light porcelain skin and correct errors in the use of tanning) and pink base (neutralizes freckles and pigmentation) is recommended to shade all over the face. On the one hand, modern tonal means combine all these functions. On the other – this primer will help to enhance the effect, so it is not forbidden to mix with Foundation.

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Tonal basis, as well as any means of care, you need to choose based on the skin type, its condition and needs. Recently, there has been a tendency to lighten textures. To camouflage ability to remained on level, in formula add more pigments. Therefore, very light fluids and veils bring the skin closer to perfection no worse than the once dense compact creams. When creating a natural makeup the most important thing – do not overdo it with tone and carefully blend the boundaries of the hairline and jaw, as well as around the wings of the nose.

    In your Arsenal should be two concealer. One is for the area around the eyes. It is a little lighter Foundation and is chosen depending on the colors of “bruises”. Purple panda-eyes will hide behind a yellowish concealer, brown will not resist beige and pink, blue will hide a peach shade, and pink – olive. Apply the corrector should not be rubbing, and patting finger movements. They can also brighten nasolabial folds, thereby making them less noticeable.

Concealers for the area around the eyes have a reflective property, so they will not mask bruises and inflammation: it will only emphasize the imperfections of the skin. Therefore, the second, more dense, corrector is needed to mask pimples, post-acne, pigmentation, bruises, moles. It, like the Foundation, should be combined with the color of the skin.

    Lightening agents are indispensable when you need to give the skin a rested look or adjust facial features. In the first case, it is convenient to add a drop of highlighter to the tonal base. In the second – apply over the tone on certain areas of the face. If you blend the highlighter on the cheekbones, they will visually become higher. A little under the eyebrow and into the inner corners of the eyes – and the look will be open and rested. Add lip volume easier than ever, if you apply highlighter on the “bird” of the upper lip. The round face will stretch out due to the lightening of the center of the forehead, the front surface of the back of the nose and the center of the chin.

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