30 questions to experts about summer makeup

How to choose concealer for the summer?

Go to lighter, but water-resistant Foundation. In the summer I mainly use the BB and CC creams. In addition to the toning effect they have a high SPF, moisturize, contain vitamins and antioxidants. Many women complain that BB creams leave the face just a couple of hours, but the truth is that the key to keeping any tone on the skin in heat – makeup base. It mattifies and connects all the subsequent layers of make. Now I use a primer with hyaluronic acid Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance. Favorite colors for summer – CC-cream “Perfect light” from Erborian (I use myself) and Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Foundation from Urban Decay (pet at work).

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

If the girl troubled skin, whether in summer dust?

You can use a light loose powder for fixing makeup. Best look at Temptu, Inglot and Sensai. But if the person sweats, the moisture and sebum better to remove the special matte wipes.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

How to choose the color of the Foundation for tanned skin?

Thanks to a special formula CC and BB creams themselves are adapted to the skin color. The only thing you need to pay attention: gradation of shades light/medium/dark depending on the intensity of the tan.

By what means to hide imperfections in the heat?

The better to hide imperfections water-resistant pigmented correctors (if we are talking about small areas of the skin). To mask redness (spider veins, rash), apply under Foundation a thin layer of a concealer with a green pigment.

To mask lesions and small flaws I use proofreaders Studio Skin 24 Hour Waterproof Concealer from Smashbox and Temptu silicone based. Under the eyes apply concealer Charlotte Tillbury.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

There are appropriate makeup at the beach?

On the beach very relevant BB or CC cream with high SPF and lip balm (with sun protection and a light pigment) – all beautifully accentuate the tan. I use lip balm from Kiss Bio Biologique Recherche, it moisturizes and protects lips from harmful environmental influences.

Remember to gently comb your eyebrows: now a huge number of water funds – your efforts will not be leaked.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

How to apply bronzer to the skin is not left red spots?

Bronzer creates a natural looking tan, applied to the protruding parts of the face and are presented in different shades. If your skin has a cool (roswinkel) colour, Golden (orange) bronzer will look foreign stain on it. Therefore choose a cool colors brasero. Conversely, to the warm skin tone – warm bronzer color. It is important to shade the facility to the skin remained clear transitions.

How to prepare your skin for makeup in the summer?

First, good cleansing, then moisturizing. Once the moisturizer is well absorbed into the skin, apply Foundation! If you have redness, use a leveling base color – it is usually slightly shiny and has a greenish or pinkish undertone. I love Magic Cream from Charlotte Tillbury. Base Smashbox and Shu Uemura line the well relief, reduces pores and creates refreshing.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

What features of summer makeup for aging skin?

Mostly in the preparation. Before doing makeup, to age the skin is better to apply anti-aging lifting serum. Plus, I advise you not to use a powder so it doesn’t highlight wrinkles.

How to emphasize a tan with makeup?

Tan underlined bronze or Golden shade (perfect – persistent shadow stick), blush in fresh shades (lips and cheeks can cause the pigment Becca) and easy halter on the protruding part of the face.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

What summer makeup should have an SPF factor?

It is desirable that in addition to the Foundation and the basis of the tone had a SPF factor. Also I advise to use lip balms and lipsticks with UV protection.

What SPF factor should be the Foundation for the selling of cosmetic?

SPF 20 is a minimum. But it all depends on the natural pigment of the skin. It is lighter than, the greater must be protected.

What can I use to do the arrows in the heat?

I love liner Tom Ford – he is not “flowing”. But now, on the contrary, the actual pencil arrows without a clear contour. M. A. C is a very resistant black pencil Pro Longwear Eye Liner in Definitely Black shade. And still super-healthy German pencils Posh remain in the eyelids for up to 18 hours.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

What should be the SPF Foundation for the inhabitants of the city?

The degree of protection from UV rays range from 2 to 100. The best option for an apartment dweller – SPF 30. If the degree of protection is higher, and concealer will be thicker, and not everybody will like it.

How to choose cream for summer for oily skin? Many girls after using any tone Shine appears.

You need to choose the tone, primer or moisture with a matte effect. The very Foundation shall not shiny – or matte effect any primer will come to naught. I often use matte emulsion Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone from M. A. C.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

Can the summer to use last year’s cream?

You can use a cream Foundation three years after opening. This is the official expiration date, do not be afraid, that means something will happen. Do not store the tool in the heat or in the bathroom, where constant changes in temperature. Better to choose a dry place, not under direct sunlight.

How to apply concealer, so that it is not stressed peeling?

If the skin is dehydrated, by all means go harder can accentuate flaking. In this case, I use a wet byteblaster and dropped on it a drop of oil.

It allows the tool to distribute evenly tone the skin and improves glide.

The same approach is good, if you apply a thick concealer, but want to on the skin it looked weightless.

Can I use concealer on the beach?

In summer, increased sweating, and secretion of the sebaceous glands. Sebum, mixing with dust, dirt and dead skin particles that clog pores and cause blackheads and inflammatory elements. Not “torture” skin tone means. Pigment even more clog your pores. It is better to take to the beach, wet wipes with antiseptic effect and periodically wipe your face, do not forget then to update with SPF.

If no basis at all in any way, prefer SS or BB cream with UV factor and marked “are non-comedogenic” (less coloring pigment). But don’t forget that they also need to be updated periodically, completely washing away the tool.

How to avoid rolling off the tone on the skin?

Tone can roll, if you incorrectly prepared your skin for the makeup. There are still a layer of fat, dead skin particles, you used the base with the same chemical formula, and apply another formula. Another reason – the skin is moistened. This occurs if you first apply moisturizer, then base and over a solid tone.

To tone not pushed, properly clean the skin and prepare it for makeup: foam, toner, then primer (suitable for your skin type) and tone.

How to pick up a highlighter for the summer?

Military come in different shades. Warm peach, gold, cold silver, white. If you have returned from tropical countries, a warm shade to accentuate the tan. Cool shade just for snow white on dark skin will look grey.

Some of the girls applied the highlighter that their face shines like a pancake. Actively, you can only use shining powder – apply on T-zone, cheekbones, nose. If you have a little glow, add, barely touching the highlighter on the convex part of the cheekbones. Important rule: if you have a big nose or is there a hump, highlighter in this area will emphasize what you are trying to hide.

One of my favorite trends – duochrome military. Very interesting look on the skin, but suitable, perhaps, only brave girls. For example, I can easily go out with the highlighter, which will be pale blue or purple shade, but I have light skin and cold color type. Girls and women with warm color type, these shades can look muddy.

Also, the actual turquoise shades in makeup; eyebrows, slicked up; the effect zatselovali lip; all sorts of arrows; eyelashes “spider legs.”

The basic trend a makeover – illuminated from the inside skin and a natural blush. The latter can be done with a lipstick. Smile and look in the mirror: the apples of the cheeks, divide in two, and the one closer to the temples, and apply.

How to apply the turquoise shade to not look weird?

As for the turquoise eye shadow in the eyelid, personally I still have associations with the barmaid from the 90s, especially in combination with bright pink lips. But this summer these shades are in trend again – suggest to emphasize the upper eyelid a small turquoise arrow. With the lower eyelid better to be careful, because this color can create the effect of sore eyes.

For the perfect turquoise shade in embark Urban Decay – they have very rich and strong pencils, which need to palette with such bright colors will disappear by itself.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

To suit fashionable beige Smokey?

An interesting trend this summer – an unusual beige-brown shades of eye shadow, giving relevant, a bit “painful”. They fit, of course, not all: there are girls with non-standard outer appearance which these shadows will look great. But if every day you go to work, say, in the Bank, it is unlikely you will like this effect – in this case the shades should be more universal.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

How to create a glowing effect from inside the skin?

Delicate lights are making now is not so much due to the shimmers / highlighters, but rather due to primers. My favorite is a series from Becca. It creates the effect of wet, shining faces that will light up even with the damage on top of tone. This trend in makeup will last a long time – feel free to try, but girls with oily skin I would advise you to refrain from extra Shine.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

How to apply glitter to the skin and eyelashes?

Glitter on the lashes is one of the most active trends! More suitable for a party, but he must be careful – you can earn conjunctivitis. Attach sequins to the wet Shine or oil, but rather buy false lashes already glued glitter. But in any case, do not apply glue to the lashes – otherwise you lose them.

Alternative to the glitter – rhinestones. Trend, fit in the new year, and on hot summer days. You can apply in everyday life, but use just a little rhinestone – two-three. Can be glued with the special glue for the skin and eyelashes.

I really like when on the lower eyelid a few crystals, you can even stick one in the middle of the century. And if you make a feathered smoky eyes and rhinestones to hold the line to his head, a look will be visually more open.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

What shades of lipsticks relevant in the summer?

Red – classic stable, but changes every year ocenochnoe and saturation. I love red lipstick saturated colors of the Ferrari, cherry and neon hues.

I think that red lipstick saves any image, even if you are absolutely not dyed, for the second to become a beauty. Always carry with me in my purse, in my Sephora Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipsticks shade 01.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

Another trendy color – rose gold. It can be applied on eyes or lips, limiting one tool. For example, lipstick – like shades have with Urban Decay (Love Light) and Bobbi Brown (Tiger Lily). Universal may be the shadow of such a tone – apply it on your lips, and go over the top with lip balm.

The only time – because of the excessive monotony face turns “empty”, so add a little saturation at either the lips or the eyes.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

What tools to use for makeup eyebrows?

Brow Guru from Sinsation Cosmetics – the strong tool for eyebrows that ever existed. It is possible to go to the gym, take a shower and even to wash it – if not will massovogo alcohol or a biphasic cleanser, it will remain in place. Is resistant to two days. Apply with a flat angled brush – the tool helps to create the desired shape and natural color.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

How to fix sloppy done the contouring?

If instead of a neat contouring, your face turned rough brushstrokes, no need to wash off makeup. Take illuminating base (e.g., cream highlighter Morning Aura Illuminating Crème from Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham), apply it on your hand and transfer on a clean brush. Then with quick movements “stretch” dark stripes on the face. If you think that this does not work, mix the primer with a drop of makeup. You can walk on top of the fingers to the skin there was still a lot of product. The result – correct sculpting, moisturizing and natural effect.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

Can the summer always use waterproof mascara?

Water-resistant formula is designed for special occasions, so use of these products constantly not worth it. Otherwise, the eyelashes will become drier and begin to fall out. When dry water-resistant components of the hairs gets wet, while during the day the lashes will not be able to “breathe”.

If you don’t end up will wash off waterproof mascara, then this will further aggravate the situation, so use it only in extreme cases and for cleansing, use special tools.

How to fix the shadows so they are not smeared during the day?

As a base, use a matte shadow (milky color or light roswinkel) or creamy waterproof eyeliner. This is in the line of Color Tattoo 24 hour by Maybelline. Fix the shadows better than any base. They can be applied to the upper eyelid under an eyebrow, and proceed to the main eye makeup.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

Another one of my favorite lip gloss from Inglot AMC No. 94. She’s got a magical shimmering shade of champagne, which, if necessary, overlaps with another color. I apply it only on the upper eyelid as a substrate – shadows do not roll down.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup

What to do if the tone is floated?

If the tone is “floated” to dry skin matte with a tissue or dry cotton pad and apply on top of concealer. Eye makeup depends on the quality of the Foundation.

For evening activities – just water-resistant concealer. For example, Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation from Shiseido. It’s a liquid, but matting. Have many Estee Lauder creams are marked “Waterproof”.

I do not advise you to adjust the tone of the powder during the day. Under the fatty layer of the skin does not breathe and begins to actively produce sebum. It is important that Foundation was initially resistant.

30 questions to experts about summer makeup
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