How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?

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How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?

In the selection of makeup for the dress the main thing – not just to choose the right color combinations, but also to be able to apply them correctly.

Possible combination

Color harmony is the balance and unity of colors. The human brain is distinguished by a sense of order, created by harmony and balance, so it is especially important to monitor this in makeup.

Experts have specific theories based on the principles of color psychology, which are aesthetically attractive and pleasant to everyone. The main types of color combinations according to the opinion of professionals:

  • Monochrome harmony uses different shades in the same color family. For example, all shades of red, blue, black, etc., which are combined with each other.
  • Similar harmonies are based on three or more colors that are side by side on the color wheel. For example, yellow, brown and green.
  • Additional colors are those that are opposite each other in the spectrum. For example, yellow and purple.
How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?

Some designers prefer to choose each color, determining the color harmony and color description, and then find other elements for their design. Other designers will do just the opposite: create your own color plan, responding to inspiration or other design element. Learning the values and associations of different colors can help you find the right combinations.

How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?

Right choice

For each type of dress should be selected appropriate makeup. In order not to get confused in the variety of types of dresses, let’s focus on three main types:

  • Bright dress. The lip color is better to leave natural or berry shade. For eyes it is better to choose a delicate metallic. No need to use false eyelashes, with a bright dress is better to leave the emphasis on clothing. For example, a leopard dress is better to pick up lipstick champagne.
  • Elegant. If you have a dress like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly – with a classic silhouette, the makeup should be, on the contrary, quite dramatic. It is perfect classic smoky “smoky”, it is better to use pearl shadows, you can use false eyelashes. Lipstick – from a chocolate shade to the color of eggplant. Exquisite dress is best combined with shiny nails. For example, to the classic Nude or dress color Marsala is better to choose cherry, lilac or crimson lipstick.
  • With a romantic dress accent in makeup is better to do on the glitter of the eyes, literally use glitter instead of shadows and glossy lip gloss. For example, to cornflower blue, delicate blue, mint color or a dress with a floral print is better to choose gold shadows and fuchsia lips. The lavender dress is better to combine with lipstick the color of milk. Dress in Greek style will look great with powdered lipstick.
How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?

Create the perfect image

It is important to pay attention not only to the color of the selected dress, but also to the hair color of the one who wears this dress.

Brunettes add heat to your eyes can be shadows with a metallic tinge (bronze, copper or gold). Then hold the black arrow along the inner edge of the lower lash line. Finish makeup can be two or three strokes of mascara. Of bronzer to give cheeks a reflective glow. For brunettes suitable gray, pubic and light green dress and the same shades of makeup.

How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?

Platinum blondes look best in pure shades of peach, pink, gold and champagne. To create a healthy glow, you need to apply a reddish-pink blush on the Apple cheeks. On the lips – a lot of Shine with a glossy peachy pink shade. For blondes will suit Golden, silver dress, Navy blue and polka dots, these colors one can choose and make-up.

Redheads can safely choose all shades of green. You can apply a shade of this color and finish the makeup with a reddish-brown eyeliner over the upper lashes. Cream blush pink will give the face radiance. On the lips you can apply a brown or beige gloss.

For red-haired suit powdered dress color electric, khaki and lemon, so you can add these shades and make-up.

How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?

How to do?

In order not to think what to do makeup for different occasions, you can explore a universal option that will fit any dress, it can also be used for prom and photo shoots. Make-up is better to produce step by step.


Basic makeup for any dress should be natural and muted. Better not even try to outshine the color of your dress. This will end in disaster. If you can not find a shade of face products exactly the same as the skin tone, it is better to mix two colors (one darker, the other lighter). This will get the desired shade of powder or Foundation. The tone should be applied evenly with a sponge. You can also choose a good moisturizer instead of makeup base.

How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?


Let the cheeks speak of warmth and health. For this purpose, suitable cream pink shades. The colors of bronze also look good. If you want to have a pink glow, almost like natural light to apply the tint on the apples of the cheeks. If you want to emphasize your cheekbones, then apply it to right under the cheek. Shades such as peach, coral and pink look beautiful with any dress.

How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?


No matter what color you wear the dress, it is important to choose the right eye makeup. You can also focus on your lips and apply simple pencil lines and mascara to your eyes.

Very dark pencil to draw a thin dark line around the lashes.

To create a smoky effect, you must first cover your eyelids in the cream color. Then moisten the brown tone of the shadows and apply to the inside. Using the angular brush to create a V-shaped area matte black eye shadow and to hold the same color on the top and bottom lash lines. You can finish the whole process with a black liner. To improve the effect of smoky eyes, you need to add Shine to the middle of the upper eyelid and after the tear ducts.


If makeup consists of smoky make up, eye, lips need to make neutral.

You can choose pink or orange lip oil or thick pink or brown lipstick.

If your eyes and cheeks have natural makeup, you can enhance the accent with bold red lipstick. Best start with pink or peach liner on the edges of the lips.

The main rule – to adhere to a minimalist makeup and accessories as thin as they can be, and then the confidence of the girl is provided.

Examples of stars

To become a professional makeup artist, you need to take into account the features of makeup stars. They are the following:

  • One of the secrets is to put your concealer in the center of your cheek, not right under your eyes.
  • Both ordinary women and celebrities work long hours, so the eye shadow should stay in place for a long time. The secret is the primer. If celebrities don’t have enough time, they throw away cream bases and use a primer.
  • Celebrities have to “Shine” in real time. To achieve the same look, you need to use the highlighter on the top of the cheeks and only on the edge of the eyes. It makes your eyes sparkle. Many famous women use highlighter just above the lips to naturally make them bigger.
  • The eyes are the weapons and the window to the soul. Celebrities choose lush and thick false eyelashes. Use a black pencil for eyes with glitter. A small highlight is perfect for women over 30 years.
How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?

An example of the makeup of the stars of “Gossip girl,” Jessica shore:

  • Purple, sapphire and emerald shades look great on the eyes. Rich red rubies work well on the lips. If the color of the dress or the top is not saturated, you need to choose a bright color makeup, especially for the evening option.
  • The silver shadow on Jessica’s inner corners really catches the eye. We need to use this!
  • The rest of the face must remain neutral. Before you apply the color, you need to choose one feature (eyes, lips or cheeks) as a bright accent. Everything else should be simple and natural.
How to choose makeup to match the color of the dress?

Makeup of the main actress “Mask” Jessica Pare. The crisp white shade allows you to create interesting options when it comes to lip color, so you can choose a trendy orange color and apply it with confidence. In this case, it is better to choose a minimalist eye makeup.

Makeup of Adriana Lima under a black dress. The well-known model has bright features: large eyes and lips, noticeable cheekbones. Therefore, her makeup artist decided to highlight the most natural advantages. Lips are blackened with red lipstick, before that, a professional applied a lip pencil of the same shade. Cheekbones podernuta brown blush. Eyes visait leaving only a small arrow. Of course, without false eyelashes makeup with this dress would look much worse.

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